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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • goosegoose Posts: 77
    Just test drove a 05 king cab, 4X4, Frontier, auto. Wow, what a difference. I currently own a 03 crew cab, SE, 4X2. Yes, the new engine has lots of power but the ride has also been improvemented. I took it on the freeway, the cabin is probably 2-3 dB quieter than on my 03 truck. The over all driving experience is great, for a truck. The seats could be a little more snug but they are better than my 03.
    Now the real question, do I want a truck with an average of 18 MPG, tough looking and off-road ready? Maybe a car with 30 MPG, sporty, and less money is the wise choice. Ahhh, decisions, decisions .......
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    just got mine I will keep an Eye on it, it has 500.00 so far its a dream!!so far the best truck I ever bought! will up date later
  • mir0mir0 Posts: 15
    Sorry to rehash this. I have seen several postings on this subject, but I still remain unclear.
    I just bought a new 05 SE CC 4x4, and the only issue I have is that the truck does not come with Keyless entry. To make things worse, the only door with a key lock is the driver door, so I have to carry my kid around to the drives side, unlock the doors, and then shoehorn him into his childs seat.
    The truck has power doors and windows ( I thought all SE's came with that, but correct me if I am wrong. ).
    Can I just purchase one of these key fobs from ebay, and program it up and have the keyless entry?
    I tried going to one of the local stereo/alarm/remote start places to see if they have fobs that you can program up for the frontier, but they seemed to think that it would not work.
    I have seen the postings by canadian guy, ontario guy, and the others but I am unclear if all SE versions come with the receiver, or if there is more to it.

    p.s. - Love the truck, just wish Nissan didn't dick around over something as basic as this.
  • akrontakront Posts: 1
    Hi. Took delivery yesterday on an 05 XE 4-Banger with automatic transmission and AC. My company bought three for $48,250. That's $16,100 each. I believe that is the "stripped down" deal. MPG is rated at 24 Highway. It has plenty of pep with the usual 4 cylinder noise level which I find annoying. The AC has no noticeable affect on the power output of the motor. I've driven 4-Bangers that the AC compressor feels like a brake.
  • mir0mir0 Posts: 15
    Anyone have a recommendation for roll-top tonneau covers for a crewcab? Any experiences, etc would be appreciated.

  • willsimwillsim Posts: 33
    SE's don't come standard with power door locks,windows and mirrors you must purchase the power package to get those options. It you have the above options you also have keyless entry and only need the key fobs and programing to make it work. Go to EBay they should be about $25 each. See my previous post Sept 29 for the key fob number you need. Hope this helps.
  • mir0mir0 Posts: 15
    Thanks. I have purchased one with the number that you specified from E-bay. I guess it will take 5 or so days to get here if I am lucky.
    Would you be able to post the proceedure that you used to program it? I actually was told by the sales person that the truck came with the remotes, but after we signed all the papers she told us that the deal did not include the remotes.
    I complained about that (not very happy that they would pull that after signing everything), and tomorrow she is supposed to get back to me with an answer about getting the remotes.
    I would like to be able to go into the dealership and program one up, so that they cannot try telling me that it does not work, and to forget about it.
  • Hello...may sound like a stupid question, but I'm not sure how to tell if I have one. Bought my truck slightly used. Got up under there the other day to check out stuff below. Under the transmission is a black, square (maybe rectangular box)and I think it had some metal tubing coming out of it.

    So is this a tranny cooler or am I seeing something else?

    Thanks, Beck
  • Hello all,

    Where can I find a set of tie down cleats for the Utilitrak system? I went to a dealer the other day and they wanted $50 for ONE! And it was huge...the size of my hand. I expected several small ones in a set.

    I've also had no luck trying to piece something together at the hardware store.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Beck
  • novanova Posts: 135
    Look on EBAY a freind of mine bought a set on ebay
  • willsimwillsim Posts: 33
    Just leaving the house now and I'll be gone for a couple of days . I post the the programing when I get back.
  • The answer to your question is yes. I have an 05 SE CC and i got 2 fobs for $15 each and programed them myself. They work great!!!!!!!!!!
  • mir0mir0 Posts: 15
    Waterman, can you post the programming steps?
    This forum has been a huge help. Thanks to will and water for all of the advice, and also to all the other people that have answered this question in the past posts..
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    I don't hear any clicks at all I have been pushing down on the gas peddle very lightly too see if I hear any noisy so far nothing at 500Hundred miles ,getting about 18MPG so far ,I'm pleased with the MPG so far I think I will get at least 20+MPG after its broken in I don't take off fast I go real slow and brake real easy too.THis Nissan has so much power its scary!! I Love my leather seats+ the heated Rock..< I have the CC LE 4*4 S/b V-6 ,such power> .the upgrade radio rocks don't know how to work it to good yet but its so loud and crisp. the seating is great and also are the back seats ,the back seats will work if we guys under stand me. Not to many blind spots I've noticed, Handles like a dream,thoe its says go faster ,so much POWER and I can't wait till its snows to see what the limited slip is like in the snow. the roof rails don't make that much noise I feel. My truck is the avla.(white) with steel leather,Porter Nissan in De. is where I bought it,they're all about class,they treat with class as they are a all class Dealer ship,Note(Im from NJ) Do your research before you buy one is all I can say,I live 3hrs from De and it was worth the drive since Porter Nissan is was great! If I ever buy another Nissan after this I'm going Their..Sorry if I'm rambling but the service was just Aewsome.Thanks everyone for giving me all your inpute :) :shades: :shades: :shades:

    Go Yanks!!!
  • vuchvuch Posts: 17
    Hey are the steps:

    Step 1) Sit in drivers seat, close and lock all doors.

    Step 2) Insert key into and remove it from ignition key cylinder more than six times within 10 seconds.
    (Hazard warning lamps will then flash twice).

    Withdraw key completely from ignition key cylinder each time.
    If procedure is performed too fast, system will not enter registration mode.

    Step 3) Insert key into ignition key cylinder and turn to ACC position.

    Step 4) Push any button on remote controller once. (Hazard warning lamps will then flash twice).
    At this time, the oldest ID code is erased and the new ID code is entered.

    Step 5) Do you want to enter any additional remote controller ID codes?
    A maximum of four ID codes may be entered. If more then four ID codes are entered,
    the oldest ID code will be erased.
    If you do not want to enter any additional remote controller ID codes, go to Step 9).

    Lock all doors with LH (driver side) lock/unlock switch
    (in main power window and door lock/unlock switch).

    Step 7) Push any button twice on remote controller once, (Hazard warning lamps will then flash twice).
    At this time, the oldest ID code is erased and the new ID code is entered.

    Step 8) Do you want to enter any additional remote controller ID codes?
    If so, unlock doors then repeat Step 6) and Step 7).

    Step 9) When complete, open door, and check operation of remote

    hope it helps,

  • vuchvuch Posts: 17
    hello again mir0, I have the Access roll up tonneau and love it. Do a forum search of my name(vuch) and you will see my previous posts on it.



    ps. I also have a 05 CC SE. Great truck, like it more every day. :)
  • mir0mir0 Posts: 15
    I went out and tried inserting the key several times, within 10 seconds. I thought if my truck was able to use the key fobs, I should be able to atleast get to the point where the point where the hazards flash (I have not received the key fobs yet, but I wanted to try to confirm if my truck could use the fobs..).
    Nothing happened.
    I have seen one post where waterman said that he did not get flashing lights, etc.
    I guess I will have to wait and see.
    Thanks for the post!
  • Like i said When i did mine the hazard lights did not flash. I when through the programing steps and they work just fine. My advice is to do the steps and you will be good to go.....
  • I bought mine at the end of March and have put more than 8500 miles on it.

    The answer is a defnite YES.

    I have not been on this site in a long time and can't believe the same old Frontier-bashing going on by guys who didn't even test drive one. They are so closed-minded.

    BUT...that means more Frontiers available for the rest of us! Long live objective and open-minded car shopping.
  • I have a Truxedo and am very happy with it.
  • jhwjhw Posts: 3
    Bought my frontier in June 2005 and asked about the keyless entry at that time and the dealer said that the FOBS would not work on my truck. Since then I took the truck to another Nissan dealer and they told me that all that was necessary was to purchase the FOB and program the system, and that everything was on the truck to perform this function. I called Nissan USA to confirm that the receiver was actually installed and on agent said that my truck was suppose to have the fobs included. I then called the dealer from where I purchased the truck and still got the same old story that the FOBS would not work. I then called the other dealer who at the time had my truck in for service, and asked them to go and look at the truck to see if the receiver was actually installed an to call me back. Ten minutes later they called and told me that the system was installed and would function with the FOBS. So I then called Nissan USA and spoke to a different agent and was told that yes the system is installed but no FOBS were furnished because the truck was an early Model 2005 (man. date 11/18/04).
    I had tried the Key trick on an earlier day and didn't get the flashing hazard lights.
    Will purchase a FOB and see if it will program.
    I will keep everyone informed and may need some guidance.
  • Hey guys, brought my 05 CC Frontier to the dealer to see if they could find out what the clink noise was. They said they re-torqued the left front differential bolt.. Still makes the noise. I'm thinking of bringing it to my own mechanic just to see if he finds something. Otherwise truck is running fine...6500 kilometres.
  • mir0mir0 Posts: 15
    Thanks. I will give it a try. i am just waiting for the key fobs to arrive from my e bay seller.
    I also tried taking this up with my dealership, and they seem to be giving me a bit of a run around. Every other dealer in my area has told me that this would work, but they seem to always hedge on an answer.
    The best that they have been able to do is e mail Nissan Canada, with a tech question on the issue. I am still waiting to hear from them on this.
    I actually called Nissan Canada, and asked them myself, but they seem to be pretty reluctant to say anything about it. All that they would say is that "...adding electronics to a system that does not come with that option, would not be recommended by Nissan.".
    I suggested that all of the electronics were already there, and in my opinion, programming a key fob does not constitue adding electronics, but all I got was the same line I have quoted above.
    For whatever reason, (probably because I specifically asked the sales person about the key fobs, and she said that they did come with the vehicle...), I feel that the dealership should provide me with a couple of fobs if this works, but I am having a hard time pinning them down on this.
    I get the feeling they are going to hide behind Nissan on this one, but atleast there is e-bay and this forum to help me out.
  • Hey I was looking at getting the extang trifecta. Its basically a soft cover that folds in 3 sections. I was checking it out at one of the local shops and the vinyl cover and rubber seals look pretty sturdy. I had the a pace edwards roll-top cover on my other truck. Excellent cover, only thing, it takes about 9inches from the front of your truck bed (for the cannister-where cover rolls into). 9 inches isn't bad when you have a full length bed. Also, I'm not sure on how it would work with the Util-trac system.
  • saucesauce Posts: 1
    I cannot find a width for the 05 Frontier with standard mirrors. Any new owners have a measuring tape?
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    has anyone went back to Nissan to get the sirius or the XM put in their truck,I have the upgrade radio its great but I want the satlite,is it worth it to go back and have them do it???
  • I have it in mine and wouldn't live with out it.
    I think the receiver you have to buy is way too expensive so I am trying to find an alternative for my altima but have had no luck yet.
    I have seen the unit on the internet for about $375 but still that is more than what it should cost. I chose sirius because the programing is way better and seems better organized.
    Hope this helps! If you do go back let me know what they charge you
  • jhwjhw Posts: 3
    Have been experiencing a engine noise that sound just like a Valve lifter have had the truck at the dealer for the past three days. they are telling me that they can't fine the problem. They even went so far as to tell me that it is normal. They took a new truck off the lot and it has the same noise.
    This noise come from the left front cylinder and is a definite metal to metal tap. It starts making this noise after the trucks engine has warmed up and the oil has had time to thin out some.
    Do any of you or have any of you experienced the same thing?
  • I saw a TSB on this that may be your problem. If you go to, you can find it. Make sure you go to the 05 section. Good webstie, has all the bulletins out there for the frontier and the vin# that may be affected.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    will do,thanks,I'm hoping that I wont need to pull the system out beging I have the upgrade radio,but I will keep you posted.
    Thanks again.

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