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Honda S2000 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,749
    If the '06 model is less than $2000 more than the '03, it is a no-brainer.... get the newer car. Plus, you'll have warranty.. no warranty on that '03.


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  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I always wanted an NSX, but I could never afford one (and really could not fit in it since the driver's area is tiny - much tighter than the S).

    In a recent AutoWeek they reported from the NY auto show the S2000 CR "The CR hits dealerships this fall". So maybe the S2000 will live on? Hopefully in more than just the track version CR.

    Link to story with pic

    The new lease deals are up on the Honda page and the S2000 deal is not hot. It comes in at 6.84% effective rate. I was shocked it was not more. The pre-figured deal has the car going for under invoice, so they are probably still doing the $2k dealer money.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I had an 01 and now have an 05. The 2.2l motor is easier to drive and still fun, the older 2.0l meter was more "fun" when you could wind it up (which is not as much as you would think). It is more "raw" and sometimes I miss it.

    The newer cars have larger wheels and tires and better stability (even without the electronic assist). Even driving at less than ten tenths the older S2000s could sneak around on you. Just out goofing off I went into a decreasing radius corner a little too fast and the next thing I know I am fighting to keep the rear of the car behind me :surprise: . A lot better in the newer design. The upgraded interior is nice too.

    The new lease numbers are up and the effective rate is 6.84%, so no big help there.

    I would buy a new 07 with the $2k off - you might could get it for invoice less the whole $2k if you find the right dealer. That puts you not that much more than a used one, and if you are financing you save on the interest rate (usually a good bit cheaper rate on a new car than a used one).

    Of the choices you have here, the 06 is the one to get.

  • rujorujo Posts: 137
    Pricing info FYI: Received an unsolicited email today from a SF Bay Area dealer with this price.
  • acceleratoraccelerator Posts: 136
    My local dealer is saying $28,500 plus TTL. I say it is a legit offer from your dealer. I'm shopping around for a Laguna Blue and to see if any dealer will beat my $28500. My local dealer doesn't have a blue one but can transfer one in for $275... That is just $275 I'd rather not pay. :)
  • rujorujo Posts: 137
    My local dealer is saying $28,500 plus TTL.

    This is good news - looks like prices are dropping into the invoice less $3000 range. What part of the country are you in?
  • acceleratoraccelerator Posts: 136
    I had an '82 Toyota Celica Supra and did that once (decreasing turn) and as hard as I fought, I wasn't able to keep the rear behind me... I did end up going into the ditch just between two light poles... all I could think about was that I didn't want to become a statistic (I was 16). By my skillful driving (because all 16 years have the skill of good ole Mario Andretti), I managed to steer clear of the poles and to safety.

    Back to the toic, I went to look at the 06 and apparently it was car going to auction. It turned out to have 4500 miles instead of 7500 miles and was in prestine condition... on the outside. Inside, the speakers were blown, the compartment between the two seats were broken and the kicker, the vin tags on the fenders appeared to have been scratched at. The trunk and the hood didn't seem to close tightly so I figure 1) somebody abused the hell out of it or 2) it was a theft recovery. The small items were no big deal, but the fact that the vin tags were scratched at really concerned me. Anyone ever hear of this before? Why might a person do this?
  • jimhemijimhemi Posts: 223
    Whoa, wait. I came in here new to this. Are you saying you can get a new 2007 S2000 for $28,500???
  • jimhemijimhemi Posts: 223
    Does anyone know of any rebates/dealer incentives on 2005 or 2006 S2000's? DO they exist or just a urban legend on this car? I can't find any on this site and some others.
  • acceleratoraccelerator Posts: 136
    Assuming you are talking about new, good luck finding a new '05. I've seen 2 2006's that were new, but there weren't any incentives on them. Banks view a new '06 as a used vehicle in terms of lease so it is probably wiser (and cheaper) to find an 07.
  • jimhemijimhemi Posts: 223
    I would purchase outright. Not a fan of leasing. So as of now no incentives on an 06 as the rumored 2008 model is due out in October?
  • rujorujo Posts: 137
    The weekly "unadvertised specials" email I've been receiving from a SF Bay Area dealer is now quoting a price of $28,788 for an S2000. Last week it was $28,888.
  • jimhemijimhemi Posts: 223
    So despite the high resale value they're still sitting on some lots even new. You even live in a more covertable friendly climate.
  • acceleratoraccelerator Posts: 136
    Would you mind forwarding me that email? If yes, I'll post an address you can use. I'd like to use that as a barganining tool. I'm working with two different dealerships. One has the color I want, the other has the price I want. I can pay to transfer the car to the other dealer but that is $300 I'd rather apply towards a payment. :) Man I'm cheap! :)
  • rujorujo Posts: 137
    Would you mind forwarding me that email?

    Sure. Post an address or if you prefer you can email me your address. (My email address should be visible in my profile.)
  • jimhemijimhemi Posts: 223
    Is that price with the 2,000 dealer cash?
  • rujorujo Posts: 137
    I'm sure that's why the price is this low.
  • gkoffgkoff Posts: 36
    Isn't the current model do for an overhaul? Will it be 2008?
  • lazybotlazybot Posts: 7
    Got a quote of $29,915 on an '07. This is supposedly CostCo pricing of $31,915 minus $2000 Marketing Support but I'm doubting it since the guy wouldn't give me the Member-Only Pricing Sheet like he was supposed to.

    Can anyone give me an idea of what they've been able to negotiate for an S2000 base without any options (eg - bodykit or other junk)?

    I'm thinking this car should be going for closer to $28k or lower given this is the last year of an unpopular car (considering year-over-year & month-over-month sales have been negative).
  • acceleratoraccelerator Posts: 136
    Two months ago or so, I picked mine up for for $28400 (almost $6500 below msrp) if I recall correctly. I cannot believe I don't remember the exact amount as I shopped for so long (years). I did have to pitch three dealers against each other, though. Now that I have the car, I haven't looked back and I have no regrest. The car is amazing. Here in Texas, we've had an extremely wet summer but the nice thing is that it has kept the temperature in the low 90's. Anything below 93, the top is down, but I digress.

    I admit, my deal was amazing and even better than I expected. Keep in mind there are other factors that will allow the dealer make the deal; heck, my dealer had 11 S2K on the lot! When I bought mine, I told the dealer I was going to go look at a Sky Redline and viola, that statment save me an additional $500 off of the S2000. I had no intention of buying a Sky over the S2000 but dealership like to keep you on the lot. :)
  • May I ask where you got that deal? I'm also in the marked and am in the process of shopping around. Thanks! :)
  • Initially, I was working with Bankston Honda but ended up purchasing from Lute Riley Honda. The deal from Bankston would have been much easier to work with as they were the dealership with this promotion but they didn't have the color I wanted. I ended up contacting other dealers checking to see if they would match Bankston's price. Lute Riley initially told me they would price match but then had a couple of issues we had to work through; Ultimately, I got the deal I wanted from Lute despite their roadblocks. If Lute hadn't matched the price, I would simply have gone back to Bankston and paid the ROI(sp?) fee. I would have paid more and still have been happy with the deal; I was just determined to get the deal they announced (non-publically) and I wanted to hold them to it.

    3000 miles later, I now have laugh lines on my face from grinning so much. I love this car. :blush:
  • I'm also looking in the Bay Area. Might I ask what dealer offered you that price? Thanks!
  • mehmanmehman Posts: 2
    I live in NJ and negotiated the price of 2007 yellow S2000 to 28,000 with destination (27,365 + 635 destination). Now waiting to get best possible rate for financing (I am targeting 4.9%).
  • Which dealer in NJ was this? How can they go so low?
  • This forum was so useful that I thought I should share my buying experience and the price I paid for my 07 S2000. I just bought it at Ed Morse in Rivera Beach, Fl.
    This is the second car I have bought from this dealership and it is a pleasure to deal with them. No hard sell, polite and willing to negotiate. The car listed for 35K, with the obligatory "dealer fee" of about 600.00. They are anxious to move the 07s and after a little negotiation I paid 29,500 for it. I might have done better, but I was happy with the buying experince and the deal. Hope this helps someone.

    Cookster 3
  • Your didn't tell us the color you selected. Welcome to the club!
  • acemkacemk Posts: 6
    I bought mine about 3 months ago and it is white s2. The price I paid was $28,200 + dest. charge + tax/tag + $99 dealer processing fee. Since that day on I'm loving it whenever I get behind the wheel.
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    was at the local honda dealer the other day and saw about 5 S2000s sitting in their back lot. walked back to look at 4 of them were 2007s.

    they must want to get rid of these things.

    anyone know what the current incenties are on an S2000? could you get a remaining 07 below 28k?
  • Since we are into 2008, I don't believe you can lease one. Banks will view the 2007 as a used vehicle, thus, you don't have much of an incentive to lease. Purchasing one for below 28??? I doubt it but you should be able to get pretty close, I'd imagine. Incentives can be location based but I don't think there are any publicacly announced incentives but CarGuy may know more.
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