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Lincoln Navigator Maintenance and Repair



  • jwallyjwally Posts: 71
    i have it on the drivers side,maybe windsheild or roof rack
  • Did you ever find out what the name of the part in the door that went out? I need the name of that part as my Navigator is having the same problem.
  • Okay my husband bought me a 2000 navigator 11 days ago. The dealer promised us it was going to be in great running condition.And like idiots we signed a "sold as is" contract. They said there mechanic checked the car out when they bought the car and that he would check it again before we left with it (which he did not). ANYWAY starting the night we got it home it had problems. The heater quit working and we parked it on a downward hill and the car registered out of gas (which it wasnt) and it just cut off and we had to put it in neutral and coast it down the hill. Well we took it to a shop and got a heater coil replaced and got a radiator leak fixed. $1200.00 and we hadnt even had it 3 days. It';s all went downhill from there. the AC even just stopped working. we hadnt drove it anymore since that and we got in it to drive it and the car is making a constant crazy clanking/spinning noise i cant describe it and it did that in park drive neautral everything. well after that we decided to take it back to the dealer, well on the way we decided to go back to our house and pick up our other vehicle since we were dropping the navi off well we didnt so much as get it in park and it just cut off. it took about three tries to get it crunk back up. each of those failed times we had all power and it was turning over and making a crazy noise. well we got it crunk and the WHOLE truck starting to shake and bounce and it seemed like it was gaining and losing power fast and it was at 1000 rpms in park. we decided we better hurry and get it to the dealer. i got going down the road and it would not go over 15 mph and the service enging light came on and was blinking like crazy then the car felt like it jumped and went up to 30 mph then it lost it and went back down to 15mph. by the time we got it to the dealer it would barely move. now there mechanic and 2 others have looked at it and none of them what so ever can figure out what in the heck is wrong with it!!! and the dealer wont give us our money back or trade us for a diff car the only thing hes willing to do is let his mechanic fix it but WE have to pay for the parts and he just wont charge us labor???? and its been two days and all they keep telling us is there mechanic is "baffled" and "puzzled" and has pretty much no idea what is going on, Can anbody help me at all???
  • denhamdenham Posts: 76
    First you need be very nice to the dealer you made the purchase from in hope he will
    try and work with you. The dealer sold the car as used and you before making the purchase should have done more in checking this car our, and this you did not do.
    You were wrong in having repairs done, and going back to the dealer who sold you the car later for problems. This dealer may have made little money on this deal, and will not take a loss in make your repairs, so be nice and hope he will help or work with you.
  • We've had our 2004 Navi for about a year. Our driveway is on an incline and on about 3 occasions the vehicle has rolled backwards after we have parked it and gone into the house. Ford service advisor cannot duplicate. A search of Ford/Lincoln tech service bulletins reveals nothing useful. Anyone have any words of wisdom about such a problem?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Was your parking brake engaged?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Well this is the first car we ever bought and were young so we didnt too much know about going tand having a mechanic check things out first and all . And they have been trying to help us out but no one knows whats wrong with they even took it to the lincoln dealership for us and its still just sitting up there because they cant figure out why its doing what its doing. and as for us getting it fixed. we wwent out of town the day after we had got it and left it at my mother in laws and she thought since that was all that was worng with that shed go ahead and just put in in the shop and itd be fixed for us when we got home. but that wasnt the case it just all went down hill from there. and i think weve been extrememly nice to them considering i have over $8000 piece of crap that i got to drive once before it broke down. and they had the nerve to tel us before they decided to try and fix it that what we spent wasnt even alot of money , were 21 years old and that is a whole lot of money to us!
  • Just had the same thing happen two days in a row. I parked my navigator in my driveway on an incline and a minute after I got out it started rolling downhill. Both times I parked the car as I have been doing for the last four years, turned off the ignition and got out. A few moments later the car started rolling downhill. I took it into the dealer and he said that he could not replicate the problem therefore there was nothing he could do. The first day this happened the emergency break was on, the second day it happened it was not on.

    Clearly this is very unsafe, I am afraid to park my navigator on any type of hill for fear that someone will get hurt. The first time this happened son was still in the car! Has anybody else ever seen anything like this? If so how was it resolved?

    Many thanks.
  • I have a similar problem. Did you ever get an answer to your question? Has the bolt-tightening stopped the leak?
  • jwallyjwally Posts: 71
    WIPERS STAY ON, turned them to the longest delay setting. All functions of wiper work but when control is off they still stay on,anyone know why? If I line up control between off position and longest delay position(but have to hold at that position) it will stay off.
  • jwallyjwally Posts: 71
    WORDS of wisdom, I will never buy a Ford/LinCON again. No wonder Fords in trouble. All my invoices have "cannot duplicate".
  • My wifes navigator just died on her when she went to the store . when i got there i noticed that where the mileage is it reads a series of dashes well i tried starting it and it seems like it was out of gas but i know it had a half a tank so got it towed home and tried starting it the next morning and it started no problems. Well i changed the fuel filter to be sure and took it for a test ride and got a mile from home and it died on me well after letting sit a few minutes it started and i drove home but noticed the theft light flashing got home and tried starting again and its hit or miss i know when it will start because the mileage will show any ideas will be greatly appreciated
  • jwallyjwally Posts: 71
    Possibly Alternator or GEM modular, I had similar problems last year and both replaced. Alternator is cheaper and easier would try that first.
  • jayinakjayinak Posts: 1
    Engine Performance problem
    1998 Lincoln Navigator V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic

    My truck hesitates and stumbles when pushing on the gas. And the transmission has a hard time picking gears because of it. I pulled the codes and I have 3DTCs. P0175. P0171.P0174. It shows lean in bank one and two and also too rich in the system but I dont know what the problem is. I also have the freeze frame data on the P0175.
    Fuel Sys 1 closed loop, fuel sys 2 NA, Calc Load 48.24, ECT 97,
    STFT B1 3.13, LTFT B1 -5.47, STFT B2 2.34, LTFT B2-10.94, engine rpm@1048, vehicle speed@19mph ..well thats about all ive got. hope ya can suggest a problable cause thanx.
  • jwallyjwally Posts: 71
    i HAD A SIMILAR PROBLEM, fix was a new coil over spark plug pack#4 and on another incident it was the transmission in my 01 nav POS FORD product
  • navialinaviali Posts: 1
    Did you ever find an answer to your question??? Thanks..
  • I know it has been a while but I was wondering if you ever got the grinding noise fixed in your navigator?
  • jim1231jim1231 Posts: 1
    i have a 99 lincoln navigator that starts to shake at 35-40 mph. i recently in the past 3 months replaced both 02 sensors on exhaust. also fixed a vacuum leak that was on top of the manifold. when scanned says h02 s12 sensor is running rich. where is this sensor located? if replaced will this fix my problem or is there something else wrong. like a vacuum leak somewhere else.
  • davedtt63davedtt63 Posts: 1
    I was thinking of buying a Navigator and was hoping that I could get some insight from owners on the vehicle's reliability and whether or not the Ford Premium Care warranty was a good idea for this model year or any other words of wisdom? :confuse:
  • What did you ever find of this issue?

    I just bought a pre-owned 04 Navigator 3 months outside of the 4 year warranty with only 43k miles. I hear that same noise and wasn't concerned until i began reading some of these forums. What you describe sounds exactly like what I'm hearing?
  • polo4polo4 Posts: 7
    I found the buzz coming from the starter relay, located on passenger side fuse panel. I found my relay to have burnt marks on center pin and some melting of plastic around it. If I would wiggle it buzzing would stop and car would start.

    I replaced it 2 months ago and I am getting the same buzzing (stuck) sound again. It lasts only a few moments so far and goes away and tlets the car start.

    I need to find the cause of the relay overheating now.
  • cissicissi Posts: 9
    I know there is a while since you asked about the seat. I have the same problem with mine now. Did you get a solution on it. Was it the motor to the seat ? Or some programing ?
    I hope for answer
    Kind regards
    Cecilie Jansson
  • cissicissi Posts: 9
    Hi :confuse:
    I hope there is someone who knows the answer to this. My seat in front want move, the passenger seat is moving. I can move it back and up and down , but cant get it forward or backward.
    Is it the motor or is it a programming thing. My husband used the car when he should show it to the controll we have in Sweden on cars every year. And after that it didnt function anymore.
    Maybe this controll man has touched something ? I dont hope its the motor to it, since that is maybe expencive to change ?
    It only click when I try , it doesnt start and try to move or anything.
    I live in sweden and there is not much help to get, and try to ask Ford is not worth the bother since they never answer anyway. And because of the bad service of Ford I will never own a Ford again, even if the navigator is the best car I have owned I must sell it and get some car its easy to get help with. Ford cant be very afraid of the financial crise since they treat their customers like this. Its good we have this forum. Where I have got help before also :)
  • I have a 01 Lincoln navagitor that has 22 inch rims on it, the steering wheel and the entire car shakes awful around 50 mph, took it to a mechanic he said tires need to be balanced. got that done, lasted a week then started shaken even worse. Then the machanic said i need new lower ball joints and tie rods. anyone really know what it is?
  • denhamdenham Posts: 76
    The problem is that you have installed after market wheels and tires that may look nice but after market or not approved by the car company. Keep these wheels on and continue use and you will soon need tie rods and ball joints as well, as this shaking is wearing out the steering system. Grow up and put the OE wheels back on!
  • navo2navo2 Posts: 1
    can anyone tell me if there is a fuse panel in the 02 Navigator for things like the DVD player, subwoofer, amps in the rear??
  • so i bought the wheels on the truck so i didn't put them on and if i had the original wheels on i would have put them on a long time ago. I got on her asking for help i didn't need you to tell me to grow up, and as a matter of fact i replaced the tie rods and guess what no shaking you [non-permissible content removed].I didn't know you get on this website an ppl ask for help and there's jerks like you on here or I would of never signed up. :mad:
  • I have a 01 and mine was shaking and i replaced the tie rods and so far so good. so you might want to get them looked at, I also was told to replace the lower ball joints so thats what I'm in the process of doing now.My steering is really loose as well and causes alot of un neccessary shaking so I have to get my steering box tightened... Hope this helps :)
  • I have a 2006 Nav with just over 50k miles. For some reason the 6 disc changer has begun to malfunction. It will not accept CD's sometimes. It gives a message of "load error" when I try to load a CD. I tried brand new CDs so i know it is not the dics itself that is bad. Also, when I do get CDs the eject function sometimes does not work. When I hit eject, the Cd never comes out but the display indicates that the slot is empty. These issues usually reset themselves after a while but are very very aggravating. Anybody else had these issues? I am thinking that the dealer will repair under warranty but I was wondering if there was any quick fix for this besides taking in to the dealer.
  • Marissa, did you have a road force balance done? Shops like NTB or most gas station auto shops won't have the machine to do it, so try a performance shop. Specifically you are looking for a place with a Hunter Road Force Balancing Machine. This is different than a regular balance in that the wheels are balanced while they are on the car. That should take care of the shaking at higher speeds. As far as the lower ball joints, my 2000 Expedition went through them every 25K or so, I also had 22 inch rims, but it was not due to the rims at all, just a design issue by Ford. Not sure on the tie rod ends, in both cases I would get a second opinion before having them replaced. Good Luck
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