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Toyota Highlander Hybrid



  • 2tees2tees Posts: 3
    Check out the driver's side rear window. That's where windnoise is coming from my 2006 HH. Took it to the dealer. They said, "It's normal."

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    For the most comfort and quietness go for Bridgestone Turanza summer tires.
  • poodlgalpoodlgal Posts: 13
    In addition to many of the items mentioned before, I wish Toyota would install block heaters as a standard feature. They improve mileage and avoid the hassle of explaining to the mechanics why anyone would want one! I've heard they come standard in Canada.
  • Just got back after eight days out of town. Found the battery dead in my HH '06 at the airport. I phoned the Toyota Dealer and the guy told me that the HH is usually okay for 5 to 7 days (Priuses maybe three), but no more than that. Anybody got suggestions on how to solve this problem? I'm kind of amazed that Toyota would put out an automobile (as much as I love this car) without solving this kind of flaw.
  • I spent the last two weeks of July and the first week in August overseas. My HH was stored outside, and it was HOT here.

    Got home, stuck in the key, and it started right up. And the charge level indicator showed probably 80%...

    So what you are experiencing makes no sense to me... Anyone have any other experiences to report?

  • Thanks. This makes me very sad. I live in fear now of puncturing it again. Apparently the 2008s have been redesigned to protect the condenser. Oh, well, I should never have bought a first model year.
  • That's nonsense. I've had two problems like that with my 2004 Prius in 4 years. I must have left a light or something else on. I've gone as much as two months without using the car with no problem upon returning. Get a new dealer.
  • drimdrim Posts: 1
    To solve this problem find a new dealer. The dealer is giving you totally incorrect information. The battery does not go dead after 7 days of inactivity. Your battery should be good for much greater than than 8 weeks of inactivity.

    Toyota recommends running the vehicle for at least 30 minutes after 8 weeks of inactivity to recharge the small auxiliary battery and the main HV battery. (Toyota Technical Service bulletin #PD0116-05).

    Your dead battery is most likely due to a door left slightly ajar or some accessory or interior light left on which will run down the small aux battery until dead.

    This already happened to me once when I left one of the back passenger doors slightly ajar in my garage while away for 4 days. When I came home the vehicle was dead as the interior dome light stays on forever if a door is ajar while the vehicle is off. Note that the main HV battery is not dead - just the small aux 12 volt battery. However, the car will not start if the aux battery is discharged.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    which battery? The 12v can run down just like any other for the same reasons.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    So, you'd like to be paying 24/7 for power coming out of the wall plug vs the minor cost level extra fuel burned in the very few minutes/miles it take to warm the engine coolant to the same level as the block heater.

    Don't most block heaters only keep the engine coolant above ~40F...??

    Back in the sixties and seventies block heaters seemed to be fairly common in MT and AK where wintertime temperatures get so low that ATF and power stearing fluids become SLUSH.

    They had to be plugged in, generally, 24/7 since no one could predict when the vehicle would next be used/needed.

    Reminds me of being in Fairbanks in the wintertime and going to a movie with all the vehicles setting around on nearby streets and parking lots, unoccupied, but with the engine idling.
  • Has anyone test driven the 2008 HH yet?

    My dealership here in Canada only has the gas version. Would it drive much different than the HH version?
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 569
    You will notice some differences, especially during braking and stopping at lights and sitting in traffic. Nothing major that you can't get used to.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    No the new HH won't be out for another 30 days or so. None are available in NA.
  • My dealer indicated they should see their allotments of the HH this week. From there it's a 2-3 weeks to my location (Pacific NW).
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    I think that we too may 'see' them on Toyota's intranet but only see them in person at the beginning of Oct. Lucky deveils on the WC do normally get their first due to proximity.
  • cdptrapcdptrap Posts: 485
    FYI --
    Toyota's website says the '08 HH can tow only 3500-lb, while the gas Highlander can tow 5000-lb max. Looks like early reviews and reports were mixing the gas version with the hybrid version.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,717
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  • As I have read somewhere, the 2008 HH will be getting a little better gas millage due to staying into electric mode longer than the 2006HH.It slso stated both cars have the same gas/electric set-up. Question, Can my 2006 HH, be programed to stay longer in the electric mode, like the 2008 HH.? Frank
  • I've had a 2008 HH on order from a local So. Cal. dealer for several months, with the original projection that they were due to arrive early Oct. My dealer now says they are running late, but doens't seem to have any idea when they will arrive. Has anyone heard any definitive info on arrival dates for the HH's?
  • tg2tg2 Posts: 1
    I have one on order also, and talked to my dealer today.
    They have one showing as arriving between 10/23-10/30. They said that what they were told is Toyota is sending
    one to each dealer, and then going to start filling the orders and allocations.

    I have no idea if he means every dealer in the US or in this region (Nebraska). He did say it just popped up on their screens a couple of days ago and shows the vehicle en route to the dealership (which he says means it cleared the port and has all the bells and whistles installed).

    He also warned me that even though this was on the way the next allocations could be 2-4 weeks out.

    I have called 4-6 dealers around here and the message is fairly consistent- they don't know anything (or they are all very good at keeping things quiet).

  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Just pulled up the entire nation...

    It appears that in the initial shipment there are 233 vehicles inbound to the 3 WC ports and to NY/NJ. The WC vessel(s?) are due around 10/15-20 and the NY vessel is due 10/20-24. The Midwest orders are coming in through the Port of Portland.

    There are about 1250 dealers so it's not unusual that most don't have any info yet.
  • We're first on the waiting list with a dealer here in WA state. He sent me email this week with the following:
    "My Computer is showing that the Hybrid Highlander should arrive at my dealer sometime between the 18th and 24th. My boss's want to keep it here for a couple of days so that everyone on the waiting list has time to come in and see it before you take delivery. "
  • I'm also in Western Washington I got my call on Friday. My HH will be here late this week or early next week.
  • ighigh Posts: 60
    I just checked the Toyota website and the prices for
    the hybrids are there for the bay area atleast. A Limited
    with Nav and Rear DVD and some minor options turns
    out to be 47,500 MSRP! This is no longer in the normal price
    range of a non-luxury brand. I do not know how they
    plan to position this vehicle for the middle class.
    Recently a friend of mine bought a Pilot EX-L for 31K with
    Nav and DVD. Now, I am willing to pay some premium for
    a hybrid but 15K is just not acceptable even after
    attaching some $ value to "going green".
  • ljmiiiljmiii Posts: 7
    My 2006 HiHy's MSRP was over $42,000 - no DVD player was offered. Since the new HiHy is much bigger it is hard to compare apples to apples but it seems to more or less be a 'rate of inflation' increase. (In dollars, in yen the price has dropped dramatically).
  • monte8monte8 Posts: 75
    I agree. I have been waiting for the details of options, colors, prices, etc. hoping I could afford one. I inherited some money this spring, so I was planning on moving up a couple of steps, but this is nuts.

    A HH basic, no leather and only a few options is over $40K and it only comes in ugly colors. I will have to set my sights lower.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    I was somewhat interested in this vehicle, but I think I will move on at these prices. You can get more luxury, or more performance, or more room, or better fuel economy - whatever you're looking for - for less money. We'll see where the "real world" prices end up after the initial hype goes away.
  • Just received notice from my dealer in So. Cal. that my HH is due to arrive at the dealer some time next week. He actually faxed me the vehicle report, which shows the detailed explanation of the vehicle, options, prices, and the residual values (I'm planning to lease). Pricing is exactly as is now shown on the Toyota site (price your vehicle), which apparantly went live with the HH pricing in the last few days. One odd entry is that the car is shown having an interior color of LB40 Oak, but in all the other literature, it's designated Sand Beige.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "A HH basic, no leather and only a few options is over $40K and it only comes in ugly colors. I will have to set my sights lower"

    Take a look at the Ford Escape Hybrid, they are under 30K.
  • These prices are definitely beyond ridiculous. A Lexus 400h is about the same price! Anyway has anyone been able to get their new 08 HH below MSRP? And how long do you think before it will be negotiable? My guess is at least a few months. I'm looking to buy a midsize crossover/suv before the end of the year. Before i saw the absurd prices, the hh was near the top of my list. Now, i'm thinking twice. The mdx and volvo xc90 are near the top now. Any help would be great.
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