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Toyota Tundra New Owner Reports



  • my 07 5.7l knocks too and everyone who gets in comments on it, none of three dealers taken to will address it

    now the door stop has broken and the dealer says not covered under warranty toyota agrees with dealer and says to treat the tundra tenderly per ashley in ca. last week
  • 1972ck1972ck Posts: 56
    I have a 2008 Tundra w/ the 5.7 liter as well. I've done some research on the 5.7 engine knock. Toyota utilizes "short skirt" pistons. When the piston is on the power stroke (4 stroke engine) the short skirts causes the piston to rock back and forth (slightly) in the cylinders. When it is cold out side the knocking is loudly due to the metal of the pistons and cylinder walls being smaller. As the engine warms up the metal the gaps between the metal surfaces decreases. This helps quiet the knocking but not completely. My 5.7 knocks as well, if that makes you feel any better. Obviously, I have not heard how loudly your Tundra's engine is knocking. I can tell you that mine is quite loud when the abient temp. is 40 degrees or less. I have spoken to my local dealer and their responce matches what I have found out through Toyota Motor Corp. myself. Many manufactures use short skirt pistons in high performance engines. Motorcycle manufactures have used this technology for years without any failures. Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki use this technology for lighter wieght pistons in their sport bikes to allow higher rpms for higher peak horsepower. I can only guess that Toyota has done the same with the 5.7 liter V8. (Toyota owns a good portion of Yamaha Motor Corp.) Yamaha builds some engines for Toyota.
  • i like short skirts even more now, thanks
  • I just joined this forum,and have read a lot of interesting stuff on the 5.7iforce,I have a 07 tundra limited crew max 5.7 with 19971 miles on it an I couldn't be more pleased with it.The only time it goes to the shop is to have the oil changed every 5000 miles.
  • The noise that 75% of 5.7 liter engine owners hear for a few minutes after startup is piston slap plain and simple. It is impossible to say without testing and inspection what is causing the slap. It could be the cylinder(s) or piston(s) are out of tolerance. The piston or block could have a manufacturing defect. The piston or block could be poorly engineered. I am sure Toyota knows because the TMC regional rep admitted to me :lemon: they no longer build the engines like they did in 07 & 08. Typically, a loose piston (if not broken) causes excessive wear of the piston and cylinder wall resulting in increased blowby. This in turn exacerbates the problem further because the loose piston cannot transfer heat to the cylinder adequately. What you have is an engine that, providing something doesn't actually break, wears out much earlier than it should. In a State where smog inspections are done it much more likely that the vehicle will fail the emissions test long before it should have, not to mention degraded performance. Toyota no doubt takes the stand that as long as it lasts at least 100,000 miles, the length of the extended warranty, then who cares. One of the reasons we all bought a Toyota was the reputation of their products for durability which equates to resale value. That expectation no longer applies to the 07 & 08 trucks not only because something is wrong with them but because TMC has not the honor to fully admit the problem and fix it. I am exploring the potential for legal action as this problem is becoming widely recognized in many forums across the Internet and it is time for Tundra owners to get some satisfaction from the manufacturer with respect to repairs and warranty coverage of this issue. The owners of the 3.0 liter T-100s and Tacomas with cast iron blocks and aluminum heads that all had bad head gaskets were ignored until they resorted to legal action. Toyota finally replaced all the head gaskets but unfortunately trucks with those engines are now almost worthless because everyone knows you can't keep a head gasket in one. Is that the future of our 07 & 08 5.7 liter Tundras?
  • Can you tell ne the name of the dealer ( and address or were it is ) that replaced your engine on your 5.7 L . My dealer just says " its normal " .

    It take at least 15 mintues of driving to get the knock out . Sounds like a diesel
    Please if you could email me at :

    then I can discuss this with your dealer
  • CAN I get your dealers Name

    Can you tell ne the name of the dealer ( and address or were it is ) that replaced your engine on your 5.7 L . My dealer just says " its normal " .

    It take at least 15 mintues of driving to get the knock out . Sounds like a diesel
    Please if you could email me at :

    then I can discuss this with your dealer
  • CAN I get your dealers Name
    My dealer just says the engine knock (the diesel sound that last at least 15 minutes or more before it quiets down but does not go away ) they say " its normal " I even listened to my neibours tundra and his does not do that
  • what truck would you be looking to purchase rather than Toyota Tundra?

    Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Isuzu, Internationals, Freightliners? others?

    how many individuals do you think will not purchase remaining 2008s after reading this discussion/ being educated by toyota engineers as to what is progress of investigation / transparency / open dialogue,

    is this a sticker for purchase, resale values, detriment to investments for the stockholders? it is design / manufacturing / engineering / or business problem? why does it happen on some as opposed to others? what type diagnostics are needed to discern this problem on others that may have not heard?

    Do the vehicles in question have similarity ,,time date manufactured?
    one run two runs,,what type numbers quanify recall?

    reason for lower prices in Texas? discounts showing 21.56% to 26% will the discount grow greater as time wanes on? will anyone purchase 2009s 2010s for fear that the problem will manifest without follow up?

    a potential custome wants to know these things in advance,
    having nvever worked with toyota before.

    what has changed with Toyota and spirit of excellence?
  • based on your estimate the damage being done by the noise/slap problem area>>will cause engine to fail prior to the 100,000 mark or the amount of damage being done is unknown,,could be more or could be less than needed to make engine fail before warranty runs out. what increases Damage to problem area?

    What after the 100,000 mile mark with noise issue being detected prior
    to 100,000 mile mark>>#1 customer inquiries, #1001 customer inquiries

    Toyota will Replace Engine with other associated mechanics problems
    all in Good Faith at What Cost to Consumer? at What Cost to Stockholder?
    $20k turning into $40k actual cost of vehicle to be determined?

    Cost benefit Ratio How many actually will notice? How many will actually contact Dealer? How many will actually know that this is Toyota's problem and not consumer? Did you change your oil? Did you change your transmission? You had work done to vehicle outside the Dealership? Does this void the warranty?

    Free of charge , to consumer, parts and labor ,,handshake,,Moving Forward
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    I'm sorry but those are two of the most unintelligible posts I've ever seen. What language are they written in?
  • maybe the posters who have problems,
    with piston slap engine noise damage, are isolated issues

    this group seems to be very consistent
    alot more toyota messages than other brands

    possibly someone know s 2007 2008 5.7L owners who do have 100k miles
    on truck ,,extra ordinary but perhaps uncle friend neighbor, person @ work
    mechanic who works on american vs japanese tundra 5.7Liters

    what is the response of driver with mulitiple miles
    behind wheel of newer engine,,short piston?
  • 1972ck1972ck Posts: 56
    Anyone comparing the head gasket issues on an older 3.0 liter V6 to the 5.7 liter V8 is confused or not mechanically inclined. The 3 liter V6 was a cast iron block with alum. heads. The 5.7 liter V8 is a alum. block/ alum. head construction. The reason the 3 liter would pop a head gasket was due to the difference in heating (expansion) and cooling (contraction) characteristics/timing of the two different metals. The engine knocking on the 5.7 liter V8 is due to the use of short piston skirts. As I have previously stated in a past posting. Most auto. manufactures use this technology on ALL their cars. You will hear the same exact "piston slap" on a new Nissan or Dodge for that matter. Granted the Dodge would probably slap due to poor build quality. ;) There will be no long term adverse effects caused by the use of this technology when the engine has been built properly. I am positive given Toyota's racing heritage and high build quality that the 5.7 liter is built to last. You can talk about wear to the cylinder walls and piston rings all day long. The fact is that all vehicles have a small gap between the pistons and the cylinder walls and the pistons by nature (if you will) are going to rock (slightly) back and forth due to the fuel/air mixture igniting. (during the power stroke) Some are just moe audible than others. If anyone thinks there is going to be blow-by due to the slight rocking of the pistons, they are wrong. Blow-by is caused by excessive wear of the piston rings or worn valve seats and so forth. Short skirt pistons are designed to lighten the weight of the piston and are coated with DLC or diamond like coating on the skirts themselves were they make contact with the iron cylinder sleeves. This coating is like Teflon on the skirts and is extremely slippery. It lessens the wear of the cylinder wall and pistons by adding an additional "lubricant" to the internal items of the engine there by increasing fuel efficiency while lessening stress on the moving internals of the engine. If someone were to disassemble a 5.7 liter in front of you, you could then see with your own eyes the construction and how smart it is. Especially if you were to have an engineer on hand to explain the various components and their function. :D
  • I have a 2007 Toyota tundra crewmax 5.7 liter that runs perfect without any noise at question is if all 5.7 are build the same why does some slap and some don't?
  • 1972ck1972ck Posts: 56
    Do you live in a climate where the temp.s stay below freezing from longer periods of time? When it is cold (er) ambient temperature outside the metals are "shrunk". Until the engine is up to normal operating temperature (180 degrees F) the pistons are "small" due to the metal confirguration (alloys used) as compared to the cylinder walls and sleeves. I had a 1987 4Runner with the bullet proof 22RE 4cyl. engine. That particular year had short piston skirts in it also. It would knock a little prior to engine warm up on colder days. I had a freeze plug rust out on the side of the engine block back in 2002 w/ the odometer showing 167k on it. I torn the engine down and there was no excessive wear on either the cylinder walls or piston skirts. I decided to check it out by removing the head and inspecting the everything internally while the engine is down for the freeze plugs to be replaced. Everything was well within spec.s and the rig ran great till it met it's final match against a moose. The moose won. :sick: The engine still ran great after the collision with the aforemention creature however the body panels looked like tin foil. :P Toyota manufactures everything the same and have very good quality control. They can tell very quickly when something is not right and have proceedures and measure in place the correct the problem quickly within the manufacturing process. That is why I do not believe their are a "batch" of unexplained extremely bad knocking 5.7 liters out there. That's not to say that Toyota is perfect and if somthing were to be manufactured incorrectly that it couldn't reach the consumer. There has been too many people in my humble opinion clammering about this non-existance "issue". If my 5.7 blows up then I'll have to eat humble pie. And I will be more than happy to report such a problem on this forum. Until then I will not believe that someone sitting behind a keyboard and monitor that can not prove they actually own a Tundra type possibly misleading things about the truck. Remember anybody with internet access can write what ever they'd like whether it be truthful or not. I have researched it because I do own a Tundra with the 5.7 liter and my knocks from time to time when it's cold. I have spoken with my local dealer, Regional Toyota Rep., friends or mine who own the exact same truck. They all say the same thing and I am very familar with engines built like the Tundra's 5.7 liter V8 due to my racing a former life. ;)
  • I live in the southern portion of Georgia[31642] and for the most part we have mild winters down here.But on some occasion the temp.will drop into the teens,but once again when I crank her up the temp inside the truck will show 17 to 18 degrees,with no piston noise,only the high idle that I've learned to live with.
  • My tundra makes the same piston slap noise...not comforting for a new truck

    Neither was the 4wd unit going out, while needed, in the snow.

    Now there's an engine noise. This truck is junkier than the dodge I had! Who built this POS?
  • 1972ck1972ck Posts: 56

    Perhaps if you are truly that disgusted with your truck you should go back to a Dodge product?
    My 4WD unit decided to get itself stuck in 4WD Hi not too long ago. Toyota has since issued a "TSB" or Technical Service Bulletin that updates the actuators for the 4WD system as well as a newer 4WD ECU. I am sorry you feel as though your Tundra is a POS. As to who built your truck...Americans in an American plant not a Mexican south of the border as you will find with a Dodge product.

    I realize you are not happy with the truck you purchased and given the amount of money new vehicles cost I can feel you pain. However I am unsure of what expectations you preceive to have. Nothing in this world is perfect. I have answered your noise question with all the knowledge I have acquired through the proper channels. It sounds as if you have two with the noise or buy purchase another make or model. Good luck. :)
  • mine (07 5.7l 2 door tundra grade with sr5 badging)was built in san antonio but i doubt it has to do with where it was built. there are two things on mine that work flawlessly and easily(big !point on easily) the cruise control and the tail gate lowering mechanism. i have the slap sometimes more than others during warmup but after 10/12 miles it does subside. the transmission is from hell just last night after a quick deceleration i got back on the gas to make the turn and nothing then a big clunk like i had been rear ended. From reflections off the the bend in the hood, dash board plastic, and toyota emblem on the steering wheel to the placement of the wiper control it appears toyota has never built a truck/car before and i have had three toyota trucks this being the 4th and a royal lemon and since they did not cover the door stop complete breakage at 13400 under warranty and the first problem was within a year and under 12000 i am pursuing a lemon law suit. Btw i got out of a dodge 03 3/4 ton with over 100k on the v10, ran like a john deer, with some minor pains in neck
  • I think you're right about the piston slap--I've heard a number of other tundras in colder weather make the same noise on start-up, until about fully warm. It's a bit unsettling, but Ok.

    xfer case actuator issue is a whole other can of worms. I'm not how toyota designed this xfer case (2spd on 6 sp AT/5.7) but it is not only fickle, but slow to respond and engage, it seems like aroll of the dice with the xfer case at times.

    I've now had mine replaced (at 3K miles). Works OK, but still clunky. Disappointing anyway, from a toyota. Transmission now whines, as if there is something not lined up properly...probably because something isn't! It's been in the shop for more than a month out of the past six months--not what I expected from a new toyota truck.
  • 1972ck

    As far as expectations.....

    1. Toyota should at least acknolage the problem and replace or fix the engines that are knocking. I went to the dealer and started a NEW truck and they do not knock at all . Even my neigbours tundra does not knock.

    2. Well yes , I could sell my truck but then who in their right mind would give me a proper market price with an engine that knocks . Maybe Toyota should do a buy back and try to sell their knocking trucks themselves and see how much fun they have trying to sell all the knocking tundra.

    So all in all Toyota has left the customer holding the bag with a knocking truck that will be very hard for the owner to getgood resell value on. As started on other posts Toyota's 2009 tundra engines are built different and they do not have those proboems. Hmmm maybe Toyota should be replacing the 07's with the new improved 09's engines there is an idea !!

  • 1972ck

    You say " 5.7 liter V8 is due to the use of short piston skirts." You sound like a dealer .Are you a Toyota rep yourself ?
    You say "You will hear the same exact "piston slap" on a new Nissan or Dodge for that matter " My cousin repairs Nissans at a Nissan dealer and they do not have piston slap. My wife owns a aluminum short shirt Nissan engine and NO it does not knock no matter how hard I try and listen.

    As far as expectations.....

    1. Toyota should at least acknolage the problem and replace or fix the engines that are knocking. I went to the dealer and started a NEW truck and they do not knock at all . Even my neigbours tundra does not knock.

    2. Well yes , I could sell my truck but then who in their right mind would give me a proper market price with an engine that knocks . Maybe Toyota should do a buy back and try to sell their knocking trucks themselves and see how much fun they have trying to sell all the knocking tundra.

    So all in all Toyota has left the customer holding the bag with a knocking truck that will be very hard for the owner to getgood resell value on. As started on other posts Toyota's 2009 tundra engines are built different and they do not have those proboems. Hmmm maybe Toyota should be replacing the 07's with the new improved 09's engines there is an idea !!
  • 1972ck1972ck Posts: 56
    There seems like there is no way to please you. I have tried to explain the "problem" or "issue" as best I can. Yet you still feel the need to be negative. Perhaps you're a Dodge dealer spreading negativity on the web to push your product? How is anyone to know who YOU are? Just because one engine is louder than another with it's noises doesn't make it a lemon. Good luck with your arbitration suit. I truly hope you "win" so you'll feel no need to complain on this forum anymore. If I was a Toyota representative do you think I would admit my personal Tundra's transfer case got stuck in 4WD? And why do you post the same message on this site more than once? Reading your comments once is enough for anybody to take. And it's "resale" value not "resell". If I have made you feel as though I have defended Toyota Motor Corp. too much then I am truly sorry. If you look at the industry as a whole you will find the Big 3 have many more problems with their vehicles than Toyota. Given the odds of that I'll stick with my choice in buying my Tundra rather than spending my hard earn cash on a full sized p/u from the Big 3 that I KNOW won't be worth anything in 3 years. Good bye and good luck to you. If your suit goes through and if you win I do wish you nothing but the best with what ever product you choose to purchase to replace your Tundra. I'll just be glad that you can complain about it on a different forum. :D
  • Got 39K and counting, had one head-light lamp go bad, but that was when truck ran over a large gator (tire tread chunk off a Semi-trucks), replaced a dirty air-filter (prolly had to do with dust/dirt @ construction sites), and kept to routine oil-changes.

    Could this truck use a 7 or 8 speed tranny, and go for even better mileage? I get about 18.5 mixed use (no-load), and about 16.5 on some load, and about 12.5 on heavy trailer-pull.

    Personally prefer a Garmin (a portable GPS) over factory navigation system, for better carrying possibility, and update/upgrade ease.

    Whats wrong with those squeaky OEM Dunlop tires, may be good for MPG, but may not be ideal for good grip/traction. What tires do you suggest for on-road comfort and minor construction-site (dirt/unpaved) use?

    Is 2010 model doing any better - mpg, features and/or price ?

  • Maybe some of you can help with ideas or something. I have the 2008 tundra crew max sr5 v8, 3400miles will be a year old next month.

    Problems: Does not tow my 3500lb travel trailer well, almost like I am dragging it. I checked the camper brakes, it was in tow/haul mode..etc.. everything was done according to the owners manual and my dealership.

    Shifting problems: When I am stopped in traffic, stop sign..etc then go when it is ok to the truck rev's up like it's in neutral hits 3rd or 4rth gear then a slight bang then the truck takes off?

    Rumble strip sound at 35mph, vibration to shake the truck until I step on the gas to get to the next gear.

    What I have done: Gone to my dealership twice with these issues and just because they can't duplicate it, sorry nothing they can do.

    Went to a dealer one hour away from me they checked diagnostics, transmission fluid, took a drive with a tech. Can't duplicate, sorry nothing they can do. The tech told me when I feel the shutter to shift to standard mode to try and release the torque converter. Ok.. it's happend 5 times since my appointment, and yes changing to standard mode releases the converter. Called them and told them the news. They say thank you for the information, however it seems that my truck has the most current torque converter in so there is no need to change it????? hmm... just because Toyota changed out all the converters a few before my vin number doesn't mean mine isn't defective.

    New issue: Had my 6month old pregnant wife in the car with my 16 month old sleeping. Stopped at a light, turns green I go... rev's like it's in neutral again, hits 3rd gear or so, huge bang under truck (wakes up sleeping baby), truck takes off to the point where we are thrown back into our seats a bit, then goes. This pretty much scared everyone including myself. I will no longer have anyone but myself in the truck, as I feel it's unsafe.

    I have written a letter to Toyota in California, which I am sure nothing will come of it. I am disgusted with how this is being handled. I love my truck, but I can't be worried constantly for my families safety (as well as myself and others on the road). If I could pay off what I owe I would and get some other truck, but since I can't I am stuck right now. Any suggestions? thanks a bunch.
  • Take the "damn" thing BACK to the dealer WITH the trailer in tow and then insist they go WITH YOU for a test drive. (you drive) I know it may be a pain in the butt ---but don't give up!!! I have an "07 -5.7 and luckily I haven't had any problems except it does kinda free rev when it's cold if I let off the throttle to go around a corner and then press the throttle again. It revs up before finding the right gear. Sounds a little like one of your experiences.
  • 1972ck1972ck Posts: 56
    Slooose is correct. You should bring your truck back to the dealer or at least a dealer you feel you can trust. Your Tundra should tow your camper with no problem. Since your transmission woes appear without the trailer behind you it sounds as though there's something going on inside of the tranny. The new Tundra uses gears vs. bands inside. If it were a tranny with bans I would guess it needs bands. Since the bands are none exsistant then that kills that idea. You should have to switch your tranny into "sequential" mode to have it straighten out. I would if the ECU for the trans. or a sensor has gone bad. The sensors "read" what is going on and relay the information to the truck's ECU. The ECU for the engine and transmission "talk" to one another and adjust themselves accordingly. Perhaps a different Toyota dealer would be willing to plug in their "TIS" lap top into your Tundra while it's being driven and get real time information that's being relayed back and forth from the transmission to the engine. If that's at all possible, seeing as how the information is in computer "code". ie" 100100010011001...ect. I am trying to rack my brain to think if your issue is mechanical as you had mentioned or more electronic causing the banging and surging. Perhaps a dealer would be willing to reset the mapping of your Tundra. Of course, they may not being willing to if they can not duplicate your complaint. Is your truck a 4.7 liter or a 5.7 with the 6 spd.?
  • Its the 5.7 v8 SR5 with 6sp yes.
  • 1972ck1972ck Posts: 56

    I am going to ask a Toyota repair technician I know tomorrow about your Tundra's odd behavior. I just can't understand why it's acting the way it is. I doesn't make any sense. I can't recall whether or not you had mentioned if the 1st dealer checked the transmission fluid level. Both the of the auto. trans that come. in the Tundra do not have a dipstick to check the fluid level. Perhaps yours was not completely filled at the factory? The Tundra uses the "new world" transmission fluid which is supposed to last the lifetime of the truck and is checked at 100k mile service. And is not scheduled to be replaced/flushed unless it's viscosity is incorrect at a certain temperature. My Tundra occasionally bangs while driving normally on level ground at speeds between 30 to 40 mph. It does it went it is coming out of overdrive or into overdrive (6th gear) But is not as violent as what you have described in your posting.
  • 1972ck1972ck Posts: 56
    I talked to my Toyota technician buddy and he's scratching his head as well. The rumble you hear/feel could be in the front end. Some (very few) Tundras had an issue with the front differential. (rumbling noise) As for the problem towing the trailer, check the drop on the ball mount. Your trailer maybe lifting (slightly) the rear of the Tundra off the ground. The trailer acts like a teeter-toter with someone too heavy one one side. (leverage) As for the transmission not engaging/torque converter issue. He was left scratching his head same as me. His advice is to have you call the customer service # listed with your paperwork went you purchased your Tundra.
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