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2013 and Earlier - Mazda3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Bought a 2010 Mazda3 s Sport HB/liquid silver/manual trans/moonroof/Bose for $19,351 before tax, dmv and a huge $399 doc fee. Purchased in New Jersey at Wayne Mazda last Saturday. Received 0%/60 month financing.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    What other fees did Wayne Mazda charge you?
  • I checked many Mazda dealers - Wayne being one of them. I certainly hope your experience will be better than mine. In gathering my quotes, Wayne gave me by far the best quote. It was too good, actually... I figured that they would be LOSING $188 (versus dealer cost) by quoting me a price of $1,779 UNDER INVOICE. It all sounded too good to be true and likely was. The quote was verbal - when I sent them an email requesting a written qoute reflecting those numbers: voila! - instant disappearing act! The internet sales person who was sending me personal messages every other day and who had called me several times was now MIA. I sent them (all totalled) seven messages, no response. It all makes me wonder what would have transpired if I would have driven to N.NJ to check things out.

    As I said...I certainly hope your experience will be better. To those who have not yet purchased in NJ, I found it common that dealer fees exceed $250, and are often $400. I bought in DE with a dealer fee of $199.
  • That was it----ended up being $22,413 otd. That's with NY state 8.75% sales tax.
  • andyx626andyx626 Posts: 2
    hi im new to the forum i got my mazda3 s hatchback otd exactly $21,000 otd is this a good price, this is with tax and license along with doc fees and 1 year oil change or 4 oil change which ever comes first.

    $21,000 OTD

    please reply if you think the deal i got is good or bad.
  • Andy, I don't think you got ripped, but you probably could have done about $1000 better. I hope you were able to get the 0% 5-yr financing with it.
  • andyx626andyx626 Posts: 2
    hey crashburn i got 0% for 60 months and down $10,000 monthly payments of 200.00 even. I also got 4 oil changes or 1 year whichever comes first. I knew i got ripped off sigh. I offered them 20,500 otd and they would not let it go.
  • pete22pete22 Posts: 80
    edited April 2010
    In Southern California. My best quotes were 17,439 (1 dealer) and 17539 (2 dealers). Had other internet offers as high as 18,539. Assume any price around 17500 price is good. That is before the loyalty rebate but does not include tax and license that the DMV web site tells me would be a little over 1800 more. Ebay motors give me a 17,989 price as a reference.
    Had a slimy sounding dealer in National CIty (near San Diego) quote me a price of 16,900 but only if I came in tonight but told him I need it in writing if I drive 80 miles each way. His email did not include the model other than Mazda 3 and said "plus fees". Never heard back from him when I asked to specify the model and quote that only fees would be tax and license.
    By the way does anyone have experience with Bob Baker Mazda in Carlsbad. They are one of my 18,539 quotes that claim they will beat my other one, but did not give a number.
    I dislike the dealers that are over 1000 higher and want me to send my quote so they can try and beat it. If they start that high it does not seem worth my time.
  • kfranci2kfranci2 Posts: 31
    Picked up a new 3GT hatchback manual this weekend. MSRP $25,615 and no-negotiation price $24,115 at Walser Mazda in Burnsville MN Initially was disappointed price was not lower, but then they gave me about $1500-1800 more for my trade than said they should have. This tells me there is probably some sort of dealer incentive going on to drive all these great deals, especially considering I got 0% for 60mos too.
    The car is graphite and was the only 6sp 3GT hatchback within 100 miles of Minneapolis, so luckily I like the color. Was happy overall with Walser and looking forward to the free oil changes & other perks. This is a great little fun car to drive with all kinds of features (auto wipers, xenons, led tail lights, memory seats, keyless start, etc) that I thought I would have to get into an audi/bmw to enjoy.
  • pete22pete22 Posts: 80
    I had the same type of thing happen Iwas quoted a price from National City Mazda for a 3i touring that was 1350 under invoice. But would ahve required I drive 80 miles and was a buy today only price. So asked for it in writing. He mentioned that he would sell me a Mazda 3 for that price plus feesbut did not include a sticker, or model. I emailed back and said could he add the model and that the only fees are tax and license. Anyway never heard back. Goes without saying I did not driver 80 miles.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    Your deal may have been better than you think! I need a little more info and I'll give you my opinion of your deal...

    I'm assuming we're talking about a 5-door s Sport, is manual or automatic transmission? Does it have either the Bose/Moonroof/6CD or Technology Package? What about any other accessories or options?

    I know you said the OTD price was $21,000, but how does that break down?
    How much is Sales Tax?
    How much is tax/title/registration?
    Where do you live?

    Here's why I'm asking- I live in north Georgia and my best friend lives three hours away in Birmingham, Alabama. In GA, we pay the same sales tax rate on cars as any other purchase (7% in my county). In AL, they have special (lower) tax rates for automobiles. His county tax rate is 8% but the auto rate is only 3.375%. On a purchase price of $19,500, my GA tax bill would be about $710 more than my my friend in AL. The tag/title fees would cost well over $150 more in Georgia also...which means my OTD price for the same EXACT purchase price would be at least $850 more!

    Based on your posting, it looks like you put $10k down and didn't have a trade-in? Most states only assess sales tax on new car price MINUS trade-in allowance, which can make a big difference in final cost. Since you didn't have a trade-in, you're stuck paying tax on the whole amount. A $10k trade-in allowance would save me $700 (7%) on the tax bill. I'd be spending $700 less which is what matters, but it's not $700 out the dealer's's $700 less that the State of Georgia would get from me...
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  • prcarprcar Posts: 1
    I also just bought a Mazda 3 sport hatchback auto (options - cargo net and mat and wheel locks) for $21K odt with 0% financing (no trade in) in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. As you indicated I could have reduced the taxes and doc fees somewhat if I had a trade in or financed less.

    I tried to get email quotes from the 5-6 dealerships in the area with 3 responding. After a few days of back and forth they all came down to the same number and would not go below $21K. When I went to get the car, the internet manager said he knows what the other dealers quote. Maybe if they were running a dealer incentive I could have done better but I did have any leverage. Fortunately the deal at the dealership was exactly as quoted with no surprises/renegotiation and the sales manager and finance people were very friendly and professional.

    The car is a lot of fun so I am happy with the deal.
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,170
    We bought from them in 2005...literally just across the street. Good deal at the time for the wife's S sedan. Almost 76k miles later, she's rethinking her choice for a new ride next year. Have sat in a friends '10 i model and wasn't impressed. Seats are still hard and the cheaper alloys look well, cheap. The s model alloys are killer in my opinion. Will be interesting to see what she test drives. She likes that size car but wants a few "luxury" items this time around. She drives a lot for business so I can't fault her for wanting a nice ride.

    The Sandman :sick: :shades:

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  • lvp0085lvp0085 Posts: 1
    I bought a Mazda 3 i sport Auto with no options In Silver Spring, MD. Very simply put, I paid $14,100 for the car itself. OTD I paid $16,100 with all the basic fees/taxes. Also, 0% APR for 60 months when I financed with Mazda so I got the $500 cash back. Put down $6,000. The invoice I believe is around $16,000 depending which source you look at. I think I got a good deal.
    The funny thing is that another dealership (who i didn't buy from) hassled me and told me that price was too low and was below their cost, but what do I care about them? They tried to mark up their initial quote with mystery rebates.

    I heard that a friend's friend also paid about the same for the same thing
  • Thats a fantastic deal - I paid 14,401 and 16,716 out the door back in February at a dealership in Houston and i was thrilled. There was no more to squeeze out of them thats for sure! Congrats!
  • nori1900nori1900 Posts: 2
    I wanted to see if this someone can let me know if this is a good deal for a 2010 Sport Hatchback Automatic transmission :

    19,999 + tax and DMV
    (tax and DMV will probably be about $2,300)

    I can get $500 rebate if I do 0% financing

    Thanks for any help you can provide.
  • verinoxverinox Posts: 38

    I got an offer from a dealer for a 2010 Mazda 3i Touring, MSRP is $19,475. I offered $800 down, with the rest of the fees and what not included on top of the 19475. Not sure what the value of the car was that we worked down to, but I was given an offer for 36 months, 12,000 miles per year, $225 per month. Should I bite, and what is a good target? I didn't want to spend over $220, but I'm thinking that after reading these forums that I might be able to do better. Also, if anyone out there thinks there is a better car to be had for $220 a month than the Mazda 3, I'm open to suggestions (I tried and hate the Civic).

    Any input, as well as a decent target would be much appreciated. It's my first time leasing a car (I'm 23) and credit is a non-issue.
  • As great a car as these Mazda 3s are, I wouldn't lease them. To me, it is much better to purchase. You'll enjoy them so much, you'll not want to stop driving it. Assuming that you have mileage limits, it'll be difficult to stay under. Besides, they are (or were) offering such great purchase incentives, it seems a shame not to take advantage of them.

    As far as other lease options go, what are you looking for: luxury, sport/power, combination of the two...?

    I recently purchased a Mazda3 s Sport hatchback (MSRP on the s Sport manual is about $800 higher than the 3i touring A/T) for less than your 3i, so yes...I think you can certainly do better.
  • verinoxverinox Posts: 38
    edited April 2010
    I really did like it on the test drive, but I'll be a full-time grad student for the next 30 or so months, so I figured a lease would be best because by the time I graduate and (hopefully) have a decent job, I'll be able to trade it in and maybe purchase a new one with the bigger engine and more features.

    I figure if I can work the 3i touring a/t down to 18,500 including ALL fees, and a 36 month lease, with 59% resale value (read it on another forum) then I have to pay $210 a month to cover depreciation alone. I'm going in on Friday, so hopefully I can get it down to 215ish.
  • did you tried sierra mazda in morovia? we bought our 3s sport there end of the year. they got us best deal and very happy with their service.
  • redwoodsredwoods Posts: 1
    Great deal! I am also looking for same car in MD. Is this price $14,100 include $500 rebate and $500 cash back? Could you break down the OTD price? Thanks.
  • $18,125 + taxes etc.

    Good deal???????

    Master G
  • nori1900nori1900 Posts: 2
    Sounds great - what state are you located in?
  • If it's a manual trans, it's a pretty good deal. The link below will show you that Mazda3 s Sport manual invoice is $18,305. If it's an auto trans, it's an excellent deal! Mazda3 s Sport auto trans. invoice is $19,051. The best some people are getting is $1000 under invoice, but yours is very good.
  • Its an auto. I am buying it today and also getting the )% int for 5 years!
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    edited April 2010
    What would be a good ballpark figure on a '10 Mazda3s Sport hatchback with an automatic transmission and the moonroof/6CD/Bose package?

    I'm in greater Nashville, Tennessee, if that helps.
  • price $18,695.00
    tax $1,308.65
    tire $7.50
    doc fee $240.00
    reg fee $299.00
    total $20,550.15
    rebate $(500.00)

    final total $20,050.15

    they offered me to extend the 3yr 36,000 to 5 yr 50,000 coverage for $750 down from a msrp of 1990. is that a good price????
  • cc475cc475 Posts: 7
    Does anyone have recent buying experience with the Speed3?

    Are there any buyer incentives, and is dealer holdback (if any) negotiable? :)
  • elantra08elantra08 Posts: 15
    edited May 2010
    Has anyone recently bought a 3i touring or a 3s sport sedan? i would want the sunroof pkg for both. i am torn between the two and wondering where to start neg with dealer. The dealer told me that there is a $400 rebate if i dont take the financing. This would be my first mazda. Thanks for the help in advance.
  • pete22pete22 Posts: 80
    Kind of weird. I am talking to a deler about the 3i touring also but was told the opposit I get a 500 extra rebate if I take the financing. Did not see a offer or financing or rebate.
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