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Toyota Tundra New Owner Reports



  • toy4xtoy4x Posts: 3
    My new 2010 Tundra CrewMax Ltd. 4x4 has started this dash rattle too (500 mi.). Seems to occur when articulating (twisting, in a turn or entering a driveway, etc.) rather than on up-down bumps (washboards). Sent a note to sales/service rep. I am sure it can be somehow fixed when located (have used Chapstick as a lube between squeaky plastic parts before!). Still in honeymoon mode over the Toy though, so it's not really bugging me yet.
  • wyorebwyoreb Posts: 45
    toy4x - there seems to be a pattern of owners experiencing the same rattle issue - please post what you find from your service advisor. no need to exit the honeymoon period yet - the truck is great!
  • webgoodwebgood Posts: 95
    wyoreb, toy4x, bwayno and any others with a dash "rattle", "chirping" or squeaking...I stopped at my Toyota service today to make a service appt. for the wife's Highlander and asked the service writer ("Josh") if he could step outside and look at the dash. As I was describing the noise and how the RF forward-most panel of the dash that butts the windshield had appeared to drop, he just stopped, said he already knew what it was, we turned around and walked back inside, said he'd order the "clip" that needs to be installed back behind the glove box and he'd call me in a week or so when it came in. All covered under warranty (bought mine in April '09). I didn't think to ask if there was a TSB on it, but from checking the on-line site that lists them by vehicle, I didn't see one. It appears to be something that Toyota, or at least most service centers, are aware of. Regards, BGood
  • wyorebwyoreb Posts: 45
    BGood, thanks for the note, I will take my truck in this week to have them check it out. Glad they knew what to zero in on.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    If you are a Toyota owner and interested in sharing your reaction to the recall with reporters, send an email stating the vehicle you own, your telephone number, and the best time you can be reached.

    Send to:

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  • I am concerned about all the talk in other Tundra forums and here about the limited expected longevity of these engines from excessive internal wear due to a design flaw. In the wake of the recent recalls, I am wondering if Toyota is going to mention this. The noises that come from the engine when it is cold are disheartening. The dealer says it is normal. Don't they really mean common? The transmission is also jerky and it surges occassionally. Also common? I think I'll sell the truck and get a Ford. They seem to have their act together lately.
  • toy4xtoy4x Posts: 3
    wyoreb, webgood, others - Finally figured out my DASH RATTLE. After some internet blog research, there seems to be about 5 different "dash rattle" types:
    1. Sagging Dash - the RF corner of the dash droops about 1/4", due to an inadequate support clip below the dash near the windshield. Toyota issued a TSB on this, and their fix is a NEW beefy clip and some insulation/padding ("Toyota Sound Dampening Material") between dash and windshield (T-SB-0080-08) covered by warranty.
    2. AC/Heater vents/ducts - some folks hear loose ducts rattling around - they pull both glove boxes out and pack insulation around the duct work/vent tubes.
    3. Rattle noise around speaker area - this was the noise I was hearing. It is NOT REALLY coming from the speaker/CD/Nav area, it only sounds like it is. IT IS COMING FROM THE MIRROR, where the mirror support/wires go. There is a PLASTIC COVER over the wires that "squeaks", "ticks", "rattles" intermittently or all the time. Push it down with you fingers and see if the sound stops. I can move it side-to-side and get it to squeak. You can squeeze it with thumb/index finger and un-clip it and it opens. I lubed it with some chapstick (!) and it stopped (may have to repeat application). AT LEAST I NOW KNOW WHAT/WHERE THE ANNOYING NOISE IS COMING FROM and I am not pulling my hair out anymore. Nice, quiet drives even w/o the radio on!
    4. Same as above but look to the OVERHEAD CONSOLE. Some have found a loose wiring harness inside the console (passenger side) bouncing about. Tape/insulate, etc.
    5. Same as above but loose wire harness BEHIND THE CLOCK. Pull clock and stuff insulation around.
    6. Misc. - rear seat-belt metal clips. these rattle around and hit the plastic on the sides of the seats. I cut-out some self-sticking rubber type padding (2"X3"X1/8") and stuck that to the seat side where the clip was hitting. Done. Also, middle seat-belt clip "ticks" against the plastic button/rivet on the belt itself. Used round rubber pad (like used on bottom of calculators, etc.- get at Staples) on button. Done.

    May get dealer to fix some of these under warranty.

    Hope this helps. Cheers, TOY4X.
  • dt4dt4 Posts: 4
    I traded my 2007 Tundra for a 4 Runner. I really did not need a truck. Best move i ever made. The 4 Runner is awesome!
  • wyorebwyoreb Posts: 45

    thank you for putting this summary together.

    hopefully can get the dealer to fix the rattle - only thing preventing total satisfaction with the new truck!
  • wyorebwyoreb Posts: 45
    has anyone had any particularly good or back luck with a spray-in bedliners - would be interested in comments on brands, applications, care. thanks!
  • toy4xtoy4x Posts: 3
    wyoreb - good luck and rest assured that there is a solution! Tundra's kick-A!
  • pissedoff8pissedoff8 Posts: 3
    edited March 2010
    I purchased a 2007 5.7 4x4 sr-5 from toyota of orlando(Fl.)it had 5 miles on it.I noticed the engine knock the first week took it to dealer 4 times they said they could not hear.when I took back for first oil change (2000)miles they checked again, same results.after changing oil they said they heard noise and needed to rebuild motor I asked why rebuild why not replace motor?being a brand new truck?they said everything would be fine and it would not affect my resell value they gave me a loaner and said my truck would take about a week to fix.after 30 days they called and said truck was ready(they supposedly test drove) I picked it up and drove 3 miles I barely made it back to dealer it was chugging so bad the service manager (Glen Brewer)said they probably crossed some wires and it should take 1/2 hour to fix.2days later they called and once again said truck was ready I picked it up.about a mile up the road I saw a friend crossing the street and tried to beep my horn but it didn't work i pulled to see why .mechanic never reinstalled I pulled back into dealer blocking both lanes of service locked truck and demanded to speak with owner of dealership(who was too much of a wimp and pawned me back off to service mgr.who said they must have been stolen I asked where was your security guard? and he said he likes to sleep in office (some kind of excuse right?)I finally picked up vehicle and drove to work trip in chey.Wyo.I noticed unusual wear and noise in right front wheel upon return to FL.I took back to dealer who could"nt find problem my 4 wheel drive will not disengage and they say I need to drive in reverse to relieve tensionI try to no avale I tried mediation but was working out of town and had to fax my paperwork and lost of course (they don;t tell you the panel is made up of toyota employees I was contacted by lemon law lawyers but once again was out of state working now i have too many miles to persue which is exactly what toyota planned I have owned 9 toyota vehicles over the years with 0 problems until now!!but i will never again. anyway the # is (407)298-4500 but I would not recommend my worst enemy to that place (toyota of orlando)P.S. I am new to computers and do not sit around playing on them all day .these are my real experiences and I'm taking time out of my day to help or prevent this from happening to anyone else
  • I purchased a 2007 5.7L 4x4 from Toyota of Orlando with 5 miles. the first week I noticed a rod knock sound, I took back to dealer 5 times before they finally heard and said they needed to rebuild(short block) I asked why not just replace motor ?they said Toyota's policy is to rebuild. I unwillingly accepted.They told me it would take 5-7 days to repair. After 30 days,and my call to factory rep.I received a call that my truck was ready. I picked it up and drove approx.3mileswhen it started chugging and barely made it back to dealer.The service mgr. said they probably crossed some wires and it should take about 1/2 hour to fix .6 hours later the mech. called me back to show what he thought was wrong and was prying on cam shaft chain saying he thinks it may be off by a link.I went through hell trying to get another loaner until they could make right.2 days later i received a call that it was ready.I picked it up and saw an old friend crossing the road,I beeped my horn and it would not work.I pulled over and looked under hood and saw they never put the horns back on.The sevice mgr.(Glenn Brewer)said they must have been stolen.I asked about their security and he said the guard likes to nap in office(some answer eh?)I just wonder if Toyota even knows what kind of incompetent employees these dealerships are hiring to represent their company? they used to be a reliable company before they became americanized!!! I've owned 9 toyotas before this one,but I'm 100% certain this is the last until I see some major changes in the way they do business, and how they perceive the publics intelligence! I hope my story prevents anyone else from making the same mistake I did,If I can be conned into ever buying another toyota.I can guarantee it will not be from Toyota of Orlando
  • mrfixit4mrfixit4 Posts: 4
    I purchased a 2009 Tundra with 5.7L, and have had it back to the dealer three times regarding engine knocking. They say it is normal. Having built engines, I disagree, and think there is a serious problem here, which they are not acknowledging. I am about to invoke the "Lemon Law" if they don't step up and take care of this. I also have been experiencing transmission slip, especially after a tight right turn. Took it back again, they added 1/2 qt. of fluid, which they said was all they could find wrong. This morning it slipped for about 50', engine rev'd no engagement. Having owned six Toyota vehicles before this, I can tell you this isn't the company I remember, and not one I think I want to experience in the future.
  • kl67kl67 Posts: 15
    Have you called Toyota Customer Care? This is your next step...they will then contact the customer relations manager at your dealer. He will contact you and start the process of fixing your vehicle.

    I had to do this to get my entire engine changed...ended up being the #5 rod bearing was causing the knock.

    This is what I recommend doing...good luck
  • mrfixit4mrfixit4 Posts: 4
    Yes. Dealership is contacting regional Toyota rep and also their new quality team to investigate. Hope something can be done with both problems. I just can't buy that this is the way it is suppose to be. No one makes an engine that rattles this bad at start up, and expects people to buy into this. Also the tranny slip is unbelievable, and from other posts, people are accepting it. A friend of mine owns a tranny repair shop and he can't believe they are asking me to accept their position that nothing is wrong.
  • I have been the proud owner of 4 Toyotas prior to purchasing my 2007 Tundra Crew Max in August of 2007. This is my last Toyota. Quality is just not there anymore, nor are there any honest dealers to repair them. Here is my list of issues.
    --truck runs like crap after recall to adjust computer . Dealer says "Normal"
    --Gutless towing my 2700 pound Tent Trailer. Advertised to tow 10,000 with ease (my Tacoma does a better job)
    --Poor paint quality. Paint comes off truck with every little bump. Nothing you can rub out or touch up. Repaint the truck or live with the white undercoating showing through
    --Radio volume does not work and stations drift off of where set
    --Dash vents will not stay in adjusted position, you have a choice of full up or full down. Dealer reluctant to fix due to need to pull the dash. Says Dash will start to rattle when they fix it. Dash already rattles. So Add;
    --Excessive dash rattle
    --Loud engine noise similar to valve tapping. Dealer Says "normal" even though I have never heard it before, sounds like a diesel from inside the cab
    --Tranny shifts hard when cold, You guessed it, the dealer says "normal" Did not happen in the first year of driving the truck
    One more thing I should mention, the truck has a whopping 17,000 miles on it. Oh joy, I wonder what happens when I reach 20,000.
  • mrfixit4mrfixit4 Posts: 4
    This is my sixth new Toyota, previously 2 - 4Runners, 2 - Camrys, 1 - Tercel. I can't believe how the quality has deteriorated. I still have engine rattling on my 2009 Tundra with the 5.7, sounds like a diesel when cold. Pulled my boat this last week, and rattle was quite noticeable when a load was applied. I tried numerous times to get the dealership to address, and even requested a Toyota representative through their help line. This was worthless. I agree, no more Toyota vehicles in my future if this is what they are building and how they are taking care of the customer.
  • kl67kl67 Posts: 15
    Folks stop beating your head against the wall going back to the dealer! Give Toyota customer care a call and let them know your concerns. I have had a number of problems with my 07 Tundra, the straw that broke the camels back was the so-called fix for the gas pedal...BS! I raised a little stir with TCC and in turn I have a new gas pedal and a Platinum Warranty 8yr/100K! Give it a try... :D
  • damanshowdamanshow Posts: 1
    I have the engine knock
    1. 1st time Took it to dealer first t they said " yup its normal .
    2. 2nd time when it got loader Yup its normal again
    3. 3rd I called toyota customer car they said : " its up to the dealer to see if there is a problem and we cant do anything if the dealer says its normal

    I went to the dealer ( its now summer and the knock is not as load when warm but you can still here it ) and they said" we could hear it "
    WTF does toyota TCC and dealers just blackball their customers now

    Now my trainy is shifting hard and slips a bit when letting off gas then coming onto it again .

    KL67- can you give me some wording to use when I call toyota customer care so they wont give me the same BS run around

    I am really fed up as I thought toyota would be a best built truck and worth the extra money than buying from the big 3 but this 5.7 L is looking like a lemon
  • I'm disappointed in the brake life of my 2007 Tundra 5.7L 2WD. Only 68,000 km and they tell me it needs rotors and pads front and rear - over $1500 in repairs. The truck runs fine and there is no sign of brake problems, but I have wondered about the TRAC mechanism, which applies the brakes and maybe wears them out. I am gentle on brakes and half the mileage is on highways. I would have expected much better life on those massive rotors. Overall, after nearly 3 years of owning one, I would not buy another Tundra - too many hidden costs, too many weird recalls, too much interference by electronic traction controls, too expensive to maintain.
  • I picked up my truck from the dealership service without getting the brakes done, and see that they estimate 65% brake wear. Since they want to replace the rotors anyway, I'll service them when they are completely worn - another 30K km more, hopefully. I checked the Toyota web site and they claim 100K miles on the rotors (160K km). I will be lucky to get 50,000 miles on my brakes.
  • I have a Lance camper on my 2010 Tundra 4w 5.7 TRD Off Road. I added the usual air bag 'LoadLeveler'. Overall I am very pleased with camper (designed for the Tundra) combination. Does anyone have any knowledge off how to limit the somewhat rough ride on poor roads. aka most deteriating highways.
  • cp101cp101 Posts: 6
    Had my Ford F-250 sprayed with an Onyx brand liner. Supposed to be better formulation than Line-X. Can't really say either way since it is the first spray in liner I've ever had, but I can tell you I'm now sold on the idea of spray in liners. The bed should probably never rust (at least not from the inside). The material is intimately bonded to the bed. What's amazing is how much quieter my truck is now (I guess the metal bed used to resonate road noise or something else which it no longer does - the truck is noticeably quieter). Highly recommend spraying your bed. Just shop around carefully. The guy spraying your bed has to know what they're doing or it will come out sloppy. Ask to see examples of their work, make sure the quality is guaranteed, and try to find a professional looking shop with a good local history/reputation.
  • ktz4ktz4 Posts: 5
    When I changed my flat on my 2006 tundra, since the spare was still flat, the sensor still lit up. The light did go off when the dealer pump up the flat spare.
    Don't know what had happen since then, but it's flashing right now, I've been driving with the "flasher" for 40K miles now. costco tire checked and the sensor does broadcast, you are right about 120$ per sensor.
  • lcw1lcw1 Posts: 36
    Wow! Reading the posts and discovering all these problems makes me feel very lucky. I purchased my 4.7 SR5 Tundra in 2007 and so far every mile I drove was as pleasurable as the first one. Never had a single problem nor a disappointment. Due to the cost of gas I was contemplating the purchase of a high gas mileage car and drove the new high tech Ford Focus, Elantra, Civic and Forte. Needless to say my Tundra is in a league by itself and getting only 19 MPG is a small price to pay.
  • Has anyone had a problem with the hubcaps on Tundra alloy wheels disintigrating? My 2007 Tundra lost two hubcaps from the rear wheels. The cap came off leaving the ring and 5 tabs. When I removed the remaining caps by hand, without using any tools to pry them off, I found that both remaining caps also had broken tabs. When I took them to the dealership, they wanted to charge me $75 each for replacement caps. They said there was no recall for the caps.
  • I have a 2008 Tundra, regular cab with more than 100,000 miles on it. I used it to travel long distance miles since I work in Telecommunication. I change the oil every 5,000 or less, used the synthetic oil. In short, I keep it in good condition...I thought.

    However, for some reason, it runs sluggish and I was told by the mechanic that I need the fuel filter change. But when I talked to a Toyota mechanic, he told me that I have to change the whole system; fuel pump since it came with it. And on top of that it would cost me $1000.00.

    Can someone give me an advise, I am confused since other mechanics don't charge me that much in their bid.

    Thank you,

  • pvtcablepvtcable Posts: 7
    Buyer beware:
    Toyota is not telling anyone of this problem so I will. Vehicles with flex fuel have a problem with starting. The ignition turns over but it will not fire. Eventually after several attempts it may start however from that point on the vehicle will run rough as if the choke is on. It will definitely run more rich until it is will need to go in for service every time you get 7-8 fillups.Toyota indicates all you have to do is move to a warmer climate where it's over 50 degrees, don't drive less than 5 minutes. Never run less than 1 quarter of a tank of fuel.they also said that I can bring it back for service anytime it does this. It happens to me about every 2 weeks. I drive almost 50,000 miles per year and it doesn't take long to fill up 7 times.Toyota will not let you out of your lease and will not offer a new vehicle so itthe only solution that I could see is go to the lemon law and get an attorney.Toyota has to pay attorneys fees under the lemon laws. personally, I feel what they are doing is fraud. They know there's a problem they do not have a fix they continue to sell these vehicles and do not let you out of your lease or replace the vehicle.
    I am a repeat customer of Toyota many times but that doesn't seem to make any difference. Beware of Toyota's problems they do not provide any quick solution.I bought a new vehicle thinking I would be able to depend on it. I don't have time to drive to their service garage every 2 weeks. They have had my truck for 2 weeks this time this is the third time in.
    good luck to anyone with this problem.
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