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Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan 2005+



  • leotaurleotaur Posts: 17
    Further to the above, we went in to the local Chrysler dealer, and they hooked up to the computer analyzer, and showed me the reading. There is a fault in the Emissions Control, so it goes in next week so they can sort it out. He said it is sometimes only a simple problem, but they need the van for the day We asked if we could keep driving, and he said it was fine and that the worst that could happen was a slight decrease in power, but there was no risk of any harm.
    Interesting, but as you might expect, the computer analyzer message is all in English rather than Spanish, adding to our reassurance. DougW
  • leotaurleotaur Posts: 17
    The light is confirmed by computer analysis to be due to a fault in the Emissions Control whatever...we have been told that this is not a requirement in Mexico, and that the simplest thing is to have it disconnected, and then we can get a new one installed when we get home. We are told that all that will happen, is a slight rise in fuel consumption, but it is not harmful to be without it.
    Any comments ? DougW
  • wog6269wog6269 Posts: 4
    i went to dealer2/29/08 for front end rattling. i have added care warranty on 05 gc . i was told the sway bar bushings were ng to replace cost $237 NOT COVERED. this seems expensive for $22 part. anyone had same problem and if so what was cost. service told me 2.5 hr job. thanks for replies.
  • cbwilshacbwilsha Posts: 70
    I recently had sway bar bushings and links replaced on my 2005 T&C. The work order shows 1.9 hours of labor. The total cost was $161.50 for labor and $95.90 for parts for a total of $257.40. I have an extended warranty with a company called Warranty Direct and they paid the full charge so it cost me nothing.

  • wog6269wog6269 Posts: 4
    cb what are links and didyou go through stealership? i am going to give chrysler an earfull when i get questionaire from them. iwill call stealershipalso. thanks for info.
  • cbwilshacbwilsha Posts: 70
    Yes, my Dealer did the work. I am very fortunate to have an outstanding Dealership and it is also where I bought the vehicle. The links are the actual metal rod that connects the sway bar to the body of the vehicle. The bushings are a rubber part between the connection at each end of the link. I'm not sure but I don't believe you can change bushings without also changing the link.

  • jkjmmatjkjmmat Posts: 4
    2005 T&C with 3.3L 40,000 miles. Noticed a week or so ago that the headlights flicker while going down the road. Does not occure while idling, only while driving. Not sure if this is accurate data but it seems to only happen after it's been driven for a while. They don't turn off all the way, just dim rapidly about... once per .5 seconds?? Could this be a voltage regulator problem? (therefore new alt?) Recent information, wife was driving yesterday with lights on, van died and of course scared the be-jees out of her because the power steering went out and she was in the middle of a turn (yikes!). Any clues? I had similar situation with a Dodge Ram with it stalling and turned out to be the battery.
  • dpullen4dpullen4 Posts: 12
    I have a 2005 Grand Caravan SXT that I started having issues with the passenger side sliding door. Opens with buttons just fine. When you push to close, it will close only until it's about 90% shut and stops before it latches, so you have to get out and shut it manually. Any typical causes?
  • This has just happened to me with my 2005 town and country,,,the headlights and interior lights flicker(pulsate/strobe effect) while driving,,,at idle it continues,,,i tried the battery connection and it was tight and clean,,,,please let me know if you find any more info about this,,,and i will the same,,,,some other istes had same posting of similar problems and it seemed they chased a number of suspects i.e. alt,,battery,headlight switch,ect to no avail,,,,no tech bulletins issued either,,,,please let me know thanks again
  • jkjmmatjkjmmat Posts: 4
    Well, I took the battery out and had it tested. It was ok. But it was the stock battery so I figured it has had a good life, I bought a new one. Flickering went away! Now I have the steering shudder problem everyone's been writing about. I just replaced the power steering reservior and.... Still have the problem. I also bought a rebuilt rack, and I CAN'T GET THE DAMN THING OUT! I can get all the bolts out, theres only 3, but there is absolutely no way to get the two hoses off the top of the rack... I would like to know if anyone has figured out this jigsaw puzzel??
  • grumpagrumpa Posts: 1
    My son has a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country LTD and his driver side automatic sliding passenger door will only close about 90%. Searched the web and can't find any information at all. I played with the protective flex-casing that covers the wires to the door and made it stop at many different positions. Played with it long enough that it doesn't work at all now. So... I'm suspecting a short in the wiring? Is there any definitive guidance on how to handle this problem? Thanks.
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    I can't say for sure, but it sounds like there's an open (break) in one or more of the wires inside that protective flex casing you mentioned. When you played with the harness, you moved the 2 ends of the broken wire around so that they separated at a different point in the door's travel, thus stopping the door travel. In fact, you played with it so much that the 2 ends are now entirely separated, which is why the door doesn't work at all.

    If you can remove the protective covering, do so and see is any breaks are obvious. But, I'm betting the break is inside the wire's insulation and may not be apparent.
  • 68jazz68jazz Posts: 2
    My 2005 T&C turing started acting very strange today :confuse: . I went to start it and when I turned the in gnition switch it sounded like a bad starter,yet some of the clicking sound was comming from under the dash.then i noticed that all the needled for gas,tach,speed,etc .... we're acting flakey jumping back and forth.well i tried the old stand by discounect battery and make sure all is clean and tight. I put every thing back together and the this point since i was already late with a van full of stuff i went and got a rental after the transfer of everything the back door would not close not with overhead button or key i tried rcycling power by disconnecting battery give a 10 count still all acting flakey yet now the dvd, cd, radio,and interior ligts flash. any clues I am thinking on board computer, and praying that warrenty will cover i did not purchase until dec 05 and only have 35,000 on the van
  • cbwilshacbwilsha Posts: 70
    I believe if you install a new battery, all your listed problems will be solved.

  • 68jazz68jazz Posts: 2
    that is what worked thank you and have a blessed day. :shades:
  • A couple of days ago I drove about 150 miles, no problems. I left the van in the garage two days and when I tried to start it--dead as a door nail. I recharged the battery with a trickle charger. It now starts but when I turn the ignition on all the gauges move to the right for several seconds and then return to normal positions in a startup. Also, ALL the instrument warning lights come on and remain on until the gauges return to their normal position. Do I have a major electrical problem or perhaps just a bad battery.
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    How were the instrument gauges and lights behaving before you had the dead battery? The way you're describing how they work now is how I would expect them to work. The gauges moving the right and all the warning lights coming on serves as a self test that all of your indicators are working. Otherwise, how would you know if a bulb was burned out?
  • sadvansadvan Posts: 1
    It started months ago, when the van was wet and you stepped on the brakes the radio, wipers, and atuo windows stopepd working until you released brake. Then the above would fail intermittenly without stepping on the brake. Now all of the gauges go crazy, ABS and Brake lights come on and off and ding, radio goes on and off, etc. while driving. It's worse when wet when I actually need the wipers! I've brought it to a dealership and an auto. electric place and no one can figure out what's wrong! Help!! :mad:
  • tr0401tr0401 Posts: 1
    What was the resolution? I just today experienced the same issue. Were you simply able to replace the wires? Email me at if you do not mind. Thank you
  • mariapgmariapg Posts: 1
    Hi Susy2,

    I found your post on google. I know it was 3 years ago but I was wondering if you could give me some information. I have a 2006 Grand Caravan sxt and am thinking of purchasing the same overhead dvd player you have (Audiovox DT102DOPKG). They're selling on ebay for $199. If you wouldn't mind letting me know how that dvd player has turned out for you and where did you finally place it? I don't care too much for the climate controls. Do you know if there is a way to replace that with the overhead dvd? Please any help would be greatly appreciated by you or anyone else in this forum. Thanks very much for your time.
  • With this generation of DGC ... which engine do you go with, and why?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    I have a 2007 T&C LX with DRLs. I noticed as I was driving ahead of my wife the other day (she had the van) that when she put on a turn signal, the headlamp (DRL lamp) on the same side as the turn signal went out while the turn signal was on. I've never noticed that kind of behavior before with DRLs. Anyone know if it's supposed to do that?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    My 2007 T&C LX has the 3.3L, which I find has more than enough power for normal use. It's no dragster but it can get up to highway speed just fine. FWIW, the 2007 3.3L has the same hp, 180, as my 1999 GCS did with the 3.8L motor. I didn't have any particular reason to get the 3.3 over the 3.8. I was looking for a good used Grand Caravan or T&C and found one that was in excellent shape at a great price, and it happened to be a relatively bare-bones model with the 3.3L.
  • I just had an abs light go on. How much does something like that run?
  • baveuxbaveux Posts: 175
    Yes normal behavior don't worry, almost all Chrysler product are now like that
  • How do I reset the security lockout on my 2005 Town & Country? If is disconnect the battery will that reset it? Also, the power door locks stopped working.
  • I don't know about your security question but removing the IOD fuse for a few minutes or disconnecting battery for a few minutes will get your locks working again.

  • Does anyone know specifically what the difference is between an EX and an EX with the Towing Package? I have the 3.8 L engine, 4 wheel disc brakes, transmission cooler, heavy duty radiator, heavy duty alternator. I want to buy a boat but it is near the limit for the standard version. The insurance company says that if I don't touch the engine, drive train or suspension (i.e. add a hitch) than it's OK to upgrade the vehicle to tow the larger amount. The boat I'm looking at is 1680 lbs dry so I only have 120 lbs to hit the standard limit of 1800 lbs. If someone with a 2001 EX and towing package could supply me with the last 8 digit of thier VIN number the dealer could look up the difference between the two. Otherwise, they're clueless.

    Thanks in advance
  • I'll admit that I'm not totally sure what you mean by the security lockout, but the door lock issue is a known and very common one. The actual problem is that the software has a glitch, but the dealer will charge you to fix it. The work-around is to pull the IOD fuse (it's located toward the back of the fuse box in the engine) for about 30 seconds or so and the computer will reset itself. The door locks will then work again. Unfortunately, my experience has been that it is a temporary fix. May last a week, may last a day. I hope this helps.
  • I have an 2005 GC with a dvd player and wireless headphones. The remote control will only allow me to select from menu, ffwd, reverse and illuminate. The other buttons such as the one to power the headphones do not function. I've put new batteries in it, along with the headphones and I still cannot get them to work. Any suggestions? :confuse:
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