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Volkswagen Jetta vs. Honda Accord



  • bug4bug4 Posts: 370
    I'm totally with you on the aging process on the Accord transmissions. I wouldn't have said it first because I'm not sure it doesn't make us sound crazy, but it seemed like everything but the suspension improved on my 98 Accord (manual transmission) over time. At 140k on the odometer, the thing was a cruising beast! The transmission just seemed to settle into a nice groove (maybe literally?) and its got great fuel economy and response after about 80k. This is going to sound ridiculous, but there is a huge stretch (210 miles) of straight, flat interstate highway that I used to travel every month. I used to crank the 98 Accord up to between 90 and 110 miles per hour and just let it go. Time and time again the car would give me 33-35 mpg at these speeds. That seems unrealistic to me -- but I confirmed it 5-6 times. I can only hope my 08 Accord will be as good as my 98 over the long-term.
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    He's got a good 40 lbs more torque with that turbo engine, so it'll feel a lot quicker down low.

    Not only does it feel a lot quicker, it is a lot quicker. It's more on par with the Accord V6 until you get up to high speeds. It truly is a phenomenal little engine with a very efficient transmission. It pulls hard like a good V6 and if you drive it normally you get the fuel economy of a good I4. Granted, it lacks the silkiness of a good V6.

    robertsmx does make a good point about long term reliability though. But I will say this, the 2.0t is so much better than the 1.8t. There's virtually no turbo lag with the 2.0t and it has a linear power cure. In other words you don't notice you're driving a turbo.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Right, the Accord's transmission's getting better & better. It's more compact now.
  • Here it is in a nutshell. Owned a 2002 Jetta and 2003 Passat. Engine coils replaced on both (twice on the Passat). Jetta drove like a dream, but had so many issues, got rid of it. Passat leaked after heavy rain, either through the pollen filter or the sunroof (no one knows) and took out the computer. Repair=$2500. FIVE Passats at the shop with the same problem (research this issue on the's shocking). Just traded it for a beautiful 2008 Accord EX-L V6. Whatever you do...don't buy a VW!
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    my mothers 04 jetta has never had any problems.Other than oil change, nothing else.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Congrats ! How much did you pay for your V6 EX-L? With Navi or no? Thanks.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Please share a full post with us; what you have is pretty useless without any background information (or any information at all).
  • Sorry...I'm new to posting. This was supposed to be a reply to a question about how much I paid for my Accord EX-L V6.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    It's ok! I hope you found your way to the Accord Prices Paid & Buying forum as well.

    Welcome to the forums hokie!

  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Okay, is it crazy for me to compare the 08 Accord vs the Jetta?

    With the Accord prices, and the Jetta prices, I can get a sportier, loaded jetta for less than the Accord. I have been looking at both leases, and they are quite similar, but now I am not sure on which one to pick. My sister says, hey try other brands, have fun with leasing, but I can't pull myself away from the accord. Plus, who knows when they'll have better incentives, I am not in a rush to lease another car, but need to think about it since my mileage on my current lease is almost up.
    The Accord is rated really high, great value, but the jetta has alot going for it too.

    My sister said to test drive both, and get a feel on both.
  • bug4bug4 Posts: 370
    Not crazy! The Accord is a LOT bigger (interior and exterior) - so keep that in mind. I think you would find that the Accord, although perhaps a little more money, is a better "value." But, value isn't everything. The Jettas are fun to drive and look great! Although, I have to say, the 08 Accords are fun to drive too -- they feel a lot more like a Jetta these days :). If your thinking re-sale at all, I might stick to the Accord -- probably a much safer bet in that regard . . .
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    If your thinking re-sale at all, I might stick to the Accord -- probably a much safer bet in that regard . . .

    VWs generally have good resale value. Comparing Jetta and Accord depreciation is about the same, if edmunds numbers are to be believed. In the "true cost to own" feature, Jetta 5 year depreciation is estimated to be $11,734 and Accord's is $11,199. Both lose about 50% of average purchase price over 4 years.
  • bug4bug4 Posts: 370
    Ahh - I stand corrected :) And, apparently, that's on comparably priced vehicles. I have sold two Jettas in my life time and found them more difficult to sell than the three Hondas I have sold. I'm surprised!
  • killermonkey

    I have a 2000 Jetta VR6 w/ 5 spd manual tranny. I bought the car with 28,000 miles on it from the original owner. It now has 54,000 miles on it. I'm 58 and take very good care of it. At 35,000 miles I had a catastrophic failure of the water pump. That cost $450 to fix. This past Saturday I had the car in at the dealer to fix a broken glove box door. YES, the glove box door! For some reason, one of the two hinges on it just decided to give out. Just the part was $123. Also, the check 'engine light' had come on and gone off a few days later. That turned out to be the mass flow oxygen sensor, a $209 part. Altogether, these two fixes cost $753. I owned a Dodge Caravan prior to the VW. It had a 3.0 liter Mitsubishi engine & tranny. I bought the van with 44,000 miles and sold it with 175,000 miles. The only mechanical I had was replacing a worn out starter motor. Prior to the van, I had a Jeep Cherokee with the straight 6. Bought it with 75,000 miles and sold it with 175,000 miles. NO mechanicals in 100,000 miles. My advice to you is this - buy the Accord. It's hard to go wrong with a Honda or Toyota. I prefer Toyota because they have non-interference engines. My son is a car guy (05 Subi WRX STI) and he thought I was crazy when I told him I bought a VW. Good luck whichever way you go..........
  • I just traded in a 2000 Jetta for an 08 EX-L. I was most worried about losing the tight feel of my small car for what I thought would be a boat-like feel. Not really true! The drive-by-wire and improved suspension of the Accord makes the driving feel (of a significantly bigger and heavier car) approximately as tight. The Jetta had higher torque/HP ratio, so it lurched off the line with more oomph. But in this age of $3/gal, who wants the car to do that. The 2.4 of the Accord has much better passing ability at highway speed, which is a nice feature when you're stuck behind an 18-wheeler or something else moving somewhat slow. For what it's worth, I didn't have a lot of problems with the Jetta from a mechanical standpoint. However, I've been thinking about Hondas for the last 5 years as I continued to read the accolades for Accords and their reliability and all of the average ratings for Jettas.
  • vietviet Posts: 847

    For a few thousands more the '08 Accord V6 EX-L passes the 18 wheelers like "ZOOOOOOM". I own one so I "guarantee" it. You can hear the 6 or 3 or 4 engines purring & revving. It's 100% enjoyable.
  • bunkie1bunkie1 Posts: 18
    I own an 03 Accord EXL 2.4 and an 03 Passat GLS 1.8T (Wagon). I bought the Honda new and the Passat in 2005 for $9000 (I think I stole it.) I've been very satisfied with the Honda. I also like the way my Passat drives and rides and looks, but I cannot say I'm very satisfied. On average over the last year, I spend more on unscheduled maintenance on the Passat per month than I've spent on the Accord in it's lifetime. Let me make this clear. On the Passat, with me doing all the labor, in the last year, I've replaced the door latch (about to replace it again), both CV axles, both rear window clips, front brake rotors, and a few other things I can't think of off the top of my head. From what I've read on the forums, those same problems happen on almost all Passats and according to consumer reports, the Jetta is worse. On the Accord in it's lifetime, I've replaced one O2 sensor and I did the self repair on the radio backlight. The Passat has 97,000 miles, the Accord 118,000. If you go with the VW, get the extended warranty, or get a good tool kit. You'll need a set of triple square drivers.

    On the VW routine maintenance is also more difficult and I would assume more expensive at the shop. Synthetic oil is a requirement on the turbo engines and you dare not go over 5000 miles before an oil change. Changing the air filter on the Passat is also a lot more troublesome than any other car I've ever owned.

    All that complaining aside, I still like my Passat. I think the ride is superior and the cabin is quieter than the Accord. The only thing malfunctioning on it at the moment is the driver side door latch (doesn't always lock with the remote). I've afraid to repair it (for the second time) because every time I fix something, two more things break. I test drove a Passat and a Jetta back to back, but it's been 7 or 8 years ago. I don't think the Jetta's cabin will be any quieter than the Accord.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724

    I wondering if I should get a 09 Jetta SE/Wolfsburg edition or 09 Accord EX-L??

    Which model is leasing better? The VW is offering a Sign and drive event, I think I could get into a Jetta for $330 or so on the SE and a bit more on the Wolfsburg edition. The Accord, I think if I am right I can get into one for $330 up to $370?? I am not sure of the real numbers on the Accord. This would be the 4cyl, navi.

    Also, not in the same class, but the dealer offered a deal on the Tiguan, nice smaller SUV, never drove it, but big sale on it I guess. Not sure I want an SUV type car.
    I really want an Accord back, but I will also tell you that the VW dealer has a possible customer that would take over( assume ) my current lease on a 08 G6. So, then they would take that off my hands which is very HARD to do, then go to a new lease, but I am not sure if I should get an Accord, which I have always wanted or get a VW. My mom has an 08 VW so I am familiar with it, I love them too.

    Let me know what you guys think. Or do you guys think I am crazy getting out of my G6, which has everything I want, leather, roof, sound, but wanting something else.... I never wanted a G6 anyway though... lol. If you were able to get out of a G6 lease with only 6mth into it, would you do it? Or do I seem greedy? lol AHH!

    Let me know!
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    I got to thinking.......:)

    I am starting to think that I want an Accord back, but if the VW being easier and having a better lease program, than I might go that route. Though getting at least an EX-L on the Accord, with $340 payment would be easy to do I think.

    The only issue I got to thinking is that if I go the Accord route, and say the customer that the wants to take over my lease says YES he wants to take over the G6, then what am I supposed to do as far as the processing fee, which is $595, I think really he should have to pay for it all, if he wants it. Then, I feel the VW dealer got nothing from me. Now, the ball is in the VW's court, as they will try to get my out of the G6, and into a VW, then they are getting something out of the deal. If I go the Accord route, they really won't, the customer will get a good lease on a car, but that is it. As GMAC is not leasing or leasing badly now, as they are fading that out.

    Its almost like if I don't take this opportunity to get out of a lease, then it will become more impossible to get out, more miles, more age. Now my car is still young with only 8500 miles. So its like now or never perhaps, its really hard to get out, plus, I can;t trade it, as I am so upside down.

    Also, if I get an Accord Which TRIM do you think I can get for under $400.
    I would want the navi, or go all out and get the V6 Navi... What do you think, maybe I can get more for my buck!

    Thanks again guys! I am going to get answer tomorrow if the customer wants my G6. I want some solid advice to go in with. I know, I write srry.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    do you guys think I am crazy getting out of my G6.... I never wanted a G6 anyway though... If you were able to get out of a G6 lease with only 6mth into it, would you do it?

    Crazy, I don't know...mayber foolish...probably. If you never wanted a G6, why do you have one? I'd never lease, but no I'd never buy a new car and trade it after 6 months.

    Or do I seem greedy?

    No, just fickle.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Well, I won't bore you with my long story of why I am in a G6. I never thought I would be driving one. Lets just say I did something nice for someone... I am very fickle. I am actually liking the G6, but I really want an Accord I think, because I gave up my 06 Accord so I could do this nice thing. So coming from an Accord to a G6 was a hit. My mom already has a VW Jetta, so if I want to drive a VW here and there, I can. So I could get an Accord, and our family have the best of both worlds.

    So at the same time, I feel I deserve to get what I want after what I did and went through to do this nice thing, and at the other, I feel greedy, selfish, but I should no way feel that way.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I see, so you are crazy but for a different reason than I had thought ;) :) .

    I don't know much about leasing or getting out of them, but if you do change cars I think you should get whatever you want, can afford, and are willing to pay that you don't feel like you want to do this again a year from now or something.

    The new Accord is quite a bit different from the 2006 that you gave up, isn't it? is a lot bigger for one thing.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    You are completely right when it comes to getting what I want, I should do it from the start, so that way I am happy. Perhaps keeping a car for its whole lease.

    The new Accord is different, but I found it handles really well, I like the size of it.
    Really, I would totally buy a Civic SI coupe in the newer blue type color they have. That is one sharp looking car! Someone would have to teach me to drive a manual though. I know its not too hard to learn!

    Only if they offered the SI in the automatic and then placed paddleshifters on the steering wheel. beautiful car! See I take pride in cars, a Honda, I can really take pride in it. But still considering a VW if it looks better lease wise. Sign and drive event.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Perhaps keeping a car for its whole lease.

    Who knows, if you really like it maybe you'll even keep the same car for 10-12 years. Just think of all the money you could spend on other things, if you were to do that.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Yeah, I know, Its crazy how much money we all really spend on a car. That is money that I would love to use for something else. But, with that said, it is nice not having to spend $$ on repairs, and having something new every so often. You know time goes by so fast, that years can fly by like yesterday. I don't have to have a brand new car, but I do. I could do fine with a used, but its easier getting a new.

    Who knows, your right, I could keep it that long. Having it paid off. Put the money into a interest account.

    Another guy I know was at VW/Audi/Mercedes dealership, he was in his I think 03-05 honda convertible, I was like, "you enjoying your car on the last few warm days?" He replied," yes, I am trading it in though" I am like cool, which car? He goes" I'm getting a Benz". LOL I laughed to myself inside, but I didn't reply back. He was looking at a 350 model. He can afford that car more so, since he is trading that Honda, which holds quite a bit of good equity. But, getting a Benz. I am not a big fan of them, I think most of them are plain ugly, and scream out too loud of status. I look at someone driving the car as if they had paid way toooo much for a car. I would so be looking at other cars. Their nice, but really worth the status factor?? not sure. Even then, their still ugly, with those bugged out head lights. That the best you can do? Am I really supposed to think you are all successful, or just think, Man, your in serious debt. Both enter my mind at the same time.

    Anyway, we all have our own priorities, a certain look. Not bashing anyone who drives a Benz. You may be the most amazing person, but just want a nice car. So kudos to you. Go for it. For me, the Benz is lower on the list.
  • ingvaringvar Posts: 205
    Of course, the Accord is bigger (should be compared to the Passat) and slightly more reliable.
    Bigger doesn't mean better, not everybody needs and like modern behemoths like new Accord. I had accord and acura tl before, never again. Both cars had small annoying issues. Now I'm driving unreliable German car and have 0 issues.
  • laur13laur13 Posts: 5
    In August 2008, I handed down my 2004 Jetta to my son. I loved that car. I got a great deal on a brand new 2008 Honda Accord EX. One year later, I am thinking of trading it in for another Jetta. The turning radius is not as tight as the Jetta, and I am short and have a very hard time with judging distance on this car. A friend parked it for me the other day and said the same thing. Cabin noise is a bit loud also. It's a decent car but I miss my Jetta. In the 4 years and 100,000 miles I drove it, I had very few issues (minor recalls that were quickly fixed at the dealer). The only pain is some of the maintenance that only VW can do. And, VW is offering their 0% financing which I took advantage of back in 04.
  • ndmike88ndmike88 Posts: 155
    Dump the Accord and get back into a Jetta.
  • I love the way the Jetta looks and drives, but more than anything I want a car that is reliable. I am getting the feeling that this means I should go for the Civic, can you share your opinions? Thanks.
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