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Toyota Tundra New Owner Reports



  • I took delivery on my SR5 CrewMax yesterday and the dealer deducted the $2500 rebate before computing the Texas sales tax. I suspect the sales tax rules on rebates vary by state.
  • sloooseslooose Posts: 16
    The computor is programmed at the factory ---not by you!! Why in the world would Toyota spend the time and money to program a computor only to have you re-program it? I think that rep has a BIG shovel and I hope he is wearing boots. "Learns your driving habit"---boy that's a good one. Have you made them take you or you take them out in a couple new ones to see if they all do this? Mine doesn't "chatter" when I down shift going down hill--maybe there is something wrong with mine ---OR--my computor is a faster learner than yours as mine only has a 1000 + miles on it. BTW--is your's a 5.7? :P
  • kosh1931kosh1931 Posts: 4
    Of course it ALL depends on your need. The 4.7 provides all the power and speed that many of us want or need. The 5.7 is being pushed by Toyota and is a very good engine along with it's 6 speed transmission vs 5 speed for the 4.7.
  • linhebelinhebe Posts: 1
    I'm searching for an 07 Tundra Crew Cab in the MA/NH area. After driving an hour to Manchester NH we found that the 26 postings for the crew cab on their site were really for the double cab. I have been looking for different incentives as well and only find the option of $1500 cash back OR 0% financing. How are some of you getting the $5000 off? Is this an incentive or just something the dealer can offer? Hoping to find a tundra soon!!! Thanks!
  • Sorry to hear about your dealings. I have heard of similar situations by others. I guess I have been fortunate with my salesperson. Did you end up in Brockville or Cobourg? I used one of them to get my price down to a manageable point when making my deal.

    I trust you let Toyota know of your experience, sometimes heads get too big.
  • I agree fully, I am just interested in the numbers, if they are out there.
  • bugchuckerbugchucker Posts: 118
    To clarify, I get a pause when I hit the gas to accelerate. This is normal, not a problem! Normal mode has VSC and TRAC active. The TRAC brakes the engine when you accelerate to maintain stability. Briefly press the VSC Off button turns TRAC off and Auto LSD is active. You can press VSC Off a second time and hold for 3-5 seconds and turn it all off. The above is true in 2WD mode only. It is a little confusing, hitting "VSC Off" button does not put VSC off unless you hit the button twice!
  • wildwest1wildwest1 Posts: 1
    I have a loaded '07 Tundra DC Limited with XM satellite radio through the navigation system. I activated the XM a couple of weeks ago and whenever I listen to it, it sounds like its being played through a tin-can. However, when I play normal radio or CD, the system sounds great. Is this normal or is there a problem with the XM connection (I'm not sure if XM is now factory or dealer installed) or the Nav. system. Any advice before I take it to the dealer.

    btw... love the truck otherwise.
  • yota4trukyota4truk Posts: 34
    "bounce" if you weigh approx 165lbs jump up and down on the rear bumper of your 07DC and experience the same sensation as when driving... I think it bends in the middle.......... gee whizzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • y2kcrashy2kcrash Posts: 13
    Delivery is end of August at new dealership.
    The new price I worked out is $500 better than before.
    ($47144 Can vs $47600 Can out the door).
    What kind of deal did you workout?
    As to complaint I'm stilling putting details together on screwing around I got at local dealer.Then I'll file a complaint. One remaining piece as to what took place is still needs to be answered.
  • sloooseslooose Posts: 16
    You know when I replied to your computer deal and it having to learn your driving habits---well I may of been wrong when I said that was "bull". I can't believe that I was incorrect--but---I have since learned that computers "do" learn your driving habits. I don't know how long it takes but that seems to be the case in BMW's and the like. As for my "drive line slop" that I initially reported--it "seems" to be getting better---I don't want to get my hopes up but it does seem to be going away. I can't remember who said that it wasn't a problem, but to me it was. It was annoying and it took away from all the other niceties about the "Toyo Ton". :blush:
  • subjectivesubjective Posts: 62
    I purchased a Tundra 4X2 DC SR5 5.7L last Saturday on a Toyota dealer web site promotion. It was a first come first come basis. The sticker price was $30,679.53 and I purchased it outright with no trade cash for $22,500 adding only state tax. It was the color silver I wanted with the Michelin tires I wanted. I am hoping Southeast Toyota Distributers will change out the Bridgestone spare that came installed for the Michelin as on the four main wheels. So far MPG is 17.5 to 18 driving 55 to 65 MPH on secondary highways. The only thing we are not fond of are the recessed instruments that are especially hard to read in bright sunlight. I would actually like a digital speedometer as on our 08 Scion XB. I can not understand why they recessed the instruments so far back. If my wife is driving I cant see how fast she is going from the right seat. She has a lead foot!
  • what is the dealership name. where is it located. was the 22500 included the rebate of 3500 bucks. i am having a hard time bying one for 24500 and i want to keep my rebate. yea i am not fond of the resessed instruments either. edmunds says that the tundra is 24k. i am willing to pay them 500 over that price including tax, tag, and title but no dealer is taking the deal yet. i am going to wait them out. maybe toyota will have a 5000 rebate like the 2007 nissan titans have. please let me know i you got to keep the rebate and do what you want with it. i know most dealers try to make there deal with the rebate included. i keep telling them it is not there money. it is mine to either get in a check or use it as a downpayment. man they hate it when i say that cause they expect most people to let them control what they do with our rebate. take care....kev
  • has anyone hurd if toyota is still having problems with the 5.7L engines still. how many more have had camshaft problems. anyone hurd of any recalls in the future for tundra's with 5.7L engines. would really love to know. thanks again.....kev
  • subjectivesubjective Posts: 62
    The DC 5.7 I purchased was listed by an Orlando Toyota dealer on a first come first served basis where they will not hold the truck but you must come in person before someone else buys it. This is the second Toyota I have purchased from this dealership in the last two years. Frankly I told my wife when we drove the 50 miles it probably would be gone. They of course dont expect many buyers to walk into the dealership and buy without a trade and pay cash(check)etc. This way they do not have the opportunity to make extra money by offering a lower trade in or commission on the loan. I feel fortunate that this time in my life Im able to buy this way. This dealership in general has treated me well with my two purchases. I feel that I should not use this dealerships name but they are easy to find. Hope you get a good deal as I have. In this area with discounts of 7 to 8k, I dont see how discounts could get much higher and in fact could drop back some depending on inventories as has happened past years. What is unusual is the high discounts so soon after an introduction by Toyota. Of course state tax must be paid on the Toyota factory rebate as well as sales tax.
  • subjectivesubjective Posts: 62
    The factory rebate is applied to your purchase, but remember state tax must be paid on this rebate at least here in Florida. Perhaps in other states this is not required but I doubt it.
  • sloooseslooose Posts: 16
    I drive with my headlights on all the time. Even though the truck has driving lights I like having the brighter lights on all the time because I live in an area where a lot of older retirees live and they seem to want to pull out in front of you. In doing this, the gauges are lit up all the time and I don't have any trouble reading them (with the exception of the clock and temperature). The headlights go off in about 30 seconds after you open and close the driver's door, so I just leave them on and don't even bother turning them off. As far as your wife goes-----I don't know what to say except----don't let her drive it. (good luck:))
  • vegasheatvegasheat Posts: 6
    I like that price...can you tell me what package and options you got with that price. I live in the Las Vegas area and they are not budging much on their prices. I did find the Toyota dealer online that you bought from but would like to know what options were included. If I could get a good price, I would fly there to pick one up with cash.
  • subjectivesubjective Posts: 62
    These are the codes,which you can easily translate at your local Toyota dealership. BU, CK, FE, MG, RL, TM, WR, XY4. A young college graduate of the highest caliber I ever met at an automobile dealership, Travis, wrote up and closed on my purchase. I wouldnt be surprised if innot too many years ownes his own dealership. Special arrangements would have to be made for your plan. These codes are on the Tundra 4X2 DCAB 5.7L V8 8242A. I hope I have been able to assist you in some way.
  • I just bought the crewmax 4x4 SR5 5.7. I am in Pa. I went to the dealer with my own financing and no trade in. I offered them 2% over invoice and that i get the $2500. rebate,which made the vehicle price about $1800. under invoice after the rebate. Well they took the deal! I was a happy camper! When I went to do the paper work they offered me the 0% financing for 60 mo. and a $400. military rebate. and they keep the $2500. rebate. My financing was 4.9 for 60 mo. so when I did the math is was a no brainer. 0% for 60 mo. and paid about $300. over invoice. Shop the dealers and tell them what you want...if they want to sell they will deal. I LOVE MY NEW CREWMAX!
  • The dark deeply recessed instruments on my Tundra are difficult to read on bright days wearing sunglasses. Toyota needs to come up with a redesign and a fix for every Tundra produced. I can not understand how they could design and build such a nice truck and miss a serious design flaw in the important instrument panel. Some instruments have lower light even with the instrument lights turned up as high as the light control will go.
  • usvet92usvet92 Posts: 19
    I agree 100%! I think the clock is the worst! Also the steering wheel blocks a portion of the tach when I'm sitting normal. They didnt do so well with the control visuals. Still a rockin truck though! :)
  • Ordered my Tundra with DRL (daylight running lights) which was overlooked at time of manufacture. Asked local dealer to install and was advised they could not do so. I called Toyota (Detroit) who also advised if DRL was not factory installed, it was considered an aftermarket item and was not recommended. Factory installation was about $40.
    My only option was to purchase a kit on the internet (for $93) that converts turn signal-parking lights to DRL.
    Then was charged $178 for installation by a local electronic shop (which was excessive but did take them over 4 hours to wire by device instructions) Obviously neither of us knew how long it would take.
    Toyota takes no responsibility for omitting this item.
    Still, this is the best new vehicles I have ever purchased
    and would recommend to anyone in the market for a new pickup.
  • mfhallmfhall Posts: 22
    My lights are always in "Auto" (the running lights on during daylight). I keep the dimmer control at about 2/3 brightness and have no problems reading the instruments (even w/my sunglasses on). However, the clock and temp is sometimes difficult to read at times.
  • mfhallmfhall Posts: 22
    Toyota blundered on the DLR - it should be standard equipment. I wouldn't have bought mine w/o DLR.
  • Back from Holidays. I received $2100 off list price, just for asking (and with a phone Quote from a competitive dealer), so with freight included the buy or leased vehicle price was 41,910.48 I put $4k down leaving a base lease payment of $486.38 After the government got their cut the lease payment topped up at $554.47. The lease rate is poor at 5.9% but I can live with it. The purchase price with Taxes would have been $47,777.94 before my down payment. I was paying $630 (2.1% lease rate) for my 2003 ltd access tundra and would have been looking to buy out at similar down payment but used car interest rate of 8%+. Being a business expense I feel very good about my deal although the U.S. guys are getting insane deals. Keep in mind that I bought early and deals were hard to come by.

    FYI, I asked around last week when I was getting an oil change. I think your salesperson was the same as mine and that was your vehicle that came in. Man, it came in 1 week after you cancelled, bummer. I feel for you. It sold as soon as it came in.
  • y2kcrashy2kcrash Posts: 13
    Actually to cancel was a big relief.
    Resulted in a further $500 savings with a more trust worthy dealership/salesperson. Including added options price locally was 47,600 new deal 47,144. I expect to take delivery in about two weeks.
    The blunders of the salesperson locally just got to costly to risk further dealings with.
    My gut feeling is that there be more to the run around I got then they care to let on.
  • Your probably right, they don't make car salesmen jokes for nothin. And you got a better deal which is always a good thing.
  • y2kcrashy2kcrash Posts: 13
    I would like to make a point about the type of salesperson we have dealt with locally.
    What I have come to realize is that when they speak it is most likely BS coming out.
    Case in Point.
    The date I cancelled was 1 week before the new scheduled production date given to me by the salesperson . Making the new delivery 3 to 4 weeks there after.
    So when the salesperson says the vehicle came in 1 week after I cancelled quite franky is BS. Which I can quote numerous situations more.
    So as word of caution I would keep this in mind when speaking to them because chances are when they open their mouth to speak it is most likey BS.
  • I just bought a double cab 3 days ago, and it has been in the shop the last two days. Here is the background: On the way home from the dealership on Monday, I noticed that the security light (next to the clock) was flasing, so I took it to the dealer the next day to have it check out. This afternoon, they told me that somehow the computer for the electronic keys can't be located, and maybe it was not installed at the factory. They don't know what to do at this point and have to wait for the factory to call back :lemon: . Is it resonable to demand a another truck now, or do I need to give Toyota a chance to fix the problem?
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