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2013 and Earlier - Mazda3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 23,000 miles. Internet cost; 14,975. certified pre-owned (standard, no add ons) I am thinking a good deal would be 14,500 OTD.

    9.2% sales tax in Washington (crazy)

    What do you think?

    Should I test drive first before I request that price? or should i start talking price before i even go in for a test drive?

  • :) do you think it is important to get a quote before a test drive?
  • ellaaellaa Posts: 6
    I like having quotes before the test drive since it helps me choose who I might want to negotiate with further. I had several quotes, planned to visit cheaper (and most straightforward) dealerships first. I figured if I didn't like the car after a test drive I could just leave.

    I feel a bit like a hostage by dealers after a test drive of a car I like. I don't want to spend time with a salesman unless I know we are in the right neighborhood on price. Getting the quotes in advance helps us both understand the potential for a deal.

    Figure out how much you want to pay before you get to the dealer and stick to it. Don't be afraid to leave. Check the inventory online to see how many of the car you want are on the lot. In this economy, most dealerships need you more than you need them...there is always another dealer to visit. We left 2 dealerships without a better deal than I had gotten online. I was pretty sure one was ready to move on price, but not enough that day so I left. They called the next day and we had a deal over the phone and the car 2 hrs later.
  • Copper red, sunroof+6cd 18k +TTT Good deal or go $500 lower?
  • quoted msrp 17,615 would sell for 16,792. deal or no deal? also a 2009 3 i sport with air and sirius msrp 16,140 would sell for 15082.
    Are these prices any good?
  • this car should sale 2500-3000 below MSRP, no deal of course. MSRP 17615, should get at 15100
  • copper red automatic w/ mats + nets $17500 ($19010 otd) in NY
  • Hi There:

    Did you buy 2008 mazda i touring value 4 dr with automatic transmission?

    I am planning to buy the same model, but the price I was offer are very hight 16000 plus destination charge and TTL. Did you buy with cash or a car loan. If it is latterm did you finance your car through the dealer or another bank. Mazda is offer 0 apr%. But the dealer said I can only get 0 Apr with MSRP, which I think it bull.

    It will be my first new car, and I am a green hand. Hope you can offer some insights. If you do not mind, could you let me know your dealer.

    thanks much,
  • Hi everyone:

    I am buying my first car. After some research, I have decied to buy 2008 Mazda3 I touring value edition 4dr ( auto) standard. I have no experience about buying a car. Hope some of you can help.

    The MSRP is 17155. I've read some posts on this board. Someone said for this model, should be able to get it 2500-3000 below the MSRP. Is it true?

    I also want to get 0% APR (36 months) Mazda is offering. SO how much I should set for as my target price.

    can someone advice? thank you very much in advance!

  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    The MSRP is $17,643, and the offer I got was $16,776 with either 0.0% financing for 3 years or 3.9% financing for 4 or 5 years.

    luckyforever1: If the dealership is telling you that you need to pay MSRP to get the low financing, tell them "No deal" and walk out. I think you'll find that before you can drive to the next closest Mazda dealership, they'll call you. I mean, think about it, given our current economic times, cars aren't exactly flying off the dealership lots these days.

    Stick to your guns, it's a buyers market out there.

    Best regards,


    Learn to drive a stick and save yourself $900, the 5-Speed in the Mazda3 is a pretty sweet shifting transmission. ;)
  • hakkyhakky Posts: 8
    I'm looking to get a 5-door HB, 5-speed, Grand Touring with the Bose/Sunroof package. MSRP for this car is 22,600. Some posts above reference 2500-3000 off these cars right now, but the Edmunds TMV says people are paying 22,005 for the car optioned out this way.

    Does anyone know what I can realistically expect to pay? I'm located in Southern NH if that makes any difference.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  • TO Shipo

    Thankso much for the reply Shipo. Is it very difficult to learn to drive with manual transmission. I have many males friends like manual transmission. They say it is fun.

    how can I start?any tips?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Hey Hakky, I live in southern NH as well, and there are plenty of Mazda dealerships around here to play one off against the other. That said, I didn't even need to try as I was offered "Invoice" or "S-Plan" when I walked in the door last Monday. Said another way, I don't see any reason why you cannot get a dealer to sell you that car for $21,312 ($21,101 invoice plus the "Boston Adjustment" of $211 which is apparently mandatory).

    Keep us posted.

    Best regards,
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "Thank so much for the reply Shipo. Is it very difficult to learn to drive with manual transmission. I have many males friends like manual transmission. They say it is fun.

    how can I start?any tips?"

    Is it very difficult to learn to drive a stick? Hmmm, I don't remember it being all that difficult to get the basics of driving a stick; granted I learned how to do that some three decades ago and my memory of the process may be a bit fuzzy. :shades:

    As for learning, the basic start-stop process is best learned in an empty parking lot with an experienced stick-shift driver as copilot. Once you get the hang of starting and stopping, you will graduate to the streets where your education will continue. I've found that if you are at all in tune with mechanical devices, learning a stick is easier, however, I've taught many folks over the years, and even the most non-mechanically inclined people can get the hang of it and then eventually master it

    Before you take the plunge and buy a car one way or another, you might want to tag one of your friends and ask them to give you a couple of lessons. You should know within an hour or two how easily it will come to you.

    Keep us posted,

    Best regards,
  • hakkyhakky Posts: 8
    Thanks for the info, Shipo. I wasn't aware of any "Boston Adjustment"...that's interesting, I wonder what the reason for that is.

    I might hold out for some kind of cash incentive from Mazda to bring down the price a bit, as I was thinking that these cars were selling for less than they apparently are. Maybe I'll swing through Werner this week and feel them out a bit.

    And to the other poster considering learning to drive standard transmission, my advice is this: watch someone else do it. Ride as a passenger and watch their feet, their hand on the gear shift, the tachometer. Listen to the motor. This is mainly how I picked up the skill, as I used to watch my sister in her '82 Mazda GLC as we drove to school. You'd be surprised hopw much you'll learn when you're really paying attention.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Is it very difficult to learn to drive with manual can I start?any tips?
    You can also consider a driving school; it would likely take a couple of lessons. The advantage is that you are learning on the school's car and not your own (or that of a friend).
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Hey hakky,

    Sent me an E-Mail, I have a couple of very specific suggestions as to how and where to get S-Plan numbers on a new Mazda3 here in New Hamster.

    Best regards,
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    First off, my buying experience was, well, delightful.

    I had decided upon buying a new Rabbit, however, given that the MK5 Rabbits are no longer being produced and dealers are simply selling off the remaining inventory, finding a black one with a 5-Speed proved to be virtually impossible. Annoying. The Mazda3 had slotted in a close second in my list of cars, and after my local VW dealer asked me one too many times, "Are you sure I cannot interest you in a Rabbit with an automatic?", I headed over to a Mazda dealership near where I now work (I just started there) and went for another test drive, this time in a Mazda3 i Touring Value 5-Speed (my previous test drive at the dealership closer to where I live had been in a Mazda3 s Sport 5-Speed).

    I was really torn between the s Sport and the i Touring, the "s" had slightly better acceleration (although the difference isn't all that great), slightly better looking 16" wheels (the s wheels are uninspired, however, the i wheels are just plane fugly, IMHO) and better brakes, however, the "i" gets over 10% better fuel economy (important as I'm now driving at the rate of about 25,000 miles pre year), was much easier to find in a stick in the colors that I wanted, and cost about $1,000 less.

    That was last Monday (the 10th). I exchanged E-Mails with the Sales Associate a few times last week, and then decided this weekend to opt for a "Stormy Blue Mica" (a color that I hadn't even seen in the daylight until this morning) Mazda3 i Touring. I called her yesterday, drove over there in the old minivan (that I hadn't planned on trading in), and from the time I started filling out the credit app to the time I drove out of the lot (including the time it took them to appraise the old van and offer about 60% more than the TMV "Trade-In" price) was not even two hours.

    So, I liked pretty much everything about the dealership, the SA and the car.

    Best regards,
  • mazda has a $1000 hiden dealer incentive now. but if you use this incentive you will lost 0% financing.
    for 0%, mazda 3 should price at 2000 below MSRP, without 0%, mazda3 is 3000+below MSRP
  • To: Shipo and Hakky

    Thanks you very much for your responses. I am looking at some drive schools in my area. They charged 40 - 60 hr. I am thinking to take some class with them. Hope I will be able to do it. That way I can save some $$$ on the cars.

    Someone also told me that once you go with Manual you will never go back hehe.
  • orca3orca3 Posts: 11
    To Hakky - I just traded my 07 Mazda3 Touring for an 09 Mazdaspeed3.Went to
    Werner's first and they(including sales mgr.) were the rudest dealership I have
    ever tried to deal with - losers from the word go. Also tried Tulley's but they didn't want to give much for my trade in which was low mileage - mint cond.
    Finally went to Ira's in Danver's and these guys were the most professional in
    every aspect,gave me just what I wanted(after good spirited haggling) and
    delivered my new Speed3 to my door(Merrimack,NH).I had to pay for the inspection sticker but the deal and treatment they gave me was well worth it.I would
    recommend them to anyone in the Southern NH - MA area hands down. Made
    the whole transaction a real pleasure!
  • hakkyhakky Posts: 8
    Orca3- I'm in Merrimack too. Small world!

    I stopped at Werner yesterday and got a similar impression as you, although I was mainly just there to see what they had on the lot and get a feeling for whether they might want to deal. The guy was an a$$, to be polite, and gave the impression that the 3's were just flying off the lot (in this economy, yea right). He also basically told me they didn't want my trade (98 A4, 164k miles), and that I should put it on Craigslist and come buy a car from them after. Yea buddy, I'll do that.

    Do the Mazda dealers swap vehicles amongst themselves if someone wants a option/color combo they don't have on the lot? I bought a Nissan a number of years ago and they "sold" me a car that was on the lot of another dealer. Does Mazda do this as well?
  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 10,198
    Do the Mazda dealers swap vehicles amongst themselves if someone wants a option/color combo they don't have on the lot? I bought a Nissan a number of years ago and they "sold" me a car that was on the lot of another dealer. Does Mazda do this as well?

    My dealer(Kings Mazda in Cincinnati) traded with another dealer to get my Mazdaspeed 3. Kings had the car flatbedded from Cleveland at no added cost.

    Mine: 1995 318ti Club Sport / 2014 M235i / 1999 Wrangler / 1996 Speed Triple Challenge Cup Replica Wife's: 2016 i3 REX/2009 Cooper Clubman Son's: 2009 328i

  • orca3orca3 Posts: 11
    Hakky - If you see an 09 True Red with an IRA sticker on it around town that's
    mine(although my son's been hogging it). I believe there are 2 others
    of the same color in town too - one's a 2007 and the other an 09 from
    Grappone's. Question - Did the salesperson at Werners have poofy
    blond hair?

    As far as dealers transferring cars - the 07 Touring that I had was purchased
    at Lunenburg Mazda and when I told them I needed a black one they went
    out of their way to find one and actually had it transported from NY.
    When I went to Tulley's in Nashua, I asked if they could obtain the True Red
    from IRA and they said it would tack on another $500.00 to do it - KMA!
    I gave Tulleys' a shot on my last 2 Mazda's and they couldn't(wouldn't)
    compete with IRA or Lunenburg Mazda - their loss - I'm still having them do
    my service and warranty work - Ha!
  • obleuobleu Posts: 2
    After initial email inquiry, quoted the following:

    2008 White Mazda 3s touring with moonroof/6 cd package and Sirius
    Telling me invoice is 20207. Sell for 19207 plus fees ($1000 rebate) or with no rebate at 20,207 with financing 0.0 or 3.9%

    2009 White Mazda 3s touring with moonroof/6 cd package (no Sirius)
    Quoting me at 19384 (no mention of adding on extra fees or not being able to use financing).

    I would prefer the 08 because it is closer to me; however, can anyone give me opinions on how low I should counter for this 2008 model when I can get the 2009 for essentially the same price? Is there really a 2000-3000 dealer incentive?

  • Have 06 touring edition that did not come with heated seats however there was a fuse in the position for heated seats and the harness under the seat looks identical to one in which the seats are heated. Dealer claims that they are different and the element is not in the seat but what does is cost to build two different seats one with and one without? They won't show me the schematic for the electrical, does anyone know where to find it or if they are the same seat?
  • jym626jym626 Posts: 21
    My s just bought a 2009 blue 3i touring value 4 dr sedan (automatic), They gave him a decent trade-in price ($3k) on the 10-11 yr old toyota minivan. He chose to purchase the 4 yr warantee for road hazard because there is a lot of constructin going on where he lives and he doesnt want to have to pay for the expensive new tires/rims (this was his one splurge). He paid an out the door price (tax, tag, etc) of $13,859. And yes this is a 2009, not a 2008. I thought he did pretty well, agreed??
  • Where in the world did he find a deal like that?!
  • jym626jym626 Posts: 21
    He got that deal on the '09 in St. Petersburg, Fl. I also spotted an ad here in our Atlanta paper for a 2008 Mazda 3i touring 4 dr advertised at $5000 off the MSRP ($2500 cash back and another $2500 dealer match)- putting the car at around $12,100 (I dont have it in front of me so dont have the exact price at the moment-- it was in yesterdays paper).
  • jym626jym626 Posts: 21
    Just found the ad in yesterday's paper-- the original listed price for the '08 3i touring (automatic) was $17,880. With the $5000 off it is advertised at $12880 plus t,t and t. They dont mention the destination charge. They do, however, offer a 10 yr, 1000,000 mi warantee. My s got a standard 3 yr warantee on his '09 in Florida
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