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2013 and Earlier - Mazda3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Keep pushing, Final deal should be $2500 - $3000 off MSRP (from what I've read online in the forums) Just purchased: 09 i touring, auto, moonroof, 6cd. all weather mats & wheel locks.

    MSRP $20k
    Inv $ 18.4k
    Final Price was $17.7k (including the $500 rebate) Only $2300 off MSRP, wish I would have checked the forums BEFORE I purchased.

    also 1,9% 60 months. I think the rebates are now $1000 - $1500 Check) and the interest rate is 0% for 60 months.

    Your deal (my opinion) should be closer to.....
    $15,800 - $16,300. Don't be afraid to push, they are hurting (all dealers) plus the 2010's are almost out. Also get quotes from 3-4 mazda dealers, let them know you are, then you'll really see the prices drop.

    I'm in Delco PA. GOOD LUCK! We LOVE the car! Copper red........awesome!
  • ecoganecogan Posts: 26
    I agree with Tmorrow's response. You should be able to get at least another $1,500 off. The 2010's come out in about 6 weeks, and they will be desperate to get rid of 09's. You have the upper hand here - take advantage of it.
  • Thanks for the responses. I live in New York so my prices might be a little higher but I will definitely try going to other dealers for a better price.
  • 2009 Mazda3 I Touring Value with manual tranny, metro gray, black interior, no accessories, includes doc fee - $14,900
  • Finally got my husband behind the wheel of the Grand Touring and as I expected he found it head and shoulders above the Civic EX we'd driven last summer. Since the planets seem to be aligning (even the stimulus package is pushing us in this direction), we're about to buy our very first brand new car.

    So far, we know we can buy a new '08 GT MT with the moonroof/audio pack for $20,008 (out the door price), or an '09 for $21,362. We usually drive our cars forever (currently have '93 and '96) so the difference seems slight to us, but maybe there were some improvements I don't know about for '09 (the car we drove was the '08)?
    Do those deals seem reasonable? We don't plan to finance through the dealer.
  • I emailed 6 dealerships and drove them nuts as some refused to push their prices back, lose money, and get my business. Eventually spoke on the phone with a dealer in Oakland, CA (I am in San Francisco) and I highly recommend Simon Tse!

    2009 i Touring Value, 4 dr, light silver, automatic 5-speed, standard options.
    2009 is more expensive than 2008 because they added fog lights, alloy wheels (wow!), leather covered steering wheel, etc.

    $1000 cash back, 0% for 36 months.

    Invoice price without financing is $14,490, with financing is $15966

    Not a big difference there, so financing of course! Total plus fees and tax was $16483 out the door!

    Very happy! :shades:
  • I agree with a previous post that the enormous front grill for the new 2010 models are extremely unappealing.

    2009 is the final line of 2.0L cars! Terrible! All cars in 2010 line regardless of 4 dr or 5 dr are all going to be 2.3L!
  • I would look to negotiate lower. Look for around $19,000-19,500 for a 2009 Grand Touring manual with moonroof and audio package (prior to delivery and dealer processing fees) if you are buying with cash or outside financing. If you are planning to use Mazda's financing promotion, I would look to add about $500 to that range (the dealer incentive is $500 lower for financing vs. a cash purchase). So all-in-all, look for a price of $1500 to $2000 off invoice (inclusive of delivery and dealer processing fees).

    You may be able to do better with some negotiating and if you have another dealer(s) to pit the one you mentioned against.
  • Thanks for the advice about negotiating. I expect this dealer to come down some (this was the first contact), but I do plan to contact 3 or 4 dealers.

    Do you have any opinions about the '08 vs. '09?
  • I would think that you could drive a harder bargain on a 2008 vs. a 2009. However, I would look into the differences between the 2008 and 2009 to see if the newer model may have more improvements that are important to you. Also, the '08 may have significantly higher test drive miles, but that is just speculation from my perspective.
  • It looks from the review that the only change (at this trim level) from 2008 to 2009 is that the key fob has a trunk release. Does anyone know of anything else? I've never owned a car with keyless entry, so I think I could live with that difference!

    The 2010, on the other hand, is very tempting....
  • 2010 pricing information was announced yesterday. Links to the press release and detailed pricing information are available in the 2010 discussion thread here:
  • manybmwsmanybmws Posts: 347
    Dealer in the Boston Area - Sentry West has the same car in the showroom for $17,900.
  • manybmwsmanybmws Posts: 347
    I would guess that you would get a 2010 for say a few hundred over invoice - so $17,500 for an i Touring AT. So the price difference with an 09 might be as much as $2,000.

    If this is your first new car wait until the 2010s are on the lot. Then you can decide between an 09 and 10 with more negotiating leverage.
  • manybmwsmanybmws Posts: 347
    Not according to the press releases put out by Mazda.
  • With AutoDim Mirror, Moonroof&CD
    No Downpayment, 36 Month lease
    Tulley Mazda in Nashua, NH

    I was just looking for a ballpark figure and they used Invoice price to figure this. Bottom line was that the car was going to be ~$22k.

    I ended up with a 2007 BMW 328i with 16k miles for that $.
  • There is a dealer in the area that on both a national car site and their own webpage, they have 09's and 08's under $15K. From pics and option features, the i Sport Sdn can be had under $14K before dealer fees.

    These are Automatic.

    The i Touring Value is $14.1+ most under $15K. There was one with Moonrof, changer, wing spoiler for slightly more than 15K. I'm going to see if a closer dealer will price match/price beat based on the two site's correlation (I compared the stock #s) plus they advertise an additional $300 off if you bring the ad.

    So at 14K, add $1500 for TTT and you can get a nice one for under $16K.

    the s Sport HB was slightly over 16K too. a wee bit more than I want to spend.
  • 2009 S Sport, 5 Door, Man Trans

    MSRP- $18,995 incl destination

    "S" Plan ( invoice minus $400) , $1500 rebate

    $16,000 agreed price plus tax,tags,title, doc fee

    $17,623 out the door

    Includes cargo net, cargo mat, all weather floor mats, wheel locks, rear bumper guards as part of the deal.

    Also considered the Mit Lancer, Hyn Elantra and VW Jetta. Wanted the Maz 3 Sedan but the rear headroom was much better in the 5 door and I wanted the 2.3 and Metro Gray paint.
  • manybmwsmanybmws Posts: 347
    Just do it :-)
  • Good deal?

    2009 Mazda S hatchback; manual

    Price: Just under 17k after $1000 rebate, tax (reduced because of trade-in), tags and doc fee.

    I'm $1000 upside down in a 2007 Civic EX, which is my hesitation at the moment.
  • 2009 i touring value 4-d auto: 16100 + tax + fee, NY, is that a good price?
  • 2009 i Touring Value, 4 dr, light silver, automatic 5-speed, standard options,

    how come your invoice can be so low? I was told it is $17564 (before $1500 rebate). And it is auto 4-speed.
  • manybmwsmanybmws Posts: 347
    For those considering an 08 the I noticed that Quirk Mazda in Boston area had a $19,995 HB for sale for $13,995. They are known for their low ball adds so this could be a demo so beware but pricing seems more inline with what I would pay for a leftover 08. They have an 08 i Sport for $11,900 on their website.
  • manybmwsmanybmws Posts: 347
    Rule of thumb discounting formula on 09s.

    Invoice - current Mazda discounts - additional dealer discount (up to $500 on top of that).

    Most leverage is when the 2010s arrive on dealer lots and that will be within a few weeks.
  • We went to the (mega-Mazda) dealer to try to negotiate for one of the five '08 manual GT's on their lot. First we discovered that two of them were 2008's (not 2008.5's). Then when we tried to get them down to well under 20k for one of the '08.5's, they wouldn't budge. Said they'd rather get the tax write-off on the depreciation. This was yesterday, so maybe they'll call back... Hoping to have better luck with an '09 when the 2010s are out, but if not, we may have to go with a Civic EX-L. There seem to be many more of them out there and dealers willing to make good deals.
  • kle1kle1 Posts: 8
    That's a great deal mazdazed. Can you tell me which dealer you bought this from? Did you also go through Internet sales?

    I almost bought the same car in galaxy gray this Sat for 16,338 + TTL (15,888 w/o mazda financing) but missed it by a few minutes as somebody else was also making a deal on the car when I offered to buy it.
  • I've been quoted for 16776 out the door for a 09 mazda3 i touring auto sedan metro gray no extras in central Florida. MSRP is 18465 for this car. Is this a good deal? It also includes 0% financing. From reading here it seems the deal should be lower but when I pressed for it, they acted as if I was insane to even suggest it.

    Do you think prices will drop when the 2010s come out? I asked the salesperson and he said no they would not drop. Should I take this deal or hold out? Thanks!
  • What dealer was that? I'm in Tampa and will probably be getting a M3 when my car gets sold (anytime now). I've seen a central florida dealer with good specials and want to know if its the same.

    Prices may not go down, BUT rebates will increase. I was looking at a Nissan Sentra and the 08's in Dec had a $1750 rebate and the 09s had a $1500 one. Now? they are at $2500/$2250, resp.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    I've been quoted for 16776 out the door for a 09 mazda3 i touring auto sedan metro gray no extras in central Florida. MSRP is 18465 for this car. Is this a good deal? It also includes 0% financing.

    Are taxes and tag and $1000 in Florida? With 0% this is about a $15000 purchase price. (or less if your credit is less than perfect) For the rest of the country this is about an avg deal, with good credit. If you need a car now go for it. The $15000 should include dealer doc fee. ($50-400)

    Soliciting 10+ bids last week of the month from dealers within 150 miles from you via mazda website will show the scenery in your area. Sometimes prices can get lower than you think via dealer cell calls the last 2 days.

    From reading here it seems the deal should be lower but when I pressed for it, they acted as if I was insane to even suggest it.

    Yes we practiced the "insane" look between sales. People getting an average deal got the insane look when suggesting a lower price, people getting raped for $4000 more than avg got the insane look when suggesting a lower price.

    Do you think prices will drop when the 2010s come out? I asked the salesperson and he said no they would not drop.

    Good thing you asked... he knows things. (the avg car salesman is out of the business in 6mo.)

    Good luck
  • manybmwsmanybmws Posts: 347
    What is the net price on the car after all discounts before any other fees?
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