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Saab 9-7X



  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Since the dealer isn't being helpful, maybe you can find someone to put it on a lift and go over the bolts and suspension parts. Maybe there's a defective motor mount.

    Oh, you could ask to test drive another one like yours and see if it wallows or not. Maybe that would convince the service writer to take another look.

    And one more thing - try an Advanced Search here for "TrailBlazer shake" or similar under Search Forums on the right, and tell the search to look in SUVs. There's not that many posts that look like they could be related to your problem, but there are a few (sway bar problems, etc.). Since the platforms are similar, maybe one of those posts will trigger something.
  • stmssstmss Posts: 206
    Something is wrong. Should be no side to side, or front end shake - at least not on the pavement - nor any whining in the rear end. Have the tires been checked (not for pressure but for other problems)? or rotated?

    As far as gear selection, my 5.3 is okay. The only thing I don't like is the kickdown when accelerating.

    I have 35000 km on my 08 and the only problem I had was with the thump problem in the rear differential which is a common problem and fixed under warranty. Other than that it has been solid.
  • mrsdaisymrsdaisy Posts: 1
    I sure hope you didn't buy that Saab :( I have a 2006 and my biggest issue with this car is the wind noise. It's so loud that I when hubby and I ride in the car we're practically screaming at each other. There are few things that I do like about the car, the seating comfort and the way it corners (boy does it corner!) and I love the kick it has when you need it, but the road noise, wind noise and the crappy tires that came with this "luxury" vehicle, BIG disapointment... We're are just waiting for the lease to finish on this car and we'll be back at the Audi dealer in a flash!
  • Ok guys- I've been perusing the posts; opinions are appreciated- thinking of trading my '07 Mazda 6 (tons of problems) for an SUV to take to VT regularly and something the kids will be comfortable with on long trips. Looking at late model ('08-'09) certified vehicles. I know its a GMC Envoy etc............... The posts are pretty varied. I think I could swing a great deal as there seems to be plenty of new and certified stock within 200 miles of my north jersey address. Just not sure if there will be tons of headaches or not with this vehicle.
  • jjr6jjr6 Posts: 5
    Hope I'm not too late with this message. Don't buy it! This is absolutely the worst vehicle I ever owned. Ask yourself why a manufacturer would sticker a car for 43k and sell it for 26k. Why do they sit on dealers lots for months with no interest? Could be because cars like this are part of the reason GM finds itself in trouble. In just 2 months this car developed more issues than National Geographic! By the time Saab had the brain fart and decided to pass off a Chevy as some European luxury vehicle, Buick, Olds and Isuzu had already discontinued selling their version of the same platform. By all means, if you don't mind feeling every bump in the road through the steering wheel, howling wind noise, whinny rear end, brakes that go clunk and a transmission that can't decide what gear to be in, you may consider a 9-7X. Do yourself a favor and read the reviews by Consumer, Car & driver. Road and track etc. Body on frame, outdated 4 speed transmission, solid beam rear all prove to be far outdated. There are so many better SUV's on the market. If you for some reason you still want one you better hurry. GM has come to there senses and pulled the plug on this nightmare. I traded mine in after just 2 months and guess what. It sat on the dealer's lot for months before they finally wholesaled it!
  • I have a 2002 9-7x that has developed a squeeky rattle when driven over un-even surfaces. It has gotten louder over the past 12 months. The dealer has checked it twice and tightened some motor mounts and other things but has not rectified the problem. This past week, while in for service, we pointed out the problem again. We even went with the technician, who said he didn't here it, on a road test. Well, it squeeked before we got out of the dealership. After putting it up on the rack, the said they believed it was internal to the catalytic converter, which is not covered under our extended warranty/service plan. Has anybody else had this problem. We really do like the car. It is more fun and confortable than our previous Explorers.
  • jjr6jjr6 Posts: 5
    Mine was an 09 and I hated it the first day! I must have gone to the same tech because he found nothing wrong with mine either! I wonder how much they get paid! We went with checking the bolts and motor mounts. All ok. Still jiggled the steering wheel under uneven pavement. My theory, in a feeble attempt to set it apart from the Chevy Trailblazer, they over rated the springs. This really rattles the suspension. Squeeks usually come from where the rack bolts to the frame. Try spraying a liberal amount of WD40 in that area. If the squeek does not go away, you'll need to play the radio louder!
  • snaab93snaab93 Posts: 2
    My parents had the first year Trailblazer when it was still just the top trim level on the S-10 Blazer, they traded that in a Buick Rainer and now own a Buick Enclave. In all the time they owned these SUV's they only trouble they ever had was replacing an alternator in the Blazer.
    In that time they've owned those three GM vehicles I've had the same Saab 9-3 Viggen coupe. I love the Saab but I've racked up about six thousand dollars in repairs since owing it. It's 13 years old now and has 130K miles and needs about another two thousand dollars to make it roadworthy. That and all the rattles and squeaks it has acquired and a growing family is forcing me to get rid of my little sports car and get a bigger SUV type vehicle.
    I've looked at Subarus, Honda Pilots & CRV's, Mitsubishi Monteros, Lexus RX, Volvo XC 70 and 90s and Toyota Highlanders. A Saab 97x was the farthest from my mind until I found a 2005 4.2L with less than 50k miles on it. It has all the features and/or more and is five thousand dollars cheaper and has 50% less miles than any comparable vehicle.
    All the complaints on this thread seem to be from people who don't even own one and are just mad at the rebranding issue or expect Mercedes or Lexus fit and finish for half the price. I haven't heard one valid complaint about reliability.
    Is there anyone still on this board? I'm thinking of rolling the dice and trading in the 9-3 for the 9-7X unless anyone can have a valid complaint about engine and drivetrain failures.
  • jjr6jjr6 Posts: 5
    Dude! I did have the misfortune of owning a 9-7X. It ranked the worst vehicle I ever owned and not because it was a rebadge. It was because it sucked! The motor was the only thing I had no complaints about. Unfortunatly, if they had just rebadged the trailblazer and left it alone it may have been ok but in a misguided attempt to set it apart they over rated the front springs for what they called a more sporty feel. The result was a vehicle that bounced all over the road and shook the steering wheel with every bump! Read the thread to see what the other issues were. Read the reviews from 07, 08, 09. Then ask yourself how many 9-7X's you see on the road. There's a reason for that! It's the same reason Sabb no longer exsists.
  • snaab93snaab93 Posts: 2
    Well I went ahead and traded in the Viggen for the 9-7x. So far it's the nicest vehicle I've ever owned. My only complaint so far is the gas milage (which is about the same for any of the other luxury SUVs I was looking at) and the seats don't hug like the bucket seats I'm used to so I slide when cornering.
    What other vehicles are you comparing it too? The ride is a bit stiff but nothing compared to my Saab 9-3 Viggen or BMW 323i Sport Wagon.
  • We have a 2006 9-7X 5.3i, and have totally LOVED this vehicle. The drive, the nice hefty secure feel, the handling -- boy does it corner, the pick up when I want to pass, the inside luxury items (killer Bose speakers), not to mention that when I need to do a U-turn it takes me only 2 lanes to accomplish due to the 18.5-to-1 steering ratio. I had to have the throttle body replaced at only 20,000 miles but that was under warranty so no biggie. Love that when we go to the lake, the air pump for the water toys! Plenty of cargo capacity when we take road trips -- truly cannot say enough about how nice it is to drive this vehicle! And now ... it's even paid for!!!!!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Why are you getting rid of it?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,503
    Maybe... he is sorry to see Saab go? (in general).. :confuse:


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