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Saab 9-7X



  • I own both a 2006 Saab 97-X and a 2003 Trailblazer. I could not disagree more about the above comment. There is NO comparison in my mind between the 2. I like both cars, but one is a luxury SUV and the other is a family SUV. And there is no way you are getting a loaded trailblazer for $19,000. You may be able to get a bland one with no upgrades. The Saab rides incredibly better, has more power, better sound system and overall seems to be made with much better quality and attention to detail. The trailblazer is what it is and nothing more.

    So if you are looking for a luxury vehicle, go with the Saab. If you are looking for a family vehicle with no bells and whistles, go with the bland trailblazer. If you max out the trailblazer you will come to a price that is still less than the Saab but not that far off.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    The $19,000 TrailBlazer I'm sure is a stripped down model.

    I guess some people like myself are never going to get over the fact that the Saab SUV is TrailBlazer based.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "Question: Why would Saab slap their badge on a Chevy Trailblazer and try to pass it off as one of their own?"

    Saab 9-7X -- Death of a Brand (Karl on Cars)

    Steve, Host
  • Saab advertises this engine's gas mileage at 15/19 and the 4.2L V6 at 15/21 saying the DOD engine on the 5.3L V8 goes into 4 Cylinder mode when not using all 8. My question is, for someone driving this car most in the city, can I trust that the 5.5L V8 gets the same city gas mileage as the 4.2L V6? I'm about to get one of these SUVs, but don't know which engine to get.
  • tgillmertgillmer Posts: 2
    I've had my 9-7X for a while. I love it and have had no problems with it at all. My buddy has a trailblazer and a rebadge it may be - but there's no comparison. I think a lot of these reviewers miss the boat when writing about the Saab. I really could care less if it was built in ohio, sweden, or mars. I like the style, interior and engine. Besides, from what I can tell every automaker rebadges their products. Anyone seen an Armada and a QX parked next to each other? How about a 4Runner and it's lexus twin? Look like rebadges to me. Plus the 9-7X was about 5K less than the Volvo and Touregg I test drove with the same amenities -- and those are the only factors that matter in which vehicle I will sign on the dotted line for.
  • tgillmertgillmer Posts: 2
    The DOD kicks in on the highway more so than the stop and go city. If you're worried mostly about gas I'd go always go with the smaller engine anyway. I have the 4.2 and it's plenty powerful. I'd love the 5.3 though.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    The QX56 and Armada are very alike. And yes they are, in my opinion, a definite rebadge job. I had one as a loaner last weekend and it made me want my regular car back...

    The 4Runner and GX470 are also quite close. I'd also add the Land Cruiser and LX470 to the list of luxury rebadge jobs.
  • pitsterpitster Posts: 3
    Sorry for the delay in responding. I haven't visited this board in a while...

    I didn't buy a 9-7x, but I also didn't buy anything else. For now I'm sticking with what I've got. I do like the 9-7x, and would go with the inline six. If they do cancel it, I might pick up one of the last ones just as they're blowing them out.

    For now I'm no longer in the market. That is unless tragedy strikes and one of my two other cars gets stolen or otherwise written off.
  • thebrickthebrick Posts: 1
    My wife and I just leased a 2006 9-7x, 5.3 V8. I love the looks of the exterior and interior. It drives alot better than the other GM SUVs on the same platform. It has excellent acceleration and handling (The turning radius is great). Our lease ended on our Saab 9-3 convertible, and we needed an SUV because we now have a baby. The 9-7x has the "Saab" feel that I loved in the convertible.
    Currently, my only complaint is a squeak coming from where the center stack meets bottom cupholder area. Squeak = GM product. I have an appointment to get it fixed. I decided to lease because I was unsure of the reliability and I wanted to see what Saab comes out with to replace the 9-7x in 2008 or 2009.
  • ynotnyynotny Posts: 3
    I'd like to think I could keep it as an extra car..but this was to be my main vehicle and I picked it in what I thought was a careful rational way.. WRONG...recently divorced and out of work I cant afford to take a heavy hit and the folks at SAAB wont even retun a phone call or laugh at me when I suggest a trade in. This THING eats gas and at current prices I am glad I don't have a lot of driving to do. I'm worried about repairs becaise it's already been such a problem. and yes the depreciation was almost $12,000 for the first year alone. insu is 1,800 a yr and I have an excell record....let's face it ...HUGE MISTAKE..but thanks anyway...
  • ynotnyynotny Posts: 3
    you're right..however this is the first car I've bought on my own since I was in my 20's ...too long ago...and my father at 86 was too old to ask for his aricraft engineer expertise. I knew nothing about the chassis design of the GM models or that they would leak on the INSIDE....I didn't have a clue this would be a problem. Yes, perhaps the first 7o% could have been determined prior, but lets face it...when you're in a dealership how much time do you spend checking every detail out...or perhaps I trusted the specs and what they told me as the truth. I didn't fold down the rear cargo space to see that it didnt fold flat..didn't notice there wasnt a flat spce to put anything or anywhere else for that matter..didn't know that cup holder was a joke or have a large drink to put in the cup holder. I also didn't know the bumper would CRUMBLE at a tap and would cost $1500 to fix and that the car would consistantly get such low mileage . How did I know ..test driving in the streets of NYc that the car wouldn't preform "like a sport car...and instead feel like a tank when trying to get to higher speeds or manuever on the hwy....regarding the recalls...I would prefer to tell you in an e-mail..I like my service rep..he has been the only good thing in this whole debacle....
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • sasukesasuke Posts: 77
    How is the lease program with this car. Seems to be hard to find any info/talk on it.
  • I'm about 3 months in on my lease, and man oh man do I regret getting a 9-7x.
    It's been a frustrating combination of bad design, bad service, and bad mileage; an overall terrible choice.
    Perhaps I'm spoiled having had Hondas, Toyotas, Subarus and BMW's, but the Saab/GM service, knowledgebase and design quality is profoundly lower on my 9-7 than on any other car I've owned.
    Some of the problems: Broken drivers seat, radio, bluetooth (GM installed), seals (body work issues...), electronics, light sensors, accessories (nobody at Saab seems to know how to order a cargo net), and other things, I could go on but won't.
    But the KING big daddy issue: the Saab redesign of the Trailblazer/Envoy back seat- the stuffing and 60/40 split leaves the seat at an angle which makes the LATCH system all messed up- so a child seat is askew and cannot be properly installed. Very frustrating as this was going to be our larger-big-safe car with our new baby, only to find out it's really flawed in so many design areas. Maybe the back seat was damaged the way the drivers seat was but nobody at Saab has any answers (let me back up- it felt like the driver's seat was canted heavily, they said there was no problem, one person told me it will 'break-in', I measured it with a level against other 9-7's and saw it was way off, so I finally, after 3rd try with service got to them to admit there was a problem, they took the seat off, and the way it was attached was all bent so they finally fixed it...).
    How I wish I forked over the extra loot to get a BMW or at least a similarly priced Volvo. I could have saved and gotten a Pilot, CR-V, anything. This car is a bust.
    And the kicker? The Saab service department is abysmal. Car has been in repeated times for the same thing. They are all nice enough in person, but probelms aren't solved- it feels like they are straddled with a defective car so they go through the motions knowing it won't ever get fixed right.
    When I get some free time I'd sure love to see if Honda or BMW will help me get out of this lease. Granted, it's somewhat inexpensive as GM has created artifical depreciation to get the lease I have, but it wasn't worth it- not even at $50 more a month ($50 x 27 months = $1350 I'd gladly pay to have a good car in the first place). Having a kissy kissy salesperson tell you to be sure to give them high ratings when I'm contacted by GM is intolerable in hindsight, especially when they become unreachable after the deal is closed.
    Oh well, at least it is comfortable and the stereo sounds nice as it mercilessly gulps fuel.
  • Well, an update.
    Lots continues to go wrong with my 9-7.
    Electronics, seats, AC/Heat....
    I was stopped at a light next to another person drving a 9-7 who said they loved their car but hated the constant flow of problems as well.
    'Nuff said avoid the 9-7.
  • Maybe its lemon, you should sue them. It's painless process. My father in law sued Chrysler. He went to two attorneys, one wanted pay hour pay, the other stated that under Illinois law he will collect from Chrysler if he wins, if he does not he would pay court costs ($300). Chrysler settled he got around $6,000.
  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307 the Honda and Toyota forums.....tons of problems there too. My neighbor across the street has a Honda Accord which he is sueing Honda under the Lemon Law. Car has been in the shop 18 times since July. Go figure.

    While my Saab has not been perfect, I have never been treated better, ever by any service department.
  • Well.. 13k update.
    Haven't had any more problems.
    Actually, the car is a pleasure to drive except for the abysmal 12MPG I'm getting.
    Handled great in the snow. Super comfortable to drive.
    Brought it into service, and they fixed some busted stuff for free that they didn't need to and were super nice. I get the sense management got hip to the garbage service and overhauled policies.
    Well, I'm not getting another 12MPG car, but after the unreal slew of problems, it's been pretty good.
    Fit and finish is still awful, but it's been a decent car the last few months.
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    Don't feel too bad about the mpg. I have a Jag X-Type AWD with the 3.0L engine and it isn't doing much better at this time of year. I think the cold weather and short trips are putting me at about 17mpg. It also doesn't help that the gasoline is 10% ethanol, as that decreases mpg.

    It'll be nice when we have some diesel choices.
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    Question?Just what kind of gas mileage do you think drivers of VW Touaregs,Volvo XC-90'S,BMW X-5'S,etc,etc, (equipped with similar output engines)are achieving?Did you do any research before purchasing a 4,800 lb.,AWD vehicle with a 6,500 lb.towing capacity?Your posts seem to presume you have a "unique" problem,My impression is you purchased what is generally considered a very good version of a traditional body-on-frame SUV and you would have been better served and happier with one of the newer unibody "X-Over" vehicles such as the Mazda CX-9 or every soccer moms vehicle of choice the Lexus RX-350 series!
    Also very few reviews fault the overall fit and finish of the vehicle,yours may be the exception to the rule.I did get a chuckle out of your commenting that the fit and finish was"still bad".....did you expect little elves to work on your vehicle at night while you slept?
  • eghsveghsv Posts: 1
    Hey, I just found this forum and am looking for any help on a wind noise problem on the passenger door at highway speeds. I know this is not "a real SAAB", but it is what it is. I don't have problem with this being a re-badged something. I love how it drives and rides. No Envoy or TB, I drove, rides like this guy. I have had the window molding replaced on both rear door windows. That has reduced the noise some, but I think the door frame is the real problem. My wife can't hear the radio or talk on the phone while riding in the passenger set.
    I have read different blogs about "bending the door frame", the "dealers don't know how to deal with it" at all. What I am looking for a is a real solution here. I have talked various dealers and they all either don't know or how to deal with this.

    Any help would appreciated..
  • mmamma Posts: 3
    I just bought a 9-7x Aero. After owning 3 saabs and a Cayenne S, I figured the 9-7x Aero would be something in between. I know it is a trailblazer, but I figured Saab would soften it up and make it more Saab like. I also didn't expect it to be as refined as the Cayenne, but I didn't want to pay for the Cayenne this time. Boy was I wrong, it's a Hot Rod Truck. Loud, rough riding fast as heck. I love it.
  • Well had it for five months and it has 5,000 miles. Yes, I love the kick in the pants feel from the 6.0 V-8. In all respects it looks like a Saab (the interior design is great!) but the fit and finish is classic American automaker (ala GM/Chevy)- poor to crappy and very "plasticky".

    The real pain with my SUV is that it makes an incessant whining and grinding from the rear differential. The dealer is working on it now but they said the repair may take a while to isolate and then remedy- why? Anyone else have this same problem? :(
  • stmssstmss Posts: 206
    Unfortunatley, the Traverse, Outlook, Enclave and Acadia aren't replacements.
  • wow, thanks for all of your posts. i was looking to pull the trigger on a brand new 9-7x (2008) Aero that the dealership seems to be dying to get rid of. With minimal negotiation they were down to 29,500, but with all the headaches, GM build, gas mileage, etc i think i'll have to use my brain instead of my emotion. i'm a saab guy coming to the sad realization that i don't know if i'll ever buy a saab again :(
  • I am looking into to buying a 2006 Saab 9-7X and wanted to get some feedback about vehicle.
    1. How is the reliability of the vehicle? I have not found any reliability information for the 9-7X after about 20,000 miles.
    2. Will a GM dealership work on the vehicle or must you take to a Saab dealer.
    3. Is this vehicle even worth purchasing since I was reading the company is filling for bankruptcy protection and GM is finding a way to cut them loose.
    4. Finally does anybody still own the 9-7X from a purchase in 05' or 06? If you still own, what has been your experience?
  • jjr6jjr6 Posts: 5
    I just learned a tough lesson on impulse buying. The dealer knocked $17 grand off the sticker of a 9-7x and ate 4 months of my lease trade in. Within the first few miles I found the vehicle shakes and flexes over bumps and uneven pavement. The front end has the feeling of cowl shake, that side to side jiggle feeling which is also felt in the steering wheel. I can only compare the feeling to that of a cheap Plymouth convertable I used to own. A local Saab dealer checked it and said everything seems fine. I can put up with the whinny rear-end noise or the transmission that can't decide what gear it should be in. But that side to side jiggle angers me more with each bump in the road. Is anyone else feeling this or is there something wrong with mine alone?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Have you experimented with the tire pressures?
  • jjr6jjr6 Posts: 5
    I thought the same Steve. All tires are 32 psi like the sticker calls for.
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