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2013 and Earlier - Mazda3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 10,196
    Is it SOP for dealers to charge you the labor cost to add options onto the car you want buy?

    Yes, but it is something that you can negotiate. You can also do what I do; buy the accessory from an on-line Mazda dealer and install the part yourself.

    Mine: 1995 318ti Club Sport / 2014 M235i / 1999 Wrangler / 1996 Speed Triple Challenge Cup Replica Wife's: 2016 i3 REX/2009 Cooper Clubman Son's: 2009 328i

  • Here in Chicago, the best price I am able to muster is $21,879 for Sport (no options). It was $21,900 for the longest time (no dealership wanted to go below this). But I found one who said he can sell at inv, but "slipped" and said it was $21879.

    Now, I read someone said that inv for MS3 Sport is actually $214xxx? If so, that is still way above INV, but it seems that MS3s are hard to negotiate on.

    I wanted to get the mirror with compass, and that tacks on $160 ($200 MSRP). With the Homelink mirror with compass, it's $250 ($275 MSRP).

    I'm also asking to get the 2008.5, which have two colors (Gray and White) which replaces Blue Mica and Silver. The 8.5 now plays MP3s as well have a black center console instead of the grayish silver on current 2008s. 8.5 are in production in Janurary 2008, so if my dealer puts in the order now, they will build it, and I will get it around March.

    Anyone able to get the price lower than $21,879 USD?

    PS: I was able to get a quote for a Civic Si (base) for $20,005.09 :) Nice car, but I still like the MS3 better... more power, more space.
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    Here in Chicago, the best price I am able to muster is $21,879 for Sport (no options). It was $21,900 for the longest time (no dealership wanted to go below this). But I found one who said he can sell at inv, but "slipped" and said it was $21879.

    I just might buy the car outside of my area. They claim invoice is only $300 more than what they are quoting me. Edmunds backs this up but if this is true then they are only making $900 over invoice which Edmunds claims is $21,493. I guess it's tough to get a good deal on some cars especially if they are rare.
    I'd like to pay $21,000 even but doesn't look like it's going to happen. They don't sell very many of the MS3's and they don't discount them much.
    There is nothing else in the pipeline that I want to buy so I guess the dealer will make a few more bucks from me.
    I'll probably trade it in if something I like better comes out in 2010 or 20011.
    The dealers here claim it's there best price and will not lower it so either I buy out of Sate which is a hassle at this point but $21,879 would be a better deal and I'd probably buy it.
    I thought the Speed3 wasn't available in White?
    Any idea when that is coming out as I really like the look of the car in White over Red and Silver.
  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 10,196
    I thought the Speed3 wasn't available in White?
    Any idea when that is coming out as I really like the look of the car in White over Red and Silver.

    Here is the straight scoop.

    Personally, I'd like to be able to get white with the interior from the Australian Mazda 3 MPS Extreme.

    Mine: 1995 318ti Club Sport / 2014 M235i / 1999 Wrangler / 1996 Speed Triple Challenge Cup Replica Wife's: 2016 i3 REX/2009 Cooper Clubman Son's: 2009 328i

  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    I thought the Speed3 wasn't available in White?
    Any idea when that is coming out as I really like the look of the car in White over Red and Silver.
    Here is the straight scoop.

    I see tha White was added but it doesn't say it was added to the Mazdaspeed3. Looks like it won't hit the dealers until Feb or later and I have to buy a car 1st week of January.
  • I'm in New Jersey heres the best quote I've gotten for a Speed 3 sport

    "Ok for the remainder of this week!
    We're offering on Either Red, Black, Silver Sport Mazda Speed3
    which MSPR is 22975.00
    we can do a best price of 21500.00 on any in stock mazda speed 3's!
    that 21500 includes destination "

    This is from Crystal Automall.

    Dont think just because its a speed 3 that you cant negotiate.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,329
    Wow.. $1500 off?

    Not bad for 268 hp..


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  • Just an FYI...
    I just got a 2008 Mazda3 I Touring with Moonroof/Foglights/6 disc etc...
    39 month lease
    10,500 annual miles
    0 down sign and drive
    $1,000 trade equity
    $246 a month taxes included in payment.

    Woodhouse Mazda Omaha Nebraska
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    I've tried but they gave me their final quotes. here is what they said.

    The lowest priced Mazda Speed3 we have lists for $23,105.00 (MSRP).........
    Invoice is $21,914.00 .......Your Cost = $22,214.00 ($300 over Invoice) + $199 Doc fee.
    Hope this helps.......let me know.

    The other place said

    The MSRP of this car is $22,975.
    We can sell this car for just $22,112.26. Let me know when you're back and we'll do what we can for you.

    Hi again, It doesn't pay for me to send a less-than-best price and then lower it later.
    You have the price at which I will sell the car, make a small but fair profit, and be competitive with other dealers in my area.
    Good luck on your search,

    So no additional negotiating in my area. I guess they figure it's better to max their profits than sell a car. I'd have to take a bus to New Jersey to buy a car there and getting it back would be a nightmare the way my State requires you to register the car first, no temp plates.
    I'll keep looking but My Subie is pretty much ready to be towed away. I dread driving it because anything that breaks on it now is really going to cost me.
    Most dealers in my area don't really offer decent prices. They'll let you walk away and just don't care.
  • 21500 is a good price! That's 379 lower than my best. But I guess I will pony up because I don't want to go too far.

    Anyways, how about Doc and title fees?

    My dealer stated that doc fees are not negotiable because of law (?). How do I get in touch with the Attorney General to find out if this is true?

    Doc Fee is $150
    License Plate Fee is $160
    Drive Off is $15 (Claims it is Cook County tax)

    Now, I checked IL's DMV site and they say that Registration for new vehicle is (License Plates included) is $78, while new Title is $65. Total is $143, so they are sneaking a few bucks in.

    Doc fee seems a bit high as well, as I read some people giving advice not to pay more than $50 for this. Basically the fee for the dealer to go and file the paperwork with the state.

    The "Drive Off" sounds suspicious, but when asked, he claims that it was a Cook County Tax. On actual paperwork, if I don't see it say "Cook County Tax" (if it actually says Drive Off" I'll ask him to re-label it or he can just foot the minor $15 himself to finish off the sale, or I walk away over the $15.

    This way, I have some recourse if I find out it was just a lie to get more money. Probably not legally (since it's 15 bucks, its not worth it), but at least I can put them on the news and have a reporter get some answer for "the curious public".
  • Good deal til you exceed the annual miles and turn it in. All better hope you dont have any car damage as well.
  • im looking for a base (Manual, no moonroof/bose, etc) Grand Touring Sedan 5spd in the north Texas area. Edmunds says invoice is about $19,300 with destination. Ive been as low as a $19,500 offer... after tax/title in texas it comes out to about $21k... i would really like to get below invoice before TTL if possible.... it kinda makes me sad that some of you guys are getting speed3's for 22k ish
  • I'm looking for a Mazda 3 manual (i touring) for my brother in law. we ave test driven and were quotes "about 16,000" (I'll assume this is NOT an OTd price. we were just test driving a few cars (mazda was first on the stop of mazda, honda, toyota and hyundai, mazda was the winner)

    now I'm looking for the best deal, from what edmunds says, invoice is only a few hundred under MSRP (16,225 + 595 destination fee MSRP vs 15,552 plus 595 dest. fee for invoice)

    when we looked at the car the salesmen said ti was fully for sirius radio, "all you need to do is call and activate it" when I looked on their site, for that price, it STILL requires a 500 dollar optional module installed for it to work. (this is pretty snake oil salesmen ploy in my opinion by Mazda, don't call a car "Sirius compatible" if it STILL requires an add-on to play sirius.

    what sort of deal can I get? I know I'm going to hold that salesmen to his promise of "just call up sirius and activate it" so if it costs the dealer an extra 500, thats out of their pocket, not mine.

    also noticed ABS is NOT included (this sort of suprised me).

    the Manual is tough to find, so I'd be looking at this car with the sirius added, OTD price? what should I be looking at? we live in RI (7% tax) so a 15,800 sale price (invoice) nets an approx 1,100 sales tax. (16,900 total before any dealer fees) is this as LOW as I can get? I figure with the new year coming up I have some sort of leverage. am I wrong?

  • $24,068 is what I am paying OTD.

    22,039 (base +160 for autodimming mirror with compass)
    150 for Doc fee
    105 to transfer plates
    7.75% for tax
    167 for Cook county tax
    15 for another cook county tax (wtf???)

    I tried to negotiate on the doc fee, but they won't budge, even thought their own paper says this is an unofficial fee, and that the MAX they can charge is 150, so it is definately negotiable.

    I put down 500 so that they can build it from factory. I'm waiting for the jan 2008 production so I can get the 2008.5 Metro Gray Mica color, along with the MP3 CD player and black center console.

    How did I do?
  • Well I am glad to see that you know my driving habits. You say it is a good deal until I turn it in and go over my miles...well my last lease was 24 months and I had 19000 miles on the car. I obviously took my miles into consideration. Oh and also, thanks for telling me not to wreck it or I would have to pay for it...I would have never figured that out on my own. Sounds like someone has the same car for $340 a month and feels a bit of buyers remorse!!! lol
  • >>My dealer stated that doc fees are not negotiable because of law (?).

    The doc fee is extra padding- read, profit. Most states regulate maximum amounts that can be charged, and how high this is depends upon the auto dealers lobby in your state capital.

    The 'law' is involved only in that they cannot charge you more without itemizing and further explaining it. They can certainly charge you less, and if they are saying otherwise they are being less than truthful.

    No need to get involved in an argument- just have them lower their price by a corresponding amount. Because to say they are only charging $400 over invoice, and then see that they are tacking on a $300 "documentary fee," means that they are actually charging $700 over profit.

    If they come out and admit as much, I don't have a problem, and will either buy or not buy from them. But for them to come out and be less than truthful makes me wonder what else they are being dishonest about, and I tend to walk.
  • emelz3emelz3 Posts: 2
    I was planning on making purchasing soon, and so far lowest OTD quote from dealer for the above configuration is $18,643.

    Just wondering if anyone else received a better OTD for something simliar to this
  • nsbio1nsbio1 Posts: 75
    Actually, "price of the car" is meaningless, because the dealer will add fees, the state will add tax etc. "Out of the door price" is the only price that matters, because it includes ALL taxes and fees and this is THE price you write on the check before you pick the car.

    In addition, for comparing deals in different states, it is useful to know their state sales tax, which varies by a few %, which for Mazda3 means +/- ~$400-ish.
  • jt120jt120 Posts: 6
    I agree. When I bought my 2007 GT I did my homework and came up with the total out the door price I would pay. This made it easier not having to negotiate things like the doc fee which seems to always be one of the final problems. I used a below invoice price, added a $50 doc fee, title & tag fees, sales tax and came up with my $20k offer. On the paper work they charged a $300 doc fee but reduced the price of the car to match my total offer.
  • Document fees in Phoenix are considerably higher than what I'm seeing posted here from other places. They fell in the $299-$499(!) range for Mazda dealers here.

    Our license fees are based on the value of the car. On a new '08 Mazda3, it comes out to around $350.

    Every dealer here wants to tack on window tint - they put it on every new car unless you either specifically order it without it or you happen to find a car fresh of the truck that hasn't been tinted yet ($299 charge on the Mazda3 everywhere I checked).

    Most want to add some sort of "Desert Protection Package" that includes some sort of paint protection. Cardinale Way Mazda quoted me $1097 for their DPP & $499 for doc fees on a pre-owned 2007 Mazda3. I have no idea what their DPP included - I couldn't get past the shock of them adding $1600 to the price right out of the gate (an internet advertised price that was higher than invoice on a new 2008, BTW).

    I found that, of the 5 dealers I got bids from in the Phoenix area, they all started by adding about $900 in total adds to the price of a new '08 (+TT&L).

    At the end of December, one of the dealers was offering 500 under invoice for anything in stock, the others were all willing to sell the 3 at invoice without argument.
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    The internet guys at Hiley Mazda in Hurst, TX offered $1100 off MSRP when I got my 3i Touring with ABS/SAB/SAC pkg a couple months ago. It ended up being about $20 below invoice, according to Edmunds. I can't remember the total OTD price, I'll try to look that up for you. I know I've posted it here previously, perhaps a quick search will find it again.
  • I disagree that Out the Door prices is the best comparison between vehicles. That's because it will vary across taxing jurisdictions within a state. Additionally, it can vary depending upon how the store manages to figure in any trade-in (ie, either more allowed for trade-in, or less marked down from sales price).

    The most meaningful basis for comparison would be for all costs less tax. Not less tax and title, just less tax, since 'title' fees are also subject to fluffing up.

    Only in this way can we validly compare drive-off costs across states and counties, including those with no tax at all.
  • nsbio1nsbio1 Posts: 75
    You are right - I meant OTD price in the same state. In practice, however, it is a little hard to get the price of the car excluding only the tax - true OTD price is the next best practical option.

    On the other hand, trade-in should be a separate transaction, negotiated separately from the car purchase (OTD) price.

    For example, I paid $16976 OTD for 2008 Mazda3i Touring 5sp ABS, cargo net, wheel locks (MSRP $17375) in NC. The OTD price includes 3%NC tax, title,registration, $444 dealer doc fee (high, but the overall price of the car was reasonable, so I did not negotiate).

    From that price, they subtracted $100 for my 96 Protege with broken engine and 201 K Miles on it.
  • I have been quoted $18449 +TTL for a Mazda3 Touring 2007 (MSRP 21040).

    Do you think I can get them to lower the price even further?

  • nsbio1nsbio1 Posts: 75
    The price does not sound too bad. You can buy 2008 cars at or slightly below invoice, at least in NC.

    Since your would-be is a 2007, they give you ~1500 off invoice price. What are their prices for similarly equipped 2008 models? I am trying to understand by how much they are discounting the car for it being 2007.
  • I don't know how they price their 2008 models. On Edmunds the invoice price is 19610 before the 750 dollars dealer cash. 18860 is the invoice price after rebate. So I guess I am getting 300 dollars off the invoice price. There is no other fees added.

    My guess is I can get the car for 18000 but I don't know if trying to get more would be pushing my luck...
  • nsbio1nsbio1 Posts: 75
    They must be desperate to get rid of last year's leftover, and so trying to get them to lower the price does not seem unreasonable.

    As it is, you do not seem to be getting any discount for it being 2007. If I were you I would get a 2008 or get them to drop the price further for the 2007. If they say no, I guarantee that you will survive the rejection :). Good luck.
  • 2008 Mazda3 sport hatchback auto white. (+200 for the paint alone) Is 17,950 plus ca tt&l (add another 10%) Or 17,750 for any other color. Thats 650 under "S" plan. Since there are no rebates going on right now just the 1.9apr. I think thats bottom pricing. Anyone doing better?
  • I just bought this car for 16800. 500 under invoice. 2008 3i touring automatic with ABS package and 1.9% financing in RI. They seem to be willing to negotiate as first week of Jan. after holidays they were slow and advertising and promoting 1.9% finance. Car is great and runs very well.
  • 16K for i touring manual is good price provided it includes destination charge.

    I paid 16800 for same car automatic with side airbag and ABS option and few other small allweather mats and cargo net option. This price included destination and I also financed for 1.9 % two weeks ago.

    Good luck!

    P.S. RI tax, title and registartion not included in the price. Approx. 1500 additional for that.
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