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Toyota Tundra New Owner Reports



  • would you let me know if the bed flops around and you feel a "bounce- reverberation- or whatever???????????

    If you jump on the rear bumper, can you feel the same sensation????
  • myobmyob Posts: 51
    I've owned 5 domestic trucks and 2 Toyotas.

    I have to say, until the '07 Tundra came out it was always the usual "we're better" stuff on the web. Now that Toyota has come up with a machine that beats them at their own game, it seems to be like the Big 3 lovers have gone crazy. Every board you visit on the web is full of completely unbelieveable levels of Toyota bashing, complete with fake identities and sob stories later shown to be completely fabricated.

    The level of fear and loathing of Toyotas in these guys makes me think that there must be something real to be afraid of. That alone made me decide to go test drive a Tundra when I get a chance. Not a fan of the looks but resale value, power, capacity, quality, and refinement all seem competitive or superior.

    I'm sure Tundras have some teething problems. But ask ourself. If Toyota came out with a real dog of a vehicle that never sold, would you be seeing so many bashers lurking? My experience is 4 years with a previous Tundra and minimal problems, and a year with a Tacoma and zero problems. Can't say the same for the Dodge and Chevys I've had. Ford did ok, though.
  • myobmyob Posts: 51
    32.2 mpg, eh? Maybe I'm a stickler but resetting the computer, then coasting down the driveway before checking fuel economy probably doesn't count. so I assume this is some sort of math or computer error.
  • myobmyob Posts: 51
    I bought a Tundra there in Asheville in '99 when they were brand new and red hot. Their no-haggle price listed on their website was $2,000 below anything I could find locally beating my head against the usual salesman types. But even that price was not below invoice. It was a super fast, no hassle transaction. If not for the 4 hour drive each way, I would have used them again.

    They're still around, so I guess they're doing something right. I'd say they're worth a shot.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Some of you will be looking at a locked door soon...

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484

  • I wanted an excuse to visit my brother who lives not too far from there. With the huge inventory of 2007 Tundras produced, he got real with the pricing early. A breath of fresh air. He didn't have worthless add-ons from his dealership and he didn't seem inclined to purchase such from Toyota (unwanted junk added on). I was able to purchase my 2007 Tundra without having to hear the usual nonsense that insults a buyer's intelligence. For someone who has no patience for assinine salesmen, its a great place to go... (and not that these forums don't have their share). Its been a good truck so far and buying one without getting put in a pissy mood by a salesman or some last minute unilateral agreement makes it that much better.
  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Posts: 4,277
    Good call Myob. Kcram does a good job of putting the bashers in their place here on Edmunds boards but sites like Toyotanation and Tundrasolutions have been completely littered with goons and slimeballs who have made it their personal vendetta to knock down any positive feedback given about this new truck. It's pretty much impossible to ask a valid question anymore without getting the "Well it'll never be a perfect truck like a Silverado so don't waste your time" kinda crap. Ask a question about adding a lift kit or tow hitch and get bombarded with "Well if the Camshaft snaps or your engines gets sludged up..."

    It's all just words on a computer screen. The true test of the new Tundra will be how the truck holds up over time. A good friend of mine has one and it's been good to him. Certainly no worse than the two Sierra :lemon: 's that he had before it...

    A quick search

    link title

    Plenty of high mileage Tundras out there, pretty good indicator of how they hold up over the long haul.

    Toyota is probably loving the attention they're getting. All the negative postings just reinforce how strong a contender the new Tundra really is. It's the last domestic stronghold here in the states that they need to get into. And as long as they continue to build them here then I have no reason to hope for failure. :shades:
  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Posts: 4,277
    Toyota Announces 13 More Models And Pricing For 2008 Tundra Lineup


    October 2, 2007 - Torrance, CA - Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. (TMS), Inc. expanded the Tundra full-size pickup truck lineup for 2008, adding 13 new model variations and enhancing standard equipment levels to create a greater value. The 2008 Tundra now offers a choice of 44 model variations in three cab styles. Since its introduction in February 2007, Tundra's share of the half-ton full-size pickup truck segment has more than doubled, going from eight to 17 percent.

    "Tundra has been an outstanding success for Toyota and its dealers, and additions to the 2008 model line are intended to maintain our momentum," said Bob Carter, Toyota Motor Sales group vice president and Toyota Division general manager. "Despite tough market conditions, Tundra retail sales were up 57.9 percent through September YTD, and we are on track to achieve our goal of 200,000 unit sales for 2007."

    link title
  • Good job anythngbutgm,You pretty much cover everything i had to say about trolls coming to Toyotas forum,If you go to silverado forums ,Not one toyota fan is over there putting down those trucks, No matter how much problems i read about over there,Pretty sad !
  • bigkenbigken Posts: 7
    Does anyone else have the remote start? I have a DC SR5 5.7 W/TRD exhaust and the remote start is terrible. I have to be within 30 feet to make it start. If you forget to lock the doors in a parking lot you have to turn around and walk to within 30 to 40 feet to lock the doors.
  • I have followed the instructions on page 178 of my 2007 DC 4x4 Tundra manual and I cannot get this message to reset.
    I have changed my own oil at 3k, now 4.5k rolls around and this message appears.
    Has anyone else reset this message on their own?
  • yep I think you are correct, the frame flexes and oscillates, I wonder what Toyota can do to fix it??? Make sure you drive the 08 when they become available......
  • I am not bashing, I paid for my truck, and like everything except the stupid "Bouncing" Have you driven one yet?????? :P
  • jpmrwbjpmrwb Posts: 4
    I too have a bed bounce in my 2007 Tundra DC. It sounds like something is loose but I don't think there is. I have the TRD Offroad package and I thought because I have the stiffer shocks that might have been it. If it continues to do it I will take it in to the dealer and ask if him anyone else has had the same problem.

    JPMRWB :mad:
  • jpmrwbjpmrwb Posts: 4
    Sounds like you need to run as far away from this dealer. I have heard of dealers trying to get you to pay for their advertising fees but all the other is hogwash. The way you want to buy a truck is to do the following:
    Go to Edmunds and price out the truck you want with all the options. Get the Dealers Invoice (Cost) and the MSRP price.
    Also go to and do the same thing. You will see that the wholesale and MSRP prices on both sites should be the same.
    After adding all you options you want add it all up and get the dealers cost. From this figure add any profit you want to that figure. Based on the demand of the truck you want will dictate how much over their cost you are willing to pay. Forget about MSRP it is worthless and shouldn't ever come into play. The only other costs you are required to pay is the freight charges and tax and license. All the other addons are BS. Realize even if you paid the dealer his invoice price (What the Manufacturer charges him) the dealer still gets a "REBATE" from the manufacturer. Toyota I think it is around 2-4%. Since I don't know where you live I don't know what additional factory addons are required in your area of the country. That is why it is good to go to because they break down required equipment for different areas of the country. I know the dealer you are dealing with is a crook because he is trying to get you to pay for 2% HOLDBACK which is the REBATE that the manufacturer PAYS the dealer on the sale. Now why would you pay for money that the dealer is getting from the manufacturer? I hope you didn't buy from this dealer. It is making me mad just thinking about it.
    Always remember, once you have the DEALERS COST you are in the drivers seat. Now you can decide how much profit the dealer will make. Otherwise leave and go to another dealer. As I said the REBATE, or HOLDBACK is paid to the dealer by Toyota so even if he sold you the truck at invoice he would still be making money. Also,never discuss payments with a dealer until you negotiate the price of the new vehicle. The payments flow from the price of the vehicle not the other way around. Also never take the extended warrently BS. This is the highest priced insurance you can buy. I have a 7 Toyotas and I never needed any extended warrently.
    Good luck to you and I hope this has helped in some small way. I bought a new 2007 Tundra DC and I paid $2,600 below the dealers cost. Since I live in Idaho the guys here only like the US makes, Chev, Ford, Dodge. I had a lot of bargaining power and it helped big time with the price.
    Joe from Idaho :)
  • The manual is wrong.
    The manual says that the odometer must be listed when turning the key to the off position.

    Instead, to the following:

    With the engine running or the key in the "ON" position, make sure that trip A is displayed.
    Turn the key to the off position.
    Turn the key to the ACC position.
    Press and hold the trip reset button.
    Turn the key to the "ON" position while holding the trip reset button.
    Keep holding the trip reset button until the display says Maint Reqd Soon Reset COMPLETE .
    This will require at least 5 seconds to hold the trip reset button down.
  • bigkenbigken Posts: 7
    I have 7500 Miles on my sr5 D.C. and I have never experienced (bed bounce) nor have I benn able to duplicate it by jumping on my truck or any at the local dealers. I am unhappy with my remote start. I am looking for anyone who has experience with a toyota remote start.
  • We now have 7600 mi. on our 5.7 DC 2WD and have just returned from a 1200 mi. trip from Fl. to NC mountains Asheville and back. Average mpg up was 19.5 mpg including all touring there and 19.7 back. I held average interstate highway to 72 mph. At 75 mph mpg would drop to 17.5 mpg. I drove over all types of rough concrete, blacktop dirt roads with no bed bounce. I do not state this to undermine in any way those owners that are experiencing this problem. On a few occasions going down hill with an auto down shift from about 30 mph down to 20 mph we could hear and feel a klunk in the transmission which is a little unnerving. Otherwise the Tundra provided a perfect trip except for the illegible instruments in bright sunlight.
  • thanks for the reply, maybe there are different frames on some models, gotta believe it when you all say there is no problem. Glad you are happy with your truck.... :)
  • I haven't thought about remote starting, but I think there is a "chip" in the ignition key that is required to satisfy the computer in order to start-up.???? Whoever built the remote should have planned for that???? Thanks for the input on the bounce..... :)
  • Our Tundra 5.7 DC is a 2WD and no TRD off road suspension. That must or could be the difference. In that case perhaps different shocks with different valving could correct the bed bounce problem. Also due to my typo, the post on out tundra should read 3600 mi not 7600. On a 2000 Toyota Tacoma I was able to correct rear end hop with simply installing a set of KYB shocks on the rear for $27.00 each. I don't understand why we hear nothing from Toyota on this matter.
  • :mad: I have just contacted Toyota and told them that I don't understand why they haven't put out some info on this either.. Some other owners have told me that they do not experience the bounce either, these Tundras are built in Texas and Indiana ( don't want to even go there).. I am not going to try and fix this on my own until Toyota takes some kind of action, wonder if the 08 will bounce????? :mad:
  • My husband and I were thinking about buying a new 2007 Toyota Tundra pickup, and we did our first test drive today. We drove a quad cab (not a crew cab) with the large engine in the truck, 6-speed auto transmission. Two negatives for me: visibility when I turned around to change lanes--the rear side posts combined with the rear seat neck rests obscured vision for the driver.

    The second negative: the bounciest cab ride I have ever had. I thought my 1990 Ford Explorer 4-door was bouncy. In the 2007 Tundra as we rolled down I-10 at 70 mph, whenever I or the salesman (riding in the front passenger seat) spoke, our voices came out with tremors in them from our bouncing: ah - ah - ah, like when you speak directly into the spinning blades of a box fan.

    What's up with that bounce? I felt like my breath was being bounced out of me with each syllable. The salesman's explanation? This is a "truck" ride. Well, that's not a ride I've had in any trucks I've ridden in, and I've ridden in and driven a lot of trucks.

    I really, really, really wanted to like the 2007 Tundra. I have a 2000 Toyota Avalon with 138,000 absolutely trouble-free miles on it (unlike prior Detroit brands I have owned), so I wanted my old man to get a Toyota pickup.

    Maybe Toyota hasn't been making full-size trucks long enough to get it perfected yet.
  • Hey!!! check out the 08, maybe they have fixed something and not making it known yet...... gotta be the frame and there should be some way to make it go away. If I put about 500 lbs behind the rear axle, it rides normal..... you have described the ride better than any I have heard, exactly ... :mad:
  • h20h20 Posts: 42
    I've had my crew max for a month now (1000 miles) I know thats not much but I have not had any of the problems mentioned here except for the rumble strip syndrom,and I hope anything that my go wrong with that will be handled by warrenty.This is my fourth toyota truck, they have all been bullet proof so far hope the trend cuntinues, Just my opinion h20
  • Bought a 4X4 Limited Doublecab with 5.7 engine. Just love it. Did not get TRD package. Mine does not bounce. Better gas mileage than what was expected. Great sound system. Extremely strong acceleration(very important to me).
    Is there anyway to get even stronger acceleration(0-60MPH)times, such as duel exhausts or supercharge, which would not void the warranty from manufacturer or adversely affect gas mileage?
  • lvegalvega Posts: 2
    I have the same rumble strip syndrome. I took it to the dealer and like always they don't know anything about it. The supposedly align the drive shaft but still with the same problem. Now they said to wait for more information from Toyota. :mad:
  • you can put duel exhaust on your truck it will not break the warranty i have a 4x4 doublecab with a 5.7 and the TRD package i had toyota put the TRD duel exhaust system on my truck for about $1100.00 and it is all stainless steel system also was told by the service department that it would add about 20 more horsepower to the truck if you get the toyota duel exhaust system u will love it sounds real nice not to loud :)
  • lvegalvega Posts: 2 too!...but my dealer is investigating.
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