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Lincoln Navigator Maintenance and Repair



  • I have an 02 nav. that I purchased used in Dec 07. Since July 08 it has literally been in the shop every other month. I am so fustrated. I love my navigator until it acts up again. It is always the heater cooler that makes my navigator smell like fish, or the radiator. I just don't know if its the mechanics that don't know what they are doing or if i just bought a lemon. But I am tired of going to the shop everyother month. My extended warranty expires in Dec. 09. Any suggestions or is anyone else having problems with their 02 navigator like me?
  • I pulled the gear shift lever up to clean the leather boot and now it will not go down and will not shift out of park
  • It sounds like your shift knob came loose. The spring that works with the big chrome button on the knob has probably come out. You are going to have to dismantle part of your console to put it back together. You start by pulling the one plug on the backside of the window switch housing inside the storage bin and just under the console storage bin lid. After pulling that single plastic plug the switch housing pops off. Just grab it and pull up. Now you will see two screws that hold on the cup holder housing. Remove those and pull out the cup holder housing. Now you should be able to see the shifter mount. Pull the leather down away from the chrome ring below the shift knob. Pull the chrome ring down and you will see a screw or where the screw is supposed to be. It is probably gone but needs to be found or replaced. There is a small wire attached to knob and under knob is a spring that sits in the middle of the shifter shaft. There is a white plastic clip stuck up on the underside of the knob that needs to be pulled out with a little screw driver of something to get the silver plastic cap off the top of the knob. Put the spring back in place, it sets on top of the plastic shaft point up to the roof, so button works and reassemble. Make sure little wire running down the side of the shaft is still plugged in before you close it all back up.
  • The fish smell is debris that has collected from your vent intake and is decaying down inside. Do a search for Ford truck enthusiasts to ask for advice on how to clean it out. You can do most of the work yourself on these Navi's with a little advice. Good luck!
  • i have a similar problem the back of my 00 navagotor has droped i took it to a machanic and was told that it needed a new compressor i replaced it at 500.00 dollars and still the problem is there i wish i can fix the problem soon i need it for many things and soon school will start and I have to take my children to school
    please help me thank you
  • i have a similar problem the back of my 00 navagotor has droped i took it to a machanic and was told that it needed a new compressor i replaced it at 500.00 dollars and still the problem is there i wish i can fix the problem soon i need it for many things and soon school will start and I have to take my children to school
    please help me thank you
    if you can please e-mail me with some kind of solution at
    thank you.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    if you can please e-mail me...

    We prefer to keep the discussion here so everyone can benefit. :)

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  • Thanks I'll try that out. I already replaced the tie rods and it stopped the shaking for a month and here the past week it's starting to shake again not as bad but its doing it.I also have heard a popping noise when i turn either way, could that be my ball joints?..I'll have to find someone in louisville to have a Hunter Road Force machince.Thanks for your help! :)
  • denhamdenham Posts: 76
    The problem you have may well be the Door Relay Switch just forward and inside that controls the compressor that sticks open when the door opens and when closed does not close the circuit to the compressor. This relay is a bit difficult to get at and start with the driver door, remove the panel forward of the door and once there use WD40 and make sure the Relay Switch is free and working.
  • denhamdenham Posts: 76
    After a number of years the door Relay Switch inside and forward of the door sticks from dust and fails to close the circuit to the compressor after the door is closed.
  • kbryankbryan Posts: 1
    it takes up to 5 to 10 seconds to start when cold. After initial startup it will start again instantly. Let it set 10 minutes and it takes a long time to start again. checked fuel pressure and its running about 30 psi. Any body got an idea what it could be?
  • jwallyjwally Posts: 71
    "Any suggestions or is anyone else having problems with their 02 navigator like me? "
    YEAH SELL IT! I have an 2001 with 78,000 miles. I guess I have a Lemon also. been through TWO trannys,one at around 30,000 miles and the next around 55,000 miles. first tranny done at Lincoln and was lied to that it would be covered for another 3years/36,000 miles well when second went they refused but I guess thats why that Lincoln dealer is closed down. This vehicle is driven 95% by my wife and not rough either. Also been through computers(GEM Modular), Air shocks a few times and relays, coils,alternators,fogs lights,running board,wiper switch,fuses, radio, shifter, alignments,stabilizer links and other front end parts,rotors,air compressor,leaky wiper hose on passeneger door that dealer taped to fix and bleed all over my light gray carpet.etc,etc. terrible non existence support from Ford.
    I also had smells like a moldy smell. Fix for me several times was to spray Lysol in air ducts near hood wipers area. There is a TSB on Flakes from the vents not sure if yours is related.
    ITS A DRIVEWAY LAWN ORNAMENT, IT SPENDS MORE DOWN TIME BROKEN THEN ON THE ROAD.But I guess I shouldn't expect so much for one of Fords top of the line most expensive vehicle at $55,000(sarcastic)?
    good luck you'll need it with Found On Road Dead(FORD),Fixed Or Repaired Daily(FORD).I will be looking to sell my POS ASAP
  • jwallyjwally Posts: 71
    In NY(my location) Security guards,hair cutters,etc have to be licensed by New York State but mechanics who have many lives at risk don't. Makes no sense to me.
    Anyway your fix is most likely a air compressor relay located on my 2001 under the front right side(passenger side)front bumper near horn. Parts about $50-95. My mechanic said it was the compressor also(i guess so they can rip you off on the part price and labor, after research online at other sites I found it was relay.Good luck
  • jwallyjwally Posts: 71
    might be a coil pack, I had a similar problem. I think its common for the number 4 coil pack.
    As far as the seller,file complaints with Department of Motor vehicles, State Attorney Generals office, Consumer affairs,Better Business Bureau, Federal trade Commission,etc. Most entitys have lazy useless emptysuits employees(especially the official ones) but maybe you'll get lucky and find one who can look in the mirror and say they earned a days pay, and help you
  • jwallyjwally Posts: 71
    WIPERS STAY ON, turned them to the longest delay setting. All functions of wiper work but when control is off they still stay on,anyone know why? If I line up control between off position and longest delay position(but have to hold at that position) it will stay off"

    After the Ford Dealers trail and error who first replaced the wiper switch and then I told them from what I read on other sites it was the switch.
    The fix to my above problem was the wiper switch(stork on steering column) hope this helps someone.
    I WILL NEVER BUY A FORD AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I got a '99 Lincoln Navigator. I have been having problems with the starter for a couple weeks now, but just recently, within the past week, I have had the problem of the truck shaking when I get up between 40 and 55 mph. Any idea what it might be?
  • denhamdenham Posts: 76
    In my shop I have had a number of ride problems with after market wheels and tires.
    Check your tire condition and provide more information if that is not the problem?
  • ss1ss1 Posts: 3
    Where do you access the climate control seat filter? I have never changed this at 60K miles. The seats do not work as effectively as they once did. Can I do this or is this difficult to access that I will have to pay the dealer a ridiculous amount of money to change it.

  • The driver seat in my 2005 navi has had issues with the forward/backward modes. The lumbar,up/down, and tilt of the back portion of the seat all work great.....the only mode that works off and on is the forward and back portion. When you use the button on the side of the seat you hear a click like the motor wants to move but does nothing. Then all of a sudden it works for a couple weeks then fails for 3 weeks. The dealer first said the track was dirty, then when it failed again he said the motor needed to be replaced....which was apparently done under warranty. It still doesnt work but now the warranty has expired. I have checked the fuses and they are all intact. This is the only feature onthe power seat not working.....any ideas? thanks!
  • Battery is constantly dying. Then the clicking relay sound in passenger compartment. Then the door lock/unlock phenomenon. The driver side door switch (for interior lighting) seems to set it all off (at least the door unlock/lock part). Where is the door switch? Additionally, are there ground wire issues to be made aware of?
  • Hello, new member here. yesterday turned on the heater and the heater was blowing only cold air. can someone direct me to how to solve this issue? any advice is appreciated.

  • HI I am doing some maintainence on my 2001 Nav 4 wd and when ordering parts it asks what model I have Vin R or Vin A. Does this simply mean if the vun # has an A or R this tells me what part number to order? Also, what are the difference between these to models.

    Appreciate the help, Thanks.
  • I have the same problem and the dealer replaced the module, they say that is the one giving me the problem. I have the problem on and off for a year. cost over $2000.00 . they were able to adjust my payment to around $750
  • I was driving down the rode with no heat on and all i smelled is anti freeze went home checked under the hood and didnt see anything checked my floor boards incase it was the heater core leaking but they were dry my temp guage stayed the same.. A hour later i see the anti freeze rolling down my driveway...anyone has any idea what it could be???????????
  • Have u turned the heat on yet? My sister has a 98' Navigator & her heater core is dead. She lives in Georgia, so little if any severer weather. I have a 01 Navigator here in Northern Illinois. I have other issues, but not the heater core as of today. You will have to isolate the leak location for a good answer from us hacks in this forum. Only certain areas contain coolant. (engine block water jacket, radiator, heater core, & associated hoses and piping)
  • we have a 98 with a similar problem. Heat in the back but not the front. Our mechanic has told us it is probably the switch for the doors with the front heater. They way I understand it, there's a switch that tells the door to go from the cold air to the warm air and navigators have lots of problems with this particular switch. we are having our switch checked tomorrow, to find out if this is the problem. He checked the hoses and they are hot so that's what makes him believe that its the switch for the door. I or my husband are not that mechanically inclined, but this guy really explains lots of stuff to us and he has earned our trust. We let you know how everything works out. He is doing the work at our house, so it's probably going to take a couple of days, he's working in between his work on his regular job.
  • so they heater core can be dead and the anti freeze not leak inside the truck?I tried the heat and no heat comes out only cold air..I'm taking it today to get someone to find the leak my dad couldnt find it anywhere. Any ideas where it could be coming from?
  • Yes, the heater core can be damaged and the coolant not leak inside the truck. I am sure you have already been told this by your mechanic, but I wanted to respond since you asked. In case you don't want to spend the {large loot} to repair the unit, which I fear is the remedy, you may be able to get a portable heating unit to warm the vehicle for the winter months. {J.C. Whitney, Autozone Pep Boys, Advance Auto Parts, Internet vendors, etc}
  • Man i must say these suv's are a piece of S.... but i have to spend the money. Here's my problem, the wife try to start but only get a click. I change the starter but still only a click. I try to start by jumping the starter but still nothing. Can you tell me or give me some help full tip PLEASE. I really need some help.
    Thank You So Much.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Don't take this the wrong way, but is it possible you're out of gas? Also, do any of the dash lights come on when you're trying to start your Navigator?

    tidester, host
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