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Lincoln Aviator Maintenance and Repair



  • Agree with the posts. A couple of thoughts -
    I had a similar issue and the dealership diagnosed as an "Intake Manifold Tuning Valve". After that was fixed, I've had to replace a couple of the cylinder coils. Both the tuning valve and the coils create similar "hesitation" type symptoms.
    Hopefully it's a coils as they are $20 - $50 for a new one vs. $650 - $800 to replace the tuning valve.
    I can't remember if the coil threw a check engine light or not but did go to a AutoZone and they plugged a device in that pulled the code, which contained the cylinder coil number (1 - 8) that was going bad - which helped a lot.
  • ret69ret69 Posts: 1
    has anyone ever upgrade there audiofile 6 cd player system to a radio/dvd/gps type ??
  • bapa1bapa1 Posts: 1
    ill try it
  • Yes - After I purchased my 2004 Aviator in 2007, I was wanting to add the factory navigation system. I found out it was going to be 3k (likely more). One of the Ford dealerships steered me to do aftermarket.
    I ended up purchasing a Pioneer AVIC system - which was the best investment I ever made. I purchased from Crutchfield (and paid the premium) but got all of the factory / finished look pieces, correct cables, and great support, etc.
    The AVIC system (now 4 years old) has a great nav system, touch screen, bluetooth add on, xm radio add on, and can play DVDs. The new AVIC systems are even better from what I've seen.
    Hope this helps.
  • I have an Aviator that the battery keeps dying. I noticed when I open my door the side mirror (turn signal orange lights) turn on, and they usually shut off after a few seconds. Mine won't shut off, and the battery is dead obviously soon after.

    My headlights are in the off position. they do turn off when I turn the headlights on, but then the headlights stay on, so that doesn't help.

    Any ideas?
  • luvnjacobyluvnjacoby Posts: 1
    mine started doing the same EXACT thing today. It has done it 5 times, but starts right back up with no problems. It's so weird. I would love to know what is going on.
  • Hi there - Just had coils 4, 6 & 7 replaced. My '03 Kitty Hawk Aviator is at 98,000 miles. The chk engine light and dings were coming on at 97,000 and the dealer "reset" something. I'm off to get it inspected finally. What else should I make sure is done before it goes out of the "Customer Satisfaction" bulletin at 100,000 for coils. It is not under an extended warranty, so if it is heads or whatever it is called, I'm in trouble!
  • I would check the wheel bearings, driver's heated seat, the 'back-up warning system,' and all normal things like brakes and such.

    Had many coils replaced as well.
  • waamanwaaman Posts: 15
    I would replace the spark plugs and check for rear axle wear. I just hit 112,000 on my Kitty and it runs like new. Rear axle starting making noise at 105 and it cost me 3k to replace both. You can purchase brand news coils on Ebay real cheap. Why not replace then all. Keep all oil changes going at specified intervals. Engine, transmission, front and rear cases, etc. I consider this money well spent for a vechicle that runs like new at 112,000 miles.
  • aviatorguyaviatorguy Posts: 11
    My driver's side rear window only goes down (and up) when there is high humidity, causing me to believe that a connector just needs to be cleaned. It doesn't matter whether I use the window switch between the front seats or the rear door window switch.
    How should I troubleshoot this? I.E. Start with the front switch, clean, move to door.. or vice-versa, or some other method.
    Any thoughts, diagrams would be much appreciated.
  • xtinaxtina Posts: 2
    My 03 Aviator's AC is working everywhere but the front passenger side. It blows hot air out of those vents. Why would this be happening? Any replies are greatly appreciated!
  • xtinaxtina Posts: 2
    My Aviator isn't running right. When driving it pulls at times especially when I'm going uphill. When stopped it starts to feel like it's going to quit by shaking a little. This doesn't happen all the time but it shouldn't be happening at all. When I need to get around someone and step on it there's a lag before it takes off. It didn't do that before. Also, when the AC is on it's worse because it happens more often when on. The check engine light isn't on and I just got a brand new radiator. This issue was happening before I got the radiator so I know it's not something that happened during that repair. What could possibly be wrong? I really appreciate any replies :)
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,019
    Could be the coil pack or it might be the infamous cylinder head problem. Have the compression checked (especially cylinder 8). If that's ok check the coil pack.
  • I noticed yesterday morning when I cranked my Aviator that it starts sputtering and acting like it is about to go dead. I have plenty of gas in it and I replaced the battery last month. If I push on the accelerator slightly, it evens out and doesn't do it anymore. But once I let off of it, after a minute or two, it starts acting up again. Could I have a fuel filter going out, bad gas, or something else?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,019
    Could be anything. Fuel filter, bad gas, throttle body, sensor or a bad head.
  • have the worst SUV every made...everything will go out on it, Ford knows it, and could care less. Get rid of it now and by German (who can really make a car) or Japanese...Aviator is the worst car ever built...hence all the complaints!
  • Mine is doing the same thing but on the passengers side. Did you get any replys that help you with the problem?

  • Turns out the blower went bad. $280 repair and just in time. This was a H-O-T summer.
  • My 2004 Aviator engine light continues to come on, other than a slight rough idle I don't notice a decrease in performance except when running the AC. When running AC, it will suddenly start blowing warm air when the engine light starts flashing. Took it to the dealer
    and they had no ideas ? Is this same problem, coil or Head or ?
  • As soon as u hit a bump the whole back end of the car loses control. It kind of swirves to left and right. I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem. I have had this car for only 2 1/2 years.
    Also my glass tailgate will not close it almost like u have to slam shut. I purchased the extended warranty but it doesn't cover the tailgate or suspension if that's the problem. Any suggestions?????
  • This is my first time post so please bare with me. I am at the sole owner of a 2004 Aviator, V-8, 4.6L, with 116,000 miles. To save time I won't list the various repairs/maintenance that have been performed over the past 8 years; I will stick to my current dilemma. My area is Dallas, Texas.

    After my check engine light came on Mon, 4/2, I went to Auto Zone for help with the diagnosis code. It showed P0308 and P0316 (was told that 316 always goes w/308.) I took it to a local, reputable auto service repair center that had serviced my car for a CLY #3 misfire Oct, 2011. At that time they replaced one ignition coil and replaced all the spark plugs. Their recommendation was to replace the the remaining coils, which I did. They also replaced all the spark plugs since they were under warranty.

    BUT, THIS DID NOT FIX THE PROBLEM. I realize the coils were probably going to have to replaced eventually, so I'm okay with doing that. They suggest having an Injector Service Wash/Flush before making the decision to replace the injector (which I'm assuming is #8.) They don't have the equipment for this type of service and I'm probably going to have to do it at the dealership. After researching this service I understand it could be beneficial. (Also, let me state a mechanic friend of mine suggested Goo- something. We put it in the gas tank with about a 1/4 tank and I drove the highway for 45 miles, but no change.)

    1) Do I go to the expense of the Injector wash/flush of $145 (which means I have to go to the dealership which I really don't want to do!) or should I skip the step and go ahead and have the injector replaced? Should I replace them all while they're in there?
    2) If I go to a dealer, any recommendations in the Dallas area? preferably closer to downtown.

    My car is in great shape and I'd like to keep it for another year or so if possible. Thanks much everyone!
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,019
    The new COP on cylinder 8 could be bad but first see if the replaced all of the boots - cylinder 8 tends to run hotter and can damage the boot. If the boot wasn't replaced then that's a likely culprit based on what I saw on google. And they're cheap. If it's not the boot then try swapping the COPs around and see if the problem stays on cylinder 8. If it does then just change the injector. I wouldn't bother with a flush. It's either the plug, the boot or the COP (or an internal problem with cylinder 8 - a compression test would verify).
  • terry645terry645 Posts: 16
    Sounds like a broken hinge which we get the whole tailgate out of alignment. I had this happen. Replaced the hinge...about 10 minutes. All OK
  • Welcome to a $5500 engine rebuild. If you look for posts of mine and others several years ago (3 cars ago for me), you will find a TSB on this vehicle that requires an engine rebuild. Cylinders 7&8 go bad because of the split valve cover (bad design) on this high performance engine. My Aviator (bought new) was 2k out of warranty (52k miles) and I had to fight Ford all the way up to Bill Ford's office to get them to pick up 2/3rds of the cost of the engine rebuild. This is a known problem. Take the truck to a LM dealer. They know. Unless you purchased an extended warranty.. you are screwed. I doubt your Aviator is worth $5500 at this point. BTW, the dealer replaced my coils and such before they "discovered" the need for the engine rebuild which you will HAVE to do!

    I rewarded Ford by walking from the brand after 5 Fords in a row and now am a happy (if not bored) owner of my second Lexus which by the way I thought and now can emphatically state is the least expensive car to own on the road. They have such a high resale value (unlike Lincoln Mercury) that my trade in allowed me to buy a new Lexus for only 10K after 3 years).

    I loved by Aviator even with all the problems. My Lexus is boring but it is totally reliable. I do 20K miles per year!
  • Oh boy! My 2003 Aviator has the check engine light on and the code is for catalytic converter. I've replaced all the coils multiple times. Hasn't been inspected in a while because of the check engine light. Worried about having to replace the catalytic converter and what it will cost. Also live in North Dallas. 2003 Kitty Hawk w/ 111,000 miles. Car is beautiful and comfy but totally unreliable, had the rear window problem, cd player doesn't work and coil problems like most of you. WILL NEVER BUY A FORD OR LINCOLN MERCURY AGAIN!
  • TO BOSTON CIGAR: First, thanks for the very informative reply. You have saved me time and a lot of emotional grief. I was really beating myself up about agreeing to the recommended coil replacements, fuel system cleaning, etc. that were done prior to this "bombshell" diagnosis.

    Park Cities Ford in Dallas, TX, found "compression loss on bank 2, cylinder 8 has 11% loss." They did not recommend the engine rebuild with the high mileage I have.

    Sounds like I'm in the market for a new car. What kind of Lexus do you own? I was thinking about a Toyota Four Runner, too.

    Thanks you again!
  • This is GINNY'S MOM again (ref msg #952 or 955)

    Before I venture out into the auto sales world, I thought I'd double and triple check that I've checked out every possible solution. Before a major surgery a second opinion should always be sought. So, you all are my second opinion...

    Below is the dealership's diagnosis on my 2004 Aviator with 116,200 miles. It has new coils, plugs, and had a fuel system flush.

    "Customer states check engine light is on
    Cylinder 8 losing compression.
    Verify concern. Time for EEC Diagnosis
    Time to perform power balance and verify misfire. TIME TO PERFORM RELATIVE


    He said the computerized compression test tests the injectors, spark plugs, and coils. Then they did a manual compression test to confirm the cylinder 8 compression loss.

  • la2004la2004 Posts: 2
    Did you have any luck finding out what your problem was, my 2004 is doing the very same thing. Ford Dealer is clueless :(
  • terry645terry645 Posts: 16
    I bought my Aviator new in '04. Over the years I've come to this site for guidance with various issues that came has been most helpful...thanks to everyone.
    The Aviator seems to take a real whipping on this site and I have no doubt that most of it is deserved. My Aviator now has 171K miles on it and I drive it everyday. I've had the usuall minor issues that come with every vehicle, but have not had one problem that even approaches the things I see on this site. I guess all Aviators are not made equally.
  • TO: akirby, message #952

    1) What's a "boot?"
    2) Did you see my most recent post regarding 11% loss on Cylinder 8?

    Would like your feedback. Thanks
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