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Lincoln Town Car Maintenance & Repair



  • izaclown1izaclown1 Posts: 118
    My 2000 did something similar, but would would start in neutral. The brake engagement switch went bad. Sorry,I cannot help you out.
  • I think I know your problem fix. It is called a rain hat. It is on the passengers side. You have to remove the plastic section under the windshield wiper. Now you can access the oval plastic piece. I don't remember but there are just a few screws that hold it down. There is a foam gasket between the piece and the cowl that deterioriates and you have to scrape it off realy clean on both the rain hat and if there is any on the metal of the cowl. After cleaning it you need to put a 1/4" bead of silicone on the rain hat ( it doesn't hurt to be generous applying it) and the install the plastic rain hat. Try and keep it dry for 24 hours and your leak will be fixed. That is a very common problem and this should fix your problem
  • The turn signals and 4 way flashers stopped working on my 97 Towncar. I replaced the light control module, but the problem is still there. Any suggestions?
  • jayg2jayg2 Posts: 10

    Thanks for your responses.

    Checked out the vacuum motor under the dash. The lever moves for each setting. Defroster still blows cold air. Is there any other thing I can look for?

    Condinuity and vacuum check out on the thermal blower lockout switch.

  • gdt001gdt001 Posts: 10
    The latch on my (drivers)seatbelt broke. Anyone know where I can pick up a new or used drivers seatbelt buckle and belt. Just the short part that goes into the seat and is held in place with a nut. I checked with the dealer and they want $104. for a new one.
  • As we all know the trunks on Lincolns close by themselves once you presented it to the latch, here is where my problem lies. I dont know if it could be a fuse that went bad or if the little motor that closes the trunk broke, because my trunk stays ajar. I try to close it but it just clicks on to the latch and stays there without going down by itself. Can someone help me with this please., i need to fix it asap. :cry:
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    This happened to our 94 and my son took a wire and made a connection between two places on the pull down motor. When we got the latch down in the right spot, we let it be and now I just shut the trunk like you do on other Fords, but the automatic release still works.
  • I know my car really well. Most of the problems have been posted by others in the forum over the year but I have an electrical problem that I can't shake. I was thinking of getting my car rewired but this is a cry for help or suggestions to save money. I have a 20 amp fuse under the stirring column that blows after about a few days of installing. I works my power seat(most switches) and my interior lights. I can turn my lights on with the car switched on by pressing the front and rear fixtures but the headlight switch and opening the doors won't activate the interior lights when the fuse is blown. The cigar lighters also works by that fuse. Is there anywhere else that I can check to see what's causing the fuse to blow. :confuse:
  • jayg2jayg2 Posts: 10
    I am having problems with the automatic temperature control in my 1988 town car. Does anyone know if there is a troubleshooting guide or shop manual that covers heating & airconditioning?

  • sulysuly Posts: 1

  • Open your trunk, look on the driver's side wall and turn the switch for the air bags back on. When they put the car on a lift they always turn the switch off, they forgot to turn it back on after they were done.
  • I just escaped from a very bad situation tonight. Driving home from work just before dark in my 93 TC and all of a sudden I lose all power and the engine dies 10 miles from home. I pull into a subdivision with an upward incline and park it before it starts rolling backwards. I've had the car for about five yrs and I suspected it was the same problem which occured about a yr after I first bought it. The fuel pump. It's electric as you may know. At that time a mechanic replaced it and I still got stuck and he said it was a ground problem.

    Anyway it got fixed at that time and hasn't given me any trouble until tonight. So here I am stuck. I call a friend but I don't have the money to get it fixed. I'm screwed I think. I can't even leave it in the subdivision because they will tow all cars not parked in a driveway or garage. It doesn't look good. I try starting it. Nothing. Check the ground connection at the battery. Solid.

    Then, out the blue the guy that lives in front of where I parked asked me what's going on and I tell him it's the fuel pump. He says let me see if I can help you. He comes out with a hammer gets under the vehicle and starts banging on the gas tank while I'm trying to start it.

    BINGO. It starts!!!! I'm mobile again. This guy saved my shorts tonight and I will repay him some way. Evidently these pumps can stick.

    Now my question is. What's the life expectancy of the fuel pump? And how do you replace it?
  • i bought a tc 2003 , is it recommended to do a computer check for all sensors in my car
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    To reset some computers, all you have to do is cancel their power source by disconnecting the Negative terminal of the battery for an hour. Reconnect & go.
  • thanks for your reply , but it seems that u didnot understand my question
    i meant to check all my car sensors that are working properly through computer checking at some car electrician shops

    there is another thing that i need your help for kids keeps playing with the driver`s door keyless entry numbers ...can any one tell me how to remove the driver`s door panel so i can disconnect the wires leading to this numbers
  • This car is hanging in park.
  • That must be a pretty big tree that it is hanging from.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Your question was understood and my reply still stands.

    Don't disconnect the keyless entry numbers, discipline the kids. I've even taught my grandgirls to keep their fingers off the windows and other parts.
  • my trunk on my 93 wont close all the way is there any way to bypass the power motor which pulls the deck lid tight. any help ? . thank you.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Good News: There is a way using a wire.

    Bad News: My son did the trick four years ago on our '94 and I forgot how he did it.

    He got the power pull down catch to a position where when you close the deck lid, it is tight and secure. He used a wire to make a connection, but I don't remember where he connected the wire.
  • I have a 93 TC the trunk motor just started to not go up all the way to catch the trunk lid. I cleaned the butterfly switch and it works fine. You may need to replace the motor assembly to save yourself headaches. Dealer or junkyard may have them easy to do.
  • I have a problem with finding out the rearl caliper bolt size on my 1995 TC. It looks like a Allen wrench buth the stand sizes do not there a special size needed to remove the bolts......thanks for any assistance.
  • Where is and how do you replace nthe BOO (brake on/off) switch?
  • it is located on the brake pedal about half way up. unplug the old one and remove should be held by a small clip. then plug in your new one and secure. easy fix.
  • Headlights on high beam will flash off and on after about 10 minutes of driving. Spent over $400 trying to locate problem. Clicking noise (like relay) in center of dash. Replaced dimmer switch and light switch. Any ideas ?? Wiring diagram would be helpful.

  • I have a 93 TC I invested in the repair manual CD that I ordered from someone in Florida. Sorry I don't have the contact info- it was yrs ago - very helpfull has every thing on it. Check Yahoo for repair manuals on cd for your yr.
  • It was suggest to me by an ACE tech. to leave this device off if unplugging it fixed the problem of locked in park and no brake lights. Any comment?
  • I had the same problem. It was the wires burned on the brake switch which is mounted on the brake pedal arm under the dash. I cut off the factory plug, installed normal spade lugs on - above the burned wires - put the wires back on the switch and fixed the problem myself. There is a factory recall for this problem if you want to face the dealer and the problems that creates.

    If you need to drive the car you can step on the brake, pull down on the shift lever while turning the key to start. If you do all this at the same time, pulling the shift lever into the neutral position it will come out of park and the engine will start and you can drive the car to a repair shop.
  • There is a curcit breaker on the headlights that self resets. It's in the fuse box under the hood. Your owners manual should list which one it is. It is usually a large black box sort of like a bigger than normal oversize fuse that just plugs in. Sometimes they are square and look like a relay. It most likley has gone bad and is flipping off from heat when the lights are on for 10 minutes. Get a new one, or another one from a wrecking yard. Easy fix ... usually.
  • I have a 2003 town car with a vinyl roof that covers the top up to the rear of the front doors. The top is fading and beginning to deteriate from the sun. I live in South Georgia and do not have a garage to keep the car in so it gets a lot of sun. I would like to replace the top with a full canvas carriage top. I can't find anyone in my area that knows where to get this done. Does anyone ave any suggestions?
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