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Headlights on GMC Sonoma S15 not working

neeboy74neeboy74 Member Posts: 1
edited November 2015 in GMC
I have an electrical issue with my 2001 GMC Sonoma truck, 2WD 4 cyl 2.2L. My headlights refuse to turn on, both low-beam and high beam. I have checked all the fuses and none are blown. There is a headlight power relay in the fuse box, and here's the weird thing: If I have the headlight switch turned off, I can feel that relay click when I flash the high-beam switch (but the lights still do not come on, and the dashboard indicator for high beams won't light-up either). If I turn the headlight switch to the "on" position, the aforementioned relay does nothing when
trying to once again to flash the high beams. WTF....Also, where exactly is the ground connection for the headlights?

I REALLY hope it's not an issue with the darn turn-signal switch I just replaced that effing thing last year and it was an absolute NIGHTMARE doing so.
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