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2013 and Earlier - Mazda3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • crw7096crw7096 Posts: 13
    It says in my post that I got the Tech Package, which brings the MSRP to $25,095 with destination charge.
  • robyn25robyn25 Posts: 2
    Hi, I was hoping to get some advice... We are ready to buy the Mazda3 hatchback itouring
    no additional options, in graphite mica, 6 speed automatic.
    and we aren't sure what we should be asking for. I've looked up what Yahoo auto ($19297), Autotrader ($19300) and ($19049) listed for prices people are buying for in my area.

    If I am reading Edmunds right, the invoice is $19274. I have a car broker that my bank offers and he is telling me that the best price for this car that he could get me is $20568.00 ($22500 after taxes and such) and I won't be able to get it for any less (I live in southern CA). Is $20568 a good deal? He is telling me that there is no way I can get this car closer to the invoice price.

    Thanks so much in advance!

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • bill1000bill1000 Posts: 38
    Bad price. You should be able to do much better on your own. $1300 over invoice is way too high for that car. If you called thee dealers and offered to buy at invoice to the first one to say yes, you would have them jump on that offer.
  • robyn25robyn25 Posts: 2
    edited June 2012
    Thanks bill1000, we did end up going directly to the dealer and they were able to give us a much better deal. We got 21900 out the door for the hatchback, which I think is close to invoice.
  • youngandyyoungandy Posts: 1
    Hi Everyone,

    I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, My apologies in advance.
    I am planning to buy a "mazda3 S sedan-4D". Buying it from a private seller. But he is asking KBB excellent price. The car has two problems according to him 1) Need to change all the tyres. 2) Engine mount need to be changed. Apart from these car is in a very good condition.
    1) Want to know how frequent is this problem(mount change) in Mazda 3?
    2) I am thinking of offering him a KBB Good price if i have to take care of these things. So is this price fine or if he negotiates, i should pay him a price b/w Good and Very Good and buy the Car?
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Suggestion: Make the offer conditional on an inspection by a mechanic. Otherwise, you are buying based on the seller's reputation, which I assume you don't know. If the mechanic does not find any problems with the vehicle you can pay whatever you think is a fair price. If the mechanic finds problems, ask him what it would take to repair them and subtract that from the selling price.
  • b0gphmb0gphm Posts: 1
    Planning to buy this car by the end of this month. I live in Seattle. When I look at$20,908) and kbb value($19,875, approx. 1k less than invoice), I see a huge difference. How should I choose the initial negotiation price? When 2013 models are expected to this market?
  • Hello, in the process of negotiating with the dealer for a basic trim 3 hatch with manual trans. Sadly its been a few years since my last mazda so i dont qualify for the loyalty discount. Currently vehicle price is $18,600 with an OTD price of $20,000 even. I do qualify for the ford family member discount (a plan i think) so I would imagine i should be able to get them lower. any idea of what a good price would be before TTL? currently in MI@ 6% sales tax
  • jhunterkjhunterk Posts: 7
    We just bought a Mazda3 HB iTouring AT for $18300 with an OTD price of $20110. Given your is a MT, I guess you still have some space to negotiate.
    We are in Northern California.
  • Good afternoon everyone.

    Just got into a lease for a Mazda3 i Touring and want to know if I got a good deal.

    Traded in a 2007 Saturn Aura XR 104k miles on it. Good condition. Owed $5.7k on it and got them to pay it off and give an additional $500 down towards the lease.

    I was able to get the Military discount ($500) and I feel that they weaseled me into putting an additional $1k down. But my payments after taxes are $277.

    I live in S. Florida and any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • poetinsfpoetinsf Posts: 2
    Well, I just bought a new 3i touring from Star Mazda in Glendale and here is my experience.

    I used Edmunds quote and several dealers responded for around $18500. I picked Star Mazda because Greg seemed most straightforward and credible. I mentioned about $250 lender bonus money that Edmunds shows as a customer rebate. He told me the APR Cash (the lender bonus) would bring it down to $18259. I eventually negotiated another $100 down. Great deal, especially given 0% financing, right?

    He had to do a dealer swap to get the car that I wanted. When I came in to sign, he said he couldn't honor $100 off from the original deal that we negotiated because it was a dealer swap. Fine, he did the work, and it was worth $100. I was tired with sickness and this distracted me enough that I failed to notice missing $250 lender rebate. (Yeah I know, it was my fault). I called Greg to ask him about it, and he mumbled something about $18259 with lender rebate was for the cash purchase only. (No, it didn't make sense to me either). I sent him a polite email explaining our deal and that $250 lender rebate should've been given to me. Greg responded saying that he talked it over with the general manager, and the rebate was a dealer money so they were keeping it, and that he has no recollection of mentioning $18259.

    The obvious lesson that everybody know and I forgot temporarilly: review all papers carefully before signing and cross check with the original deal regardless how much you trust the guy. Too bad, it would've been a clean and effortless deal, mostly done over the Net and phone if it weren't for this lender rebate snafu.
  • Hi, I recently emailed a dealer proposing to pay $17,700 (destination fees included) for a 2012 Mazda MAZDA3 i Sport (automatic). He pretty much immediately responded that he could do this price, despite it being $23 less than the invoice. Is this a good price? Could I do better?

  • poetinsfpoetinsf Posts: 2
    The car is soon to be one year old and you should be able to do better than a few bucks below invoice. Try Edmunds Dealer Quotes. Most of mine for 3i touring w/ skyactiv came at $700+ below invoice and I was able to negotiate $1100 below including the lender bonus. Except that the dealer reneged on $350 of that money, so I ended up with $750 below. The dealers are still calling me to give them a chance to match or beat it.
  • djens1djens1 Posts: 2
    Depending on how much you drive, what the price difference may be, and your expected financing term, you may want to consider the iTouring w/Skyactiv. The fuel savings may make the monthly price of the touring pretty close to the Sport.

    Back to your question though, I would certainly think you COULD get a better price from them if they accepted your offer so readily. Now that they know you were willing to pay 17.7k though, they might not be willing to negotiate. You could try to contact them again from a new e-mail and supply only your first name.

    Another option, if you do have the luxury of having multiple mazda dealers around, is to get them to compete with one another. E-mailing the other dealerships and asking them to beat 17.7k can get your price down at the original dealership.
  • Thanks for the help djens1 and poetinsf. I ended up paying $16,500 base and $18,200 OTD when you include taxes and fees. If it wasn't for you guys I would've payed at least a thousand dollars more.

    Thanks again, David
  • seestarsseestars Posts: 4
    I contacted two dealers in Bay area for quoting Mazda3 i-sport automatic.
    Invoice=$16,928 MSRP=$17,695

    I got two quotes - $16,295 and $15,988. Plan to nego with $16,295 dealer and bring it down to ~$15,900.

    0% APR 36months or $199/month 36mo lease deal is available.
    1. is $15,900 good deal?
    2. Any comment on which finance option is better deal?

  • buidoibuidoi Posts: 3
    Hi poetinsf,
    I am planning to get 3i touring. Would you please tell more about the options you have. Is that Auto Transmission or Manual... How much out of the door.
  • tkinseoultkinseoul Posts: 1
    3i touring doesn't have much option, and mine was a stick. The deal I made was $1100 below invoice, but ended up with $750 below. Make sure you get all deals in writing (email), else they'll find ways to chip off when you walk in. You should be able to do at least $1000 below invoice for this soon to be year old car. Good luck!
  • alfievalfiev Posts: 1
    Looking for a Skyactiv stick best price. So far was able to find i Touring for 18157.32 OTR as best end of July price. Price included 6% sales tax, tags, title, tire tax, dealer costs, destination fee and this was itemized. It also included 500 dollar Mazda loyalty rebate.
    Looking for end of August pricing - What do you forsee?
    I know that the leased Skyactivs with low miles will be coming soon, so I am in no huury to buy. The depreciation loss is better served on the car lots than my driveway.

  • phidsphids Posts: 6
    I'm in the market for an iTouring AT 4dr in the Atlanta area. Was given a price of $16594 before taxes and fees, and am wondering if this is the in ballpark for a purchase.
  • Hi all, considering an OTD price of $17,500 on a 2012 4d iSport automatic in New England. Backing out the 6.25% tax and $125 title gets me to about $16,352 for the car alone (inclusive of destination, ad and doc fees).

    According to TrueCar, this is roughly $2,100 off MSRP, $1,600 off factory invoice, $330 off dealer cost and $1,300 off average paid this week.

    According to Edmunds, this is roughly $680 off TMV.

    Strikes me as a little high compared to what you guys are seeing, but any thoughts welcome.
  • zonecarzonecar Posts: 17
    Hi all,
    I am planning to purchase a white mazda 3 HB i touring AT and include the moonroof/bose package. I am in North Cal, any members here had recent buying experience? Please provide me dealership and price (including OTD). Watch is the most likely OTD price I can get.
    Thanks and much appreciate
  • zonecarzonecar Posts: 17
    What color did you bought? Can you please provide the dealership and agent name? I am in market for one very soon.
  • I just bought a silver Mazda 3 HB i touring AT for 22,000 OTD in FL.
    I think I did ok.
  • Hey there,
    Im looking to buy a Mazda3 i Touring, would prefer a HB but would take a the 4d if i need to.

    first time buying a car- PLEASE tell me ASAP if you think i could do better.

    he is offering me $21402 OTD(inc taxes, plates ect) for the hatch and a $250-350 incentive depending how i pay for it.

    he is offering me $19664 OTD for the 4D

    I'm sure he can do better, but i'm not sure how much better and i dont know what angle to approach at. this is my first car i'm buying.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    edited August 2012
    $21402 OTD(inc taxes, plates ect) for the hatch and a $250-350 incentive depending how i pay for it... $19664 OTD for the 4D

    $1750 more for the hatch ... why that much? Even with the "incentive" it seems high. Between a similarly equipped HB and a 4D sedan the difference should be around $1K (or less if you can get it).
  • Not sure of your location but they can definitely do better. I got an offer in writing of $19,800 OTD for Mazda 3 i Touring, HB Auto Transmission SkyActiv (MSRP 21,000). One of the dealer's question was whether I own a Mazda, and I do not.

    I think they can go lower than this though, I am in North Jersey, if you're in the area we can probably work together and buy two at a lower price (Think WAYNE). I am looking for 19K OTD on Mazda # Auto HB. Best of luck, Julian
  • I'm in Chicago. What is your sales tax? ours is 10%

    Ive been looking and dealing with four dealers, two of which are out of state, none of them will go below 20K on this car. Im about to say forget it, just give me the damn sedan. best offer on sedan 19500, best offer om HB 21400
  • ppm1ppm1 Posts: 1
    In the market for a 2012 Mazda i Touring Manual.

    I've gotten the dealer to quote me for 16,500$ (so ends up being ~18,000$ OTD in California).

    I think its a pretty good deal, but was just wondering if anyone thinks there will be further significant price drops due to the new 2013 models? or should I pull the trigger now?

  • zonecarzonecar Posts: 17
    Also in the market for Mazda 3 i Touring HB AT, but I am thinking to wait for the 2013 models.
    multi-information display, USB port, keyless entry, push start, and auto climate control are all going to be standard on i touring models for 2013.

    The only issue I am concern is that whether the 2013 models are build in Japan or Mexico.
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