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2013 and Earlier - Mazda3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ogurekogurek Posts: 13
    thanks for replying,
    i got a quote from another dealer, Open Road Mazda of East Brunswick, for an 08 model (so i guess including the 2000 rebate):

    $16,533 just the car, w/o destination
    or $19,026.26 OTD (again only one car, galaxy grey)

    should i jump on this deal?
  • jatecjatec Posts: 7
    it sounds like a decent price, if you got that on an email i would just go in
    and try and negotiate more. i got a quote for 17500 w/o destination on the 09 model from wayne mazda.

    Open road have called me and try to push me to buy a 08 as well, when i was inquiring 09 model, and they sent me a quote for sedan instead of HB. So i'm getting my quote done again.
  • 28firefighter28firefighter Seattle, WAPosts: 2,705
    Helping a friend out with this, and wanted to know if this was a reasonable offer from the dealer. No rush to buy, but am curious...

    In Cleveland Area (Cuyahoga County)...
    2009 Mazda3 s Grand Touring
    Bose/Roof Package
    Satellite Radio

    MSRP: 24,280

    Dealer offered right off the bat S-Plan pricing. After incentives were at 21,412...after TTL were at 23,412.

    Seemed pretty aggressive but I guess my two questions are: Is this a good deal and is there any room left to negotiate? It included a $1000 cash incentive on the price, but I'm thinking given the new Mazda3 coming out in a couple of months, that that incentive is bound to get better.


    2016 Volkswagen GTI S, 2016 BMW X1 xDrive28i
  • ogurekogurek Posts: 13
    it seems like a good deal (under invoice)
    but im betting that in a few months as the 2010 models come around, dealers will be a lot more motivated to get the 2009s out the door

    of course, then there is a chance that your configuration/color may not be available
    if possible find out when the 1000 incentive expires
    if you are not in a rush, id consider waiting a bit more

    or make it clear to the dealer that they need to motivate you to buy now rather than later
    and if they want to make their sales numbers for the month, they might be able to go down even more

    bottom line, cant hurt to ask, worst case they say no and are firm and you weigh your options
  • ogurekogurek Posts: 13
    i got that price from an email, and i did double check that its a hatchback model
    my goal is to set the final price via email, since im not good at negotiating in person

    i emailed wayne mazda for a quote and they gave me 17200 car w/destination
    this is basically the same as open road, so i think ill get them to beat each other

    is there any particular reason why you want an 09 and not an 08?
    the msrp is higher for 09 and there are less incentives
  • jatecjatec Posts: 7
    well, i'd get my price down via email and phone, and then really talk it down in person. So far they'd keep pushing you to go in for the test drive, and i don't think they'll come to their bottomline unless you go in.

    Consider all things right now, i'm getting about 500 difference between 09 and 08, considering all incentives. Alot of dealers are out of 08 gt models as well. But 500 difference is what i'm getting in my research.

    and the value lost from having an 08 and 09 is prabably more than 500 down 5 years...i think
  • ogurekogurek Posts: 13
    i know what you mean. every dealer, after they give me a quote, asks me when i want to come down to see/drive it.

    i know from my last car buying experience im not really good at those high-pressure must-talk-the-talk on-the-spot moments.
    what do you mean 'really talk it down in person'? it seems they are already pretty low so i dont know how low can i reasonably ask. i cant even say i want to pay invoice since they are already below invoice :(

    yes, the msrp went up, 500$ sounds about right. but i didnt realize there were any incentives on the 09 models, while there seems to be a 2000$ on the 08s.

    as for value, im guessing since they are introducing the 2010s so early, there'll be much less 09s than 08s as used cars. and it depends how quickly youre planning to resell after buying, since depreciation is not linear.

    anyways... i told wayne mazda to beat the open road mazda 19000 OTD. they replied that they only have one car like that and it has the moonroof package, and 19350 OTD is as low as theyll go. so now i guess i can check back in with open road :P
  • jatecjatec Posts: 7
    Well, i know for a fact that what they give you on the phone is not their bottom line, i'm not a good negotiator my self, so i have to ask people around me whether i should keep haggling.

    there weren't any incentives on 09, but the incentives vary from dealer, since wayne mazda didn't say anything about the $2000, and still came in with a better price.. if you ask me.. since moonroof package is roughly 1k, and you're getting it for 350..

    and well, if 500 is the difference then i'll take the 09, but if any more i'd consider the 08, but then there are just a lack of GTs for 08 ATM, so i just have to keep looking. I don't really want to drive 50 miles to buy a car.

    Are you paying cash or financing? just wanted to know so i have a better idea on their prices. But thx for the heads up, now i have a better idea atleast for these two dealers.
  • Don't know if this will help given the differences, but you can be the judge. I just went through evaluating costs for an 09i Touring sedan, manual, no options. The rates are all running $15,400 for the car/dest alone in Indianapolis and the Chicago area.

    The single exception is a quote from Pugi in Downer's Grove, IL for $16100 OTD (IN taxes figured in). They were an outlier that was $600 below everyone else but their responses have been slow, ignored previous information and I'm getting multiple people emailing me. I take all those as bad signs and given the distance from us, not worth the risk.

    Tomorrow we're buying one from Raisor Ford/Mazda for $16700 OTD. I'll throw up the real numbers when we're done with it all.
  • Hi Sportbiker:

    you are talking about i touring NOT i touring value right?
  • ogurekogurek Posts: 13
    i just went to the mazda website and only 'i Touring Value' shows up, no 'i Touring'
    same thing when you go to edmunds

    edmunds says invoice w/destination is $16,690, so your $15,400 is 1300 below invoice, so that sounds decent

    i agree that its a bad sign if youre getting multiple contacts, since that means they may not honor your quote

    good luck with the purchase! :D
  • ogurekogurek Posts: 13
    i guess that makes some sense. btw, how do you know it for a fact? do you have connections? :)
    i wish i had those helpful sort of people with me at the dealer for haggling, but thats not going to happen. it almost seems like a bizarre game of chicken, to see who will blink first.

    all i figure is that dealers should be pretty desperate to unload their 2008s, since its the last two weeks in december 08 and 2010 models are on the horizon.
    btw, when i contacted wayne about the 19000 otd price, they actually said that 19000 was not possible for this model (this is with the moonroof/cd) and that open road was using shady tactics and that is why they cant match it. this makes me think that im getting pretty close to the bottom line.

    that being said, i plan to go to open road mazda on saturday (the car w/o those options) and mention that at wayne mazda id be getting a moonroof and 6 cd changer for only 350 more. if they cant beat it, then off to wayne i go.

    im paying cash cause i hate paying interest. i enjoy the conversation, its like we're all helping each other :)

    btw, i also contacted crystal mazda, and they were pretty firm at their 09 price, near invoice. no 08 model was available for my configuration. i dont know if you tried them.
  • jatecjatec Posts: 7
    Thanks for the feed, i just got back a few updated quotes from them acutally
    Crystal's quotes aren't competitive at all, and i'm all but given up on them.
    Open road EB said 2009 is $1000 above 2008, and they have no stock left. For either touring or GT. Open Road Morristown however, gave me a better quote on the 2009 model, with GT starting below 19000, this is with out any fees.

    And Wayne starts at 19500 with out fees, so pretty much it's that 1700 spread between Touring and GT. Nothing really getting out of lines. but having seeing a quote dropping below 19000, i think i can get it done with my target price.

    I don't have special connections, but my friends around me are saying they got their cars about 4k under msrp OTD with cash, so i should aim for 3k to 3.5k under msrp OTD. or maybe even more as we head in to the last 2 weeks of the year.

    I'm prabably taking the 0% finance, since i think i have the credit for it. Just want to keep that extra cash for emergencies.
    Let me know how it goes on saturday, i'm sure to be the first one to congratulate you
  • ellaaellaa Posts: 6
    I bought 2008.5 Mazda3 HB S touring last month. I bought from Wayne Mazda and found them very straight forward to deal with. I got a pretty good internet quote from them, but was able to improve it after we met in person ...and after I left to shop at other dealers...2 days later they called and took my initial offer.

    You may not feel like you are a good negotiator, but just remember some things.
    1) in this economy any dealership needs you more than than you need them. There is always another dealership to visit, another offer to consider.
    2) Before you get there decide what you believe is a fair price and what is the most you are willing to pay. Do not share this info, but stay true to your self. Also check the inventory tool at before you visit so you know if they have many or one of what you want. Many gives you more power.
    3) You can always walk away and you should if the dealer/salesperson creeps you out, applies gross pressure, makes you uncomfortable, seems unscrupulous. If you walk away, no one will chase you out the door or throw things at you. They most likely will call you and be very polite in a couple days later. State your offer again over the phone and just see where it goes. Negotiation is really just a discussion after all.
    4) Make them an offer, it is a game of chicken, but what do you have to lose. They may say yes, they may say no, they may offer something in between. You are no worse off for trying.
  • As you mentioned as "my friends around me are saying they got their cars about 4k under msrp OTD with cash, so i should aim for 3k to 3.5k under msrp OTD"

    Actually, I don't think you can get this price even current economic is bad for all dealership. :)
  • ogurekogurek Posts: 13
    sorry that you didnt have luck with open road EB. a 1000$ markup on the 09 seems a bit high. so they dont have either 08 or 09 for your model? i guess it just depends what they have on the lot. sounds like open road M is the right dealer. when are you planning to visit them or buy your car?

    MSRP for my model (without destination or other fees) is 19,475, but i dont see buying the car OTD for 15,475. since the quotes i got were in the 19,000 range OTD, i think i can shave another 1000 from that.

    as you know we had really bad weather here today, but i think i can make it to OR east brunswick in the early afternoon. i dont want to test drive in the snow/slush or darkness.
  • ogurekogurek Posts: 13
    thanks for the informative post.

    i saw your previous post that you paid 18.5k for my configuration: 08 HB s Touring AT, no other options.
    i hope i can get better than that since its the end of the year.

    i agree with point 1, but point 2 is hard since 'fair price' is so hard to determine. i know the dealer needs to make some profit to stay in business, but i also dont want to pay more that i have to.

    as for point 3, youre saying walk away if they dont accept your offer? i hate playing mind games but i know that is the game you have to play. like you said in point 4, make the offer and keep cool.... i hope it works :D
  • ellaaellaa Posts: 6
    Fair price to me is what you believe is a fair price. Fair price may not be the lowest anyone ever paid, but rather a price that lets you feel as though you made a reasonable deal. You can second guess yourself and over analyse, but ultimately you need to decide on a number. In your post you want to do better than I did and think that should be possible since its year end. That seems like reasonable thinking, so how much lower is something you need to decide feels fair. They aren't going to give the car away, but you shouldn't pay more than you want to. Pick your number, remain with your number, walk if they don't like it. Try it at another dealer, walk if they don't like it. Wait for the calls, if none, re-assess whether your view of fair is unattainable, if it is, set a new fair price in your mind and repeat. Each dealership visit is a learning opportunity.

    Good luck with your negotiation.
  • Hi Guys:

    I got an quote for 2008 Mazda 3 i touring value (Auto), at a price of 14950 plue sales tax and title etc. Is it a good deal?

    I like blue, but they only have a 2009 available in blue. I was told I need to pay 1000 more.I read on the board that $500 should be the difference between 2008 and 2009.

    Can someone shed some light, should I negotiate more for 2009?

    thanks much.
  • what is the absolute most I can expect off of the msrp of an 08 and and 09 mazda 3
  • jatecjatec Posts: 7
    ok, tried my luck today

    3k is pretty much out of the range with financing,

    but 2k should be possible with cash payments for a 09.

    won't hurt to go start off really low. Negotaited for about 2 hours, and was close to a deal with 0% financing. will see if they call me back.
  • I just bought an 08 Mazda 3 i Touring Value Edition sedan with manual transmission equipped with the moonroof/in-dash 6cd changer package for ~$3500 under sticker including the $2k incentive (for a total of $14700 including destination/delivery). This seems to be a very good deal based on my research on the dealer cost of this car on edmunds (appears to be ~200-300 below cost before holdback which will probably make it a wash financially for the dealer because the doc fee was a not completely unreasonable $289). I probably could have gotten another $200 or so more off if I had waited another week and let them sweat a little, but this was the color that I really liked (stormy blue mica) with the sunroof that I wanted and I didn't really feel like risking them selling it while I was trying to squeeze a little bit more out. Also, since the $2000 incentive cannot be combined with the 0% financing deal, I arranged financing through Bank of America and got a very good rate. I would highly recommend checking them out if you have good credit, they were the lowest rate that I could locate.

    I also received an offer of $14449 plus tax, tags, etc for a Mazda 3 s Sport with no additional options from Capital Mazda in cary, NC, but I went with the i Touring Value Edition because of the better gas mileage, sunroof, and car color. Speak with Rick Pederson, he was absolutely fantastic and very helpful in getting me a very good price from the sales manager.

    The other solid option that I received was from City Mazda in Greensboro, NC for $14500 (since reduced to $14300 which still wasn't enough for me since the car already had 350 miles on the odometer but by then it was too late and I was already in the process of accepting the offer for the car that I ended up buying. I offered $14k on it, but was told no dice and 2 days later I had found the car that I wanted.)

    Hope this helps everyone out know what exactly is available if you're in the market for an 08 Mazda 3.

    Best of luck to everyone and Merry Christmas!!!
  • Thanks for all the helpful information. I've been working with a few dealers on purchasing a Mazda3. One dealership said $2,000 under invoice on any 08 and $1,000 under invoice on any 09. Another dealer gave OTD of 18,273 on an 08 touring hatchback, auto. To compare apples to apples, what should I shoot for dealer invoice wise? I'm getting conflicting information on loyalty rebates, some say yes, and others no. What gives? The squeeze in on, with 1/5/09 coming soon. Thanks
  • The dealership that I ended up buying from did offer me an additional $500 in loyalty cash for current Mazda owners, but I couldn't take advantage since this is the first Mazda that my family has ever owned! None of the other dealers mentioned this additional $500 loyalty cash, but one dealer did offer to sell me the car for "$1650 below invoice"...I almost replied to his email that I happen to know that there's a $2k incentive on the vehicle and that I'm not an idiot, but decided to take the high road and just not respond.

    As far as "out the door" pricing goes, I find that it's rather hard to compare between users because we very well may live in different states that charge different tax and tag and registration fees (I live in NC where my tax rate is 3%, the dealership doc fee was $289 which was a good bit lower than some others out there but wasn't the absolute lowest I had ever heard of, and tags were some other amount that I don't remember). All of that being said, I was offered $14700 via an internet quote (including destination/delivery) plus tax, tags, and doc fees for an "out the door" price of ~$15609 (not sure of that last digit but it's in that ballpark) for a 2008.5 i Touring Value edition with manual transmission and the moonroof/6cd package. The MSRP was $18355 as listed on the sticker, so I figure I got the car for $3655 under MSRP which seems very good to me (I did other research into dealer cost which also said this was a good deal, but this metric was the easiest to list in the forums).

    Like I also said, I was offered a base 08 s Sport for $14449 plus tax, tags, and doc ($397 at this particular dealership) which I felt was a good deal, but I wanted the 2.0L engine for better fuel economy (not that it was that much better in terms of mileage, but it was cheaper and I couldn't really tell a whole lot of a difference in terms of responsiveness and acceleration!). I considered a hatchback, but really didn't like that you had to get the 2.3L engine in the hatch and I didn't really "need" the added versatility that it affords because my wife has a Ford Escape that we can use to carry around bigger items. So all of that pushed me into the i Touring value edition package since they made a lot of options standard and didn't raise the price all that much over the earlier 08 i Touring vehicles.

    Assuming you don't know this already, Mazda has a great feature on their website where you can search all of the cars on their dealer's lots and show you those that are available in your selected model/trim level (link title). When you find a car that you are interested in that has the options that you are interested in, you can then click the "request a quote" button and input your information and the dealer will email you a quote on the car that you want (most of the time!)

    I'm not too familiar with s Touring HB pricing, so I'm afraid I can't say whether the price you were quoted was good or not, but there are enough resources out there that you should be able to calculate the actual dealer cost of the vehicles that you are interested in and even account for dealer holdback in the equation (2% of base MSRP for Mazda from what I have seen on the net). At this rate, you really should not be paying anything more than what the dealer payed for the vehicle (+/- $100-$200 depending on how long you are willing to wait and play a game of chicken).

    Remember to always be willing to walk out if they don't meet your definition of a fair price for the vehicle and always try to get a quote in writing via email so that they will have a lot harder time changing the terms of the quote when you finally do get a deal that will get you to come into the dealership. You earned that money, make sure that you don't give it away any more than you have to!

    I hope this helps you out and good luck with the purchase!
  • Just received my best quote so far. For an 09 i Touring Value with moonroof, 6-cd package, cargo net, wheel locks, auto trans, the mspr was 18,736, inv 17,564, a $1,000 incentive, $500 loyalty rebate, $500 cash back for using 0% financing for three years, plus 6% sales tax, plus $148.50 for paperwork. Final otd price is 16,646.50. I've requested that information in an email, although I already have it in an email, it is kind of messy, so I requested a more clear cut format. Real nice salesman. When I asked him about any used 3 cars, he said with the incentives, rebates, and financing, the new ones were not much more than the 07 models, which is exactly what I've been seeing.
  • Too many hours in front of the computer with too many numbers messed with my brain. The figures on the previous post were correct, but it doesn't have the 6-cd/moonroof package, nor cargo net or wheel locks, that was another car I was looking at. Sorry.
  • I was looking at those figures and said "holy crap, that's a great price on an 09!"

    Makes a little more sense if that price doesn't include the moonroof/6-cd package or the cargo net and wheel locks, but still not a bad price if you're set on an 09. The 08's seem to be about 500-1k below the price of the 09's. Personally, I don't care what year the car is since there's little to no difference between the late 08's and the 09's as long as the car is new and doesn't have many miles (one that I looked at had 350+ miles on it already and it was "new"!!!). There do seem to be some 08's still available and they have a $2k incentive on them, but no 0% financing is available (I crunched the numbers and determined that the difference between the $500 with the promo 0% rate and the $2000 with the 4.9% interest rate I could get with BofA worked out such that the latter ($2k) scenario was about $750 cheaper over the life of the loan (36mo)).
  • Thanks Whinnfjord for your input. I've never bought a new car before, so my question is, with the Mazda special offer ending 1/5/09, a Monday, any ideas as to the timing of when to pull the trigger and go for it? I'm very flexible with colors and models, so I'm not afraid of not having a car I like available. Do you attempt to make the move on Saturday, so that you still have time to go elsewhere, and the dealer knows that, or just go on Monday early enough that the dealer know he has the final leverage? The guy who gave me the best price has been real quick and straight with his answers, and his dealership has 100% rating on Ebay from selling cars, plus top awards from Mazda, so I'm thinking of trying to get a little bit more from him and call it a deal. Any thoughts?
  • This was actually my first time buying a new car (actually any car) as well, so this might be a little bit of a case of "the blind leading the blind", but my recommendation would be to calculate the dealer cost (invoice) on the vehicles that you are interested in including any incentives and figure out how much profit you are willing to let the dealer make (in my case, I was willing to let the dealer make $200-300 on my transaction). As far as timing goes, it probably won't make more than a couple of hundred dollars in the final price, but I'd probably want to go in sometime around 12/31 so that you will still have time to negotiate with others in case the dealers pull some scheister moves (as they sometimes have been known to do).

    Good luck on the deal, I know it gets confusing and hard to keep straight, but when I found the right car, it was pretty easy for me to pull the trigger even if there might have been a way for me to lower the price a little bit more, but I was ready to call it quits... If you don't mind, post what you get and the price so everyone else can see what's available.
  • 28firefighter28firefighter Seattle, WAPosts: 2,705
    My friend ended up putting a deposit down on the car I mentioned above..just to refresh...

    2009 Mazda 3s Grand Touring Sedan
    Stormy Blue Mica
    Bose/Sunroof Package
    Sirius Satellite

    MSRP: $24,200

    She did some more negotiating on her own (I told her to push it just to see how much further they'd go) and this is what they agreed on-

    Sale Price: $19800
    Final OTD Price: $22,600

    The car is not in stock and they are doing a dealer locate on it...but seems to be a great deal for a great car.

    Thanks for all the help!
    2016 Volkswagen GTI S, 2016 BMW X1 xDrive28i
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