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BMW X3 vs Subaru Forester XT vs Infiniti FX 35 vs Toyota RAV4



  • I should be enjoying this adventure of test driving cars/suv's but I've actually found it to be overwhelming and frustrating. I currently have a Toyota Sienna that has 164,000 miles on it. It has been a trooper. Served it's purpose well. I'm looking for the NEXT car/suv. I obviously don't trade out cars often so I figure I'll have it for awhile. My husband wants me to get a 4 Runner. I don't know that I want to drive a TRUCK. I was thinking it was time for some fun if possible while transporting two teenagers and a large dog. I drove an FX 45 and feel in love. No cargo space though. I have also driven an MDX, pilot, highlander, lexus 470, and MB R series.
    The Mercedes Benz was amazingly large. I like the second row bucket seats and it handles nice. What else should I try?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I guess you don't want another minivan?

    I have a new Sienna and that 3.5l V6 is a gem. I brought home 50 bags of lava rocks this week. Everything fits.

    It may be big if you only have 2 kids, though. Do they bring friends along a lot of the time?
  • Definitely check out the Audi Q7. Its got the room of the R-Class (and the bucket seats in the back as an option), the style and drive of the FX, and the luxuriousness of the Lexus and Mercedes. Ive had mine for a little over a year and its the best car Ive owned by far. No problems with reliability, looks awesome, drives AMAZINGLY. Make sure you give it a try I bet you'd like it the most out of all the cars you've looked at
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    If you're checking out the Q7 might was well check out the X5. It's a dream on wheels and handles and drives amazingly. If you spring for the 4.8L you can burn rubber.
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,798
    I looked at both of these and it became apparent the BMW was downright cramped for driver footspace due to a huge transmission tunnel. Long trips would have been no fun.
    The '09 Forester proved somewhat better, if no match for the Honda CR-V. Still it had just enough footroom for me.
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