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Mazda3 Maintenance & Repair



  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    My garage floor is flat -

    A few months ago my engine started as soon as I turned the key - today while starting my engine for the first time I counted - one one thousand - two one thousand bla bla bla and got to five one thousand before the engine finally started. Per Mazda standard as long as your car starts in LESS THAN 10 SECONDS it is within spec.

    10 seconds may not sound like a long time for some things - but to start an engine it is a very long time.

    This is from a Mazda TSB "some vehicles may experience an engine with hard starting (cranks but takes 10 seconds or longer to start). The condition is more likely after vehicle sits overnight or for an extended time. Rough idle may occur just after the engine is started."

    I hope my dealer doesn't think 10 seconds to start a car is normal - I do not - even if it is only on the first start up each day. This is just another example of Mazda setting the bar so low that even the cars with defects still pass the test. Just like the 52 degree AC vent temp standard.
  • eagle2aeagle2a Posts: 97
    Hello: I am new to this forum. After doing some research regarding automobiles it seems is the most comprehensive of web sites.

    I have not purchased a new car in 14 years. I currently on a 92 Honda Accord and have been quite satisfied with it. However Honda has become quite independent in our city and wants to put potential customers on a waiting list and charges full MSRP! At this point in time I am thinking about a Toyota Camry,Toyota Corolla, and a Mazda3.

    However, I have become quite concerned about the Mazda3 after reading this thread. I live in Oklahoma and it gets quite hot in the summertime. Common temperatures in July and August can reach into the 100+ degree Fahrenheit range. So all of the comments about the Mazda3 air-conditioning problems concerns me greatly, as well as the other difficulties that this automobile seems to be having.

    Does anyone know if these problems have been resolved for the new 2006 Mazda3?

    Thank you for your response.

  • sidruidsidruid Posts: 8
    I asked this question less than a week ago, after reading many pages of comments here. No answer has yet arrived.

    I did, however, focus on this during a test drive this past week, and this is what i found out:
    The Grand Touring's AC has fancier (automatic temperature) controls, but under the hood it is the same unit.
    The Touring took a long time to /warm up/ the car, which was of course the first thing i needed to do to test the ac. The AC then came on relatively quick but the fan was weak even at full speed. The car did indeed cool down, and living in NY I probably would find it sufficient. However, it certainly wasn't the arctic blast i can get out of my Ford, and it's very clear that everyone's impression of the mazda AC differs.

    I also drove a civic the same night and found it's AC to be only nominally better. Heck, it may even be that some of the MPG guarantees are kept in place by an underpowered AC. I do wish a few other folks would weigh in on this with 2006 M3 specifics.
  • eagle2aeagle2a Posts: 97
    I am disappointed also sidruid that more people are not responding to these questions about the Mazda3. They are very important questions that certainly gives a potential new customer pause.

    I am not going to spend my money for a new automobile that has these kinds of difficulties. It's interesting to note that I went to the MazdaUSA web site and tried to send them an e-mail asking them if this air-conditioning problem had been fixed on their newest automobiles. I was not able to send it because of the way the web site was set up. It wanted my VIN number even though there was a place just above this question that ask me whether or not I was a Mazda owner. I said "No" but the web site still wanted a VIN number. I gave up in disgust and came back to and registered so I could post my question here.

    It just seems that Mazda has some problems that it is failing to address. I noticed one poster had previously suggested that he had trepidations when Ford bought into Mazda. When I was looking at the Mazda3 I mentioned to the salesman that I had heard Ford bought Mazda. He very quickly corrected me and said that they had only purchased one-third of the company. Evidently this was enough to screw them up.

    In any event it doesn't look like I will be buying a Mazda.
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    Good decision try mazda3forums
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    Try testing the cars A/C when the temp is over 80F or higher. Make sure it is a sunny day,try and drive it facing the sun so you get the sun hitting the dash. The jury is still out on the A/C issue. I have a 05 and in stop and go traffic on a very hot sunny day the A/C truely sucks. On the highway at high speed it is OK. So if a lot of your driving to and back from work etc is stop and go than you may not be when you do your test drive sit in the car, idling with the A/C on in the sun for a few minutes, drive a few minutes and stop for a few minutes and see how the A/C works.
  • Is anyone else experiencing problems with their stock 2006 Mazda 3 Sedan CD player?

    My CD player will spit CD's out over the smallest bumps, it will spit out a CD out when parked if the interior gets hot and now won't eject a CD.

    Just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem.
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    Mine is a 05 with a single disc but I have heard on other forums that som are having problems with the 06 CD 6 disc player.
  • mryummryum Posts: 12
    To those inquiring about the current A/C status.

    My fiance' and I recently purchased an 06 3s sedan. Having read these forums and others, A/C was one of the top things on my list to really check out. I did all the test drives on hot, humid, sunny days (90+ degrees).

    After driving two 3i's, both seemed to have adequate A/C. That said, the 3s we ended up buying seems not only completely satisfactory, but slightly better than the 3i's. This slight, yet appreciable difference may be attributable to the dark tint the dealer installed on our car. Actually, I think it cools as well as the A/C in my 02 Chevy Avalanche.

    My fiance' uses the 3 as her commute car, driving roughly 80 miles/daily in the hot Florida sun. It does get rather warm and steamy in this neck of the woods, and she's completely satisfied with the A/C in this car.

    Today, I needed to move the car. Given that it's not quite broken in yet, I don't just start it and move it. I actually drive it far enough to let the engine fully warm up. So, I started the car...rolled down the front windows and gave it a minute or so to come down to idle speed. Then, I turned the fan speed to 3 also turning on the A/C compressor. Backed the car out of the driveway and headed down our street. Rolled up the windows about 100 feet from our house, immediately feeling the air chill down coming out of the vents. By the end of our street (about half a mile), I turned the fan speed down to 2 and was quite comfortable. Oh, today was about 94 degrees and extremely humid...though not very sunny.

    Bottom line is definitely drive the car on a hot day to ensure the one you buy is working well. If you end up buying a car other than the one you test drive, insist on driving the car you plan to actually buy before closing the deal. I know some folks have had problems with their A/C, but just wanted to let those considering a 3 know that not ALL 3's have A/C problems. We're absolutely thrilled with this car :shades:
  • eagle2aeagle2a Posts: 97
    Thank you mryum for responding about the AC problem. I am glad your 3 has good air. But it's it sad a potential buyer should have to go through the drill you suggests to make sure they're going to get an auto with good air-conditioning? Especially since this is the year 2006, and air-conditioning in automobiles has been a standard feature for at least the last 30 years.

    I just cannot feel comfortable with an automobile manufacturing company who has had these kinds of problems for as long as the posters on this forum indicate. With this kind of approach to manufacturing one has to wonder what other factors are going to rear their ugly head after you have put down your cash money on the table and signed a deal.

    I was quite impressed with the 3 that I drove. I think Mazda has done a commendable job of combining drivability, comfort, and economy in a very nice package. But dependability, reliability, and longevity are also extremely important to me. At my stage of life, I am in my late '60s,I have had all the problems I want to face. I am not looking for any new challenges. Certainly not when I'm going to have to lay out this kind of money.

    I notice in reading the Honda forum that some officials from the Honda motor Co. seem to be posting in response to some of the members. You would think by now that someone from Mazda would have read these derogatory posts about their air-conditioning problem and would have responded in this form.

    It is quite sad at this point in automobile evolution that companies as large as Mazda and Ford are not paying attention to real live everyday people who are using their products!

    Just my point of view.

    Again, thank you for responding. Enjoy your new Mazda.
  • mryummryum Posts: 12
    Completely understand your concerns and your point of view Eagle. It was reading these forums that prompted me to really thoroughly check out the potential candidates. And again, ALL the 3's I drove had fully adequate A/C here in hot sticky Florida.

    That said, any car company can have some bad cars. I've owned 40+ cars over the years, with about half of those being purchased new. And yes, I've had more than my share of problems with new's always a risk. So, all one can do is really do their homework before purchasing. And if problems do arise, work reasonably with the dealer/manufacturer to rectify those problems.

    For example, I had one new Jeep where the dealer gave me his own demo to replace my problem car. And another Jeep that Chrysler kicked in a $3k voucher so that I could get a new car without anything out of pocket. Both those Jeeps were a major pain, but I did reach resolution in the end by working with the dealer/reps.

    And sometimes it comes down to pure numbers. From the research I did, there were vastly more people absolutely thrilled with these cars than there were people complaining about a/c problems. I sincerely mean no dis-respect to anyone on these forums. But, some people also have un-realistic expectations and are therefore virtually impossible to please.

    Just some food for thought. All the best to you in your quest for new wheels.
  • sidruidsidruid Posts: 8
    Thanks for the thorough walkthrough. It's good to know that the M3's AC can function, we just need to be vigilant at the dealership.
  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 277
    I think you're missing an important point of what has been discussed to death: Mazda3 GT's with auto climate control's ARE FINE but those without auto climate control are not. If you are not driving or road testing other 3 models than you will find that the A/C is ok with the GT.
  • mryummryum Posts: 12
    Actually, the two 3i sedans that I drove were both touring models.

    The car I purchased is a base 3s sedan, which comes so well equipped, the only added options I needed were the 5 speed auto and side air bags/curtains.

    None of these cars had the auto climate control and the A/C performed fine in our wonderful Florida heat. I don't doubt that there were and possibly still are some cars out there with A/C problems. I'm simply providing a counterpoint that not ALL 3's have inadequate A/C.

    Frankly, I'm so pleased with this car...I just think it would be a shame if someone eliminates this fine automobile from their list based solely on 'possible' A/C issues. Like any other new car purchase, one needs to do their research. Then, thoroughly test drive and check out the actual car they will be taking home. As we all know, ANY new car has the potential to be problematic.

    I had one particular German car several years ago that spent the last year and a half of its lease sitting in my garage. It was out of warranty and it seemed as though every time I drove it, something else would break. The car was obscenely expensive to work on and was so upside down in the lease, I was unable to sell it. Believe me, I can relate to purchasing a problem car.

    Out of curiousity, has anyone deduced if this A/C issue is specific to the hatch? Just wondering if perhaps interior volume could be playing a role.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    The auto climate control does nothing to increase AC capacity - this is just not reality.

    Some cars with auto climate control have good AC - some cars without auto climate control also have good AC.

    BUT some cars with auto climate control have weak AC as do some without auto climate control.

    If auto climate control solved the problem why do some cars with it HAVE the defect?

    The capacity of an AC system is determined by the compressor, condenser and evaperator not by the way the thing is turned on and off.

    These major components are the same in both systems (auto or manual).

    If you are lucky and get a Mazda3 with a good AC system thats great - but if you get stuck with a weak AC then Mazda will do nothing to solve the problem.

    It does not depend on who your dealer is - because NO dealership has ever fixed a Mazda3 that has the weak AC system. If they have then someone please post what they did to fix the problem.
  • richmlrichml Posts: 156
    Take one for a test drive on a hot, sunny, humid day and make your own decision.

    I love these forums, but if you read too many of these posts you'll end up buying a cart w/donkey to get around - plenty of fresh, aromatic air!
  • eagle2aeagle2a Posts: 97
    After all this talk about the problem with the Mazda3 A/C, I would have thought that Mazda would have had someone respond on these forums about this A/C issue.

    If you want to see how a company does it right, when they have a manufacturing defect, go to this forum post and get a taste of real customer relations from Toyota.
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    Have to agree with you. I also been in the Toyota Camry forum. Apparently the v6, 6 speed tranny is having it share of problems. And yes a rep from Toyota has frequently posted. That is how you do business with your customers. Are you listening Mazda-Ford..
  • mryummryum Posts: 12
    In reading that thread, it would appear that they're discussing a significant safety issue. And one that is in fact leaving owners of their flagship model stranded. Completely different than underperforming A/C in some cars.

    But hey, I really didn't come here to revive or debate the A/C issue. My sole purpose was to provide a counterpoint for those considering purchasing this awesome little machine. I drove 3 cars, the A/C in all threee performed acceptably.

    Frankly, I'm thrilled that Mazda has brought this much car to the market in this price range :)
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    I think most on this thread would agree that the Mazda3 has many positive features - after all majority of the posts are either from people who have purchased one - or are at least thinking about buying one. But -

    I would rather have my tranny go out (VS having a weak AC) - 100% complete tranny failure would be better - at least then I would have a pretty good chance that Mazda would fix the car. It would be hard for anyone - even Mazda to say that a car that will not move because of a failed tranny is operating within spec.

    If you don't think the AC is a real problem they try this test - next time its over 90 degrees outside turn your AC off (you can still use the fan) and see how much fun it is to sweat while you drive - for added impact you should keep the windows up - having 3 or 4 other people in the car with you is also a good idea. Let me know how that works out.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    I would have thought that Mazda would have had someone respond on these forums about this A/C issue. If you want to see how a company does it right, when they have a manufacturing defect, go to this forum post and get a taste of real customer relations from Toyota.

    Interesting. It appears that Toyota Motor Sales USA is providing a new avenue of support via services like Edmunds. The purpose appears to be a communication exercise to ensure information to current and potential clients is distributed broadly. I believe TMSUSA does not do this across the board but for this special case only. From what I've read here, Mazda is treating complaints the way most manufacturers (including Toyota) have done in the past: report your problem to an authorized dealer and, if not resolved, escalate to corporate headquarters. The fact that some consumers are not satisfied with the results is problematic but not completely surprising; that said, it is important that the manufacturer provide reasonable support for their products.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    This is the way it works at Mazda.

    You take your car into the dealer and tell them the AC is weak. They check it out - tell you its operating within the Mazda spec.

    So you call Mazda customer service - they tell you that the dealership is responsible for deciding if a problem exists.

    So you go back to the dealership - they tell you that repairs to the AC system are not being approved by Mazda (corporate) - so their is nothing they can do. If I want to complain it should be directed at Mazda customer service.

    After going through this - what I consider a run around - I sent Mazda customer service an E-mail and ask the what I should do next - the answer I got (per an E-mail) was GO SEE YOUR STATES ATTORNEY GENERAL!

    When I tried to send a response my E-mail came back undelivered - my E-mail address had been blocked by Mazda customer service.

    I was not being nasty or even rude with them. I just detailed out everything I had done to solve the problem - detailed out the dates I had made trips to the dealership - the dates I had talked with Mazda customer service and the previous E-mails I had sent.
  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 277
    And Bill, the loyal Mazda followers could/would easily post a rebuttal saying none of this actually happened.

    Mazda's attitude does suck and even now when the dealer tells me that they *may* have some kind of a fix for the A/C issue we all are having, Mazda headoffice including the senior customer service managers/reps are going on record saying that "they never heard of any A/C problem" with the Mazda3 except of the diffuser plate issue.

    Mazda's philosphy is NEVER admit any liability if there is something wrong with your car unless they have a fix already in place to correct it.

    To some, driving a Mazda is more important than the vehicle's reliability and the company standing by their product; afterall, it's the *fun* factor that outweighs all the problems or liklihood of problems with the juvenile an attitude is that?
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    No one complains about a product that is not problematic; neither do we complain about the "likelihood" of a problem that we have not experienced. So, talking about the "fun" you're having with your problem-free car seems perfectly reasonable and not "juvenile".

    We all realize that everything from any company is not perfect. Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Mazda, etc. have all had issues. That does not mean all their products are problematic. In fact, all of these have scored well in Consumer Reports extensive polling of vehicle reliability. The Mazda3 has been rated by CR for several years as a reliable vehicle not a perfect vehicle.

    On the other hand, service is an issue if the company does not respond when a problem is identified. We all want companies to do the right thing, if not, they will lose our trust and therefore our business.
  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 277
    I don't buy what Consumer Reports writes and neither do those who have the problems with the Mazda3's. It seems that only some folk here on Edmunds are weighing heavily on the ratings of CR while many in other forums are in disagreement with CR.

    And as far as ratings go, the ones done by JD Powers has in ALL of my experiences been completely accurate. FYI, JD Powers ratings are less favorable in rating the Mazda3.

    If people want to believe Mazda is a fun and reliable car to drive, and the fun factor takes precedence then that's their right. However, I know better and so do many others. I also know there is no such thing as Santa Clause despite what I have been told. ;)

    Nuff said on the subject.
  • sidruidsidruid Posts: 8
    JD Powers, btw, is based exclusively on buyer's perception, per their definition of their Power Circles.

    Furthermore, since people only rate one car, the cross-model indicators aren't accurate. Also, you'll find interesting results on many cars. Try comparing the Toyota Corolla ES, Honda Civic 06 LX, Mazda 3 S and Subaru Impreza wagon. You'll be amazed at people's perception of "performance," in particular.

    JDP is the textbook example of "Your mileage may vary."
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I don't buy what Consumer Reports writes and neither do those who have the problems with the Mazda3's.

    yeah, they make it all up to sell magazines. They really knew the car wasnt any good but mazda must have paid them to write good things about the car.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    yeah, they make it all up to sell magazines. They really knew the car wasnt any good but mazda must have paid them to write good things about the car.

    ... and the only people who fill out Consumer Reports polls belong to Mazda dealerships and they vote with hanging chads ... :P
  • adzam3adzam3 Posts: 3
    The Car Wasn't any good? Ha, these websites get the most posting from those that have problems. I posted here about the air conditioner in my particular Mazda 3 being below standards. Since R134 started being used those standards are slightly lower in most new cars. Sure I would like it to work better, but the rest of the Car? In my opinion the Mazda 3 outhandles almost any other car in its class. More for your money than Honda or Toyota. I made an informed decision when I bought it, I only expected a high performing A/C and didn't find out till later it wasn't. No other complaints here.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    Its not the R-134a that is the problem - go look at the tag on your refrigerator - it also uses R-134a. My freezer is -10 degrees.
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