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Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan 2005+



  • greener1greener1 Posts: 37
    My 2005 T&C LX is nothing but junk, new transmission at just over 1,000 miles, new muffler system, multiple paint runs, i.e., rain runs, unfinished paint spray on inside doors, prime shows, etc., most disappointing purchase ever made :lemon:
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    WHY didn't you look at your minivan before you purchased it? :confuse:
    I would not even buy the sainted Odyssey without looking at it closely. :blush:
  • bajasbajas Posts: 14
    Well...I found this on a Jeep Cherokee site, and it worked:

    In order to activate the satellite radio, you will need to call the satellite radio service provider and give them an Electronic Serial Number (ESN). This number is provided on a card or sheet of paper with the Receiver/Antenna kit. On the RB1 Navigation radio, this number is also visible on a special diagnostic screen once the system has been installed.

    To view the Electronic Serial Number on the RB1 navigation radio, follow this procedure:

    1. Insert the Navigation CD in the radio's CD player and allow the radio to perform the update. Note - Skip this process if the update has already been performed.
    2. Press the CD/AUX button on the radio until the "SAT" feature is displayed on the screen.
    3. Highlight SET on the screen using the Select Encoder Knob (knob is on the bottom left of the radio).
    4. Press the cancel button 4 times.
    5. The ESN number will be displayed.
  • alpenaalpena Posts: 1
    which I bought just 2 weeks ago. It has EVERYTHING I wanted, a sunroof, power doors, CD/Cassette, tons of rooms, a great color (inferno red), it handles so nice. The ONLY thing I can't get usd to is the steering :( wheel, it seems to be a bit off balance, the bottom hole does not line up in dead center, is this right? Otherwise, I know I made the right choice. :blush:
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    So , I brought my wife's van to the dealer yesterday and they provided a Limited Loaner. I pull out of the dealer and things feels much peppier than out Touring Minivan. Do you all think it could be because our van only has 3500 miles on it and this loaner van has over 10K? Does our van need to be broken in more. I'm not sure, but there seems to be a difference in acceleration between the 2.

    Also, The lady that drove us to the rental office (dealer rental office) asked what was wrong with our van. I told her about the start up noise and she said a couple of the rental vans had the same problem. They were in for service for the same noise!!! I expect a call this am.....
  • Should I pony up the extra dollars for the 3.8L, or should I stick with the 3.3L? I don't do any towing, but I don't want to strain the engine. Is the 3.8L quieter? Any thoughts? :)
  • boesman1boesman1 Posts: 47
    I took my new T&C on a road trip this past weekend ...just some thoughts to share

    First off, the bright light controls do not give you the ability to "flash" the brights...a must have for slightly aggressive drivers such as myself that need to give a reminder to the slow poke who stays in the left lane.

    Next, the steering wheel controls for the cruise should be illuminated - being that this is primarily my wifes car I will never get used to the exact functions of the various buttons. Although I will say that the audio controls on the back side of the steering wheel are great, real good idea with those

    Next, wiper controls...all around bad thinking here, the washer button, no quick wipe feature...absolutely horrible toyota truck has a seperate arm on the r/s of the steering wheel for all these features

    Next, the window controls on the drivers door....where is the illumination - the micro light for the drivers window only is too dark and forget about trying to find the vent buttons...geez buzzing along at 70 - 80 at night and trying to find buttons on the steering wheel and door - an accident waiting to happen

    Overall...there is lots of room for improvment on the T&C...I am having second thoughts and thinking I should have given more consideration to the Sienna.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Well, I talked to my dealer about the noise at startup and he said the power steering fluid was a little low. They topped it off and started the van this am and the noise was gone. I am not sure I believe them, but will find out this afternoon when I pick the van up.

    Do you all think this is possible and why would the noise only be presentwhen the engine is cold and it goes away when warm?
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    The PS fluid expands some when it warms up, so it could be that the system was marginally low when cold but when the fluid warmed up it was full enough so the noise went away. Just a guess on my part. Maybe it wasn't filled full enough from day 1.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Thanks for the response. I think your (and dealers) assessment is correct. They topped off the PS fluid and the noise seems to be gone. I'm sort of pissed at myself because I am ANAL about checking the fluids and tire pressure in my cars and not sure how this got by.

    When I got to the dealership yesterday I asked why the fluid was low in the first place. He said it might of been low from the factory. Ia sked shouldn't that of been caught at the dealer and just looked at me like I was accusing him of something.....which I was I guess ;)
  • 1997montez341997montez34 NJ, USAPosts: 202
    Re: Flashing brights. Pull the control back but not far enough to make it click. This will flash the brights. I do it all the time.

    Fully illuminated controls would definitely be nice but you get used to it very quickly and now I have no problem using the cruise at night.
  • We have owned a 2005 Limited for a little over 1 year (Purchased May 2004). The van now has about 18,000 miles. My wife drives this car daily, and I only drive it occasionally. I believe that both the gas mileage and acceleration have increased after about 10,000 mile break in period. I have been told that since this engine is a cast iron block, break in periods are not uncommon vs. some of the newer engine configurations, such as aluminum blocks. Don't know if that is true, but in our case it was correct. Give you van some time and mileage.
  • artsarts Posts: 5
    FYI - almost all aluminum block engines have iron cylinder liners. Therefor the breakin period in regard to aluminum block engines is no different than iron block engines.
  • wolfenwolfen Posts: 1
    I have a Dodge Grand Caravan with the 3.3 L engine and a Town and Country Limited with the 3.8 L. There is a noticeable difference in acceleration if you romp on the 3.8 L but the 3.3 is completely adequate. I think that the 3.3 L is better matched to the 4 speed transmission and, therefore, smoother during acceleration - the 3.8 L engine seems to hit points of 'uncertainty' in shifting. In summary, I wouldn't worry about the engine but buy the car that fits your needs otherwise - both my vehicles (my Dodge and my wife's T & C) are excellent vehicles and I would buy them again with what I know now. I have read the criticism here and must say that I don't agree with any of the negatiave comments, especially the remark that the windshield washer is inadequate or worse than on some other vehicle - it is easy to use and extremely well designed.
  • My wife just drove a new Sienna CE which with the rebate is priced about the same as a T&C, the T&C has more features but the Toyota has a superior reputation in most offence to this forum intended. Well the Sienna was too big so she drove the T&C. She feels that is too big as well but she drove a T&C SMALL van....I guess they still make the old Voyager size. The base van was about 19k out the door. That is a hell of a price. Still it does not have the fold down seat and anti- lock bralkes and several other goodies, which when and if added in make the bigger van or another vehicle more appealing...of course we may not need the goodies.....

    Does anyone have this 'mini' minivan and what do you think. How much more will it cost come Sept? I heard the employee pricing goes away then. On the other hand I could have swore I pulled up pricing for this van months ago on Edmunds and it came up about the same price....perhaps it had a bigger rebate back then.

    I do not want to be pressured into this van over the next two weeks if the price will not substantially rise guys should know the goings on with Chrysler and its rebates...what do you thing.

    I also heard the Dodge's were cheaper but they apparently do not make the 'shorter' mini van anymore.

    (Note, we have not had a Chrysler since some pretty pathetic experiences with a Sundance and Neon sime time ago, thus my apprehension on the product line)
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    DaimlerChrysler still makes the short wheel base Dodge Caravan and appears, per Edmunds, to be continuing that model for 2006 model year.

    We have had two Dodge short wheel base minivans, my wife drives it most of the time, in our family since 1985. Our current one is a 1996 SE Sport with the 3.3 L V-6. We like it for its all around utility in a fairly compact package. Won't hold a 4x8 sheet of plywood with the gate closed, but still pretty cavernous with both rows of seats removed, or even just the third row removed-compared to any sedan.

    Except for a costly AC repair, our 1996 has been basically trouble free, now at well over 80K miles.

    If you are interested in short wheel base version, I would recommend going with the Caravan SXT version which has the 3.3 V-6 standard, and ABS is an option. The 2.4 4 cylinder engine is too underpowered for this vehicle, in my opinion and does not improve mileage much, if any.

    Stow and Go seats are not available on the short wheel base versions of Dodge or Chrysler minivans, however. There is just not enough floor pan length available for those storage pockets!

    Note when perusing the internet, Edmunds, or dealer listings, the Caravan is the short wheel base version. The Grand Caravan is the long wheel base version.

    I wouldn't worry too much about whether employee pricing is available or not. What with the strong competition out there, good bargains will be available either on leftover 2005 models or 2006 models if you are patient enough. Minivans, after all, are not particularly "hot" models where the people who have to have the latest and greatest are bidding up the price.
  • Upon taking my van to the dealer for the 4th time to repair a rattle coming from under the vehicle, I was informed I needed new front brakes! I went back and got the brakes done, and I still have the rattle after 5 tries.

    I purchased this van in Feb/Mar of 2004 (probably one of the first batch of 05's to hit the market). I had put only 13,300 miles on it when they said I needed brakes. I had always noticed excessive brake dust on the wheels, but I figured it was due to the openings on the wheels which allow you to see right into the rotor and pads. Now I think it was due to crappy brake pads! I have 2 friends who recently purchased this van and they are seeing the same on their wheels. I am curious if there are other 05 caravan owners who are noticing this same excessive build up of brake dust. If so, you should get your dealer to check your brakes before 12,000 miles...that's when the warranty expires for your brakes. I cost me $200.00 to have this repair done and I have not seen the brake dust since. Did they skimp on the brake pads in production????? I wonder.
  • I have experienced the same grind and smoke problem in the past, although they did not occur simultaneously.

    I heard the grind about 5 seconds after pulling out of my driveway, just as I pressed the "recirculate air" button for the a/c. That was about 3 months ago and I have not heard it again since.

    About 3-4 weeks ago I pulled into a gas station and turned off the ignition without turning off the a/c and the same white smoke billowed out of my front center vents. I started the van again and turned it off again and the smoke continued until I turned off the a/c. I have not had this happen again, even though I have turned off the ignition without turning off the air many, many times. When I turn the ignition off the power/radio stays on for 30 seconds but the air does not.

    Did you ever get a diagnosis for these problems?
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    See TSB 02-003-05 for rattle/knocking sound from fron suspension of 2001-2005 vans. Replaces both sway bar bushings at the frame.

    I don't think you needed brakes!!!!!!!!!
  • 1997montez341997montez34 NJ, USAPosts: 202
    THis is common, especially with european cars. I think they may be using the Mercedes-Benz brake pads in the minivans! LOL!

    Seriously, I wash my van every few weeks, so the brake dust never really becomes an issue. We've had our '05 DGC SXT since Thanksgiving 2004 and we absolutely love it!
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    The Sienna has LESS interior space than the T&C or GC altho it does have more cargo space behind the 3rd row.
    I test drove a 2004 Sienna recently and it had MUCH more acceleration than my 2002 T&C LX 3.3L at speeds above 40 or 45 MPH. I test drove a 2005 GC SXT with 3.8L in early 2004 and did not notice much better acceleration than in my 02 T&C with 3.3L....but the new 2005 GC SXT was too new for me to stomp hard on the accelerator out of respect for the person who may buy it. :blush:
    The Sienna CE is a fairly stripped minivan lacking many nice comfort features of most DC minivans altho it does have more powerful engine with an outstanding 5 speed Automatic transmission. I could not be satisfied with a Sienna CE after owning my nice, used 2002 T&C LX which is one of the lower priced DC minivans. ;)
  • On three occasions I heard a loud noise on starting the vehicle. It sounds like it comes from the middle of the dashboard. Almost like Loud static from a radio that isn't tuned to a station. It could be coming from the engine compartment. Within 20-30 seconds the noise stops. I thought it might be some interference between the radio and uconnect hands free speaker phone. However I was able to speak on the speaker phone while the noise was going on.. The dealer tells me to leave the car with him, but of course it will probably never duplicate the problem. Has anyone else had a similar noise problem?
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
    What strikes me more than anything is the wiring that is visible in areas where you wouldnt expect to see it. Examples: behind side view mirrow on drivers side- wires visible in the gap between mirror and housing (2 red 1 white), between headlamp on drivers side and front fascia (orange&black), the wiring harness for the pwr sliding doors.

    I have the sister to it, the Dodge GC. and don't see any exposed wires in the places you mentioned. Everything seems to fit together well with no gaps to see any exposed wires.

    I have owned several Chrysler products in the last 25 years. I can say so far, this van has a better fit and finish than any of their other products I have owned. So far it has been trouble free in the eight months I have had it. That has surprised me some, with all the electronics on it.
  • all4joall4jo Posts: 1
    hello i just brought a 2005 town n country limited , my sticker price was 37,190
    and the lowest i got it to was 31.370.
    anyways my van does have the gps navigation radio RB1 but it does not have sirius which i really want. has anyone had any experience upgrading to sirius? i called around and pretty much everyone wants close to $300 for the tuner and the install kit ,,plus $140 for installation. i just think this is allot of money.
  • They already performed TSB 02-004-05 but not the one you mentioned. I'll look into it-thanks.

    I did get the brakes replaced and got the old pads-they were very worn. I no longer have the excessive brake dust. In fact I have hardly seen any dust since having this done, around 3 weeks ago. Sure makes me think they use very low quality pads in production. I highly recomend any owner noticing excess brake dust to have their brakes checked prior to reaching 12,000 miles!
  • We bought the brand new 2005 caravan in May of 2004. I have noticed the excessive brake dust since day one. It has nothing to do with keeping it cleaned. It takes one trip to have dust that is thick and black. It took me 3 cleaners to figure out how to get rid of it. I also have a loud squeaking noise that happens after the van is warmed up whenever I steer. It is very, very loud. I was wondering if it is related to the brake dust issue. Anyone else have this problem?? :(
  • This is an update on the strange noise I heard from my 2005 Town& country.
    I originally heard the noise on start up. Now I've heard the noise on a few occasions when I was sitting in the car with the engine off. The noise sounds like a loud buzzing type noise that seems to be coming from the area where the center dash vents are. Its not exactly a buzz but it's pretty loud and lasts about ten seconds.Anyone out there have a similar experience? It almost sounds like an electric switch activating..
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
    No problem like that with my 2005. Going on 9 months now and so far, everything works as advertised. I'd take it to the dealer. Won't cost you anything.
  • dennisctcdennisctc Posts: 1,168
    I'm wondering if Dodge is adopting the Germany mentality to brake design here. On my BMW, I get lots of brake dust etc.... This is typical for German cars. On many German cars, the brakes and the rotors wear at the same time creating lots of dust. When you need brake pads you also need rotors (NEW, not turned) and it's very expensive$$$$$. I hear this provides better braking - both rotors and brakes wearing evenly????? Now that DCX is basically German owned....I wonder (I'm probably very wrong here :)
  • Hey guy I use this resource for all of my 2005 Dodge GC, I find their prices very competitive and everything they sell is Mopar stamped and manufactured just for Dodge so there is no modifying anything on your vehicle. They sell the sirius system on this web site. link title
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