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Lincoln Aviator Maintenance and Repair



  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    The Lincoln factory warranty is 4 yr/ 50,000 miles so you only bought an extra 1 year or 25,000 miles.

    Every manufacturer has known defects at some point. The fact is these problems don't affect every vehicle - overall it's probably a small percentage. If it was 5K miles past the warranty then it's a better argument, but they have to cut it off somewhere.

    My point is that you're expecting Ford to do something that NO OTHER MASS MARKET mfr would do - not Honda, not Toyota, etc.
  • My 2004 Lincoln Aviator was 2000 miles over the 50K warranty when my engine blew. One dealer (out of business Clark and White Lincoln/Mercury in Newton, MA) wanted me to pay the $5500K in total. I took it to Muzi Ford (Needham, MA) and they fought Ford and I ended up paying about $1800. After 5 straight Ford products... I just replaced them with a Lexus and Nissan. Hmmm... I guess Ford is now having a going out of business sale. I still think we should organize a Class Action Suit. This motor failure is a common occurance with this engine. They clearly spell out this engine problem in a TSB that is freely avalable. I laid in a complaint to the NHTSB... and everyone here should do the same.
  • I understand your point, I truly do. I looked at the tsb's on the 03 & in 5 years there are 74. when they used that engine they new that just after the warranty the engine would fail. I also have a 92 sl500 that has no problems I checked the tsb's & in 16 years there are 2. You pay for quality you should expect quality & should be held accountable. I did not buy a lincoln to have engine problems & I understand I have 98000 miles, which has been maintained the entire time. I could have bought a focus if I wanted those types of problems.
  • I also think that we need to proceed with Class Action.
  • dfk4dfk4 Posts: 2
    Is this a problem with just the '03/'04 Aviators? I have an '05, w/35K miles and really haven't had any problems- but after reading this, I have my worries....

    Also, isn't this the same engine in the Mustang GT? Is the GT also showing this type of problem?
  • I wouldn't worry too much, you've got a leg up on us. The best advice I can give you is to get an extended warranty that covers up to 100000 mi, and make sure that it covers the engine. If it does happen you will be covered. $1000 beats a $3500- $5000 bill when not expecting it.
    I'm not sure if the same engine is in the gt, don't quote me on this but I might have read something to that affect. Hope this helps
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    No, the problem is with the 4 valve heads - only used in the older Cobras and Aviator. The other 4.6L V8s use 3 valves and it's a totally different head design.
  • suzydqsuzydq Posts: 3
    I have had many problems with engine light on. I have had coils replaced, #6 valve and #1 and #5 ignition coils, Exhaust valve leakage, hmm looking at paper work look like #6 & number 8 coils . My vehicle was in the shop for 8 days from 07/29/08-08/13/08 I drove for 2 days and engine light was back on. I was told the # 2 valve was miss firing. And this was a new problem and was not covered under my warranty and that they would not be providing a rental car for me. I calm person by nature but let just say that I got a rental and they agreed to take care of my vehicle. (just to get me out of the shop) The very next day I was told that they cannot find anything and I could pick up my vehicle. Ready when you are. Since my last post above I drove my car 4 days this time and Engine light back on. I took my vehicle back to the dealer and they indicated that it is the #2 valve and coil and repaired under warranty. I have had so many things done to my engine that I really don't feel comfortable driving it anymore, I have read several post regarding a class action suit. Does anyone know how to get it started? I paid over $40,000 for this vehicle 4 yrs ago this is totally unacceptble
  • You need an engine rebuild. They will quote $5500.. that is from a dealer that knows what they are doing. Yours does NOT. There is only one ignition coil for your car.. each cylinder does NOT have its own engine coil.

    You have the same problem as we all have with this engine.

    I will find the TSB number for you.
  • We did some research and found the name of an attorney who was involved in a previous Class Action suit against Ford Motor Company (problem w/ the Ford Focus). My wife emailed our contact information them, but has not received a response yet.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    The only people that win in class action lawsuits are the attorneys. At most you'll get a discount coupon for a new vehicle.
  • You are absolutely right about the fact that the only people who win on class actions are lawyers.. However people who have NOT paid for this engine rebuild yet will have Ford pick up the tab for what ostensibily is a design error. The threat of a class action may get Ford moving on just picking up this cost themselves before it gets traction. Also the threat of a lawyer who has already won against Ford may in fact be enough to get them thinking that this is the right thing to do. The numbers here though as small. This engine was put in Aviators, Navigators, Marauders and Mustangs.O :mad:
  • And that was exactly what we have done, just waiting for a response. The way I see it a Law firm can make a really good living just taking ford to court. The only class action lawsuit that were given vouchers were the lawsuit with the vehicles from 1991 to 2001 for the rollover problems & that is because of the time ford spent hiding the problem & it was a $300 or $500. If you look at the lawsuits that are against ford( Fix Or Repair Daily ), it seems like every model they make has had problems with, even the 08 Diesels are being recalled back. Can ford do anything right.
  • Thank you (all responses) for the info. I totally found this site by accident but it has given me alot of information that has help me deal with the ford dealer. I was clueless about the problems with this vehicle until I found this site. I feel like I am being forced to buy the extended warranty on this vehicle or purchase a new one (not a Ford). And you are probably right about the dealer not knowing what they are doing I checked the better business bureau and they are rated a "D". I have been told that once they start messing with the engine the vehicle will never run the same. What's you opinion on that? :lemon:
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    If it's a reputable shop it should be fine. Everything is computer controlled now so you don't have the problem of things not being adjusted properly. They replaced the head on ours and we couldn't tell any difference.
  • I brought my Aviator into a Lincoln Dealership to fix a 'Park Assist' problem I was having. The dealer told me that the diagnostics showed that my right rear sensor was bad, and that it would cost $600 to fix. Needless to say, I told them not to fix it for that price! Since then I have done some research and I have found that I can buy a new sensor for about $100. Unfortunately I have been unable to figure out how to remove the old sensor from the bumper! Does any have any suggestions?
  • Glad I found this post. My best friend's brother has an 04 that had the same problem, and I thought it was from him running it too hard back and forth to Vegas....

    We also have one [an 03, with 7k left to pay], and I was trying to talk my wife into keeping it...but I have noticed a slight vibration and the rear decal issue. It's a beautiful SUV, but we've gone through some of the other issues that others have talked about on this forum, not knowing they were common issues. Like, getting our transmission replaced, water leaks around window seals, premature brake and tire wear, and a crack around the keypad entry area.

    I think I'll push for a off-lease RX400h.
  • I have a 2005 Aviator with about 50K miles. In the past couple of days, I've begun to hear a clicking noise at low speeds coming from the rear. The clicking speeds up when I increase the speed of the truck. Sounds like it comes from either the passenger side or driver side rear wheels. Any suggestion on what this is and how much it should cost to fix?

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    If it changes with speed and never goes away it's probably a wheel bearing. If you jack up one wheel and turn it you should hear or feel the bearing. Otherwise it's probably the differential.
  • Park assist not workingI have been having problems with my park assist not working when I am backing up? Does anyone know if this would be covered in my warranty and if not, how much would it cost to have this fixed?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    Is it turned off? Of course it's covered by the factory warranty - everything is except wear items.
  • waamanwaaman Posts: 15
    I found the clicking to be deteriorated rear wheel park brakes. They were actually hanging loose in the wheel well. Hope this helps.
  • waamanwaaman Posts: 15
    I noticed the right front orange light to be out. How do you remove the entire headlamp to replace the bulb?
  • hello m new to this, i have an 04 aviator and one of my headlight burned out can anyone tell my how to replace my bulb? do i have to take the bumper off to get to the back of my headlight assembly?
  • My husband drove my 05 with the park break engaged for approx. 1-2 miles, since then, my engine light has been on (non-flashing) intermittently. Any ideas on what the problem could be (no strange noises, vehicle running fine)? I was told I could take the car to an auto parts store and they can run a diagnostic without the high shop fees...true?
  • I had what sounds like the same problem with my 05 last summer. There was a loud clicking coming from the passenger side quarter panel area...not so much the wheels. The clicking turned out to be a regulator issue (heating/cooling system). Explorers had the same issue...when the temp dial was turned all the way to cool (blue) when the vehicle was started, the regulator would get all haywire and click...when I turned it to heat (red) and started the vehicle, no noise. I took it in, had the replacement part work done and problem solved. As still had warranty, I don't know the cost of the repair.
  • abtrmanabtrman Posts: 35
    Thanks Gang,sorry it took so long to reply,this is really helpful,I'll try tommorow.Now the rear end is vibrating really bad.I'm sure there is a TSB on this.I love this car but i'm not sure the feeling is mutual.Thanks again.
  • I've been reading responses to 'engine light on' and can now join the club. My engine light on my 05 came on at a steady glow at 68K my dealer/service dept told me I need a new left cylinder head as #8 is misfiring or I could just get a new engine as it would cost about the same. I find it very irritating that because this is a 'non-safety' issue that they (Ford-Lincoln) can get by with posting the info in a TSB rather than issuing a recall. If they new that this problem was big enough to affect a large number of vehicles, owners should have been made aware and Ford should own up to correcting known quality issues rather than leaving their customers holding the bag when the issue surfaced on their vehicle, largely, after the 4-yr/50K is up.

    Had I been aware of TSBs while still under warranty, I would have opted to buy the extended warranty even if no problems had surfaced at that time (my warranty expired in May 08) see all of the issues in TSBs now that I've been burned is alarming. I'm already looking into other vehicles and getting rid of this one...loved the style of it, but I am not willing to risk keeping it any longer. I grew up in a family of Lincoln owners and this was my 2nd and likely, my last. It's funny that while mine was in the shop, my dad was looking at a new Navigator....this situation may have changed his mind as well.
  • I've got an 03 & after this same problem, we will no longer own a Ford vehicle.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    So you think Ford should do something that no other manufacturers do? Every mfr has TSBs and known problems. Toyota actually denied warranty claims for owners with sludged engines - that would seem to be even worse.

    I owned a 03 Aviator but got rid of it shortly after the warranty expired. The left head was replaced under warranty. It was a piece of junk but I replaced it with a 2008 Edge Limited that has been flawless as has my 06 Fusion. And the Aviator is no longer made.
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