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2013 and Earlier - Mazda3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • absolutely correct on the 1250 incentive. I ended up picking up my mazda this past Friday evening.

    Got the 0% and the 750 discounted. wasnt going to pass up 0% for an extra $

    sales rep even let me check on her computer at pricing.

    Overall, very Simple experience, came out NOT feeling cheap and

    One thing i tried to get was a pricing match from AOLAutos which gave me a invoice under the $17K mark. I looked everywhere else but coudlnt find the same pricing. Sales rep said it was a mistake, called another dealer to see if theyd match it, but not go. So according to edmunds and trucar, i was still getting a good bargain. so i signed


    LOVE my car! its A MAJOR upgrade from my 93 civic with no power windows, no ac, no

    Found myself looking for an excuse to drive somewhere during the week. i just wanted to drive.
  • bekbek Posts: 8
    Was quoted $15, 897 + doc fees. No options. Boston area. Does this seem like a good price or should I hold out for a lower price?
  • MSRP = 19,745
    Have an OTD price of $18.3k in FL
    Is this a good deal?
  • check the calculator on this site. Based on area, the prices are different, but you should be able to see what Invoice price is. Forget MSRP. Focus on invoice price and go from there. try to knock off a few hundred off that number. ( i really doubt you can knock off thousands)

    Also look at

    lookup the car, trim, extras, and see what the average buyer paid..

    Use both these sites to gauge your purchase. Remember, haggle on invoice price, not monthly, not anything else.

    Good luck
  • shinbone1shinbone1 Posts: 9
    I'm in So. Cal and just purchased '11 iSport, MSRP- $18,350, Discounted to 16,690, + 595 (alarm) + 695 (3 yr maintanence) - $500 (rebate) + $1,830 (Tax & Lic) + $65 (doc & co. fee) + $990 (ext war 7yr/100k mi) = $19,600 (OTD 0% Finance). Feels like I paid a lot of money for a Plain-Jane car.
  • turbulent28turbulent28 Posts: 4
    edited June 2011
    its probably all the extras you purchased that makes you feel that way. (not saying you should feel ripped off.)

    i do remember seeing the invoice price around 16600 for the isport. (so i think you were on the right price to begin with)

    I opted out of extra warranties and add ons. Only thing i bought was the alarm which after a little back and forth, got it for around 400 and change (figured id pay close that amount at a reputable shop anyways)

    That and i got the 0% so i pay no finance on it and it increased my monthly by $7
  • Tomorrow the wife and I are most likely going to haggle for a mazda3 sedan touring....all weather mats, wheel locks and cargo net are the extras besides the standard touring is asking 19,750 was going to offer 19,200....too low ? too high ??
    0% finacning money down
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    "Tomorrow the wife and I are most likely going to haggle for a mazda3 sedan touring....all weather mats, wheel locks and cargo net are the extras besides the standard touring is asking 19,750 was going to offer 19,200....too low ? too high ??
    0% financing money down"

    Based on the price you mention ($19,750), I'm assuming it's an automatic (5AT)....right? It looks like MSRP with the mats, wheel locks and cargo net is $19,915. shows that I could buy it here in the Atlanta area for as low as $17,787. Incentives vary by region, so the pricing may differ a bit where you live. I suggest checking the pricing on TrueCar using your zip code and go from there....

    If you qualify for 0% financing on top of a great discount, all the would be a steal!
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • momsrulemomsrule Posts: 1
    Hi all,
    I am a new member to Edmunds but lurked for many years. I just bought a used Mazda 3 and think I got a pretty good deal at a Subaru dealer that took it in on a trade. My 2008 Honda Accord lease was up and my son is just learning to drive so I didn't want to go out and buy a brand new car for him to learn on.

    Mazda 3 GT Hatchback
    Leather, Moonroof, Bose, A/T, Dark Red, 41,000 miles
    Very Good Condition
    $15,995+1119.65 tx+$199 doc fee = 17,313.65
    I decided to let them do the paperwork because here in NJ DMV is a nightmare and the $199 is worth the hours I would spend at DMV.

    What do you all think?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • guangyangguangyang Posts: 3
    I'm near Redmond, WA. the quote for OTD is 20380$. The invoice from dealer is 18294$ which is already below the TMV from edmund. Any suggestions or anyone has a better deal?
  • panda85panda85 Posts: 4
    i just bought a mazda 3 i touring model couple of days back. The dealer sale price was $18130. After adding the ny taxes the on road price was $19900. But just before picking up the car the finance person bombarded with tooo many things and i fell for a premium maintenance plan (5 years/60k miles) worth $1200. Its a premium maintenance plan from ford dealership which mazda dealers sell. this is a maintenance plan not a warranty.

    Just before the pickup i was kind of happy with the price as it was right around the edmunds TMV for my NY state region. But dont know why i brought the maintenance plan for 1200 and now my friends are kicking my [non-permissible content removed] for doing that. Thinking about calling the dealer and cancelling the maintenance plan. Anyone any suggestions on this?? it would be great to hear from a experienced driver. I have no idea about cars and this is my first car.

    Other than this i had a good buying experience and i went around to couple of dealers and religiously stuck to the TMV value from edmunds and didnt go for the price quoted by dealers. Finally when one of the dealer quoted around the TMV value of edmunds i went ahead and brought the car.
  • guangyangguangyang Posts: 3
    Thanks for your reply.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,094
    That really depends on what is included in that plan. For example, if you get all scheduled maintenance plus, let's say, tire rotations, a new set of tires, and new brakes all in that 60k, its not so bad.

    Are they working on 7500-mile oil change intervals? So 8 oil changes and 4 tire rotations would be ~$360. Throw in 2 30k inspections at about $99 each for a total of $560. Now throw in new brakes and tires all around at some point for about $800 and you've saved yourself a whopping $160.

    Odds are, however, you aren't getting all of that. Check the contract and add it up.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    edited July 2011
    Odds are, however, you aren't getting all of that.

    The major advantage for a dealership/garage to sell you a maintenance plan is that you are coming to them regularly. As they do the maintenance, they may find other things that they will "recommend" that are not covered, to which you may agree and thus to give them more business. Also, since you know them, you are likely to turn to them in case of accidents and other unscheduled events.

    So if you like the dealership/garage and think you would like to have a long term relationship, then a maintenance plan may make sense.

    Personally, I would prefer to keep my options open and would want the dealership/garage to "prove" each time they service my vehicle that I should return for the next service. I have used one garage for a long time not because they offer a maintenance plan but because they repeatedly offered me the best service.
  • panda85panda85 Posts: 4
    if they included the brakes and tire change in the maintenance plan i would be very happy but the truth is they are not included.

    Today from many of the posts in the Mazda forums found some info regarding the wearable items. My office colleagues also told that based on my usage and driving style (max 8000 miles a year. daily 14 miles commute) many of the parts wont wear by 5 years/ 60000 miles limit.

    according to the contract the only things that will be done as needed (read if required) are the following

    Engine oil and filter changes (10 oil changes)
    Multipoint inspections
    Tire rotations
    Spark plugs (doesn't go bad until close to 90k miles. so wont be using it)
    Shock absorbers (not required to change till 70K. wont be required)
    Clutch disc (not sure about this part)
    Engine belts and hoses (doesn't go bad until close to 90k miles. so wont be using it)
    Brake pads and linings (probably couple of rear brake pads)
    Wiper blades (available for $15 from Walmart)

    so apart from oil changes, filter changes, tire rotations and couple of break pads looks like i wont be needing other changes in my vehicle as a part of my 60000 mile/5 year plan. For this 1200 dollars looks very steep. More inclined to cancel it now.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    1200 dollars looks very steep. More inclined to cancel it now.

    Bonus: Keeping the money in the bank also collects interest. :D
  • mannydeemannydee Posts: 2
    Hi, all! What a difficult experience this was! I used the S-plan (you can if you know folks who work for Ford-- they did not even ask me for a name-- weird). But I think I still overpaid...sigh. :confuse:

    2011 Mazda3 i Touring. No options.

    MSRP was $19745
    S-plan was $18709.
    I got a $950 rebate ($500 Loyalty + $450 with 0% for 60 months).
    Total before TTL = $17759, with TTL= $19131 out the door.

    In retrospect, I think I would have been better without the S-plan. TruCar and Edmunds confuse me. Are they before rebate or after?

    If after rebate, I do not feel so bad, because Edmunds says that the TMV was $17,400.

    If before, it says I could have got the car for $18,440 or even $17,711!!!

    I would be grateful if someone could put my worries to rest, so I can enjoy my car! It is really fun to drive. I had a 2002 Mazda Protege, which I loved, and the Mazda3 is smaller in the back seat and trunk, but other than that, it handles wonderfully, it has a cool interior, and I love, love, love the bluetooth function that makes phone calls in the car a breeze!

    If only I did not feel like I overpaid!
  • mannydeemannydee Posts: 2
    For this 1200 dollars looks very steep. More inclined to cancel it now.

    Did you? Could you? They offered me the same thing for the same price and we declined.
  • panda85panda85 Posts: 4
    ya i went to the dealer and cancelled the maintenance plan. If you cancel within first 30 days you get full refund but with a $75 processing fee. If you cancel after 30 days the refund will be prorated.

    My problem is that, the dealer added the maintenance plan cost to over all sale price and i paid the sales tax for the whole amount and that amount was financed.
    Now i am cancelling the Ford premium maintenance plan and i am getting the refund for that but the dealer is not sure how to reverse the sales tax i paid for the 1200.
    Has anyone faced a similar situation? please let me know if you know of a solution.
  • Did you buy the car? I'm in Redmond, WA too and would be thankful to know your experience and the dealer.
  • No. The dealer cannot offer any lower than 19900. I probably will not buy this model as the price it too high for a compact car.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    edited August 2011
    dealer cannot offer any lower than 19900. I probably will not buy this model
    What OTD price are you aiming at? This is a great time for haggling for a better deal; if one dealer cannot offer you an acceptable price just ask another for their best offer. Make sure to tell them that you are looking at several options and that they need to provide you with their best offer.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • ras10ras10 Posts: 1
    Any opinions on buying a leftover 2010? Does Mazda honor any of the current incentives or are there any specific to the 2010's?
  • panda85panda85 Posts: 4
    Just now seeing this message. Too late for a interview but anyway not much interested for interview.

    It was really true in my case. I didnt really have a new car in my mind. But when i found that the price of a two or three year old mazda3 were also selling tin the range of 14k or 15k stopped looking for and bought a new one.
  • pengwinpengwin Posts: 74
    Hi, I was looking at a mazdaspeed 3, truecar is telling me 22k for the base, and 24k for the ones with tech. I wanted to know if this was reasonable as I saw some posts from last year, mainly post #4713 where someone was able to grab a techpackage 2010 for ~22k.

  • New black ext/black int 2011 Mazda3 i Touring Auto w/109 mi. i Touring comes with 4 wheel disc brakes, a/c, pwr windows and doors, keyless entry, cruise control, cd player and aux port, audio controls on steering wheel, bluetooth, spare tire with jack/tire iron/etc. Mine came with the factory floor mats. Bought in Maryland but owning/registering in Virginia.

    Delivered price of vehicle: $18,381.00 (includes $795 freight, didn't qualify for any rebates)
    Dealer processing fee: $199.00
    (Pre-tax out-thedoor = $18,580.00)
    With VA taxes, tags, title, MD filing fee and tire recycling fee ($4, LOL) = $19,231.65 final OTD. Qualified for 0% financing 60 month loan, no payments for 90 days.

    Worked with Daniel Garfield (AWESOME guy) at Fitzgerald Auto Mall after getting jerked around by Northern Virginia car dealers for a week. Will never shop for a car at any other dealership - Fitzgerald includes freight in online advertised prices, provides consumer protection buying guides from the government ON THEIR WEBSITE, and the process was 100% easy and satisfactory, AND the lowest REAL price for a Mazda3 I could find. Sorry for the advertisement but I am psyched about the experience.
  • Hi,

    This is my first post on these boards (though I've been a lurker in the past). I'm looking into the 2011 Mazda3 i-sport or i-touring. I'm wondering if anyone has been able to get it for the invoice price or lower?...or is that highly unlikely as it seems to be a good selling car?

  • paublo73paublo73 Posts: 1
    edited September 2011
    Hey Calimobile, I picked up a Mazda 3i touring sedan a couple weeks ago for invoice minus a $500 Mazda Loyalty rebate since I also own a CX-9. I'm eligible for the Ford X-plan and threatened to go buy a Focus. They knew I wasn't bluffing since I bought the CX-9 with X-plan from the same dealer when Mazdas were still in the program. I still had to pay doc fees ($200), but with a deal this good it was worth it. This was at Continental Mazda in Anchorage, Alaska. They seemed to be anxious about getting rid of the 2011s.

    I promise you will not regret getting one. This car is a blast!
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