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Cadillac Owners: Problems & Solutions



  • crick1mcrick1m Posts: 2
    ;) I have had the same message pop up on my 93 eldorado. I have been told it could be low air in the tires or the shocks. take your pick I guess. Could be wrong Just telling you what I was told.
  • bigdeanbigdean Posts: 2
    thanks for replay, just tires rotated I'll have shocks. thank you again
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Have them check the crankshaft position (CKP) Sensor. I had a problem on an Olds. 98 Regency a long time ago, but the '93 Eldo. can have the same problem. And it sounds all to familiar.
    Just tell them to check it out. Should not be too expensive a repair, say what $150? They fooled around with Mass Air Flow Sensor, and Programmable Operation Modules and such, and it still quite running ever so many thousand miles. Take it in and it ran. Well they finally did the crankcase sensor thing - the CKP or whatever so called, it ran.

    Go in a tell them you are a crankcase and need a new sensor. :mad: No, maybe not. Seriously, it could be what is doing this. - Loren
  • mywheelsmywheels Posts: 1
    Please help! Does anyone know how to unlock the theft system on a 2003 Cadillac CTS? I had recently taken my 03 CTS to the mechanic because it was leaking motor oil from the rear main seal. After the transmission was pulled down the rear main seal was replaced on the motor and the job was done but the transmission locked up and the Service theft system appeared. The car starts, but the transmission does not move. Please advice...
  • kirainmtkirainmt Posts: 4
    Usually when you get that light it means that a strut has failed electrically and needs to get replaced or your air ride just messed up once. I would recommend that you get an ASE certified tech to diagnos the codes or check for the codes at:

    It may turn out to be a sensor but without checking the codes, clearing them and then diagnos the one that comes back you won't know for sure.
  • adeliaadelia Posts: 1
    My mechanic who services mainly Cadillacs is an independent. He can get no information from the dealer in town regarding the clicking or clacking sound issuing from the center dashboard area. He has replaced a couple of the doors on the automatic airconditioning/heating system and currently working on another. He is aware of several similar problems in cars in his care. Is there a service bulletin dealing with this annoying problem? My mechanic does buy these service bulletin books but cannot find this particular problem.
  • I had a battery drain that puzzeled us for a while. Then when in the garage I heard motor running while car was sitting still in garage. Hadn't been using it that day. The factory built in stabelizer or equalizer for leveling car while pulling boat had a hole in pneumatic hose and system was trying to stabelize itself ALL THE no avail, even when the car was not running. A real drain on the battery when it wasn't being charged. Just got the hose replaced and all was fine.
  • What did you find out? My Cadillac Sedan de Ville always starts, but occasionally a SERVICE THEFT SYSTEM light reads across dash and some computer cuts the fuel supply and the car turns off. At other times it drives beautifully, and everything works well. After four days of this Start engine, SERVICE THEFT SYSTEM readout, and shut off of engine routine, I had AAA tow my car into Cadillac dealer. Upon delivery, it worked fine for dealer; and in 10 days of observance there it only replicated that problem activity once. Otherwise drove fine. Strange thing: IT NEVER CREATED ANY CODES ON HISTORY READ OUT related to this problem. So after 10 days, I drove it home. Currently works fine, but I'm scared to take car anyplace. Wrote to Rick Wagoner CEO of GM about status. Asked for sollution. GM Designee called me on phone and said she'd look into problem. She called next day and had no solution. Indicated no GM technicians, designers or engineers were aware of any Cadillac anywhere of having this problem. Same story at my local dealer. My car is one in a million? During second phone call, GM Designee offered me $1000 towards purchase of new Cadillac. I don't want to buy a new Cadillac. I requested this $1000 be applied to replacing my Instrument Control Panel Module Is that the computer which was at fault??? Nobody knows. GM Designee said No, offer was only for purchase of new Cadillac, not for repairing mine. I said Not acceptable solution. I want mine fixed RIGHT! So....hagen03, Did you get your car diagnosed and successfully repaired? HELP!
  • I have found one fuse box under the hood, but am wondering if there is another. I know some have placed them in the trunk, but I wanted to know before I started in. I'm having to repair the wipers and I'm hoping the motor isn't bad and it's just a fuse to save my customer money.
  • My problems started with a "Check Coolant Level" message that appeared on my DIC when I knew the coolant tank was full. Later the gas gauge started moving up and down without correlation to the amount of fuel in the tank (it went from half full to full within five minutes when I knew the tank was nearly empty - I first thought I had invented a gasoline refining car, but that seemed a bit unlikely). The next issue was the instantaneous and average mileage indicator, which was anomalously high. I am guessing some computer module has gone bad. Is there a module that controls the gas gauge, the coolant indicator, and the instantaneous mileage? Do I just have two sensors that went bad at the same time? I would appreciate any advice.
  • I have solved this problem it was my main temp control box located under the dash board cost me 75.00 bucks. Now I am working on an emission issue first time pass the first two did some more work and now I am failing by all 3 something is wrong can anybody help me? :mad:
  • Thanks that helps me a lot I just went through the emisson thing and failed on all three I went to midas it was my cataylac converter put It on the same day and pass with flying colors. :)
  • I have an '01 STS that seems to be having the same problem you describe. Have you found a solution?
  • Hey, I'm having that SAME problem with my 2000 Deville DTS. I thought I was going CRAZY when the gas gauge started going up and down. It only happened once or twice and hasn't happened since. I had a shop look at the coolant message and suggested to replace the coolant tank that includes the sensor as they couldn't find a leak in the system. I'll probably get the ball rolling with that unless someone else has found anything else. The part on the coolant tank is GM 25774005 but can only be purchased from a GM shop, no parts stores.
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