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2013 and Earlier - Mazda3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Is there really a 2000-3000 dealer incentive?

  • ktc9ktc9 Posts: 4
    Hey guys:

    I'm new to this forum, but spent a big part of this week negotiating, and thought I'd get a sanity check from you experts:

    I have an offer for a '09 3i Touring VE, Auto Trans, including tax/title/licensing (OTD) for $17,300. This is in the San Francisco Bay Area, the dealers don't seem too eager to sell. Is this worth negotiating further, or do you guys think it's about as long as it gets? What about buying before vs. after Christmas?

  • ktc9ktc9 Posts: 4
    Oh, sorry, here the TTL is about 9-10%, so off the $17300 OTD that means the sales price is about $15727-$15871.
  • That's a great deal. Do you by chance have the dealers's info. I would like to check it out.

    thanks much in advance.
  • jym626jym626 Posts: 21
    I will ask my s for the info. The dealership he dealt with (Tyrone Mall Mazda) did not initially offer this great deal. In fact, they initially came in with an offer $2k higher and claimed it was a great price. However, another dealership nearby gave him this super offer on an internet quote, and Tyrone Mall Mazda then matched the deal (or possibly beat it by a few dollars). I'll post the name of the one who gave the great internet quote when I get it. Hope this helps.
  • jym626jym626 Posts: 21
    Are you in FL?? The dealership that gave him the great internet quote was Ferman Mazda of Brandon. It included the destination charge, but not T,T and L. The St. Pete (Tyrone Mall) dealership matched it (or came in a tad lower) to get the sale, but as I said, they initially claimed a price $2k higher was a "great deal". I don't think you can get these prices with the 0% financing (you will probably have to pick one or the other- the low price or 0% financing. Don't know about what they'd coordinate with the 3.9% financing Mazda also offers on some deals). They first tried to offer a 6.25% financing, but when my son mentioned he could get financing at our credit union up here for 4.75%, they instantly hooked him up with a local FL credit union that offered financing at 4.95% (which was close enough so he went ahead, since it would take a few days to get things coordinated with the credit union up here in a different state). We knew he could easily join our credit union and would be able to get the low interest rate, but it would take a few days and the difference was negligible. We don't know what the Brandon dealership would have offered for the trade-in, so can't determine what they might have done with that. Good luck, and keep us posted!
  • jym626jym626 Posts: 21
    Pepperleafand luckyforever,
    I may have inadvertently replied to my ownmessage, so am reposting so that you are aware I provided the internet deal offered byt he dealership in Brandon, FL. This was their offer:
    Your special Internet price on the 2009 I-Touring VE w/auto Mazda3 Sedan is:
    MSRP: [~$18,515~]
    YOUR PRICE: [~$15,382~] Loaded w-features , After all discounts.

    Good luck with your purchases! My s loves his new Mazda!
  • Hi guys--

    Northern Washington state -- no awesome FL pricing for us up at the other corner of the country, alas. 2008 i Touring 4dr automatic. ABS/SAB/SAC but no other options. Pretty much exactly to our specifications, except that it's gray, and I love the Phantom Purple. 15,000 miles, clean Carfax report, traded in by single local owner. Sticker price is $14995, my price is $13995 + taxes & fees - my $200 junker trade-in.

    We haven't purchased this car yet, we will have our mechanic inspect it this week before we finalize the deal. The reason I'm posting is because I want to run a maybe-gotcha in front of you guys. There is some very light body damage on the car -- a 1" wide dimple on the roof of the car above the driver side door, and a 3"-4" long crease near dead center on the roof. Neither piece of damage is very deep, but they are quite noticeable. They seem purely cosmetic to me, but what do I know about body damage?

    The salesman says that this damage is from a falling tree branch, and they have promised to fix it before we finalize (and they will). My wife and I went over the car carefully and there is no other visible body damage -- no scratches on the windshield or windows, no paint or glass damage from sap, etc, etc. I'm confident my mechanic will catch any major gotchas with this car, but I'm wondering if the lot's repairs might void some part of my factory warranty, since they are not a Mazda dealership or service center.

    It's been a long haul to find a Mazda3 with the safety features we need at a price we like, but I'm willing to dump this one and move on if there's major red flags around this problem.
  • obleuobleu Posts: 2
    Thanks in advance for any advice! We received a quote for 20,000 out the door (this includes 6.25% sales tax, 175 fees, 80 license transfer) on a 2008 Mazda 3 s touring, White Pearl Mica, sunroof, and sirius satellite. The car has 50 miles on it. It took 20 minutes to get him down to 20,000 out the door, but we walked hoping he would really want to sell this car and offer a bit lower since it is a 2008 model. Is this a good deal? Or can we find better. We would like to save some money by purchasing a 2008 and am having a hard time finding 2008 in our area. I can get a 2009 w/ almost the same options for about 2000 more. Thanks!
  • ktc9ktc9 Posts: 4
    '09 3i Touring VE auto transmission, no other options, for about $15,700. The car was totally brand new with only 4 miles and just came off the truck! We paid cash for that price.
  • jym626jym626 Posts: 21
    Where are you located ktc9?
  • ktc9ktc9 Posts: 4
    San Francisco bay area.
  • Hi jym626:

    Thanks so much for those information.

    I am sorry I did not make myself clear about the ask. I live in GA, so I was asking for the dealer info you metioned in ATL. Sorry about that. But those information you provided is very helpful as well. It gave me some ideas about what price range I should have in mind when negotiating with the dealers.

    Do you still have the newspaper? If possible, could you please let me know which dealer is offering 5000 off the MRSP?

    thanks much.
  • jym626jym626 Posts: 21
    Where in GA are you, luckyforever? I don't have the paper any more, but I do recall several good deals. The one I quoted above was at Rick Case. I think Southerlin had a good deal on a car as well, but not as good as Rick Case's.
  • jym626jym626 Posts: 21
    I forgot to mention, Rick Case also offers a 10 yr, 100k mi warrantee.

    *** edit*** And if you live in the metro Atlanta area, you really don't want to have to deal with a stickshift in this traffic!! I'd go for the automatic.
  • j70j70 Posts: 6
    ktc9, which dealer in the bay area did you get it for that price?
  • I'd like to mine the communal opinions on this board about my recent quote:
    2009 Mazda 3s Sport 5-door auto, no additional options - $17,600 + TTL for a total of $19,185 OTD. I think I can get better than this considering that the new generation will be out in a few months. This was from central Illinois.

    Their initial offer was $17,983, so they were only willing to come down $383 before they stopped haggling. I walked. No hurry to buy (especially in this economy).

    Your thoughts?
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    2009 Mazda 3s Sport 5-door auto,....I think I can get better than this considering that the new generation will be out in a few months

    Allocations for the 2009 5-door were very small, less then 25% of total Mazda3 volume. If there are any Mazda3's sitting around in March-April when the 2010 gets here, my money in on the sedans.

    I have over 70 Mazda3's in inventory, and only 13 are 5-doors.
  • j70j70 Posts: 6
    FWIW, walked into the local Mazda dealer (North CA, bay area) and was offered 17,500 + TTL without any haggling. I'm in the same situation where I'm not in a hurry to buy.

    Anyone have thoughts on how Mazda will play out given its relation to Ford?
  • Does anyone know where I might be able to find a good deal on a new '08 or '09 Mazda3 in Southern CA?

    Would very much appreciate it. :-)
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    how Mazda will play out given its relation to Ford?

    My understanding is that Ford did not dispose of but rather reduced its share in Mazda. Considering Ford's state of affairs, Mazda having less of a connection with the blue oval may be a good thing.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Ford did not dispose of but rather reduced its share in Mazda

    "Ford sells Mazda shares - 33% stake shrinks to 13%
    Nov. 18 2008. Ford today announced it will sell 20% of Mazda, raising $540 million in much needed cash. As much as 6.9 percent will be sold back to Hiroshima-based Mazda, while the other 13.1 percent will be sold to unidentified investors. ... Ford acquired a 25 percent stake in Mazda in 1979 ... raised its stake in the carmaker to 33.4 percent in May of 1996, when the company effectively became a part of the Ford family." Source:
  • ylzylz Posts: 45
    Hello all. Buying a 2009 Mazda 3 Hatch this month and I had some questions. I am thinking of buying a cold air intake for more power but my friend who owns a 2008 says I'm nuts. I have test driven this car a few times and I know it has power but what about the highway? I frequently drive over 80 and am I going to have trouble passing people, making two lane passes, etc...?? Do I need this intake? Also, does the intake really help that much? I have heard mixed reviews about it. And I can't seem to find one online for a 2009, I only see for 2008 models and below. It's the same engine and should fit, right? Thanks.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Just an FYI, it is both a violation of the site rules and completely unnecessary to cross-post the same post all over the place.

    As others have said, skip the CAI, it won't net you anything but a little extra noise. If the Mazda3 hatch is too slow, your only real alternative is to buy a MazdaSpeed3.
  • ylzylz Posts: 45
    Did not realize that's its against the rules to post same message in multiple chat rooms. Sorry about that.
  • jatecjatec Posts: 7
    i'm looking to buy an Hatchback GT with moonroof option before the new year,

    talked with a dealer on the phone today, and got down to about 22000 out the door, just wanted to get some feedback from you all to see whether i could still get it down lower.

    thanks in advance for your responses
  • Your quote is ok for now but may get a lot better by next week.

    I just received a quote on an 09 M3 GT with moonroof, 6 cd, and manual tranny for $21,202 + tax. Original price was $23,159 + tax. I strolled the showroom last Saturday and he called me twice today and sent 2 emails. I called back and said that his price was still too high and that I may wait for an '010 model. He then got very animated and said that we can "work on that price as sales kind of slow right now and we have a high inventory." I'm curious to know what the real list price is.

    The other dealer that I visited on Sat. has called me once and sent me 3 emails but they only have the loaded GT with auto and Nav. with a list of over $26,000--which the salesman said "we will work hard on this sale, and we can be flexible, but I don't see them selling that GT for under $21k. Dealers were Brown's Mazda in Chantilly, Va. and Fitzmall in Frederick, Md. I really wanted to buy before the holiday's and will wait to see how flexible they can get over the next week.
  • ogurekogurek Posts: 13
    hello all,
    i am interested in buying a mazda3 hatchback. i got this quote from Crystal Auto Mall (in NJ):

    2009 Copper Red Mica Mazda MAZDA3 HB Auto s Touring
    MSRP $20,445
    their price: $19,336 (including destination)

    i havent been able to get a quote from other dealers, but it seems kind of high. there is only one car like this (without moonroof/sound upgrade) on their lot.
    any opinions about this?
    btw: there seems to be a 2,000 to cash to customer rebate for 2008 models.
    thanks for reading. :)
  • Dealer is asking 15,900 before ttl for a gray 09 i Touring sedan. Good deal or no? 4 speed atx, and i think it has a 6 disc changer
  • jatecjatec Posts: 7
    it's a bit too high

    i'm in Nj as well, looking at GT's and i'm getting on avg 20500 on my quotes in cluding destination, so touring has to be atleast 1800 down from that. I've got a quote of 21000 out the door for a 2008 touring with moonroof option auto. Just FYI

    i'd aim for a 20k OTD for a touring right now, just me though
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