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Lincoln Navigator Maintenance and Repair



  • denhamdenham Posts: 76
    Your problem from what I read is low voltage. Check your battery and cable ends and make sure you have good voltage, if not you will only get a click. Most often it is the most simple thing that goes over looked.
  • thanx for the reply....but ist not a gas problem the truck would even start or tumble, but all the lights come on the dash......still trying.
    thanx for the infor.
  • thanx for respond.....when i had replace the starter i had replace the Negative cable as well. The positive cable seems fine and i had check the voltage again and i got a reading of 11.90V, do u think that's too low ???? what had happened the wife went out to start the truck in the morning and just got a click. I found the poles very corrosive, clean them up and nothing still, another mechanic said the starter, so i replace it, still nothing : ) . I would try to put a booster on and change the positive cable and see if possible. but thanks a lot for the help.
  • denhamdenham Posts: 76
    You should have 12.5v with a good battery. Note: For general information, a weak
    battery hurts gas mileage as the charging system works over time and will wear out the stater as it will get hot as it does not have proper voltage. A click when you turn the key is a sign of low voltage and I now wonder if your starter was indeed bad?
  • Well I boost the battery but still nothing and i did check the old starter and that's good as well. Don"t know what else to do on my own and i know for a fact the dealer is going to charge a hell of a lot.
    Thanks for the help.
  • denhamdenham Posts: 76
    I would recheck the battery cable ends at the battery and insure the battery and all is well there before seeing a dealer. A cable can look ok, but yet fool; you!
  • It can only be a couple of things. Battery, starter, battery cables or a seized motor that wont turn. Are you getting power inside the car. I noticed you tried to boost the Navi. Did it click when you turned the key. Sometime a battery can be so dead it wont take a jump. My money is on the battery or cable.
    Let me know. It sucks to take your care to the dealer because after that you have to fix your wallet.
  • I have a 2000 navi with all wheel drive, 4 low and 4 high. I dont use it very much but I tried it the other day in 4 high and when I put it back in all wheel drive it took about a mile down the road before it disengaged. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  • I too have had this happen and it was in a drive way with just a bit of and clearly there is something not right with this. I have always had to put on the emergency brake. Running boards is another issue..they started making a loud clicking sound apparently drivers side has slipped off....come on and expensive vehical as this..?? Need answers. Had brakes replaced a couple of months ago and now the steering began tight and jerky..but have to wait till Monday to take it in and have it looked at. I could have done better purchasing a mini van. I would like answers to my questions though. thanx
  • I am currently driving an SUV that I absolutely love for safety reasons to transport my children back and forth for school and many other excursions. But due to rising gas prices, but mainly the repair costs of this vehical I am considering to replace this with a mini van. So many features we absolutely love about this vehical but already serveral repairs too many from the beginning of purchase and they just keep comming. Many of these repairs are guessing games as for some reason signs and symptoms are usually unclear.
  • :lemon: ?
    I am interested in purchasing a 2007 Navigator. A dealership has presented me with and outwardly appealing vehicle. However, when I reviewed the CARFAX report it only reflected maintenance for JUN09 (26 months after purchase). There was no mileage on the report. The vehicle now has 28K miles. So I am lead to assume that it likely had 20K + before it even saw a garage. A recall for door handles doesn’t seem to have been addressed. This was a leased vehicle so I tend to believe that the person figured it would not be his problem so why invest the money. The dealership - which is not fly by night, says that they are performing their 154 point inspection to resell as a "certified pre-owned" vehicle. It is my understanding that the owner was a professional Male in his early 40s living in the state of PA.

    I have 3 questions:
    1. Is it likely that it went 26 months before service?
    2. How harmful to the engine will that be?
    3. Will the Dealership be able to certify this vehicle without verification that the scheduled maintenance had been performed?

    Actually, I have 4 questions, Should I RUN away from this vehicle?

    Thank you
  • denhamdenham Posts: 76
    Your CarFax only list reports received from insurance, change of owner and most often service from dealerships. You can run a report on my cars and find nothing, as I have
    no accident and get my cars service local. Have you checked the glove box for any
    records, or best yet find the prior owner and talk with him if any doubts.
  • I have a 2001 lincln navigator it is leaking coolant from the back side of the engine above the starter .The rear heater lines are not leaking the heat works when the radiator is full.It does not leak when engine is running.But drains radiator when you cut it off.I really need imput on this.
  • Help, I have a 2006 Nav. Ultimate just turned 40k today is certified by Lincoln. We have owned this SUV for 4 months and it’s getting on my nerves! First time was a few days after getting it pulling out onto a road going up hill. Stalled! Btw very steep hill with a lake maybe 150 feet below! My Wife or Son would of gone backwards into the lake NO JOKE! By chance I hit the break and grabbed for the door handle… The breaks held but…. Took it to dealer, answer running in speck…. Nav has always run rough and stalls @ stop lights, driving @ 20 -40 mph(hum) It has been into dealer 6 - 7 times for this! Dealer tells me “it’s running in speck”. Transmit ion will up shift down shift @ 30 - 50 mph. not like we would think. It’s not “slipping into and out of OD based on load or road grade. Very different. It will act like there is not enough transmit ion fluid when going into drive or reverse. Than suddenly drop into gear. The engine will run up with the accelerator as if it’s in neutral but with a grinding sound, not good. Dealer tells me it’s within spec. Um right. In and out of dealer 5 - 6 times for this. Now the air ride is not working. Front is low over the tires looks as if the top of the tires are leaning inward. This truck feels like “dating the prettiest girl in school” to much like work. Could it be the dealer? Any suggestion for dealers I am south of Boston by Cape Cod, Willing to travel to get it fixed. We had 2 Expeditions both cranked up 140,000K plus no issues other than normal things. (Maybe ball joints tie rods earlier than I would of thought but still 80,000K plus.)
  • Any luck on the repair?
    My wife drives a 2002 Navi and is having the same issue (heat not working in the front but working in the back). I do feel some heat coming from the front althrough not much. There is no evidence of a coolant leak although I do need a flush and fill.

    Anyone have an idea of the cost to check/replace the switch mentioned above?
  • I need to replace sway bar link for front on my Navigator 2000. Can you please share procedure. Is there any special tool required to instal the new sway bar link. Do I need to raise Navigator to insert the link. I will appreciate response please

  • 1. we replaced the struts on the front because of a whistling sound, we were told there was a leak in the bags by the dealer. We found a really great mechanic shop that saved us about 1,000. OK, that stopped the whistling. The compressor was already coming on frequently, and continued after replacing the struts. The truck does rise on the front as much as we can tell, the back doesn't seem to have any problems. It's not lower than the front, it just seems to stay in one position, only the front rises.

    2. The heater in the rear works OK. It takes the truck a long time to get warm and seems to get better as we drive. But the heater in the front comes on, but only cold air comes out. NO HOT OR EVEN WARM AIR. We have been told it would cost about $600 to remove the dash and check a door that switches the air from cold to hot (or something like that) We don't have an additional $600 to fix, so we decided to just use the back heater.

    My questions are:
    1. Does it sound like the compressor is going bad and if so, can we replace ourselves?

    2. Can we replace the dash ourselves. I am willing, I am more mechanically inclined than my husband. He'd rather wait til we get the money and and pay someone else to do it. HELP!
  • we also had to replace sway bars when we replaced struts on our 98 navigator. we paid a mechanic $100 to replace them. the parts only cost about $20. sorry i can't tell you if you need a special tool or not. the dealer was going to charge us about $200 to replace
  • denhamdenham Posts: 76
    The door switch most often (driver side) sticks and when closed does not make contact and compressor will not come on and rear will not rise. The switch for the compressor is forward of the door and inside the panel and a bit difficult to get at but
    dust and dirt after a few years it starts sticking and makes the compressor not come on and lift. I have a shop and have had a number of these problems.
  • Ok heres what happened... I went to a shady hole in the wall to get a quick oil change. 700 miles later the oil was gone. I didnt realize it and drove it with no oil. The truck shut down while on the freeway. I put 3 quarts of oil in it and waited 10 minutes before starting. Once I started it up I drove it about a mile and a half and parked it at a friends house. The truck starts right up and runs smooth but theres a clanging noise coming from the engine. Not sure if I spun a bearing or what. Any ideas? Thanks!

    1999 Lincoln Navigator
  • denhamdenham Posts: 76
    Did your oil light not come on, if not it should have? The oil you put in went into the oil pan and only after you started the engine the oil pump picked up the oil for the rod bearings and main bearings ( your 10 minute wait did nothing more than cool the engine). I would get the noise you have checked out, first check the oil pressure and if in doubt remove the oil pan ( a spun bearing is bad news and less hope not).
  • i have the same problem with mine but on mine the center white wire broke so now my knob doesnt go into gear and i have no idea on how to replace it or how much the part is going to cost, mine is an 04, if u have any idea on how to replace it please let me know, thank you
  • Hi I am wondering if you wound up buying or not?? I am also ready to put a deposit down on an 07 Navi ultimate with 40k miles....few services recorded.....just wondering how you like it so far? Thanks.

  • I also have an 2002 Navi and it was doing the exact same thing. My extended warranty ran out and I was freezing and couldn't afford to take it to the local Lincoln dealer. Plus they told me the year before it was something else i can't remember, and wanted like 350$ for the part. Well a week later I took it in for another problem and when I got it back my heater was working. I think they just didn't plug something back in. Take it in to the dealer if you have the warranty or have another mechanic take a look. A fresh pair of eyes couldn't hurt. My mechanics at my local dealership just don't care. I'm in there everyother month or so for one thing or another. I say your best bet if you can afford it is get another car asap. I love my lincoln but it is a thorn in my side if it isn't one thing messing up its another. If i new then when i bought my Navi what I know now I wouldn't have bought it. But i have no choice I am a full time college student and can't afford to trade in my navigator for something else for a while. so I'm stuck. Good luck with your navigator.
  • Drive line vibration most noticable between 50 & 60 mph.
    Wheels balanced on road load simulator, drive shaft re-indexed.
    Vibration still the same. Has been with us since new vehicle delivered.
  • Im having two problems with my navigator, the front head lights keeps going out i have replaced the fuses twice dont know what that is and also when im driving and it gets to about 40 mph the truck would start shaking, sometimes it does it so hard it feels as though something going to fall down. Please help! Dont trust to many mechanics have been told different things........ :confuse: :confuse: :confuse:
  • denhamdenham Posts: 76
    I am in the Tire and Alignment business and the problem you may have is a bad tire
    or loose lug nuts.
    I have people put on after market wheels with the wrong off set and low profile tires making for this shaking problem and after time they must replace tie rod ends and get correct tires and wheels.
    Let me know what and when you find your problem!
  • Do not PURCHASE Lincoln Navigator replacement suspension products from STRUTMASTERS UNLESS you want your once nice kick [non-permissible content removed] looking ride to look like a four wheel drive Hummer!

    No longer will your ride sit fat on 22’s and catch that look you paid for when buying the Navi…noooooo, now you get to look like a “ratard”.

    I purchased the coil over struts to replace my failing air ride system, and NOWHERE on STRUTMASTERS website OR accompanying instructions is it mentioned that your ride will ride SOOOOO high. (Gee, I wonder why? Perhaps because if potential purchasers knew this, we would consider something else? Or make us sign a waiver that the ride height would be forever altered?)

    When the vehicle was at the Lincoln dealer for service after installation of the STRUTMASTER product, the service manager approached me as I was paying my bill and asked if I wanted them to investigate why the vehicle height was so askew.

    (What does THAT tell you.)

    Anyway, the final answer from the company salesperson who sold them to me after months of asking for a refund or re-engineered product? He assured me that I was the ONLY person complaining as they had installed hundreds of systems on many navigators for numerous Lincoln dealers…and yet would not provide any contact information so I could inquire as to the satisfaction or measurements of such installs. “I wish you well.” I wish you well? That’s it?

    Bottom line? Buy STRUTMASTER products AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    If you want to see before and afters, drop me an email.
  • chris229chris229 Posts: 1
    i have a 2001 lincoln navigator and today when i went to church and got ready to shut it off, my gearshift was really loose, would just go back and forth, so i shut it off and when i went back to go home, it was completely dead, had a friend look at it and he said he thought it was the "nuetral chain cable" don't know what to do, any ideas?
  • I just picked up monroe air shocks for my Navigator
    was wondering if anyone knows how to disconnect and reconnect the air line
    going into the shock ? I have turned off the air suspension switch.
    Thank you .
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