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Toyota Tundra New Owner Reports



  • after putting truck into dealership, i went on line found and found out about the bad camshsafts.i then contacted dealership and very politly asked if that was wrong with mine.they did not give me the run around and the engine was replaced.maybe that helped i dont know.engine seems fine shift is fine when warm.
  • The truck was in the shop all week. They called and said it was fixed. We shall see..

    On my way to the shop last week the windshield picked up a stone chip. The windshield seems 'way too fragile to me. Has anyone had problems with windshields cracking on the 2007 Tundra?
  • mule4mule4 Posts: 36
    Man I haven't seen a windshield that wouldn't chip if hit with a rock.I've had all kinds of trucks & cars they all chip & might try putting a piece of steel over your windows.
  • Come on MULE4, do you actually believe all these people are tundra owners? the fragile windshield and rust issue is pretty funny though. you would think by now people would get the picture that the tundra is here to stay :P
  • kl67kl67 Posts: 15
    So I guess you want me to send you some recordings of my engine knock as well?
  • Just my 2c's . There have been a lot of posts recently on the 5.7L engine knock, some being more pronounced than others. I've had my 4X2 5.7 CM Ltd for 2 months (3300kms) know and at first I was concerned about the knock at start up, but it ALWAYS went away after about 5 minutes. Unless the sound gets louder and becomes persistent, I'm not going to let it bother me anymore...I don't believe anything is "wrong", just a design characteristic of the engine.

    Two things that are concerning me however have been the low fuel economy and a noticeable hum while driving. I've been avg ~14 us mpg with mostly city driving, about 70/30 cty/hwy. My driving style is very conservative for I've made a point of not gunning it from stop lights or hard acceleration on the hwy (cruising at 60-65 mph). A lot of people talk about the break in period an fuel economy should improve but there is much disagreement on how long that is. I realize this truck is a beast and not a prius, but my figures are consistently lower than a lot of the posts here. I hope it improves soon.

    2nd point is the humm. I've read a lot about the torque converter and rumble strip issue, but it is only a sound, not a vibration. It doesnt happen all the time and I've tried to notice if it hapen when the tranny changes gears but haven't seen any pattern. I'd like to think I'm not being paranoid, that its a big engine and its going to have sounds different from those half its size. The biggest engine I've had prior to this was the 4.8 on my 2001 sierra 1500, which was almost silent.

    Other than these minor gripes, I love this truck and would still buy it again in a heartbeat! ">
  • Just for some general information... I have owned 8 toyotas (cars and trucks). The fuel mileage does not improve until the vehicles have reached 20 to 25000 kms (12,500 to 15,000 miles). The fuel mileage than goes up anywhere from 10 to 20%. This has been my experience with each and every Toyota that I have owned. I know the first two that I had, I was concerned about the mileage. It eventually corrected itself and stayed pretty true throughout my owning the vehicle.

  • my dad is having the same exact problem, he is so upset he said he is going to stop making his payments. he brought it in twice and they are telling him it is normal. what are u planning on doing? i am trying to find a solution :(
  • I spent 20 years working in new car dealerships, and I can tell you that "stop making payments" is not a solution. Toyota already has your money. The bank (even toyota finance) has nothing to do with your problem. All this will do is cause your truck to get reposesed.

    Take your truck to the dealership. Make sure each time you take it in, that they write up a repair order, report the problem 3 times. If they have not resolved the problem in 3 visits, you then may be elegible for a lemon law case.
  • Have a Tundra with 2500 miles. My garage is under my house (live on a lake so it is bermed for the lake) When I first start to go up my driveway (approx. 35 degree ramp up to the street) and the truck is cold, sometimes the transmission will "slip" and bang into gear. After taking to a dealership they can't make it do it (so they say) I left it for a week. Still does it every now and then but I am concerned that I will have problems after the 60,000mi. warranty. Asked them for an extended warranty,they (Toyota rep.) said no. I am now going to arbitration where I am sure they will say no, then to court. Love the truck but something is wrong. Even my wife felt the bang and said none of our other cars do that. By the way, they put a new torque converter in it to no avail. Why would they do that if they couldn't find anything wrong. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!
  • kl67kl67 Posts: 15
    Update to my engine tech had the dealer pull the engine so they can change the lower end bearings. I am getting my info from the customer relations manager so there could very well be some confusion on what toyota wants them to do and what he is telling me. From what is sounds like the crankshaft bearings is what their targeting. The service manager is fighting to get them to send them another shortblock. I don't blame him for wanting the short block, a lot of labor going into changing the bearings and it not fix the problem. Truck is sitting in a stall w/o an engine...I consider it great progress...this would have never happened with Ford or Dodge, they just ignore problems until you go away.
  • i have the early 07' (jan 07' production) tundra limited 4x4 dc w/ the 5.7 and the 6spd, which had a low speed and high rpm shudder in the trans. The dealer just replaced the torque converter which solved that issue completely. They told me that my truck was one of the first 700 to roll off the line and all of them with the 6spd possibly had defective converters (so toyota rep says). At least i can say i did get 36K out of the trans before it started its bad shudder, but it did take two trips to the dealer to solve, which was pretty annoying.

    No problems with the 5.7 motor at all though. It is noisy when cold, but if i let it warm up for a minute or two its fine, even when its in the teens. (mobil-1 0w does quite it down more)

    I have 39K on it now and just noticed a wierd noise and feel coming from the front end. When driving around 30-35 mph on a slightly curvy road, i can hear a humming noise and feel some kind of grinding coming through the steering wheel. It almost feels like the front axle is binding up, as if i had it in 4wd on dry pavement and tried to turn hard (which i've never done in this truck). It really has me concerned now because i'm over 36K w/o an extended warranty. (i love that feeling)

    Has anyone had an issue with the front end in the 4x4 models? My truck is driven 70/30 highway/city...
  • Not my windshield but barley bumped my taillight and it broke. They are really thin plastic. Be careful....I also got rear ended and needed 4k in repairsmnew bumber,a few dents,new trailer hitch. So they gave my an 08 Silvarado that was way more comfortable!! (not as fast though!)
  • Explain this.

    Sitting at a stop light, the engine revs from 5-600 rpm to 7-900 rpms. It fights against the brakes. Also, when coasting at about 1000 rpm and coming down, the vehicle will lunge up to 1200-1400 rpm. THis has happened 3 different days, I have 6,000 miles on it.
  • serranotserranot Posts: 113
    A couple of possibilities . . .

    First, your A/C might be cycling on and off, which may slightly raise the idle to compensate. Both of my cars idle slightly higher when the A/C compressor is on.

    Second, many vehicles have grade logic and shift to a higher gear when you tap the brake and are slowing down. Even if it doesn't, the RPMs are going to rise slightly when the vehicle shifts as it slows.

    This behavior could be entirely normal.

  • I just purchased this truck today and on the way home, the ride felt a little bumpy, is that normal?
  • kl67kl67 Posts: 15
    Mine is similar, it seems like the system that is designed to help slow the truck down actually pushes it forward in a surge sometimes. I have found that my truck stops quicker if I push the tranny into Neutral during coast down.

    Right now my truck is getting a new engine in it for a knock. The truck I am driving is a 4.7 Ltr and it is smooth as a baby's butt...if I didn't need the 5.7 to pull my camper I would be very upset when comparing the two engines. Trust me though, the 4.7 cannot compare to the 5.7 in horsepower.
  • I have a similar "knock" that I posted about on the "mud" blog. Seemes pretty noisey on cool/cold mornings, and after about 5-10 minutes goes away. Sounds like a bearing knock to me. Took it to the dealer who said was normal (injector noise) and sent me on my way.

    I have seen many reports of this noise, and have a couple of friends that have these and say they have no noise. I guess I will have to wait and see, but want to take it in a few times in case it does create an issue down the road, I will have some recourse (hopefully). I told my dealer (American in Albuquerque) that some were reporting problems and they kind of shrugged it off. I would like to point them to a dearler that is actually pulling an engine due to the problem.

    Where are you and what dealer has your truck?

  • kl67kl67 Posts: 15

    contact me at and I will give you all my data.

  • it only took me 3 months to reply.....yes i did call Toyota corporate and voiced my concerns on the knocking. they said it was 'piston slap' and is normal. That said they extended my powertrain waranty to 6yrs/100k miles to alleaviate my concerns. i didn't even complain or ask for the extension....I'd give them a call
  • could you post or email me with toyotas corp phone # email address is truckrbob@comcast .net thank you
  • the # is 800-331-4331
  • drich20drich20 Posts: 1
    I purchased my 07 Tundra 4x4 on Labor Weekend, 5.7 liter with 6 speed auto. Today, I have 15K miles on it.

    Within 2 weeks, I went back to the dealer because the torgue converter wasn't downshifting cleanly. The tranny vibration was like going over a rumble strip. The technicians at the dealer didn't notice the vibration. I insisted they hook up their laptop to the diagnostic port and we went for a drive. After replicating the problem on multiple issues, the dealer agreed and subsequently replaced the transmission and torgue converter. Today, the transmission slips (hot or cold) when driving up my 22 degree driveway.

    When I purchased the truck, I had a 5 state sales territory. I have experienced the roads of Colorado to California. On the older Southern California freeways, the expansion joints caused the rear end of the truck to bounce almost uncontrollably. A couple of times I thought I hurt my back. Outside of So. Cal, the bed bounce has been a non-issue.

    I seen various messages regarding the knocking noise coming from a cold engine in the morning. I have the same issue. The sound reminds me of the "piston slap" I experienced from my 1965 Mustang with 200K miles on it. After the engine warms up, the piston slap noise goes away, just as my Mustang did 30 years old. This isn't normal.

    If the issues above persist or get worse, I'll take it back to the dealer and have it fixed.

    Other than the comments above, I don't think I couldn't have bought a better truck.
  • mrtoad3mrtoad3 Posts: 68
    I will be receiving my newly ordered Tundra Doublecab 4x4 Standard Bed in April. I got the Limited with NAV, TRD, cold pkg, tow mirrors and 5.7L engine. I am somewhat concerned about reliability issues that I've been reading about here. I sure hope all is sorted out with the 2008's by now. Since it is being built this week in San Antonio, I hope it has all the upgrades and fixes. I'll post again when it arrives. I'll probably get a rhino-liner and shell soon after I pick it up. Im really looking forward to having this truck since all others I drove during my research phase were really inferior in most aspects...performance,handling, features, price, etc...
  • mfhallmfhall Posts: 22
    I've got close to 10K on my DC 4x4 5.7. I too am not seeing the gas mileage many posters say they get. I rarely do alot of hiighway driving (I took one trip form GA to IL and got around 17 GPM). In and around I average about 14 mpg.
  • mfhallmfhall Posts: 22
    Your 2nd point about the hum. I notice what I can barely call a vibration at my accelerator foot. It seems like a hum/vibration. It never gets bad, always the same, noticeable but not much more.
  • kl67kl67 Posts: 15 my truck back from the dealer. They put a new short block in it!!! Paperwork for the engine replacement stated that the #5 rod bearing was coming apart...that would probably cause my knock! Truck sounds great and feels as tight as the day I drove it off the lot. I only have about 500 miles on the new engine but I have my fingers crossed that I will have zero issues.

    I commend Toyota for taking care of the I have stated many times I would still be fighting with Ford/Chevy and would still be trying to get Dodge to acknowledge that there was even a problem.

    Toyota may have a few issues with the introduction of their new truck but making it right is what they are doing right. They have earned themselves one more loyal Toyota customer! In a couple of years when my wife is ready to get out of her Impala we will be shopping for a Toyota if they have kept up the good work.

  • sid13sid13 Posts: 1
    There is a problem with filling the top of the tank, not with the gas guage. You can squeeze several gallons extra after automatic shutoff by dribbling the fuel slowly to top off the tank. It is very slow and annoying to do so.
  • 1972ck1972ck Posts: 56
    I haven't chatted on this forum for awhile so I figured I'd toss my 2 cents worth in. I went and did it. I've finally picked up my new Tundra at the beginning of the month. I drove the Silverado, the Ram and the F150...bought the Tundra. What can I say? I have owned three other Tundras in the past. Bought my 1st one in June of '99 (as a 2000 MY) like the others but LOVE this new one. Smooth as silk on the highway, stunning looks and much, much more capable of a truck. I purchased a LD Fisher plow at the same time. The truck barely squats in the nose when the plow is on. 1st tank of gas went fairly quickly. I averaged 13.8 mpg on the first tank of fuel that was courtesy of Toyota. Since then I've been averaging 15.8 mpg. I know this thanks to the tell-tale multi-function display on the dash. The magic number on the interstate highway is 65 mph. If the grade stays fairly even the truck gets 20.4 to 22.9 mpg. If it hits a grade the instant fuel economy read out drops like a rock. The ride is a tad stiffer than my last Tundra ('05 Double Cab TRD) but not too stiff. Given this new truck's abilities over my last truck I can excuse the slightly stiffer suspension. It is a TRUCK after all. The turning radius is a dream and is hands down far shorter than the other manufacture's offerings. I am waiting for spring to arrive so I can see the effects of my 26' travel trailer being towed behind this monster. The 5.7 liter has tons of stump pulling torque at gets up to speed quickly. I have had no issues so far and the truck is now reading nearly 1,000 miles on the odometer. With Toyota's reputation for quality I am sure this truck will continue to give me reliable service. :D
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