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2001 Dodge Ram



  • nascar6nascar6 Posts: 113
    I've been burning up the 1-800 number, and everyday there's another status change. Today another delay, naturally. Truck went into JS status (shipped to storage). Dude on the phone investigated this current delay for me. After 5-10 min. on hold, he comes back to tell me that the factory pulled it to the side to do their random quality control check. Lucky me! He said this could take a week.

    11 weeks this thursday.....
  • mmontesmmontes Posts: 1
    When did you order your V-10? I tried to order a 2001 2500 QC 4x4 V-10 5sp. on 4-27, but my dealer told me DC stopped taking orders on V-10's as of 4-20. He said the next V-10's built will be in Aug. or Sept. sometime because they have to "retool". The dealer is a big 5-star and deals with alot of trucks. I ended up ordering a 1500 QC 4x4 5.9L "Off-Road". The price of the two trucks were within $100 of each other, so I can't imagine that he was trying to steer me to the half ton. I still got a great truck, but did have my heart set on the V-10. Any thoughts?
  • dekingkdekingk Posts: 44
    I've had my new 2500 Quad Diesel for almost a week now, and so far I'm very pleased with it.
    There are a few things, however that I would have different if I could. For one thing, my '98 1500 Quad was built in Mexico and it was perfect, not a body panel that did not fit perfectly and not a squeak or rattle anywhere. My new truck was built in Missouri, and the fit and finish is not up to the standards of the Mexican truck. The hood is not a perfect fit, and There are a couple of minor squeaks in the dash and under the seat. Also, I ordered this truck with the camper package, so that puts the rear end up higher than the front already, so why in the world would they have put 2 1/2 inches of blocks over the axle to raise it even farther? This is a 4x2 and the back of sits like a 4x4. I guess I'll take it to a spring shop to get it set up right.
  • firemandavefiremandave Posts: 58
    I know what you're talking about with the finish not being perfect. My '01 2500, Cummins, QC, 4x4 (forest Green) has a few imperfections too (also a St. Louis build). Specifically, there are a few thin spots on the inside of the tailgate. No problem, though - I covered it up with my bedrug anyway. Also, it came with scratches on the passenger front window. The dealer replaced that today. Otherwise, I'm very pleased with the outer appearance. I wish I would have put mud flaps on sooner, though (on order now). I already found a couple of stone chips on the lower front doors (down to the metal, too - ouch!!) Picked up the touch-up paint today.

    As far as the camper package goes (I have it too), you may be glad you have those blocks when you put a heavy trailer in the back of your truck. Just a thought.

    Sorry Rich and Mike: I know we must sound like whining babies when you guys are still waiting.

    I had the front end aligned today. My service manager said the caster had to be adjusted - common on these trucks. He also said the steering box was changed by DC for the '99 and newer models, and it sometimes has to be replaced. The truck handles better now, but it still likes to wander a bit at highway speeds. I figure that's somewhat normal for a truck of this size and configuration (big tires, 4x4, heavy diesel engine, tall suspension).

    Almost 1400 miles on it now. I put my 4th tank of fuel in it today. It's getting 18mpg with a combination of highway and start/stop driving.

  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    I've read where identical trucks can sit different hieghts at first until the springs settle in. I would wait a month or two before making adjustments or you may end up with the rear lower than the front. ... Rich
  • dekingkdekingk Posts: 44
    It's always good to get other opinions before you make any drastic moves, I know. I'll wait 'til I've hauled the camper some miles before I do anything. 1600 lbs of kingpin weight should help it settle in.
    I got my DeeZee bright diamond plate boards put on today, and they look great with the white truck. (My opinion of course). Now I just have to wait awhile for the paint to cure before I put on the pinstriping.
  • rowycobobrowycobob Posts: 4
    hello to all.ive been reading messages and calling dc for about a week.i ordered a v-10
    quad cab in jan. my ship date was to be 5/10. i talked to dc today and was told my truck was built but is waiting on some small part along with every one elses.does anyone have a different
    answer or more info.i was told 2 days for part.
    maybe this means we all will have our trucks soon!
  • nascar6nascar6 Posts: 113
    My truck is just sitting at the plant "in storage" waiting to board a train to take it to the other side of St. Louis. It's at the North St. Louis assembly plant. They have to load it up onto a railcar to ship it down to Fenton, which is a Southern suburb of St. Louis. Then, have to unload it only to load it up on a 18-wheeler hauler to bring it here. That just sounds a little retarded to me that it's sitting there waiting for an available railcar to take it for a 20 or so mile trip.

  • rowycobobrowycobob Posts: 4
    i called back on 5/12 and now they tell me it was shipped on 5/11. i'm told mine has to go to chicago by truck then catch a train to newark del. finally a short trip to md. dealer told me 10 days from ship date.
  • bobsyveebobsyvee Posts: 63
    I'm wondering who is in charge of the transportation in St. Louis.
    Move 1 vehicle by rail to the other side of town, then load it on a truck.
    Move another vehicle by truck about 400 miles, then load it on a railcar ?
  • qhlisaqhlisa Posts: 9
    I ordered my V10 on April 3rd. The V10 was on restriction until last week. I ended up switching to a diesel (and took delivery on Saturday!) They had told me that the V10 might be built in June, and that delivery schedules could be long. I didn't want to wait, so I opted for the diesel. The truck is beautiful! (Only got to drive it for an hour, though, because I had to drop it off to have the hitch installed in my bed!) Can't wait to get it back. Takes a bit getting used to the width of the dually! Not as much room between those lines. Good luck with your truck.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    Just called the 800 number and my truck is in "E" status (frame). I was told the system is updated daily but is usually a day late so I'm probably in "F" today (paint) and it should ship tomorrow. I'm afraid to get to excided until I really see it. Driving home from St. Louis through KC last night my wife saw two car haulers with Dodges on board. One was like ours. She was sure it was on the way. Now that would have been a nice surprise. I guess I'll call again Wednesday.
  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Posts: 98
    I need to verify some rear-end/final drive ratio information. My understanding is that when Dodge increased the tire size on the 3/4 ton's for the 2000 model year, that they also changed the actual tire diameter. The last information that I had was that a 4:10 rear end in this truck with the new tires would give you an effective final drive ratio of 3:77 to 1. Is this true?

  • rowycobobrowycobob Posts: 4
    we'll everyone waiting for that v-10 can get excited. i called today and was told it's already
    in ill. and was being loaded on the
    finally seems to be changing status every time i call.hopefully i'll see mine within a week.
  • ramman2001ramman2001 Posts: 4
    Well I finally got my computer up and going again.
    I have had to catch up on all the posts.

    Nascar6 I waited 13 weeks for my truck so you are rapidly approaching that, but it sounds like you should have it soon. Good luck to you I hope you are driving it soon. I have put 1600 miles on mine already. I put a bug deflector on it which turned out real nice. I am going to put nerf bars put on it tomorrow so I will only have the Rhino lining left to do.
  • nascar6nascar6 Posts: 113
    Welcome back Ramman2001. I bet I'll meet or beat your 13 week time table. I talked to 1-800 today during lunch, and the guy I talked to didn't have a clue. He told me that it would go by rail to some town in Tennessee before getting trucked here to Louisville. Hey, there's a direct route for ya. Anyone have a road atlas to see how rediculous that would be? I asked him where in Tennessee, and he didn't know. He said the code read CAST FNTN. He said he didn't know what city in TN was abbrieviated FN. I was at the point where I could've just slapped him if he was in reach. I told him that CAST stood for Cassens Transportation Company and that the FNTN stood for Fenton, Missouri. He told me oh yeah, that makes sense. Then he said the truck status is still JS. (Dammit) My next call was to the dealership. The sales manager took my phone # and said he would find out what the delay was and call me back. 20 minutes later he calls and says that my truck was 1 of 900 to be pick for a quality-control examination. Which means they check to see if the people that check the fit/finish are doing their jobs. He said they're going to test drive it and really check it over. It's going to be another week. He also said that when they do this sort of check, the truck will be perfect; and that sold orders get top priority too.

    Hey Rich, glad to see progress finally. You'll probably get yours before me, but hey, that's cool with me. You've been through a lot more than I have. Dealer told me that USUALLY they load 'em up and ship 'em out right out from the factory, so you might have already seen your truck on that car hauler. I'm sure you'll let us know when you take delivery.

    12 weeks thursday
  • tmigueltmiguel Posts: 33
    Sunday I drove over some desert Jeep trails for the first time with my 2500 V-10 5 spd 3.54 rear 265 stock tires. Just was working the 4 wheel engagement up and down hills. I also own a CJ-5 since 1972 that has a 4 spd 6 cyl off-road oversized tires that have been from here to there.

    I was truly surprised in how much less bumpy the Ram was. The gearing was on the high side, but certainly adequate for run of the mill off-road.
    The Ram is too long and heavy for taking chances in real jeep country, or for heavy mud/sand. Anyhow, for off road while camping, it fits my bill. I could switch in and out of 4 wheels (high and low) with ease. I like the light on the dash showing when I was in or out of 4 wheel.

    The big problem I now have is to clean that beautiful red paint job. Incidently, no rattles other than spring related. Back on the hwy, quiet as a mouse. I'm now ready to start pulling my boat trailer. I'm sure glad I waited for my rig.
  • MercuryNJMercuryNJ Posts: 8
    First and foremost, allow me to express my appreciation to all of you who participate and provide priceless first hand information about the Ram PU, there are no words that can truly do justice to the excellent information that you provide. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

    I have decided to buy a 2001 Ram 1500 SLT 4WD QC LB, I need it for light work & pleasure and would like to know if any of you might help me with the info. that I need to make my final decision as to the Sport Group bumpers quality. Are they made of composite covering metal, or just composite?
    I know the query may seem silly, but I would appreciate your indulgement. Thanks.
  • firemandavefiremandave Posts: 58
    Just wanted to let you know I'm still out here rooting for you guys. You're getting close!
    Mike: I wouldn't be surprised if your info is not up to the minute - perhaps you're closer than they say. I know they were behind in their info in my case. I still wonder if they're really putting it on a train at all. I would think you'd be in the same geographic situation as I was - semi transport all the way.
    Hang in there guys!
  • nascar6nascar6 Posts: 113
    Well you would think that it wouldn't touch a railcar at all, but sometimes things just don't make any sense. Good to know your still able to be separated from your truck. How hard is that to do?

  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    Just checked and now the dealer number that was good no longer works. I hope my dealer hasn't went out of business. Still havn't heard from the salesman. I asked him to call me when he heard it was on the way. I'll call the 800 number in the morning. Hopefully they will have good news for me. ... Rich
  • bushnellbushnell Posts: 2
    Very interesting, rlkrueger! Where did you get that information? I noticed that when I'm crusing down the hiway at 65mph in OD on my autotrans that I'm only turning 2k, which doesn't seem too bad. Check out my questions on the Dodge Ram II conference.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    The 800 number gave me "KZ" status this morning. That was as of yesterday. "KZ" means it has been released by the plant and invoiced. I was also told it would be trucked all the way by Cassens. He also varified my dealers customer number has not changed so it should work with Cassens online tracking system. But my dealer number still doen't show on Cassens. It hopefully won't be long now. ... Rich
  • markcordmarkcord Posts: 113
    MercuryNJ: As far as I know the older type sport bumper was a colored cover over steel. But I don't know about the 99+ front end.

    Hey Rich: All I can say is GOOD FOR YOU MAN! IT"S ABOUT TIME!
  • nascar6nascar6 Posts: 113
    I got a call from my dealer, and he said he had something rather large and red, flame red in fact, on his lot with my name on it. That is one phone call I'm glad I didn't miss. I'm going to the dealership right now to see it. It'll be ready tomorrow afternoon. Can you say giddy!

  • nascar6nascar6 Posts: 113
    Got back from the dealer. Man, what an awesome truck. I can't believe it really exists! Fit and finish of the exterior looks to be really nice. It's huge. I started it, and was that Cummins loud outside. But it's a good loud. My front springs are #039 on the right and #046 on left. It's just too cool! Now I know what you guys that have yours mean. It seems to say "drive me". It took Rich's truck to push it though the whole process.

    nascar6- New Owner
    2001 Ram/Cummins, Quad Cab, 6 Speed, 4X4, HD Transfer Case, Trailer Tow, Sport, Sliding Rear Window, SLT+, Camper Group, Limited Slip Differential, Long Bed, Flame Red!!!
  • firemandavefiremandave Posts: 58
    Congrats Mike! Now, if you can just bear to wait until tomorrow to pick it up! Hey, why don't you bring it up to WI for a shakedown cruise this weekend! Have fun with it, buddy. Now we just have to get Rich into his.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    Mikes good news and everyone else. Still cann't get Cassens site to work and haven't heard from the dealer. Need to finish getting my truck ready for the trade-in. Been putting it off.
  • nascar6nascar6 Posts: 113
    You might not find that site any help, Rich. I checked it the night before my dealer called and there was no trace of mine. I checked it right after he called, and still no trace.

    The truck had only 4 miles on it when I saw it last night. I wonder how I'll sleep tonight. And also how productive I'll be at work tomorrow. What I think is cool, which I knew beforehand, is they say that the truck was built for me on the sticker. It's parked between 2 duallies on the lot. They have regular window stickers on them, but mine has a couple of extra stickers on it that say "sold". I feel like a little kid the night before a big day at an amusement park.

    Maybe we could meet at some truck function. I would like to see your trucks. Dave, send me your E-mail address.

    aka nascar6 (the newest owner)
  • ramman2001ramman2001 Posts: 4
    Hey Mike glad to see you got your truck. That flame red sure looks good on the truck if I may say so myself. I know how you must have felt having to wait until today to pick it up. Mine came in on a Thursday and I had to wait until Friday afternoon to pick it up. That night was the longest night of my life. I hope you enjoy your truck. I put chrome Westin step bars on mine they really look good.

    Rich I sure hope you get yours soon. I think your finally coming to the end of a very long wait.

    Brent (Ramman2001)
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