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2013 and Earlier - Mazda3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • It's Classic Mazda in Orlando.

    The car is 14995. Then there's 6% tax, 6.50 tire fee, 2.00 lemon law fee, 599 dealer fee, 24.00 electronic filing fee, and 113 for tag.

    The car is supposed to go up to 15495 if you want the 0% financing but I think they finally agreed not to do that. Although I don't really remember there were so many numbers thrown around. I do know the final price was 16776.

    And, I don't need the car now.
  • I bought a Mazda 3 (2009) i value touring 4 speed automatic (no other options) on Sat. I learnt a lot from this forum so let me share my experience about price.

    I am in NJ.

    My price: $14450 (retail price, including destination fee)
    After TTL [tax (7%), tittle and lisence fee], 5 years registration fee, document fee, etc. = out of door price: $16055, and with a fill-up tank.

    I think this is a acceptable deal. Actually I think there still some range (several hundreds $) to bargain, but I rent a car recently. If I can save some time/energe and return the rental car, I can earn this money back immediately. So I stoped going around and bought that car directly.

    At first I gave my price as $14400, then the salesman told me this is impossible. But it is possible actually. They always say this to bully you. At last the sales manager came out and offered me $14400 + 350. I said if $14450 I may buy it or I will leave. They kept saying this is impossible, but when I stood up and said good-bye to them, they gave me this offer.

    So keep pushing them they will give you the offer at last.
  • I am in Tampa area. Best price so far....
    Sport w automatic and A /c (no auto door/window no alloy ect) Basic model with automatic trans.
    MSRP 16940

    Out the door pricing with TTL and all fees 14,600.00
    Our tax rate is 6%
  • Hmm, exactly same car NJ Wayne dealer gave me a quote of $15286 net price and OTD as $17616. Much more than you paid. May I know which dealer you bought the car?
  • what dealer? I've called one of the ferman's and we are haggling around the 15K mark for the i-TVE. I anticipate it will be about $16500 out the door..
  • "Hoping to have better luck with an '09 when the 2010s are out, but if not, we may have to go with a Civic EX-L. There seem to be many more of them out there and dealers willing to make good deals."

    Yes but they are not NEARLY as fun to drive.
  • I'm in the Tampa area here in Florida. I called a dealer, got a price of $15,100 (after some phone haggling). they didn't want to go down to $15,000 even.. (includes dealer prep fee).

    So I called our Credit Union Auto Advisor and got the 09 Mazda3 i touring Value sdn for $16,200 from somewhere else. Includes 1yr complimentary maintenance.

    I think this is the best deal around, as i've seen other advertised deals for more.
  • i forgot to mention, the $16,200 was out the door, prior to any DPs.

    so for $100 and the price of the 1yr maintenance, the 1st dealer lost my sale.
  • i think your deal and mine are both good..

    i got 2009 Mazda3 S Touring hatchback, automatic for $18K OTD; this includes $1K rebate, ttl, and 0% for 36 months.

    looks like not too many folks here opt for hatch, most prefer sedan.. why?
  • "looks like not too many folks here opt for hatch, most prefer sedan.. why? "

    my personal reason: I don't really like the looks of the HB. I know they are practically the same, but when I see a HB it just looks so long, like a limo. In my opinion. I would prefer the 2.3 engine but no dealers seem to carry the S model in sedan. Not sure why. But I also haven't driven a 2.3, so maybe it's not a big difference.
  • manybmwsmanybmws Posts: 347
    Well my dealer fee was $230 + $80 registration for my recent buy - the same car as yours :)

    So you are paying $15,400 compared to my $15,800 when you add in your incremental costs over my deal to get apples to apples. BTW I did get 0% for 36 months and 90 day deferred payments. So even if you don't need the car your not paying for it for a while.

    I think the economic conditions are a little tougher in FL than the Boston area at this point so my theory is that your local dealers are discounting a bit more.

  • The one along the Route 22 which also sold Toyota cars.

    Good luck! But it seems that they do not have a lot of Mazda 3 now (only several red ones left). Some people do not like red cars, like me.

    I think you can get similar deals from others if you go there and really push the price.
  • 1) I LOVE the hatchback, but don't want to spend 17k+ OTD for it. I had the option (and might still do) to get a slightly older S Sport HB for under 13K (actually 3 of them). I'm still considering it.

    2) I went with my CU which is giving me 3.99% although, I told them I'm willing to sit and listen to their financing.. If they give me 0% too for the same price, I'll take it.

    Now this is the crappy part.. they guy who was buying my car flaked on me this evening to come get it. So unless he buys it tomorrow, I'm SOL, unless the dealer gives me what I want for it (HAHA god luck to me.) At least I have the car price settled on.
  • Hi All,

    After some bargaining I've managed to get a dealer to quote me $19,600 on the 09 s Grand Touring w/ moon roof and bose sound (4 door). This includes the $1,500 dealer cash and a couple other discounts. No, he hasn't given me a fee schedule (where I am sure he will try to make up the profit margin.) I'm in CA so I figure about 10% in taxes, $214 in registration and the $55 doc fee. I just wanted to check if this was basically a good starting price given that the MSRP on the car is $23,550.

    I appreciate your help! Thanks!
  • AT or MT? The lowest quote we've gotten for the same with MT is $19660 here on the east coast. The tax, etc. brought it up to $21,443. We weren't so happy with that at the time (it was for a car they had in stock, so we thought they could have come down more.) At another dealer, the salesperson said we could get out the door for $21362, but not in writing and the sales manager hasn't approved that quote yet.

    Thoughts, anyone? It seems the GT's are not in very good supply (especially manuals).
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Hatchbacks just aren't that popular in the U.S. Don't know why. This may change with Gas prices over time, once people find that good one's are almost half pickup truck.

    The next door neighbor got one of the few Mazda6 sedans that are a hatchback. Can't tell by looking at it but when I saw him hauling a washing machine in the box with the hatch up that was pretty cool.

    Scion Tc hatch coupe seems to be the same way.

    It seems that without considering financing, many dealers are discounting the $18000+ 09 M3's almost $4500.

    Good luck

    i think your deal and mine are both good..

    i got 2009 Mazda3 S Touring hatchback, automatic for $18K OTD; this includes $1K rebate, ttl, and 0% for 36 months.

    looks like not too many folks here opt for hatch, most prefer sedan.. why?

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  • The quote was for AT. You're right about the GTs being in short supply in some areas. There are a decent number of them at the Mazda dealerships in the LA area (where I got the quote), but I also called Las Vegas to see if I could score a big deal there (given that the economy in Vegas is WAY worse than LA right now) and they don't have an '09 GT in the ENTIRE STATE, AT or MT. They have 1 or 2 left over 2008.5 GTs, but that's it.

    Looks like major dealers in the LA area are where I'm going to focus. I don't have to buy now so I figure I'd hold off until the '10s hit the lots and the dealers REALLY want to move inventory. I'd like to get OTD around $21k for the GT '09.

    Suggestions? Think this would work/is possible?
  • I have the chance to get a 07 s Hatchback for under $13500.. its in great shape, and a savings of 3K over a new one. I still have a yr warranty (on age and mileage) and can easily buy an extended from my credit union. no accidents, non smoker.

  • Do you mean Crystal Automall in Greenbrook, NJ? That's a really good OTD price, did you get the special financing with it as well? Thanks.
  • Yes for your first question.

    I did not get any financing since I focus on the total price. I will pay off.

    I computed carefully, a 0apr finance is not very attractive since the APR of depositing money is not high in these days. Asking for 0 apr will make the price higher (about $900).

    Keep pushing you may get a better price than me.
  • Has anyone in NY/NJ area bought a Mazda at fleet price? Having trouble getting name of "Fleet Manager" at dealership, wondering if there's a more direct route than calling dealership and asking for him, afraid I'm not talking to "real" Fleet Manager there. Their "Fleet" website is a bit confusing as to who "qualifies" to buy fleet cars.
    Appreciate any help!
  • MT, moon/bose sound, heated seats

    15000 miles

    $18.5k OTD

    Good deal, or can I do better?

  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Forget about the fleet manager or sales mgr in particular. Fleet mgrs specialize in selling cars to businesses (who are spending other people's corporate money), and not especially concerned on price.

    Get 10 bids last week of the month via email from mazda's website (seems to have very good summary of inventory) within a 150 mile radius. Tell them you are getting 10 bids. Work with 2 or 3 finalists over cell phone, working down as much as possible. Finalize with mgr over cell.

    Good luck

    Has anyone in NY/NJ area bought a Mazda at fleet price? Having trouble getting name of "Fleet Manager" at dealership, wondering if there's a more direct route than calling dealership and asking for him, afraid I'm not talking to "real" Fleet Manager there. Their "Fleet" website is a bit confusing as to who "qualifies" to buy fleet cars.
    Appreciate any help!
  • Bill Miller at Ferman on Florida and also Glen at Mazda Wesley Chapel(they were higher, but will come down~didn't want to push til end of the month). Was also told they would not want to loose the deal over a few hundred...may be more room. Again this is just automatic other upgrades.
  • i'd say you could/should do better by at least $500 or more.

    compare my $18K OTD for brand new (60 miles) 09 Touring HB with AT but no extras that come with GT (plus 0% for 36 months Mazda/Chase financing). i had to negotiate a bit via email insisting that my budget = $18K and i can't go over it.. hope we are not comparing apples to oranges here.
    good luck!
  • Thanks for the feedback. I kind of concluded the same thing over the past day and am now trying to find an 09 GT HB in a similar price range (maybe a bit more).
  • We have only gotten quotes (just) under $20k OTD for 2008.5 GT's (manuals). The 2009's are all in the range of $21.5k. (We're seriously considering the 2008.5's. It's basically the same car.)
  • kle1,

    The first dealers I went to were in NJ and they were basically quoting me msrp minus rebate or $1,000 off msrp. Not a good deal at all in todays market. I originally wanted a 2.3 manual in the sedan with no moonroof. Try to find one! When I saw how much better the rear headroom was in the 5 door and how much more practical it is I made the switch. The trunk opening in the sedan is small. Also, the one I bought with the $18,995 msrp was built before the $300 price increase. Most S Sport 5 doors on the lots were stickered at $19,295. Through my employer I was able to qualify for the Ford "X", Mazda "S" plan which is invoice minus $400 plus any rebates being offered at the time. I also did not use Mazda's financing which added another $500 to the rebate making it $1,500 not $1,000. So in the end it was $3,000 off sticker. My experience with John Kennedy Mazda in PA was excellent and I would recommend them. I find the "BOZO THE CAR GRILL" on the 2010 absurd. Good Luck!
  • Well I don't have a new 2009 car, but I just bought an 07 MAzda3 s 5dr in Aurora Blue Mica. The owner babied this car and it just passed 20K with over 1 yr left in warranty. Paid 13K for it.

    Looking at all the paperwork, the previous owner bought every single warranty available. He got a GM Smart Care plan for 48 months, an extended warranty via CNA for 72K miles, the tire warranty, and the theft etching/stickers.

    I've got to call and find out if that extended warranty is transferrable and definitely getting the Smart Care extended. I usually like to do my own with Mobil 1, but I usually spend $30 doing it on my own so even if I get some credit from the program, paying under $30 to upgrade to synth is worth it.

    Looking forward to posting with everyone else here... MAN THIS CAR IS SWEET!!!
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    The 2.3 engine is a really sweet one with plenty of power when needed. Have 58k on our '05 3s sedan and it's held up very well mechanically though it does have some creaks and other noises emanating from different areas. Still all in all, it's been a great drama free car for the wifey to drive. And as she says..."it was the best out there at the time" which is a great compliment from someone who sees any car as an appliance to move from point A to point B. She doesn't share my automotive passion though my oldest girl is getting the "fever" since she now has her own wheels that she chose.

    Wouldn't be surprised if we end up with a 2011 Mazda 3 if they have one with more power goodies and leather as the wife decided she wants more luxo stuff in her daily driver. As long as she says we can afford it, bring it on!

    The Sandman :)
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