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Lincoln Aviator Maintenance and Repair



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • did you get my message with my phone number??? I can provide the Alan Mulally's, CEO and David Leitch's (Mulally's personal counsel) emails when the time comes...kinda using it as leverage right now...hate these pompous jerks!!!!!
  • how do I do that????
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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    tidester, host
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  • did you get my email? Would love to hear from you....
  • Thank you for filing your safety-related complaint via our Web site or our Vehicle Safety Hotline. The ODI Number listed below will be a direct link to your complaint as soon as it is ready to view. Please allow at least two business days for approval and processing before trying to view your complaint online. You will then be able to view it and search any associated documents.

    Your complaint information will be entered into the NHTSA vehicle owner complaint database. NHTSA technical staff review this information to identify potential safety problems. While you may or may not be contacted by a NHTSA investigator to clarify the information submitted, all reports are reviewed and analyzed for potential defects trends. Also, the NHTSA complaint database provides valuable information to other consumers and to manufacturers.

    If you have any questions regarding this complaint, please contact ODI:

    By phone: 1-888-327-4236 8:00AM to 10:00PM Monday-Friday
    TTY: 1-888-424-9153
    Have your ODI Number available.
    (Spanish-speaking operators available)

    By e-mail:
    Indicate your ODI Number in the contact form.

    Thank you,

    Office of Defects Investigation (ODI)
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
    U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Hi, Did you fix the shifter pin problem? Can you let me know. I have same problem now!
  • no what a waist of money and time i had it park inside garage :-(

    as I have been saying over and over... the only entity that can start a recall is the National Highway Traffic Safety Standard Administration...NHTSA...I have filed several complaints...If EVERYONE WOULD COMPLAIN TO THEM THEN MAYBE SOMETHING CAN BE DONE...YOU MADE IT TO THIS FORUM...GOOGLE NHTSA AND DO SOMETHING PROACTIVE!!!!!!!!! THIS MESSAGE IS FOR EVERY UNHAPPY AVIATOR OWNER AND THERE ARE MANY OF US!!!!!!
  • Hi everyone, i have an 04 Aviator and it is fast approaching 46K miles on it. I seem to be noticing some hesitation when accelarating up any hill or bridge. No Check Engine lights yet but we also hear a constant clicking/ticking noise if we are driving down an alley with the windows down ( sound reflection i guess ). Anyhow, i'm thinking bad coil or head damage which could potentially lead to an engine replacement. my question....will Canadian Lincoln dealers also offer AWA? this truck is originally from the US, Palm Springs. I bought it with 20K miles on it and so far it's been very good to us but the future isn't so clear!! ANY PROGRESS ON CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT!!!!!!
  • Can you tell me what AWA is? As far as a class action law suit is concerned...I have posted how to get in touch with the the NHTSSA, I have been forwarding all of these comments to them as well as Alan Mulally and David Leitch at FMC. I feel that I am doing as much as I can to help everyone but I need help!!!!! I have posted both Mulally's and Leitch's email addresses so everyone can write to them. If people do not make proactive moves...and I am doing as much as I can to make it easy for everyone...then we all will have bought $50,000 Pintos. PLEASE... COMPLAIN TO THE ENTITIES THAT I HAVE PROVIDED...POSTING A COMPLAINT HERE WILL DO NOTHING...I have just been told that our rear "pinion" is going out...can't dump it yet cause the re-sale value is lower than what we owe...MAKE FMC RESPONSIBLE FOR IT'S POOR ENGINEERING DESIGN FLAWS!!!! THEY KNOW IT BUT ENOUGH OF US HAVE TO COMPLAIN OR THEY WILL CONTINUE TO IGNORE US!!!!!!
  • Wow, I can't believe how long I've been posting to this forum. Thank goodness it exists as I've experienced so many similar issues as the rest of you.

    I haven't read of this one yet, but my local dealership gave me a possible cause.

    Our '04 Aviator (92K miles), when I turn on the driver's side AC or Heat seat settings it will light up, but after 8 seconds it will turn off. The passenger side works fine. Once again AC or Heat will yield the same result. Also, the switch will not activate again until I restart the car.

    Does this sound familiar? I thought it might be a bad switch but the service tech I spoke to thinks it's a broken element. How much is the fix?

    Thnx in advance.

    PS The plastic piece on my rear window hatch just recently cracked. Marvelous.
  • My driver's side heated seat did the same thing at 40,000 miles. They fixed it. Then it went out again at around 80,000 miles. They fixed it. Then at 103,000 miles (I drive a lot of Interstates) it went out and they said it was out of warranty. I wrote to Ford and got no response. I wrote them again. 4 months later I got a form letter saying that it was out of warranty and wouldn't help me even with half off. Wheel bearings are the same problem - replaced 3 times. Now it's the second cylinder coil I need. No more Fords - after 30 years!
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,000
    Right - because every other auto mfr would provide warranty repairs after 103,000 miles........

    The aviator was a disaster which is why they killed it. That's why Ford's quality now rivals the imports.
  • Just spoke to my buddy last night about his '04 Acura TL. Starter went out on it after 130K miles. Dealer wanted $450 to replace it. After he mentioned all the work he had done at that dealership the service rep spoke to the manager and they dropped the price down to $150.

    Not bad.

    Speaking of Ford, I took the Aviator to the local Ford dealership, mentioned a burned out tail light bulb while having other maintenance work done. When I picked up the car, I realized they charged me $30 to replace the bulb! YEESH.

    fordsnomore, what was the diagnosis for the seats? What was the estimate for the repair? Thanks!
  • I have over 135,000 miles on my 2004, never had a single problem all standard maintance. Reading this blog has me worried. My transimission is shifting a little rough these days (Still drives good and getting same MPG). My question is do these blogs attrack the unfortunate few or should I be worried. Love this SUV, and has me thinking of sticking with Ford.
  • waamanwaaman Posts: 15
    I have 111,000 miles and still going strong. No big issues except for rear bearing and front ball joints replacment at 105,000. STill rides great. Thinking about new Lincoln Car.
  • I 04 has 145k on it. Had to replace a couple of hub assemblies
    last year, but other than that, nothing major...just the usual annoying things that you get with all cars.
  • '2003 Lincoln Aviator - The car rides fine when placed in drive. However when I come to a complete stop and shift into the park, the SUV cuts off completely. First the battery light on the dash comes on and then other lights follow and the SUV shuts down. In order to restart, I just crank back up and it works perfectly. What could be the problem???'.

    :cry: PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!
  • mongo1mongo1 Posts: 49
    Akirby is right. No automaker, or any othe manufacturer of machinery in their right mind would offer a lifetime warranty on their product. I think the "new" 100,000 mile drivetrain warranties are about as close as it is ever going to get, and that only covers drivetrain for the most part. My 2004 Aviator did the head gasket thing last month at 60,000. Thanks to ESP, Ford swallowed all but fifty bucks. Total bill was over $7,000.00 I just re-upped the ESP to 100,000 miles. If you are going to own a vehicle with this much technology, you better have insurance.
  • I got the estimate back from the dealer. The seat blower wasn't working. $200 for the part and $150 in labor. The back hatch was another story, $1,000 and the dealer admitted they've seen this before. Can live with the cracked hatch for now, heated seats in 12 degree weather and cooled seats in 100 degree are a necessity :-)
  • I understand Akirby's point of view, but I don't believe the issue is the car warranty, but the seat repaired being done in multiple 40K and less increments. Is warrantying a repair fair?
  • My front passenger seat doesn't do anything when the A/C-Heated seat button is pressd besides the button lights up! Guess i'm looking at a $350 blower too. As for the cracked hatch, I have the problem as well on my 2003 Aviator. Purchased the vehicle used in August 2010, and it cracked in November. I don't know how the original owner had the vehicle for 7 years and never cracked it. I see a lot of Mountaineers and Explorers with the cracked hatch around my town as well.

    For having the vehicle for 6 months, I am not impressed with my first Ford product due to the issues I'm experiencing with this Aviator.

    1) AC/Heated Seat doesn't work
    2) Cracked Hatch
    3) Rear window washing fluid doesn't pump
    4) DVD Player rarely reads the DVD
    5) Very Sporadic flashing service engine soon light and hesitation (will not shift when doing this) - (Has only happend twice)
    6) Gas Guage doesnt move sometimes, and digital gas miles to empty doesn't read
    7) Door sensors think door(s) are open when they aren't
    8) Constant drifting left to right while driving on the right side of a highway! Only the right side

    I can say that numbers 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, and 8 have occured in the past 4 months, or else I would have never purchased this vehicle!
  • waamanwaaman Posts: 15
    I had the same problem with the Heat/AC & the Door lock switch. I removed both switches and found them to be dirty. (Cofffe, goodies etc). (Use a paint can opener to remove switches). Cleaned them with electric circuit cleaner and then let dry. Has been ok for 1yr now. Hope this helps.

    I also found that disconnecting the battery terminal for about an hour helps on reseting certain crazy conditions. (I also charged it at the same time). E.g. CD door stuck open, certain dash board errors, etc. Static electricity can cause many crazy problems.

    110,000 miles and still going strong. Must do required maintenance.
  • hstsuxhstsux Posts: 2
    edited March 2011
    #6 I had to change the sending unit in the gas tank, might as well change the fuel pump at the same time just to save the extra labor charge just incase the pump goes soon after.
    #8 mine was pulling to the left and we changed the left outer tie rod and left lower ball joint that tightened the front end up. You might need an alignment.
  • hstsuxhstsux Posts: 2
    edited March 2011
    I just lost second and fifth gear. This was caused by the 2 servos had cracked in the transmission also the holes for them to sit in are in the aluminum houseing and Ford say's just replace the housing. Hey right and have the same problem later. The tranny place did a mod by boreing out the holes and put in brass bushings,2 new servos and a shift kit. It works better then ever. The front drive shaft did cause problems on removal, the trunion that mounts to the transfer case was seized had to get another one. the tranny should not lag when shifting it should go to the next gear without any hang ups.
    Good luck
  • I just purchased my 04 Lincoln Aviator. A few days after we bought it, it started acting really weird. It feels like it stuttering... i mean jumpy a little bit.. When you first start it, it runs fine. But once the engine gets hot, it starts the stuttering thing. So my husband and I both thought that it probably bad gas, so we go the more expensive gas and it, it still happening. Im not sure what the hell is going on, but i have already put about 500 dollars into this car and i havent had it but 2 weeks.. I have had 3 mechanics look at it and NO ONE can tell me what is wrong with it. They put it on the computer and everything came back fine. Someone please tell me this has happened to you, and what did you do to fix the problem.. please help! Please!!!!
  • jacqueusijacqueusi Posts: 55
    I'll put money it's the engine coils. You explained a similar experience I had when a few of our coils went bad almost perfectly.

    Best bet for a proper diagnosis is your local Lincoln dealership.
  • waamanwaaman Posts: 15
    I have 111,000 miles on my 2003 Aviator. I had something similar and found it to be a defective spark plug coil. Each spark plug has its own coil. You can find them on ebay motors. It's might be worth the try. Did you replace the spark plugs? Since the engine is 303HP it requires high test only. RT-_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQfitsZMakeQ3aLincolnQ7cModelQ3aAviatorQQhashZitem2c5bd56846- QQitemZ190519273542QQptZMotorsQ5fCarQ5fTruckQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories
  • Cylinder coil. Each spark plug has one. I've replaced several.
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