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2013 and Earlier - Mazda3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 10,193
    If you are doing this for gas mileage reasons, you will never come close to recouping.

    I agree; I ran the numbers and if I were to trade my 28 mpg Mazdaspeed3 for
    something that got 35 mpg I'd save $1.20 a day. That's assuming an annual mileage of 15,000 and gas at $4.10/gallon. Anyway, I doubt I could find a true four seat car that gets 35 mpg AND runs the 1/4 mile in 14 seconds flat...

    Mine: 1995 318ti Club Sport / 2014 M235i / 1999 Wrangler / 1996 Speed Triple Challenge Cup Replica Wife's: 2016 i3 REX/2009 Cooper Clubman Son's: 2009 328i

  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Thinking in the same way, If you can't keep the escape, for whatever reason, you want to concentrate on financing about 27000-28000 for 3.9 % or the best you can get . Your efforts should be to get as close to 10k or better on your trade, and financing about 27k (19k or so for the sedan and 8k of the ford) at the lowest rate.

    You will not really save anything with gas prices getting 30% better mpg especially with your situation. If that is your reasoning it may be better to fix the windshield and keep the Ford. If you really can't get near 10k for the ford and your current payment is 350, and the best you are looking at new is around 600 that may be the case.

    The money on the table here is 7k or more over 5 years on trade in and refinance terms, not 1000 or so on the mazda sales price. 28k for 5 years at 3.9% probably is 500/mo. If that is so that should be your target. (preferably 4 years for more). Shop credit unions and your bank. If your credit is poor it will be more.

    Give the top 3 bidders on the mazda your trade description and see who can give the best monthly payment for 5 years. You may have to do some legwork to show the trade to the finalists but do most of it by internet and phone.

    Good luck
  • rnsmelrnsmel Posts: 14
    Yes I was beginning to get second thoughts about my situation but the main reason is for me to get a lower monthly payment (currently $500.00 a month) on a car that wont cost me 60.00 every 4 days on gas.

    All your advice makes a lot of sense to me, it also helps me with my decisions, over all I still want to at least try to get the dealers to help me out. I'll explain my situation and ask that if they can help me, if so, they can have my business. If not, then I guess it just isn't the time.

    I do have a credit union in mind, in fact, it's the same credit union I have the Ford financed under. I already talked to them and told them my situation and they gave me 2 choices, get approved for credit directly from the bank or at the dealership. Either way it will be the same, they say however, the dealership has more advantage to getting me into a loan?...she says they have their ways.

    The auto loan for the credit union I am at has interest rates starting 5.99% to 13%. I do want to stay with the credit union because they are local and easier to access.

    initially my anticipated finance amount was to fall around the 27,000 range...but that has to include all taxes and fees. I guess it only works out if they can satisfy my monthly payment. We'll see, I'm about to email them all now. Wish me luck!

    Thank you everyone for all your advice!

  • 2hokies22hokies2 Posts: 1
    I just picked up a 2008.5 Mazda3 5-door Grand Touring in Crystal White Pearl Mica with the Air Dam, Cargo Tray, All-Weather Mats, Compass/Autodim, Moonroof/6CD/Bose, SIRIUS, Moonroof Wind Deflector and the CWP Charge of $200.

    Sticker was $24,798 . The internet sales manage provided a quote of $22,700 and I ended up paying about $22,250 with the 3.9% before taxes, etc.

    Took it off the showroom floor at Ourisman Mazda in Laurel, MD. I had talked to the internet sales manager before, but he could not locate a white one, so I waited. He contacted me the day it arrived and I drove it off the showroom floor with 5 miles on it later that evening. I couldn't be happier with the dealer. I did some research on Edmunds right after he sent the quote and I went down ready to buy. I offered him a monthly payment ($400/month), a term (60 mos.) a down payment ($2,000) and a finance rate (3.9%) and said "make it happen". We finally agreed on $403/mo. after the sales manager made an original offer of $453/mo (which would have meant paying MSRP!!! HA!).

    I think I also made them very disappointed when I turned down all the add-ons like undercoatings and extended warranties. But the finance guy was very nice and did not charge me extra for the Chesapeake Bay tags.

    Hope this helps!
  • mike1111mike1111 Posts: 93
    I just got a offer for this car OTD for $17,291. It doesn't come with any options other than wheel locks I believe. That seems like a good price but was wanting to get some feed back if I could. Thanks in advance.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    A very good price on an s auto 5 door msrp 19500 is 16500. If yours is an auto and taxes and title are 1200 in your state you have an very jumpable deal (after trying for more of course) If you are in a low tax state and an auto about average, if a manual and low tax bad deal. An average deal with 3.9% would make it a good deal.

    Good luck

    just got a offer for this car OTD for $17,291. It doesn't come with any options other than wheel locks I believe. That seems like a good price but was wanting to get some feed back if I could. Thanks in advance
  • mike1111mike1111 Posts: 93
    Thanks for the reply. It is the Auto and its the first offer I recieved from the first place I contacted. I'm gonna send the offer to a couple other dealers and see what they say.
  • mmenardmmenard Posts: 54
    Got an offer on a 5 dr. s touring with sunroof package $21015 msrp for $19214 with a lease of $2000 down, 24 months, 12k miles for $241 tx. incl. I think this is high.

    Any thoughts?
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Yes it is the normal lease (it is a fleece). More in line would be 250 or so with no or little money down and 15000 miles. A normal purchase price for a vehicle like this would be 18000 or lower.I think i've seen the Accords and the Malibus (also selling for around 18k with about 250/mo. for 39 months.)

    You may be able to finance the vehicle for 18000 or less over 36 months at mazda's 3.9 % for 600 or so and own the vehicle.

    Avoid putting money down on a lease. Its like putting 2000 down in advance rent for a apt for Doesn't get you anything and if the building burns down (the vehicl gets totalled) good luck getting your dough back. Most lease insurance only pays for the remaining payments and the remaining value of the car I believe (to the bank).

    Good luck
  • frizellfrizell Posts: 6
    what state are you in?? Can you tell me what Dealership you are talking to?? I have been shopping for a month now. Can't get anybody to sell it less then $18,000(state, VA)
  • ike3ike3 Posts: 81
    A bit off topic, but this is a very active board. Spoke to an area Mazda dealer here in western NY state. He thinks that heatable outside mirrors will be available on the Touring and Grand Touring versions. Release of the 2009 model is in September.
    Any sales type read or heard similar? If this is true, it will be the first time this feature is available for the U.S. market. Canada has been getting this feature all along, except for the base model.
    Also, will LED tail lights and brake lights be available on lower trim levels for '09?
  • martyd76martyd76 Posts: 1
    hey everyone-

    a local dealer here in CT gave me the following offer, and i would love to get some feedback from all you experts here.

    $18,954 - total, out the door, all taxes/fees included.

    the car:
    2008 3i Touring Auto
    -Moonroof/6 CD package
    -Wheel locks
    -Metro. Gray Mica

    what do you all think? thanks in advance!
  • rnsmelrnsmel Posts: 14
    hey everyone im back

    i got pre-approved for a loan, now i can actually put more thought into buying the car.

    what's a good OTD price for a 2008 mazda i touring value, standard no options.

    tax in wa is 9.8%

    title and license, etc probably around 300.00

    I offered the dealer $18317.00 OTD he said he couldn't based on my monthly payment request if i financed thru them.

    Now that I have a loan what would be a good offer?

    I just emailed the same dealer ive been in contact with and OTD price of $17868.
  • I purchased my i touring value edition on 5/31/08 in NY. The options where auto, moonroof, wheel locks. MSRP $19070, I paid $17,600 for the car, $1518 taxes, $10 inspection fee, $12.50 tire recycling fee, $45 registration fee, $150 plate fee (I received a $15 refund from the state), = total out the door $19335.50

    I also got the 5 year 3.9% financing.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    An average price on the i touring ve msrp 18100 (automatic) is about 16000 or so + tax and tags. Anything in the low to mid 15000's would be exceptional, at least for now. Your price of 17868 for everything seems about average or a bit better.

    Good luck
  • Hi folks,
    I need some help here: I've been looking around for a new Mazda 3 i Touring automatic and one dealer quoted me what looks like a great price:
    that is for a bare 3 i Touring automatic, no options at all.
    Destination included, dealer fee $699 and then add tax and tags.
    So bottom line (out-the-door what they called it) price would be in the vicinity of 17,750.
    Does that sound too good to be true or am I missing something?
    The second closest quote was about $1,000 higher than that.
    Thanks a bunch!
  • isabel70isabel70 Posts: 3
    Hi, all. Looking for feedback please. In Allentown, PA:

    2008.5 Mazda3 S Touring Auto Sedan. Only option is the moonroof/6 CD.
    Given price of $19,990 plus tax/title/tags.

    It seems to match up with the prices on CR/Edmunds but if the 2009's are coming out in 3 mos or so, should I be holding out for lower?
  • rnsmelrnsmel Posts: 14
    is that for the new i touring?
  • That's for a new 2008 i touring.
    But now that I think about it I didn't even ask if it was the VE or not - I just assumed it was! :) I gotta email the dealer tomorrow.
  • I got a similar quote for a 2008 i Value automatic (not 2008.5) after some negotiating with only option ABS and side curtains (I think those come with Touring Value 2008.5?), and I bought the car. But what is that $699? Is that on top of the quote? That sounds like a phantom charge to me and changes the quote. Mine included destination, but there was no "dealer charge." Taxes and tags were extra. Anyway, I didn't feel like I got a rock bottom price, but I still think it is a decent price for the car I got, which except for the infamous lack of trunk remote, has the stuff and the performance I want.
  • artz2artz2 Posts: 2

    I got a Copper Red Mica 2008.5 Mazda3 S Grand Touring AT Sedan for $20,500 + dealer fee ($400) + tax + tag/title from an Atlanta dealer.

    Options installed:

    -Moonroof/6CD/Bose Package
    -Compass Auto-Dim Mirror

    Is this a good price for the car? Any opinions appreciated.

    Thanks. :)
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    For the 5 door hatch touring auto with sunroof, I think the msrp is about 21000, I would think 18300 (low 18's) is an average price (or more with 3.9 financing). For the hatch auto sport msrp 19600 in the low 17's is about average, very good being mid 16000s.

    For the I touring ve auto msrp 18100 the low 16000's seems to be average, mid 15000's being unusually good. Prices inclusive of everything except tax and state licence fees. (Hint: add anything above $40 in doc fees to the price)

    I believe puts the trade in of an 07 s sport auto 5 door in the mid 14000's so even the low 17000's is good for a new 08. A i touring 07, equipped like the 08 touring ve has a trade in of the low 13's so the low 16's (average) for a new 08 is still ok.

    About the end of july or august you could knock off 500 or more on the figures, more so for the touring ve sedan as there seem to be a lot of them. The area can affect things too. There is a high demand for 30mpg vehicles the last 5 months. The last 50 cents to 4.00/gal upped the battyness factor tenfold.

    Good luck


    I got a Copper Red Mica 2008.5 Mazda3 S Grand Touring AT Sedan for $20,500 + dealer fee ($400) + tax + tag/title from an Atlanta dealer.

    Options installed:

    -Moonroof/6CD/Bose Package
    -Compass Auto-Dim Mirror

    Is this a good price for the car? Any opinions appreciated
  • rnsmelrnsmel Posts: 14
    That's great to know, at least I'm going in the right

    Unfortunately, I declined. He says he will sell it to me for 17,029 + tax, etc.

    A dealer offered 16800 and and another offered 16700..I want

    If you say 16000 is about average then I will push for it. I mentioned to the sales guy that I heard these cars can be sold in the high 15,000 to low 16,000 range before tax and license, etc and he told me that's only for the sport model.

    He seems determined to sell me a car..pushy almost. Anyone bought a car in the Seattle area?..I wonder if taxes and such differ.
  • artz2artz2 Posts: 2
    Thank you for the figures. The car I'm shooting for is a 4 door sedan. Could you possibly give a good price for the 4 door S Grand Touring auto?
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Technically a ok price is about 20% above the trade in value on a year old used one (, Less as August passes. Prices I would give are irrelevant. Taking a number to a random mazda dealer who may be in a great area and having a great month and beating your head against the wall trying to get money off is not fruitful. (where are the counter-bids?)

    Putting out email requests for bids to 10-20 dealers within 100-200 miles (mazda website-all prices inclusive off all dealer fees) last week of the month and getting the 2-5 that will deal bidding lower is fruitful, especially from your living room watching TV. The lowest price you can get for a given month is the lowest you can get. But you must hold the auction, seeing who may break.

    Good luck

    Thank you for the figures. The car I'm shooting for is a 4 door sedan. Could you possibly give a good price for the 4 door S Grand Touring auto?
  • rnsmelrnsmel Posts: 14
    Future reference for people in WA. The dealer told me Seattle tax is 9.3% and Lynnwood is 9.2%.

    What are the basic fees that are they add?

    Tax, License Fee...Anything else?
  • Everybody,thanks for your valuable input.

    I have another question: I'm a bit confused about the Value Edition thing.
    So my understanding is that the VE comes standard with ABS and side airbags.
    And the regular i Touring doesn't have those but some dealers are offering what they call "i Touring with a value package" which in other words is the ABS/SAB/SAC package. So what would be the difference between the VE and the regular i Touring with value package? Anything I should watch out for?
    And how much of a difference in price should I expect?

    Thanks again!!
  • rnsmelrnsmel Posts: 14
    Going today to purchase my vehicle if things go according to plan.

    2008 mazda 3 i touring value in metro gray mica/black
    standard/no options

    price 16,262.81
    doc fee 49.00
    tax 1512.44
    license 125.75
    total $17,950 otd

    thanks again everyone for your responses!
  • sharkie21sharkie21 Posts: 14
    Hey Artz,

    I'm also in the atlanta region. Perhaps we can work together to get a better deal.

    Send me an email at
  • isabel70isabel70 Posts: 3
    Hi, all. Looking for feedback please! In Allentown, PA:

    2008.5 Mazda3
    S Touring /Auto/ Sedan 4-door.
    Only option is the moonroof/6 CD.
    Dealer's price is $19,990 plus tax/title/tags.

    It seems to match up with the prices on CR/Edmunds but if the 2009's are coming out in 3 mos or so, should I be holding out for lower?
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