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Lincoln Aviator Maintenance and Repair



  • Wish I would have read this post (No. 373) prior to purchasing this piece of crap. Luckily i managed to fixed the shift lever myself with some plastic and epoxy. Can't believe the dealer want $1000to fix a problem that's been ongoing since 2005, what a rip off!! :lemon:
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    Check under the car near the front tire - you should see a drain tube. Remove any debris. Or you can try unclogging it from the top with a wire, snake or air/water pressure.
  • How do you reset the computer after an oil change. The "Change Oil Soon" lights continue to show.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    The instructions are in the owner's manual. It's a combination of using the setup and reset buttons. Manuals are available online here:
  • waamanwaaman Posts: 15
    Go to the screen where it shows the oil status. e.g. 40% or "oil needs to be changed. etc. HOld the reset button in for 10 seconds or more until you see it default back to 0.
  • Thank you. We never held the button down long enough. Dohhhh
  • My check tire pressure light remains on. The pressure has been checked and matches the manuals recommendations. It used to just happen when the weather turned cool/cold {for So Cal} Now it's doing it more often than not.
    Any thoughts?

    Thanks again,
  • My Aviator is doing the exact same thing. What did you ever do to get this resolved? Did you find an easy repair??? (doubtful!) Thanks
  • waamanwaaman Posts: 15
    After installing new tires, I had to bring it to the dealer for reprogamming. Error condition disappeared after that.
  • 03' Aviator service engine light came on and it idols rough while in gear and stopped, I'm thinking O2 sensor anybody had this problem?
  • My 2003 aviator will not start when the temp outside is less than 52 degrees. Can anyone tell me what the problem is?
  • My 2004 aviator (45k miles) recently started having brief moments of "hesitation" at speeds between 40 - 55mph, when accelerating. I took it to the Ford dealer thinking transmission and they indicated it was the intake manifold tuning valve.
    Replacement cost per the dealer is $1100.
    Coincidentally, I've contacted a local Firestone dealer who indicated labor would be $470, gaskets $120, and they could likely clean the valve that probably has oil residue on it.
    Is there any aftermarket product I can purchase, spray in the manifold to help eliminate any buildup?
    Has anyone been through this? Is the dealer on point? Is the Firestone shop on point in indicating the valve should be cleanable?
  • My '03 Aviator was doing the same thing. I also thought it was the transmission but the dealer found no problem with the transmission. (the problem lasted several months). Recently it was sluggish starting and I replaced the battery. The hesitation and fluttering stopped as well. I spoke with a mechanic who told me a weak battery could have been causing the problem. You might want to have your battery checked.
  • ntecntec Posts: 17
    Well got the bad news my transmission on my 03 Aviator is slipping big time went to Gallinger Ford in Milton Ontario and they quoted me $4900 for a new transmission all in.I have it at my independent mechanic they quoted $3300 so gonna fix it .This car may get divorce papers soon if there is no improvement'

    .This is why I hate automatics my 02 infinity g20 has 232,000 kms and the 5 speed manual still shifting away.If it wasn't for my wife I would never own a automatic vehicle. :sick:
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    And how many clutches have you replaced?
  • Well be careful because I too have an 03 and have had my tranny replaced 4 times since I hit 100k/ a year and a half ago. Funny, huh? I really think Ford owes us some serious cash on these junky cars they put on the market. Once the car hit 90k, everything started falling apart...!
  • did you change the transmission fluid every 30k?
  • did you get it fixed?
  • Can it make to 150,000. I have 37k, on a 2003.
  • For the last few days my cruise control works off and on and when I turn my 03 Aviator off the tail lights won't go off. What can the problem be?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    Tail lights - or brake lights? Are any other steering wheel buttons affected? If so it's probably the clock spring in the steering wheel. Brake lights could be a bad switch on the brake pedal itself. When you start the car can you shift out of park without stepping on the brake? If so it's a bad switch.
  • abtrmanabtrman Posts: 35
    I took my 04 Aviator in to the dealer due to a loud knocking from the engine.After a few hours I was informed that the engine would have to be torn down but preliminary findings point to piston or rod issues.Even though the noise could be heard under the valve cover.They are now asking for oil change records.There should be roughly eighteen changes required at 5k intervals.I can only find eleven.Can anyone offer any advice as to what the problems may be? And what kind of problem might I encounter if I can't produce "all" the service records? And what about the changes I performed myself? They have not performed the tear down yet.So how are they able to rule out the head or rocker arms or other top-end components?Thanks.
  • I am having the same issue now, when ever I reverse and place the shift back to drive postition, I get a loud knock and quick jerk. How many miles do you have on your truck?
  • abtrmanabtrman Posts: 35
    I have 95k,but I think we have two problems.Mine is a consistent knock from the engine itself.The other problem I have as well.There is a T.S.B. on it.Apparently the fluid used had a viscosity issue.The dealer added an additive that was supposed to fix the problem.It did...for a while.Now it's back.It is aggravating and embarrasing.I love the idea of this car but I'm sure not loving the actual car.
  • Oil Change .. bunch of crap. There is a serious problem with the design of this engine. I had to rebuild mine at 52K, 2k after the warranty ran out. I had to fight Ford to cover it. File a complaint with NHTSB. Ford won't owe up to the problem with this engine. There is a TSB bulletin on this fix. Cylinder's 7-8 fail because of the the two part valve cover. I see class action suit in the making with Ford!
  • I'm going to attemp to replace the brake pads this coming weekend. I have disc brakes on all 4 wheels.
    I've had a vehicle or two where I could NOT retract the pistons with a "C" clamp and had to have a special tool to twist the pistons back into their housings.
    Anyone know if this is the case with the Aviator?
    Thanks in advance - David
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    Yes - you need the special tool to retract the rear brake calipers (turns the piston). This is due to the parking brake mechanism. Get the NAPA Ford version, not the generic cube that fits everything. This is true for any Ford with rear disc brakes.
  • Thanks for the reply.
    Hmmm.... I've done the front and rear brakes on a Ford Explorer and Lincoln Blackwood and both were doable with only the C clamp.
    Do you have the specifics on which way to turn (clockwise / counter clockwise) (driverside / passenger)?
    Thanks - David
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    I think you turn clockwise while pushing in on both rear calipers. I know it's on the driver's side for sure.

    I guess it's possible the trucks don't use the same mechanism - never had to change the pads in my Aviator so I'm not 100% sure.
  • I absolutely agree, there is something wrong with this suv. I myself have had to replace my tranny 4x. and I am only at 115k. I have called Ford on the many issues of this suv, but no help. I am with you with the class action, just let me know where to sign up!
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