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Lincoln Navigator Maintenance and Repair



  • I am hearing rattling noises coming from both the drivers and rear driver side door. What can it be? How hard is it to take apart the door panels to figure out what it is?
  • it is likely the cosmetic panelling on the outside of the door, do you only notice it at highway speeds? Mine does the same, especially if it is windy, maybe some teflon or double sided auto tape on the inside if you are into the cob job, but its not too big a deal to me so i haven't bothered to do anythign about it.

    here's a question for you though. For some reason, my door ajar alert is on all the time and it is throwing off my interior lights and alarm system, it seems to be the driver side front door, when it first started i could slam the door and it would stop, but now it is on all the time

    also, airbag warning light is on in the dash, any recommendations?
  • To fix your door ajar problem, spray some WD-40 inside each door panel where the latch is. Follow up with silicon spray. Close each door once or twice. The problem should go away. My door ajar light stayed on for a week until I did this and I have not had the problem since. The latch just simply gets stuck sometimes.
  • Our 4x4 is engaging by itself what is the fix please, and is the repairs expensive
  • coltomcoltom Posts: 9
    We've had four cars that were absolute nightmares - The Navigator, Jeep Grand Cherokee, a Buick Regal (granted it was a hand-me-down while in college) and a Mazda MX-6. I've owned three Maximas, an Acura RL and now an Infiniti M35x and have never had anything other than basic maintainence costs with those. Ironically, the Mazda MX-6 was build along side the Ford Probe by Ford and was the first Japanese car officially designated a domestic car - figures. Everything went wrong with that car and I finally dumped it at a loss to get out of it and it was only three years old.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,000
    And we've owned 2 rangers, 1 Acura Integra, a honda civic, a honda accord, 2 explorers, a Lincoln LS, an Expedition, an Aviator, a Fusion and a Focus. Most were kept 4-6 years, a couple for 2-3 years. Only the Aviator and Lincoln LS had more than 1 repair, warranty or otherwise. All of the LS problems were fixed early on under warranty - none in the last 4 years. Only the Aviator had serious and numerous problems.
  • did you ever fix this problem? the same thing just happened to mine and I was wondering how you resolved it.
  • I would like to know exactly where the IAC is located in the engine compartment, I am willing to try and clean it myself, I am not sure where it is.... Thanks for all assistance/suggestions. Jan
  • lyletlylet Posts: 27
    What is Lincoln saying is wrong with the transmission?
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    You're replying to a post that's almost a year old made by a troll.
  • If have any problems with your suspension not inflating due to the compressor not turning on or comes on sometime check the relay inside the right side bumper by the horn. A black solid relay may not be plug in all the way. If that doesnt work check the connection by the windsheild washer fluid resevoir. It is wear your compressor is located. Insure the connection is tight or connection isn't dirty. If you ever need to locate the height sensor it is located on the rear axle, on the left side.
  • jim_56jim_56 Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2003 navigator with 52k....I was wondering how many miles most people are getting out of these before major repairs....Waht should I watch out for?
  • i replace the hub in the front passenger tire because it was stopping the car, as soon as i replace it, the abs and the traction control light stay on all the time and after drive the truck for few blocks, the light in the tc button OFF turn on and in the message center i get CHECK ADVTRAC, it drives fine, but im scare to take to the dealer, what can be??? it was fine before the hub replacement..
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,000
    ABS sensor. It's attached to each wheel and provides feedback for the ABS, traction control and stability control features.
  • My 1998 navigator is still missing after replacing coil paks, plugs, and checking about everything, ford dealer even said it was a coil pak, but its still doing it, now a code reader says its a iginition coil b, can anyone tell me what this is or what you may think it is.....thanks
  • Not working, 2004 Nav. Any Ideas on a quick fix. I have the maintenance plan but it has $100 deductable
  • i have a 99 linolcn navigator im having the same problem with the suspension for the member with the 2000 navigator do you know where they find teh loose ground, mine drop and the aircompressor dont work
  • :mad: I have a 2003 ultimate , My check suspension light came on at the same time my ac stopped working . the clutch on the compressor cooked .
    now my gator is slammed on all four conners what should I start with the a/c or air
  • Is there a way to tell if the height sensors are bad? Is there a way to adjust them by myself? Here's the problem: the front of my 99 is higher than the rear when parked and the left rear is lower than the right rear when parked. I just replaced the relay and both rear air springs. Is the vehicle supposed to lower as soon as it is shut off and how long are the air bags supposed to be inflated for? The compresser turns on everytime i start my truck and put it in to gear then shuts off. My concern is whats happening when the truck is parked. Thanks in advance for any info.
  • I don't know what to do. My Check suspension light came on, with the rear lowered (looks much lower than my front) Driving and realized what a bumpy ride I had. I took it in to the shop and they checked it out, told me that the relay went bad on it. So I got a new relay put in. Not even a month later the same thing happens, the bumpy ride starts again and when i looked at the back the it is lowered again. I don't recall my Navigator being this low until now. So I take it in and they tell me it is the module. Got a new module for it and still looks the same to me. What do I do?? Can it be something else?? I am so frustrated, Got Ford involved too but they are telling me things I already know about it. I just got my car back today and noticed a bumpy ride but no check suspension light. Do you suppose someone cut the wire to that so it would make me happy that the light is no longer on?? Please help someone.
  • could be that the arm that is attached to the rear suspension sensor has come loose, happens to ours about once a week, well it happened weekly until the engine blew up
  • Look in the air-ride thread
  • Anybody replace it with something other than a Motorcraft?
  • I own a 03 gator and the front driver seat is stuck and wont move, can someone help me please?
  • I saw your post about the humming and stalling in dec 07. My 2000 navigator is doing exact the same thing. Could you please let me know what the problem was. Your help would be appreciated,
    my email address is

    Thank you.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    my email address is ...

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  • jwallyjwally Posts: 71
    i HAD THE SAME CODE. It was the DPFE sensor needed to be replaced about $125 for part and easy to do. After a King Bear mechanic tried to rip me off for $550 for cleaning EGR ports and a AAA auto repair ripped me off for around $500.I found an honest mechanic who told me it was the DPFE,maybe thats what you need. MUST replace with FORD brand,i tried Standard brand and a month latter code came back.hope this helps.
  • jwallyjwally Posts: 71
    i HAVE THAT PROBLEM NOW.If anyone knows how to fix please let me know,thanks
  • jwallyjwally Posts: 71
    My wife drives it 99% and went through 2 around 30,000 miles and second around 50,000's miles.The one at 30,000 i had in the day before at a lincold dealer to find a slamming noise at stop signs,they claim they couldn't duplicate the problem.i said give me a mechanic now to test drive and i can duplicate,they said sorry they were day tranny siezed all wheels locked with my wife stuck in middle of road. hope Ford goes under
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