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2005 Nissan Pathfinder



  • 11251125 Posts: 1
    I agree the Armada is just to big and is not good for the city since it is a gas eater. But I,m thinking of purchasing a pathfinder for the family.
  • masnmasn Posts: 7

  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    It looks better and has a better size IMO...the Armada is too big for someone like me.
  • Drove an LE and confirmed that this is the vehicle for me. Leaving a 2000 Ford Expedition behind forever!

    I'm bought an LE 4x4 loaded with every option except the DVD (including XM and Navigation) in silver with the grey interior - got it for $36K even without too much of a fight.

    My logic in coming up with the $36K:
    Pricing did not really increase over the '04 model, and invoice was about $2,500 less than MSRP then. So I basically offered them about $1K over invoice which I thought was fair.

    They found the vehicle I wanted within 3 days!

    Picking it up tomorrow night - can't wait!
  • We are sad that we don't have one in California.
    How much did you get it for?
    Any special promotions.
    What kinds of gas mileage are you getting?
    Thanks for the info.
  • tt30tt30 Posts: 31
    No PF is available in MN, and when I asked for one, the reply is that there will be a sticker price, no negotiations since the model is knew. How did you guys get 1K over invoice only and where? I will fly over there, it would be cheaper than the stickers price.
  • tt30tt30 Posts: 31
    I finally got a phone call from the dealer and he checked the gross weight of 4x4 LE and it's 6300 lbs. Just FYI.
  • tt30tt30 Posts: 31
    >> So I basically offered them about $1K over invoice which I thought was fair.<<

    Where did you get the invoice price? According to nissanusa, $36K is almost MSRP for your options.
  • I was able to find out some invoice pricing.
    ITEM Invoice MSRP
    LE 4x4 $32,138 $34,750
    Body Side Molding $92 $130
    Floor/Cargo Mats $168 $230
    In-cabin Microfilter $39 $50
    Navigation System $1,735 $2,000
    TOTAL $34,172 $37,160

    Hope this helps!!
  • So, based on the invoice costs listed above, it looks like I miscalculated a bit, and ended up paying about $1,500 over invoice once you add in the XM radio option....
    (They also gave me loaner cars and two free services, and are installing an electronic trailer brake controller for me I am still pretty happy with the deal)
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    Hi Everybody,

    I stopped at all the local Nissan dealerships on the way home from College today and I was impressed with the new Pathfinders.

    So far, my favorite color is Silverton Blue(I haven't seen them all yet though)

    My least favorite, surprisingly, is White.

    I sat in quite a few of them tonight and I was not really impressed by some of the interior materials. The materials on the door seemed cheap and the plastics on the dash were hard. But it wasn't bad overall.

    I am not crazy about the SE and SE OFF ROAD interior trim pieces..specifically the cloth trim and the cheap looking radio buttons...however, I can deal with the LE models IMO.

    Also, I am really confused about the option pkgs? According to Nissan, I can't get a regular SE with a Sunroof and radio controls, yet there is an option for dual-zone climate control???

    Overall, I still like the Pathfinder a LOT...and I plan to get one after I graduate college.
  • So, based on the invoice costs listed above, it looks like I miscalculated a bit, and ended up paying about $1,500 over invoice once you add in the XM radio option....
    (They also gave me loaner cars and two free services, and are installing an electronic trailer brake controller for me I am still pretty happy with the deal)
  • Further clarification...

    Once you add in the destination fee, and the cargo protector, I actually got the vehicle for much less than $1K over invoice...

    So $36K for fully loaded LE (less DVD system) is a very good deal....and another dealer told me they would have beat that price (but I didn't like them).

    So don't be afraid to go in there and tell them you want it for $500 over invoice.

    I bought mine from Bob Sharp Nissan in Georgetown, CT - Manager's name is Todd Bennett - good guy.

    Gotta run now to go pick up my new Pathfinder!!

    Good luck!
  • Wingeey,

    Please post some pictures if you can! That is once you settle down from the new car smell. :)

  • jgriffjgriff Posts: 362
    I test drove the new 05 Pathfinder, 4x2 SE my dealer did not have a 4x4 available to test drive.

    +Exterior: handles bump, corners nicely. Q&A seems decent. Looks better in person, than in pixs.

    +Interior: Love the fold flat seats, including the easy clean back area. Dark charcoal color.

    -Exterior: Steering &#150; something is wrong with the rack-pinion setup, too much play it almost seems like it is the old fashion reticulating-ball setup. Very disappointed on the steering, anyone else have the some experience ???

    -Interior: Hate the outside mirror controls on the dash, what a pain, should have been on the door-arm. Would have like to seen the audio controls standard on the steering wheel [w/o having to upgrade to the Fosgate]. Gauges seem a little on the small side.

    I will wait and see how the Xterra comes out. If the sloppy steering is the same PF, I may have to re-think my SUV choices.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    and IMO MUCH nicer than the Blond or whatever color Nissan calls it.

    The ONLY Nissan Interiors I like are the BLACK/Charcoal ones.

    That's why my Altima is Smoke with Charcoal interior trim.

    I washed my 05 Altima today...the styling IS nice...but boy they need to improve on the minor things about it
  • I drove the pathfinder and the steering was not odd. it was very controlled and not loose.

    How many times are u changing the position of the outside mirrors? I had no problem with the position - one less thing to clutter the door with.

    The easy clean back area is only on certain styles not on all of them.

    What dark charcoal color? Storm Gray? I hate that color they should have choosen the smoke from the Armada.

    The pathfinder was intended to be more refined - the xterra is going to be rougher on the bumps and the interior.
  • sivisivi Posts: 20
    you lose compartment at rear of vehicle. also looks like you lose rug for cheap plastic!
  • jgriffjgriff Posts: 362
    "How many times are u changing the position of the outside mirrors? I had no problem with the position - one less thing to clutter the door with."

    If you share your vehicle with another, then maybe a lot, w/o memory settings.

    It just me, in general I like darker interior vs the lighter ones.

    I will test drive another (4x4), to verify the steering issue.
  • depending on the model there is either a rug or easy clean cargo area.
  • My wife and I have been waiting for this car for months since totaling our minivan. We test drove a Black LE and a Silver SE this past Friday and Saturday and wanted to share our observations. We both like the vehicle. We wanted a safe, non-minivan with third row seats and decent mileage that was reliable and had more cargo room than the Highlander. This fits the bill. The V6 270 HP engine delivers smooth powerful ride. Handling is controlled - not as good as the LX470 but better than Acura MDX. When 4x4 is engaged on the SE the steering at low speeds was labored. Not sure why. The climate controls are a bit hard to figure out. The leather and cloth interiors are both acceptable. Tie trim on both the LE and SE were sufficient for our tastes - efficient, not gaudy or tacky. For the middle seat there are no cupholders on the doors - only on the center console, which is obscured if the center seat is down. Access to the third row requires folding down and lifting up one of the outside exterior seats. This was pretty easy. We'd like to get the SE with the airbag package (curtain airbag). But in New Jersey there do not appear to be any. If you want the airbag package you need to get the LE, where it is standard or wait. We also saw the white and did not like that at all. We're leaning toward the silver. The vehicle is brawnier than the highander. Also, the third row seat has a headrest that is appropriate for children and is is about 12 inches from the rear door window. My wife liked the rear and side visibility even with the slightly tinted rear windows.
  • fxgenefxgene Posts: 2
    I picked up an LE in Durham, NC Saturday for $33,993 that had an MSRP of $35,850 (4x4; microfilter; mudflaps; side moldings; no DVD or nav). That was much better than the local dealers, and took no dealing at all. Simply requeested a price over the internet, and got that price in a pretty quick reply. I think the local dealers would have eventually matched the price, but I figured I should reward a dealer that give me a decent price immediately. The Durham dealership is owned by Michael Jordan (the former UNC/Chicago Bulls player), and I had them take all of the their sticker and license frames off the car as well. I went to NC State and Wake Forest-can't drive around in a car w/ "Michael Jordan Nissan" on it. They were very nice to deal with. Talk to Dave Butler or Vincent Elliot. Vincent reports to Dave, who appeared to run the place. MJ was not there, but large screen TVs in the main showroom were set to ESPN and I was able to watch some college football while I was there.

    FYI, I really like it thus far. Pretty good ride. My last two cars were BMW's, and it can't really compare to their handling or steering feel, but I'm pretty confident the Nissan will be more reliable and cost a lot less to have serviced. Not as nimble as the wife's FX 35, but much more rugged and has more room than the FX. She does have XM, which I like but did not want to add through the dealer. Has anyone done that with the portable aftermarket equipment XM tuner than can also be used in your house? If so, how expensive was it and how does it work?

  • jager32jager32 Posts: 15
    I'm pretty set on getting a PF, Dealer here in Colorado springs just got a silver LE with the DVD in for show. No test drive yet but gave it a good once over in and out and fit and finish looks pretty good. I like that the rear air vents are on the roof for 2nd and 3rd row passengers. I'm 5'8" and I had about 1-2 " of headroom left in the 3rd row, so I'm happy about that, I couldn't sit up straight in the 4runner's 3rd row. However, Nissan is making it hard to decide.

    - All mode 4wd only LE (That's a bummer)
    - Folding flat passenger seat only on cloth (SE)
    - Front tow hooks only on SE
    - Heated mirrors, heated seats & Seat Memory only with Leather (LE, SE Off Road)
    - Easy clean rear compartment only SE
    - Hill descent & Hill start assist only SE Off Road

    Also the LE 4x4 weighs 4815, thats 500 more lbs than a V6 Toyota 4 runner 4x4 limited. I haven't seen an acceleration test yet, but I think it might be slower than the 04 PF, I hope not.

    Overall I think the 05 PF is more than competitive and can't wait for a test drive. I just wish I could pick the options more freely.
  • Hey swdude,
    Can you tell us where you found invoice pricing, need invoice on SE Off Road. Has anyone found invoice pricing?
  • I was working with my salesman since I qualify for the Nissan VPP program. I emailed edmunds, kelley blue book, and and all of them are posting MSRP & invoice this week on their sites. Most of them stated 10/27 as the date for the post.
  • alphawolfalphawolf Posts: 100
    >Handling is controlled - not as good as the LX470
    >but better than Acura MDX

    You find the 05 PF to have a better ride than the 05 MDX?
  • I'm not aware of any upgrades to the mdx. but if there have been any - i stand corrected - i was referring to an 01 mdx- very stiff.
  • alphawolfalphawolf Posts: 100
    Thanks for the info.
  • Can anyone confirm that the new PF sips premium? Seems like a lot of exrta $$$ to require premium on a vehicle that will likely only get 18 mpg.
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