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Toyota Tundra New Owner Reports



  • Well you didn't specify but I'm assuming this is a brand new '07. I would be absolutely livid if this happened to me. Not only would I demand a loner vehicle, but I would make give me free oil changes for the next 5 years. This is bull@#$% !!
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    There's only so much anyone should demand from a dealer when it's not their fault. This dealer didn't build the truck and they're making a good faith effort to diagnose and remedy the problem. The beef is with Toyota.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • y2kcrashy2kcrash Posts: 13
    The Dealer is Toyota's agent.
    So they are one in the same.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    The dealer is an independent business that sells and services under a license agreement. Demanding free oil changes for life for a manufacturing defect/issue doesn't hurt Toyota, just the dealer - who only gets reimbursed for the repair.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • jpmrwbjpmrwb Posts: 4
    I bought a new Tundra on 6/30/07 and a day after I got it certain guages on the instrument panel stopped working. The odometer, tacometer, oil, and temperature gauges. I took it back to the dealer (on a sunday) and they said someone would look at it on Monday. When I went back on Monday they said everything was working OK. I took the truck and a couple of weeks later I took a trip to California. Around 220 miles into the trip the problem surfaced again. I took the truck to a California dealer and they worked on it for three days. They checked all the electrical, computer chips, etc.. They did get the gauges to work but couldn't find the problem. I took the truck and two days later it happened again. After another two days the gauges started to work again. I drove the truck back to Idaho and as of today it is still working. I know it will do it again.
    Has anyone had this problem on a new 2007 Tundra?
  • I agree, but the dealer shouldn't have delivered a new truck with a defect. They have not called me back to give me an update on the situation yet. At least they gave me a loaner car to drive while they figure out how to fix this thing. The truck has 38 miles on the clock, and it is supposed to start with only the keys with the electronic chip. This was not the case because I was able to start the truck with the spare key.
  • if it is the spare key supplied by toyota then it has the chip embedded as well. either way I would let them have a reasonable crack at it and it sounds like they are being decent to deal with thus far. if they can't or won't fix it then complain til you get extra goodies. Flying off the handle too quickly makes you look foolish and unresaonable (not to say you are)and they'll get their back up and no one comes away happy.
  • Well it does hurt Toyota's reputation. Because when things like this happen, people report it like the gentleman is doing on this forum, and little things like this begin to chip away at Toyota's reputation. As you may or may not be aware, this is a highly competitive segment of the market and the manufacturers need all the leverage they can get. And the only reason I suggested he ask for free oil changes for 5 years is because when my friend bought his Tacoma, they screwed up the process, and to keep their customer happy, gave him a voucher for free detailing and oil changes for 5 years. I don't know about anybody else but when I throw down $35,000 of my hard earned money, I expect to get what I paid for.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    now whether or not you get it is another story.

    What a lot of people are finding out is that Toyota doesn't care and neither does the dealer. Its about the same with other manufacturers also.

    If you're lucky enough to buy from a dealer who provides great service then you've lucked out as most dealers Toyota or not do not make money on warranty work and thus tend not to "find" problems that are less than obvious.

    Unfortunately for most that purchase vehicles they do not take the time to walk around the service area and watch how people are treated or actually talk to customers who are there to do warranty work. Having personally dealt with dealers for many warranty issues, I do not forget my service advisor during the holidays as I know who needs who to get things done.
  • I have been working with my local Toyota dealer to find a Tundra configured the way I want it since about mid June. He has been about useless as (you know the saying). ;)

    I have also searched all Toyota dealers in the 12 states around Michigan, but still no luck.

    So, I will probably order an '08 Tundra, but I am still having difficult with an OTD (Out The Door) price.

    I am looking for...

    2dr Reg Cab 4WD Long Box (8') 4.7L or 5.7L with these options...

    * SL SR5 Package
    * WR Sliding Read Window
    * CK Cold Kit
    * HM Power Heated Mirrors
    * ST 18" Sytled Stell Wheels
    * MG Mudguards

    For a 4.7L (model #8326) with those options, the MSRP is $28,855, and the Invoice is $26,139.

    For a 5.7L (model #8328) with those options, the MSRP is $29,815, and the Invoice is $27,011.

    March 2006, we bought RAV4 and the Destination Chg was $605 and the Doc Fee was $170 (Kalamazoo, MI).

    Michigan has 6% sales tax.

    Assuming no deals from Toyota. :cry:

    For the 4.7L, would an OTD price of $28,529 be good/bad/nowayinhell/stupid?
    $26,139 (invoice) + $605 (dest) + $170 (doc) + $1615 (tax)

    For the 5.7L, would an OTD price of $29,454 be good/bad/nowayinhell/stupid?
    $27,011 (invoice) + $605 (dest) + $170 (doc) + $1668 (tax)

  • Mike, I don't see why you can't get that price. It's not like your asking for a lot of options. Someone posted a couple of dealers back east that have some great prices.

    I think it's ok to post these two dealerships.
    BTW, where do I find the invoice of the Tundra 4x4. The dealers around here don't have those laying around.

  • Is everyone paying these added fees when buying a Toyota Tundra?

    T.M.F. (Advertising Fee) +- $742
    2% HOLDBACK +- 522
    PIO Holdback (Port-Installed Options) +- 184
    Finance Reserve 1% MSRP +- 261

    Some $ 1,700 more than is being initially disclosed by the dealers in our area. Are these fees really non-negotiable?
  • No these fees are crap. These fees are already supposed to be factored into the dealer mark-up. The only additional fees should be tax and license. And it doesn't matter what they add, they can charge you for air if they want to, as long as it doesn't go over what you are willing to pay. Hold your ground, tell them your price, and stick to it. If they don't want to deal, Go somewhere else. Also make sure you get a monthly payment you want. It may not seem like a lot but an extra 10 or 20 dollars per month makes them a couple of extra thousand in the long run. Make sure that whatever you buy, you look at the final price at the bottom of the contract, cause they will try to slip in some extra fees there as well.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Sorry you are wrong on this because you didn't understand the question posed by the OP. He also didn't make it very clear either. He;s probably looking at a printout from a service which shows the
    Wholesale Price.... $xx,xxx ( this is the price at the factory or port )
    Frt/Processing..... $xxx
    Holdback........... $522
    financial Reserve.. $261
    Adv Fee............ $742
    PIO's.............. $184
    Invoice cost....... $xx,xxx
    ( this is the well known 'Invoice Price' )
    So far there is no markup for the dealer, there is only profit for Toyota the manufacturer.

    MSRP.............. Invoice $xx,xxx +8%
    This 8% is the dealer markup. This is what everybody negotiates.

    If you try to get the dealers to waive the Frt, Holdback, Fin Res and Adv Fee you'll just get frustrated everytime you bring it up because they'll just turn a cold shoulder to your suggestion. Toyota is one of the few that breakout these charges for the public to see. The others just bury them in the prices that's what causes so much confusion.

    Here's a simple example: You and your neighbor both own a coffee shop bakery. You both sell muffins in the morning at $1.75 each.
    His price is $1.75

    Your price is:
    Muffin.... $1.00 ( your cost of matls and your profit is in this figure
    Electricity $.10
    Rent....... $.20
    Advertising $.20
    Shop labor. $.25
    Total Price $1.75

    A client comes in and says 'I don't feel that I should have to pay your shop labor cost.' Why did your breakout all these post production costs which encourage your clients to argue with you about the components of the muffin price when it's the same as your neighbors?
  • Thanks for everyone's help.. Yes indeed it is so very confusing... My uncle really frustrated me with that stuff too.. he worked as a salesman and part-time a magician. He loved throwing oranges in the basket when we were comparing apples.

    Showing us these $1,700+ of fees in the "invoice costs" shows me that the mark-up is even less than 8%. The Manufacturer is only suggesting another 6% markup of $1,500 for its MSRP than the dealer had to pay. I should not be looking this gift horse in the mouth. For some reason Edmunds has some incorrect information when it states that the invoice is $2,480 less. I think that I'll write Edmunds a letter.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    There are two 'invoices' involved because there are two transactions: the dealer purchases from the manufacturer and you/I purchase from the dealer.

    The dealer buys at one cost + his expenses ( freight, holdback, financing, accessories, etc )...
    We buy at another cost + our expenses ( taxes, title, doc fee, financing, etc ).

    Most retail businesses that purchase inventory are run this way.
  • a side note ... if anyone can stand to try one more dealer before giving up, there appears to be a dealer in Ashville, NC who may be selling below his cost... $6,000 and $7,000 off his MSRP.. and even posting such a selling price on his website ... Jim Berkely Toyota of Ashville, NC ... its a long way for me to go ... but someone might find that usefull. Hurry before he goes bankrupt at selling below cost
  • Riiiiight..But your assuming the dealer is telling you the truth about their costs. How do you know that cost is accurate? There is always more room to negotiate than most people think. They can put any figure they want in those invoices, doesn't mean a damn thing. Most dealers pay %3 less to the manufacturer than what the invoice says anyway. So even when you pay the invoice, and you think you're getting a good deal, they are still making money. I don't think you understand how made up these invoices can be. Just look at when the dealer puts a lift on a truck, and they tack on an extra $6000 or $7000 to the price of vehicle. There's no way they paid that much for it. The point I was trying to make is that he needs to have a price in his head of what he wants to pay and stick to it. Don't forget to ask about any rebates being offered by the Manufacturer. Make sure you ask about this after you have negotiated a price if they haven't already mentioned it, as it is from the manufacturer, not from the dealer. In the end, if a dealer wants to get rid of inventory, they will deal no matter what the invoice says. Let the next guy pay full price. And remember, IT PAYS TO SHOP AROUND!
  • I have one on order from Jim Barkley Toyota in Ashville. I found the best price here. Over $7,000.00 off MSRP. I will have to drive 500 miles to get it but if everything goes as we have discussed, it will be worth the drive. I will keep you posted on how everything with the final papar work goes and any additional fees they try and tack on.
  • "on order" :confuse:

    Did you actually order from the factory, or "order" from his existing stock at that dealership?

  • The Southeast Toyota Region Dealers right now have an allocation of over 5000 Tundra's for the region. The truck that I wanted was not sitting on any dealers lot in the Southeast region, so Jim Barkley tagged one of the one's allocated for the Southeast region before it was built in Texas and had it equipped the way I wanted. This is hard to explain but, a new truck is assigned a pre-production VIN#, that number will tell you what week the truck is scheduled to be built. Once that week arrives the actual VIN# is assigned and the truck is built. It is then sent to the Southeast region accessory location, which I think is in Jacksonville, FL, to have certain accessories installed before it is delivered to the dealer. On the Jim Barkley Web site if the truck is availabe immediatly you pretty much have to take the truck the way it is. If you can wait 3-4 weeks you can have a say in how you want the truck equipped. Hope this helps - if not, let me know. Good Luck
  • THANKS for that reply!

    He (Jim Barley Toyota of Asheville NC) had the exact truck I wanted... I drive 655 miles one-way tomorrow (Aug 13) and pick it up! :)

    He basically sells the Tundras for Invoice + $695 (Doc fee).

    My truck has a total sticker price of $26,810 + $3346 + $695 (Base + Options + Doc) = $30,851.

    I paid the Edmunds Invoice price (that includes the Doc fee) of $27,843.

    It could of been $3000 less ($24,843), but I wanted the 0% for 48 months.

    The Sales Manager I talked with (Alan) was the nicest person I have ever worked with... the entire phone call was less than 5 minutes! He also went to the lot and verified the VIN and put a SOLD sign in it.

    He also said, "There are no hidden fees, what you see on the Internet, is also exactly what is posted in the window of all vehicles we sell. If another dealer wanted a vehicle, they would also pay us the exact same as you paid."

    He also said they made $600 on this deal. And they sell 550 vehicles a month!

    I know where I will being buying any future vehicles!!

  • If you don't mind, let me know how everything goes tomorrow. I should pick mine up around August 24th. Thanks,
  • Other than getting married, having children, and retiring at 51 years old, my truck purchase from Jim Barkley Toyota in Asheville, NC, was the easiest, quickest, no bull shitest vehicle purchase I have ever done! :)

    When we got to the hugh dealership, I asked my Sales Manger, Allen (been there 15 years on salary), if I could look at other trucks to compare options and colors. We spent 20 minutes looking and asking a ga-zillion questions. Not once, did he try to push me back to the original one I picked out. I finally told him, I was ready to purchase the original one I picked out on the web site.

    We went back inside and he asked if we wanted the $3000 off, or the 0% for 48 months... we choose 0%. He asked for our names, addresses, SSN, drivers licenses. He was back in 5 minutes approved.

    We next went to some ladies office to sign four or five pieces of paper. The price was exactly what was on the web site. All paper work was very simple with no hidden, secret, last minute stuff. :) That took four minutes.

    Next, went to the Customer Service Managers office to get keys, owners manual, etc. He gave us his biz card that also has his HOME phone number on it. That took three minutes.

    As I was heading out the door, there was a piece of paper next to the door that said, "What Sets Us Apart From the Rest?"

    Eight things are listed
    1. Free Loaner Cars
    2. Free Service Shuttle
    3. Express Service
    4. Buy Direct From Manager
    5. Best Price
    6. DOUBLE FACTORY WARRANTY (if ALL service is done here)
    7. Competitive Products
    8. First Three Oil Changes Free

    I went back to the Customer Service Manager and told him too bad I live 679 miles (one-way) miles away. SO, HE GAVE ME SIX OIL FILTERS FOR FREE!! And, he told me if I was ever in the neighbor hood, and they would still give me a free oil change!

    Since this truck came with the 18" alloy wheels ($1020), I asked about wheel locks. Allen said it would be cheaper if I got them from the parts department. They are $79 MSRP on the Toyota web site, but JBT sold them to me for $56.80. I also wanted the spare tire lock, $73 MSRP, but JBT sold it to me for $41.40, AND, they will ship it to me via UPS for free (they are out of stock).

    Also, the truck did not list any floor mats, but it came with the All weather floor mats. :)

    And, the truck had a full tank of gas.

    Well, I am tired of posting about my GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!


    P.S. See post #1544 for what I paid. You can also go to to see the MSRP and Selling Price.
  • jpmrwbjpmrwb Posts: 4
    Mike sounds like you made a good deal. You didn't say what the cost of the new vehicle was, but I assume you already found the dealers cost before you went to the dealership.
    I had a similar experience with Tom Scott Toyota in Nampa, Idaho. Best experience I've had ever. They were giving 6,000 dollars off MSRP. A dealer 30 miles away was giving 6,500 in Ontario, Oregon. I asked the sales manager if he would match their offer. He didn't flinch and gave it to me. I really didn't have to negotiate because at that much off I was getting the truck for 2,800 below their cost. I know the dealership gets a rebate from Toyota but I made a great deal. I also traded in my old Toyota truck and asked for wholesale (All dealers only pay wholesale, if they don't that add it to the price of the new truck)and they gave me exactly what Blue Book said. I understand I could have made more money selling my truck myself but I didn't want to take the time and energy. I bought a $34,800 Toyota Tundra for a little over $28,000 dollars. The real kicker is in Idaho they only charge you sales tax (6%) on the difference between the new car price and the price of the trade-in. Another great deal is the DMV only charged me $54.00 dollars a year for tags and license. I also could buy two years and I did for the great sum of $108.00. They also gave me my license plates when I paid for my tags. I couldn't believe it since I just moved from California and I don't want to tell you what they would have charged in taxes, license.
    Just tell everyone to price out the truck at Edmunds first. I also use Blue Book which has a more detailed list of options. They both should price out at the same price to the penny. I always take my paperwork to dealer and I want them to know I know what their cost is.
    Oh, I also got a full tank of gas, but I didn't get the oil change deal.

  • Im still learning how unique the mechanical design and build quality is on my 3 week old Tundra DC 5.7. I recently disposed of our nice Dodge Hemi 1500, top of the line BMW, Infinity Q45 and I can tell you the mechanical build quality is better on the new Tundra than these and all the expensive German cars I have owned over many years. If you own the new Tundra, are contemplating purchasing one or just interested in fine state of the art machinery, you owe it to your self to study under the truck for about 30 minutes. So far my best milage on a back scenic road with no traffic at 35 to 55 mph has been 26.5 mpg. On secondary hwy at 55 to 60 mpg is 22.5 mpg. At interstate 70 to 75 mph is 19.2. Overall mpg average is 17.5 to 18. Driveability for a truck, which is closer to a three quarter ton than a one half ton is nothing less than fantastic. So you wont think that I went off the far end, I wish that Toyota would have spent the same genius in the design of the instrument panel as they spent on the rest of the truck. That will not be difficult to remedy fortunately.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Driveability for a truck, which is closer to a three quarter ton than a one half ton is nothing less than fantastic.

    Not true. The payload ratings of the Tundra are squarely within the 1/2-ton range in terms of the competition; and not the 3/4-ton range, which are rated to carry significantly more.

  • The 07 Tundra 5.7 surely held up to the three quarter ton diesels as tested in the September issue of Consumer Reports. This test was an eye opener to me and I think it would be to most people that read it. I can tell you for a fact that my new Tundra would blow away my Hemi that I just sold. Those of you with doubts might like to get a copy and read the tests. I actually said closer to a three quarter ton than a half ton. I actually cant imagine how much closer you could get unless a new better generation of three quarter tons come out. My truck weights more than yours alone simply put does not cut it anymore!
  • bugchuckerbugchucker Posts: 118
    It does you no good getting into these numbers. I would never mention them to a dealer. Is it fair? No, but this is how dealers can sell at invoice and still make money.
  • bugchuckerbugchucker Posts: 118
    Word is getting out to 3/4 and 1 ton owners. They won't even come up to the line against my Tundra anymore.
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