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Mazda3 Maintenance & Repair



  • Has anyone had a Power Steering Pump Mounting Damper, Mazda part # BP4L-32-603B installed on the 3 to help reduce pump whine ? If so, what was your results? Did it help? It's only $51 bucks.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    I noticed the dent

    This is alarming (pardon the pun). It appears you did not have an alarm until after this occurred unlike the previous poster (jhindson (Oct 24, 2006 6:30 pm) who seems to have had his alarm disabled.

    p.s. Aren't most Mazdas equipped now with an engine immobilizer which prevents thieves from driving off with the car? This is no consolation for a damaged vehicle, but it may reduce the amount of damage.
  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 277
    Hmm. Verryy interesting. Are these trailer parkers actually stealing the 3's or just vanadalizing them?

    Dont expect any recall of anything from Mazda. I mean, has Honda recalled their cars because their car is the No.1 broken into vehicle?

    What has happened to me and many other 3 owners is that the lock cylinder is jimmied with a screwdriver. This has happened 2x with me, once without and once with an alarm. The latter the $@! got scared off.

    Mazda needs to do what the German automakers have done is to have create a cylinder plug where you no longer can insert a key or screwdrive in the door lock and open the door. The only way you could break-in is to break the window. Apparently, neither the rear driver door lock handle assembly is interchangable with the driver's.
  • Here is a link to the actual TSB that was posted in July of this year. I would think if you took this TSB number to the Dealership c/w detailed instructions on how to reprogram PCM you might have a fix. Time will tell I guess.

    TSB 01-019/06
  • thanks!
    the TSB calls for MPVs though...i'm sure they'll use that as an excuse to why it doesnt fix the problem. since my last fix in august, no staling problems...but i realy am workinh on my temperature/humidity theory, so the verdict is still out, at least til summer hits home again.
  • I own a 2004 Mazda 3s HB. Have you heard of break-ins for this model?
  • What was the TSB fix and did it work?
  • I have an 04 MZ3 and just recently I notice a strange rubbing noise when turning steering wheel while parking.

    Sounds like the noise tires will sometimes make when driving slowly thru a parking garage that has a slick surface.

    Car has only 13,000 miles and tires are fine. Maybe the noise is coming from somewhere else, possibly from under hood, but it seems to be from outside. Don't notice it at highway speeds, just when parking.

    Other than a weak A/C when the temp is 90 or higher, car is fine.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Try getting someone to stand beside your car as you steer to see if you can pinpoint from where the sound is coming and then check the area for anything visible creating the problem. OR, bring it into the shop for an inspection.

    Last year, I had a funny experience with an odd sound emanating from my tires. I started hearing the sound after I had my snow tires installed that year. At first I thought, my winter tires were rubbing against the car; but that did not make sense because they did not make that sound the previous year. The sound was especially loud when turning. When I brought it into my Mazda shop for its regular servicing I asked the technician to check it. "Ok, will do". When I got the car back, the rep explained that the noise was caused by my new cheap plastic hubcaps which were flexing against the tires. The solution: grease. As I drove out I heard the noise again, whipped into the back and had them dab a bit more and presto: silence. Hope something similar happens in your case, Roger.
  • 2004 3 2.3L 5 door. 42,000 miles 8,000 left on warranty and I threw a rod during my normal commute. Has anyone else heard of this? Normally then protege engine is sturdy. I have been hounded for my maintenance receipts, but I do it all myself. I have access to lifts/tools at work . I was just wondering if anyone else has busted their block.
  • Hi....Did you ever get your steering problem sorted out?..I have a 2007 Mazda 3S that feels loose in the steering also. I took it back to the dealer and they said everything was to the specs. I don't believe it though. Many thanks.
  • Hi, I wanted to do my own oil changes in my Mazda3. I got a floor jack a few days ago but the manual doesn't show the jacking points (other than those for the spare tire's scissor jack). I was wondering if anyone knew the spot to raise the front. I guess I'd like to know the jacking point for the rear as well. Thanks so much!

    Also, is there a reason why the 2.3L engine has a cartridge type oil filter?
  • I own a 2006 Mazda3 s Sedan. When I turn the wheels, I always hear a wheezing/"weeeeee" noise. Is that normal or is something wrong? I don't remember if I had that noise when I first bought the vehicle - I might have or perhaps soon after I bought it. My fluid levels are at MAX and it doesn't feel any different. Any ideas? Thanks
  • Probably the "electric" power steering pump. I've had my 2007 3 about a month now and the pumps whined ever since new. I think they all do to some degree. There's a service bulletin (06-002-04) for a modified mounting bracket (BP4L-32-603B) thats susposed to help but I don't know if anyone's ever tryed it.
  • Are you hearing this "Whine" in the cabin? I am thinking about taking it to my dealer and seeing what they will do. It freaked me out the first time I heard it because this was the only time that I turned off my car without the radio being on and I heard the "Whine" die out.

    Have you talked to the dealership about this yet?
  • Yes, I hear it pretty loud from inside the car. Very annoying. I'm going to be takeing it to the dealership for this next week, plus, my 3 has now developed this loud bumping & knocking sound from the left front suspension system any time I roll over any small imperfection in the road. I'm a "conservative" driver with only 780 miles on my car since new.
  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 277
    There is a TSB on a creaking noise over bumps on the road. I havent heard of a bulletin on a bumping or knocking sound though.
  • It sounds like the whole left front suspension has come loose and is banging around up there. Holding a little pressure on the brakes while going over a bump seems to dampen the noise a little but it still "bumps" and "knocks". I jacked up the left front and removed the wheel just to look around. Everything seems snug and in order including the brake assembly and brake pads. Its likely to be a defective strut assembly. I've heard of this problem on other cars.

    Actually, I'm not all that upset about this suspension problem because I know it can be remedied. However, the whining, whizzing, buzzing, humming power steering pump motor is another issue altogether. After reading all the complaints about this pump noise with no resolution and no design change for 2007, I guess I'm just going to have to learn to live with it. I'm 66 years old, and my initial satisfaction with this purchase has rapidly changed from a big smile to a pucker factor of 8. I'm not quite ready to say out loud what's going through my mind, but If these little aggrivations continue to crop up and I ever get a hassle from the Dealership, it's outa here! Might go get a Chevy, or a Ford! Just kidding!!!
  • 32543254 Posts: 1
    To comment on making onboard diagnostics available to the consumer, I had this feature on my 1985 Toyota Cressida with digital display, so I am in total agreement with you. Sadly, we may not see this again because the automotive industry have made us more and more reliant on returning to the dealer to solve our problems. I am afraid the backyard mechnic is almost dead.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    I have looked for a point to put a floor jack in the front of the Mazda3 and could never see a place that looked strong enough to lift the whole front end at one time. Hard to even see where a jack stand could go.

    I can lift one side (both front and rear tires at the same time) of the car with a floor jack. I do this when I rotate the tires. I take a 2X4 that is about 30 inches long and place it under the side of the car - if you look close you will see a lip just under the edge of the car where a 2X4 fits great. I place the jack in the middle of the board - right under the point where the front and rear doors meet - - it helps distribute the weight and prevents any damage to the underside of the car.

    If I was going to do my own oil changes I would buy a set of ramps (Walmart has them for about $30) then you can just drive up on them and lift the front end. Seems safer than a jack. NEVER GO UNDER A CAR THAT IS ONLY BEING HELD UP BY A JACK!!
  • And when I returned my 3 to the dealer to solve my whining power steering pump problem, I was told "we don't hear anything unusual, you don't have a problem everything is working fine".
  • They're replacing the left front strut today but said the whining power steering pump was fine. If I decide to keep this machine, as soon as the warranty is up I'm gonna get me a couple cans of that expanding foam insulation from Home Depot and squirt that sucker down real good!
  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 277
    For those that have the $$$ they can buy and carry a error code reader in their car for their vehicle. So, when the engine light goes on, you just connect the reader to the interface so it reads the code.

    I am sure you can get a reader for our Mazda3 from Pepboys or other auto parts stores.
  • OK, so I bought this 2004 Mazda 3 Hatchback 2.3L, 30,000 miles on the odo, still under warranty. Very nice, fun to drive. Now, reality sets in:

    * Gets bad gas mileage (estimate 14~15mpg, city driving, not leadfoot) No gas leaks, runs fine.
    * Has a steering noise, kind of a clicking when turning. Almost sounds like something is rubbing against a rubber boot. At first I thought this was inside dash noise, now not so sure.

    Anyone had similar problems, and possible solutions?

    From reading this forum, it seems like getting the oil changed at Jiffy Lube is a bad idea. A special tool is required to properly secure the oil filter.

    Also, it seems like folks generally have bad luck with warranty repairs from the dealers. However, everyone seems to agree this is fun car to drive.

    Thanks for any advice/comments.
  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 277
    Newbie, it seems that some folk, myself being one of them bought a Mazda that just sucks gas. Nobody knows why.

    Apparently, there is a PCM (computer update) for some models (2005 for sure) to help with the lousy gas mileage but it is of no help. It's like the A/C issue in 2004-early 2006 models without auto climate control but the gas mileage is much more random than the A/C issue.

    The clickin noise should be looked at by the could be your CV joint or ???
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    What month was your Mazda built?

    You can look at the drivers side door frame it will give a month and year -just hope its not 10 2003.

    My local dealer raised the price on an oil change - they now want almost $30 - but I would never use Jiffy Lube. Not worth it.
  • how do u notice the dent? did the thieves actually drive off with your car or did they just dent it to get in? i know most cars have a sort of engine immobilizer (like the new truck), but something should be done about the system if thieves know their way in that easily. if they dont, i could just imagine how insurance prices are gonna sky rocket for M3s...not to mention they will knock off honda from the "most stollen car" title. im really starting to get discouraged with mazda! :(
  • Mine was built 06/04. What is so bad about one built 10/03?
  • No, not a CV joint. The noise occurs without the drive wheels moving, just when the steering wheel turns. There seems to be a TSB on this. I plan to go to the dealer with a list of TSBs that may be related to my complaints.

  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    I own a 2004 Mazda3 with a 10 2003 build month. I have had many many problems - weak AC, hard shifty auto tranny, grinding rear brakes, thumping front suspension, check engine light that was always coming on, stalling / hard to start engine (defective fuel pump) - defective power window - from my Unscientific poll - many other owners with this build month also have had numerous problems.

    The real issue was not even all the defects - it was that Mazda would not fix them - I got so sick of the - its operating as designed - its normal - but then a year later a TSB would come out that was my EXACT problem. So I would take it in and get it fixed. I am glad I stuck with it now - all the defects (except the weak AC) have been resolved. I did some work on the AC system myself and it works somewhat better as long as the temp is below 90.

    We bought the car on my daughter's 15th B-day - she learned to drive in it - my wife and I drove it around town for the first couple years & when my daughter turned 17 she took it over as "her" car. She still lets me drive it once in a while - like to the gas station!

    Even though I had more than my share of problems with the Mazda3 - I still do not regret buying it - it is a good car for a young driver - GREAT brakes, side & side curtain air bags, very easy to drive & park, limited blind spots - and finally it is a car she really likes and its fun to drive.

    She turns 18 at the end of the month - the Mazda3 will have 1 year of warranty left - I am already thinking about getting rid of it before the warranty expires - but when I ask her what car she would like to have when she goes off to college - she says - I like my Mazda. So I am faced with keeping it past warranty (it only was 25.5K miles on it) or trading it in on another Mazda3 - something I have said many times I would never do (buy another Mazda). Only time will tell - if the next year is problem free I may just stick a new battery in it and let her take it to college.
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