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Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan 2005+



  • Hey does anyone out there have a good resource for high end performance on these 2005 Dodge Grands? :confuse: What I would like to do is maybe reprogram the computer so I can "try" to get better gas mileage and on the other end of the spectrum make more power when I want to. :P My van currently gets about 18MPG average city/highway together over about a 2000 mile span. I currently have only put a K&N filter in it and I am eyeing some better spark plugs and maybe heavier plug wires. Other then that I cannot find much out there in performance.

    BTW this is my second Dodge my last one was a 98 sport and I am totally convinced that there is no other minivan out there that can compete in looks, fit and finish, design and reliability. Dodge/Chrysler have the market, hook line and sinker! :)
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    You are looking for High end performance parts for a Minivan? Are you sure you are in the right forum? I have NEVER heard of such!!!
  • dennisctcdennisctc Posts: 1,168
    A buddy of mine at DCX, Ralph Gilles, lead designer for new 300 and Magnum, is into racing on weekends. When he got his big promotion at DCX 5 years ago, he had to sell his tricked out VW Corrado for a DCX vehicle. At the same time his wife was pregnant and wanted a Minivan.

    Soooo what does he do? He buys a Dodge Caravan, puts the 250hp V6 from last 300 in it, adds Viper brakes and wheels, modifys it completely!! I'd bet he had 300hp by time he was done!! Talk about sleeper car!!!! Plain old white caravan!!!!
  • boesman1boesman1 Posts: 47
    Ok, lets just do a poll here on the 05 T&C, I have had me for about a month and the brake dust is the worse I have ever seen on any vehicle that I ever owned !

    Lets face it, a car looks good when the wheels are clean and I pride myself in the shape I maintain my cars and trucks. The T&C creates incredible amounts of brakes dust on BOTH front and rear wheels. :mad: The condition is worse than on my high performance cars. I have noticed alot of other 2005 T&C's with the same problem. It would be nice to have wheels that stay reasonably clean for 300 or 400 miles. These are the WORST, I am getting too old to be cleaning my wifes wheels weekly as I have enough trouble keeping up with my truck and sports car.

    Would love to hear from others if this is a very COMMON problem and if so what the cause and whats the fix. This annoys me so much that I am considering paying my mechanic to put in ceramic pads for me, which is the solution I used on my last truck when someone else put in cheap pads. Ceramics would go a month and still look decent after 5 -7 hundred miles.

    Just my two cents
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    I have also noticed the problem and a friend's 2000 GC LE alloy wheels have become a badly corroded, ugly brownish-orange color. :cry:
    However, another friend has 80,000 + miles on a 99 GC with alloy wheels. The alloy wheels are NOT discolored and not corroded and the van still has the original pads (rear brakes are drum). :confuse:
    I HATE the problem but the separately controlled temperature for driver and front passenger are such a nice luxury that I got the used 2002 T&C LX after comparing one son's 2001 Ody EX and another son's 2002 GC Sport. This one feature is NOW an item my wife and I could never be without...and we also like the complete overhead console that is NOT on any Odyssey. :cry:
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
    I get a fair amount of dust on my 2005 DGC, but it doesn't upset me that much. If it does you, for peace of mind, get the ceramic pads. Keeps the blood pressure down.
  • dennisctcdennisctc Posts: 1,168
    Yeah, I don't like the dust but have seen much worst - my 2001 BMW is 10 times worst.

    German car makers/engineers prefer that pads and rotors wear evenly. When you replace pads you must replace (not turn) rotors too! This causes a lot of dust. I wonder if DCX is heading that way? I don't have a clue though, just guessing!

    Could be the pads are coming from China, are made of cow sh*t and that's the reason :)
  • aaron_taaron_t Posts: 301
    My 2005 T&C Touring gets a lot of brake dust front and rear, but no more so than these vehicles I've driven over the last 5 years:

    2000 Ford SVT Contour
    2003 Ford F-150 Supercrew 4x4
    2004 Dodge Stratus SXT
    2004 Chrysler Pacifica
    2005 Jeep Liberty

    The Pacifica was marginally better with the chrome-plastic wheels.

    My 2002 Lexus IS300 brake pads were great. Those wheels never looked dirty from brake dust, and I'd sometimes go 1000 miles between washes. My 1999 Ford F-150 Supercab 4x4 was pretty good, but it had chrome-plastic wheels too. I think Ford changed the pads between 1999 and 2003.

    I replaced my 99 F-150 front brake pads with Napa Ceramix and the rotors from Autozone, and the rotors warped in less than a year. Then I bought appropriate rotors and they are still good after 30k miles. Anyway, my point is that ceramic pads retain heat longer than semi-metallic which can be a bad match with some rotors.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I looked at my power steering level in our '05 T&C Touring and decided to top off. I read the owners manual and realized Chrysler recommends Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF+4) in the power steering resivoir. I went to pick some ATF+4 at my local car parts and they only had ATF+3. I asked the Associate and he said ATF+3 would work fine for the power steering. I would NEVER use ATF+3 in the transmission, but what are your thoughts about using it for power steering fluid? Is there that much of a difference between ATF+3 and ATF+4?
  • Just picked up my 2005 Chrysler T&C Touring and I've got a couple of questions for you pros.
    My Olds Van had a tray built into the top of the dash that was very handy. Any after market items that attach to the dash of the T&C?
    Has anyone attached their I-pod to the stereo system? What's the best route?
    I have two dogs and I'd like to protect the back of the van from scratches... anyone been there?
    Thanks for your time in advance.
  • aaron_taaron_t Posts: 301
    I can only help you with the Ipod connectivity. If you have the standard Touring radio w/ tape, I recommend a cassette adapter. Easy, inexpensive, and decent sound quality. I use one with my satellite radio tuner.
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
    I looked at my power steering level in our '05 T&C Touring and decided to top off. I read the owners manual and realized Chrysler recommends Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF+4) in the power steering resivoir. I went to pick some ATF+4 at my local car parts and they only had ATF+3. I asked the Associate and he said ATF+3 would work fine for the power steering. I would NEVER use ATF+3 in the transmission, but what are your thoughts about using it for power steering fluid? Is there that much of a difference between ATF+3 and ATF+4?

    It may work, but why not just go to a Dodge dealer and buy it from them? I am sure their parts dept. have just what you need. It might pay to have a can or two around anyway, in case you ever have to add it to your tranny.
  • kfdmedkfdmed Posts: 130
    My van has the same symptoms as yours at cold start up. I bought a quart of ATF+4 from the dealer ($6.29 what a rip) and went to add it and but cant find the reservoir input. Care to clue me in?
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    The resevoir should be towards the center of the engine compartment. The power steering resevoir will have a pictoral of a steering wheel on it.
  • kfdmedkfdmed Posts: 130
    I must be blind. I looked at the engine compartment for 5 minutes and couldn't find it. I will look again tonight.
  • I have just test driven a 2005 White T&C Limited and was VERY impressed with the luxury details and the nice ride. Are there any limited owners out there that care to comment on likes/dislikes for the limited model? Also, are there any Honda/Toyota owners who made the jump to Chrysler that would like to comment on their overall satisfaction with the Chrysler product?

    And finally, the Touring is a little less expensive. Can it be had with leather and the nav?
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    I sat inside a 2006 T&C Limited this week and it appeared very nice. I am an owner of a 2002 T&C LX which is at the opposite end of the spectrum vs T&C Limited.
    Having looked very closely at new T&C, Grand Caravan, Odyssey, and Siennas, I do not feel that the DC minivan interior looks as elegant as the interior of the Odyssey and Sienna. The leather in T&C Limited is not as soft and supple as the others. There is more hard plastic in the T&C Limited than in Sienna XLE or Odyssey EX or Touring. The Chrysler T&C Limited still has an old fashioned 4 speed AT while the Odyssey and Sienna have a more responsive 5 speed AT.
    Nevertheless, for me the DC minivans offer more important features at a lower price than either the Odyssey or Sienna.
    Last time I looked, the T&C Touring and GC SXT can be purchased with both leather and Nav but the T&C/GC Nav screen is smaller than the Nav screen in the others.
  • dennisctcdennisctc Posts: 1,168
    Last time I looked, the T&C Touring and GC SXT can be purchased with both leather and Nav but the T&C/GC Nav screen is smaller than the Nav screen in the others.

    I believe DCX is going to 8" screen for 06? Still a little smaller than Honda's 9" one.

    I sorta like the hard plastic for my situation....camping, hauling stuff and dogs. I'd have the Honda interior trashed in a few months I think, and be worried about using it :)
  • kfdmedkfdmed Posts: 130
    The T&C navigation screen is small maybe 5". The video screen is 7". If you want a larger navigation and video screen you should probably go with the Honda. That is if you want to shell out the extra 6K+.
  • dennisctcdennisctc Posts: 1,168
    See what happens when I comment on these forums before my coffee!!!!

    I almost got the Nav in my Dodge but decided it wasn't worth it, considering small display etc... I picked up a Garmin GPS for $600 with same size display as OEM but it's portable between my vehicles
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    My 02 T&C has nice cloth on the back of the front seats but I would prefer the hard plastic since grandchildren love to put their feet up against the seats. :cry:
    Hard plastic is better for many situations as dennis has indicated.
    After closely looking at minivans, I am convinced that DC minivans provide the features most people want at the best price.
    If we were to buy a new 2006 minivan, it would probably be the short wheel base Caravan SXT and just not take as many clothes, snacks, books, etc. on trips that we have been taking.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    veritasusa, your posts have been moved here:

    Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler minivan problems

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  • Thank you. But I notice that the "Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler minivan problems" forum doesn't show up in the list of forums when one goes through the menu sequence Chrysler - Town and Country. Could someone arrange it so that it does? Thanks
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    Thanks for letting me know -- it should be easier to find now :-)


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  • hraohrao Posts: 78
    Can anyone tell me what does come standard on the base Town & country Touring
    2005 Chrysler Town & Country & GC SXT Safety features, everything is a STANDARD on the Limited

    Minivan-first driver-side inflatable knee blocker
    The knee blocker inflates in conjunction with air bag deployment to help position the driver relative to the air bag and offers additional upper leg protection.

    Three-row supplemental side-curtain air bags
    Three-row, A- to D-pillar side-curtain air bags provide full-length coverage for all rows of seats. The side-curtain extends protection to all outboard passengers. Both side-curtain air bags have independent impact sensors, which trigger the air bag on the side where impact occurs.

    Advanced multi-stage front air bags
    These air bags provide enhanced protection for a greater range of occupants at various deployment levels, based on the severity of an impact. The front passenger air bag is also equipped with a standard occupant classification system.

    Occupant Classification System (OCS)
    The OCS determines the conditions for activation or deactivation of the passenger-side front air bag, based on the weight of the occupant.

    Minivan-first standard door alert
    The alert signal lights activate when the power sliding doors or manual sliding doors are in operation, signaling that occupants are getting in or out of the vehicle.
    This system periodically activates a chime and illuminates a light in the instrument cluster to remind unbelted drivers to buckle up.

    Rear park assist
    This rear obstacle detection system offers an audible warning and rear overhead display.

    Child seat anchor system
    Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren (LATCH) help ease the installation of compatible aftermarket child seats.

    Enhanced accident response system
    This system makes it easier for emergency personnel to identify a vehicle and reach the occupant by turning on the interior lighting and unlocking the doors after air bag deployment.

    Constant force retractors (CFR)
    CFRs are engineered to force-limit the belt system and gradually release seat belt webbing in a controlled manner during a severe impact.

    During a collision, the front seat belt pretensioners electronically sense a crash and immediately remove slack from the seat belts, thereby reducing the forward movement of the occupant's upper body.

    Energy-absorbing steering column
    The innovative stroking steering column uses "release capsules," which allow the column to move forward for enhanced energy absorption during a crash. The column also features "tuned" metal bend straps that deform during column stroke for optimal energy management.

    Front crush sensors
    Two sensors located below the headlamps measure the severity of an impact and relay crash information to safety systems in the occupant compartment.

    Tire pressure monitoring system
    This advanced system monitors the pressure inside each tire and alerts the driver to improper tire pressure conditions.

    Anti-lock braking system
    Equipped with electronic sensors that prevent wheel lockup, the system offers improved steering control under extreme braking and/or slippery conditions
  • aaron_taaron_t Posts: 301
    Side curtain airbags and rear park assist are optional on the Touring. The rest is standard. Dunno about the base T&C.
  • wesmocwesmoc Posts: 2
    I was considering replacing the radio in our 2005 Chrysler Town & Country (Touring, with DVD/CD 6 disc changer). I was looking for one that plays MP3's.

    Now, I have found replacement radios (I didn't want to go with the $500 Chrysler one!) and faceplates that would fit in to the space, but I haven't found anything that says it will actually work with the CD/DVD changer. I spoke to one sales rep (at an on-line retailer) who said that he didn't know of any radios that would be able to control the stock CD/DVD changer.

    Is this true? Would I have to replace the CD/DVD changer in addition to the CD/AM/FM Radio?! Is there no CD/AM/FM/MP3 radio out there that (1) is decent, (2) is not $500 (like the Chrysler one), and (3) works with the factory changer?
  • dm3dm3 Posts: 25
    Is there a Chrysler radio that plays mp3s? I asked Chrysler and they said there wasn't. It would be appreciated if you could provide a pointer to it.
    If you did replace the radio, do the steering wheel controls still work? I haven't found a replacement radio that would allow them to work.
    My current plan was to wait for Chrysler to come out with an mp3 capable radio some day and install that.
  • vango05vango05 Posts: 12
    Don't be fooled into thinking your minivan can sub for a SUV. Some Chrysler and Dodge vans have the air intake located under the front bumper. Drive through deep water and it will suck up the water into your engine! :(
  • dennisctcdennisctc Posts: 1,168
    I'm installing a DCX center console this weekend from Mopar, I wanted a little more storage space and power outlets. This adds 2 additional I can plug in all my toys on roadtrips (iPod, Cell, Radar and GPS).

    It looks fairly str8 forward...anyone have any experience with this?? Trickiest part is cutting carpet to fasten mounting bracket. It comes with "detailed" instructions but they're mostly detailed pictures, and no verbage!!

    BTW - if you go to any DCX website, they're having $25 rebate on accessories over $200...not bad!

    I'll keep everyone posted.
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