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Honda S2000 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • aramismaramism Posts: 28
    i always wondered this. can a dealer touch the money factor. is there yield spread and stuff like that or is it a rock solid rate. i would imagine the dealer has the ability to juice up a money factor to make some back-end money from the bank no? i know they can goto different banks like han and whatnot but as far as let's say a honda dealer dealing with AFHC bank.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Normally, the AHFC payment will net out to less than a 3rd party lease bank. The residual is normally inflated over with a 3rd party bank will do and when on special the rate will be a good bit lower. It always pays to check to see if you can get a better deal - or simply wait until AHFC has a special deal, as no other bank can touch that.

    Dealers can mark up the money factor for extra profit for the finance department. They can also mark up the $595 bank wee for more profit. They can't touch the residual, it is set by AHFC. I don't know if I have ever heard of a Honda dealer mark up a lease rate, but I assume somewhere some of them do this. High end dealers (BMW, Infiniti, etc) often do this and it can be hard or impossible to get a lease at the buy rate.

  • aramismaramism Posts: 28
    hmmm. well i mean i know that they do have other banks like HAAN financial however from what i heard (not sure how true) that they are very strict when it comes to wear and tear wheras with honda bank they give you the $1500 allowance even on smashed bumpers and stuff which i know is true as my mother had a civic and all stuff upto $1500 was waiged and she had a bill for literally like $6.00 or something. it is good to have as driving in NYC only god himself can keep a car totally mint in even just one week. rim dings, bumper scratches are irrelevant even if you are a perfect driver.

    i mean i'm just gonna wait for sept and call up a bunch of dealers and get the specs on their offered deal. MF, resid, cap cost, etc. and theoretically if the MF is set by the bank and is rock solid then every single dealer should tell me the same MF and the only difference in any of the variables should be the cap cost, or the cost they are selling the car to the bank to or however that works, the "loan amount" on the lease. every other variable should be identical otherwise someone is either lying or they can go in and mark up or buydown the rate.
  • I found a brand new 2007 leftover in the color I wanted (yellow) and got it for $26,500 plus a $99 doc fee. I plan to keep it for a number of years, so I think resale will be just fine with '07 vs '08 (plus I like the wheels on the '07 better). Even with 4.9% vs Honda's 2.9%, payment is better and I've got a great car for almost half of some of the competitor cars! I couldn't be happier.
  • fitisgofitisgo Posts: 40
    Yes, it sounds like you got a really great price. Superior Honda of Omaha, NE, also has a leftover 2007 in yellow on their showroom floor. The MSRP is about $34,500 (I rounded off) and they are advertising $6,500 off, or $28,000. I thought this was a good price. If you were able to negotiate another $1,500, you did very well.
  • Nice job and nice find, yellow is the best color if I do say so myself. I too, like the wheels on the 07. Takes forever to clean the spokese but as dwayne said, his boss's son cleans his car so the spokes don't bother him. For the rest of us, though... ;) When the car is clean, even under a bright moon, it simply sparkles. That pearl finish is awesome. Wait until September, you are going to have a great time in this car (still a little warm here in Texas for top down diving except at night).

    Congrats and welcome to the club.
  • estrekaestreka Posts: 28
    You'll notice the last one applies to yellow S2Ks. ;-)
  • Good thing my top is rarely up or that might apply to me! :P
  • Last week pulled the trigger on a new 2007 Rio yellow from a dealer in Omaha. NE. Couldn't resist the price, $25,000 OTD. No market for that car in Omaha. Flew out the next day and drove it across country to VA, what a trip. No regrets.
  • Excellent price and what a great time of the year to make a trip like that! You would hook up with a local car group or and take one of the Fall Colors drive or Wake the Dragon drive.

    Oh, and welcome to the S club! You will love the attention you get with the Rio. The pearl in the RIO looks sooooo much better than the basic yellow cars you see.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    Last week pulled the trigger on a new 2007 Rio yellow from a dealer in Omaha. NE. Couldn't resist the price, $25,000 OTD. No market for that car in Omaha. Flew out the next day and drove it across country to VA, what a trip. No regrets.

    Looks like this board died up since last fall.

    I am looking at a black 2008 (left over) S2000 at a dealer here in buffalo. It is winter and bitterly cold. they have it listed at $28,000 on their site.

    I would LOVE to take that car off their hands for $25,000 OTD.

    Were there any special tactics (gun to head, questionable photographs) involved getting Omaha dealer to let go?
  • I have a similar situation. A leftover 2008 red s2000 that the local NJ dealer claims he won't let go for less than about $29,200 (plus tax, title, registration, doc fee). They've had this car for 300 days, yet won't entertain an offer lower than that. Any suggestions, at least legal ones? What is a reasonable offer for such a leftover 2008 s2000?
  • mandie7mandie7 Posts: 2
    What is a reasonable price for a leftover 2008 S2000? I have a quote of $30,000 in Raleigh?
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    I'm thinking about grabbing one of the last few S2000s left out there but haven't seen any new ones locally. Has anybody seen one in the SE? If so, what was the advertised price?
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    Does anyone have a lease ready to expire on their 08' S2000 and will not be buying it out, but would care to sell it? I'm located in CT and starting my search for a Base (non-CR) model. Ideal vehicle would be black/black or black/red interior
  • acceleratoraccelerator Posts: 136
    Look at there is another site like it but I can't recall what it is. The main point though is there are sites that do just what you are hoping to do. Good luck!
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    Thanks for the reply. This board is fairly dead, however considering the vehicle isn't produced I was reaching out not expecting too many replies.

    I did check swapalease and will look into lease trader so thank you. I believe you need to swap into a lease with more than six months remaining, but let's see.
  • acceleratoraccelerator Posts: 136 is where the S2000 owners live. The forum is an international forum for enthusiast and it is broken up by area in which you live. You can learn a lot there - I did. As for the lease, every lease is different, it just depends on how badly someone needs to get out of their lease. Good luck!
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