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Financed Honda Care Cancellation



  • duke23duke23 Posts: 488
    mackeyiv wrote :
    " bought the Honda Care 7 year 75K mile extended warrantee for $1145 at the dealership Anderson Honda in E. Palo Alto under the assurance written into the contract and confirmed by the finance guy that I could get my money back if I canceled within 60 days. He said the money would go to the leaseholder AHFC and this would cover the first few payments. When I got home I saw that I could get the identical Honda Care Warrantee at for $845 (and I can wait 3 years to buy it), so I asked the dealer to refund me the $300 difference or I would cancel - no deal. I called Honda Care and AFHC (2 phone numbers but same company) and they the customer service rep assured me that Honda Care would send a check to AFHC and AHFC assured me this check would be applied to my payments. So I submitted the form and canceled it. "

    mackeyiv, you are freaking out, calm down. AHFC is not a fly by night operation. They will honor their word. Your cancellation of HCEW will be applied as a reduction of principle financed with your lender AHFC. They have to be paid, you financed, they lent. Anyway congratulations on not paying retail . Buy online or at least use their pricing to negotiate retail. HCEW will get back to you quickly. Relax.

    See :
    "wanted to let everyone know that it looks like AHFC did come through with crediting my account for the canceled Honda Care - so I can skip the payments for the next 3 months . After I finally got to talk to a supervisor and explained that "policy" or not, this is not what the contract says. They agreed not to count this credit as a security deposit, and instead as a payment - which is what the first Customer Service Rep who I talked to had told me they would. They said he made a mistake in telling me this but I'm just happy I don't need to wait 3 years to get my money back. "
    The worries were imaginary, Glad for your good outcome.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Mr. Duke, are you aware you responded to a posting over 3 years old?
  • duke23duke23 Posts: 488
    I am Senor Bolivar, but it was indeed fun. We can't get the participation as we can in the good old days. Look at poor stories from the frontlines.On a good day it posts 40. Sadness. We may have to start responding to defunct forums from '05. <-aware.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Or responding to our own posts.

    But actually, 40 posts in Frontlines still is too many. The days with 75 were horrible.

    One actual 'Story from the Frontline' per week makes it a good week.
  • duke23duke23 Posts: 488
    bolivar wrote :
    One actual 'Story from the Frontline' per week makes it a good week. "
    New sadness, I can remember when plus 60 was a good day, bad times indeed when extended warranties or what I paid for my Accord is the front runner.
  • The posts about this subject are quite old. So, can anyone provide any tips and advice on canceling Honda Care purchased from a dealer? I bought a new Accord 4 days ago. I was assuming that it would be relatively easy to cancel since the new contracts clearly give 30 days to cancel with a full refund. If I request the refund, how will my refund be processed? Towards principal or recent car payments with Honda Finance? I wound up paying about $600 more than I could have if I bought elsewhere and would like to re-buy it at the lower price.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    edited September 2012
    If you google "cancel honda care", the question about cancelling is answered. It's basically full refund for 60 days. I would presume they would send you a check.

    As for buying it elsewhere, I don't have an answer. But it sticks somewhere deep in my memory that once you cancel Honda Care, you can't buy it again.

    You may want to check with who you'd like to buy it from.
  • Thanks for your reply! My contract actually says 30 days so I think I'm stuck with that. I've already rec'd quotes from others on the same plan that I purchased. I'll probably go with Saccucci. You can re-buy but need to will pay a $100 re-buy fee. I've heard various things about how the refund is made, and I'm primarily trying to figure out if I can negotiate that successfully. The contract is silent on the issue.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    If you financed the Honda Care in your car note, then the refund is going to the bank and will be applied against your principal...

    The money is yours, but you won't see it..


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  • Hi,

    I have a similar situation, I decided to buy Honda Care maintenance whenever I was buying my car to be able to get the best deal on it.
    so after a negotiation with sales guy, he said I will be able to get it for 640$ which was great, BUT after a month I received the Honda Care vehicle service contract (only has oil changes), so I was able to talk to my sale guy using the live chat and he said that Finance did my paper.
    I called the finance guy and according to him everything is correct because I signed on the VCS contract and if I want the maintenance one I need to pay an extra 200$.

    any ideas :(
  • LexiBLexiB Posts: 1
    You can cancel Honda Care at any time, for any reason. If you cancel within 60 days, you will receive a 100% refund. After that, refunds are prorated by the time left on the contract or the mileage used.
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