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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    No, I have 800 MI and its running like a dream Knock on wood, I have the CC-LE-4*4 -S/B .

    sorry to hear you having problems, keep us posted thoe.
  • You will notice that the receiver will mount right under the dash by the hood release and the antenna will run along the "A" piller, under the headliner and mount to the right of the rearview mirror. ( if you get xm it leaves a funky looking antenna on the outside of the passenger side of the windshield ). You do not need to pull the system as the hook ups are pre wired in the are that the system mounts.
  • alko2alko2 Posts: 9
    Nissan should ditch the Utilitrac system. I'd be happy with 4 corner (steel) hooks. The aluminum hooks are too bulky and too expensive ($50 each), and the floor tracks are week and almost worthless. I have a metalworking shop and am trying to build some smaller and more usefull steel hooks that will work on the tracks. When I do, you'll see them on ebay.
  • jhwjhw Posts: 3
    They performed the TSB that You are thinking about.Thats the one where they replaced the something in the intake manifold. Correct ?
  • No, there is a second one on there specifically describing a whine only during first starts when the engine is cold. The oil pan has to be removed to fix it, different from the air intake actuator TSB. Here is the heading.

    Service Bulletin Num : 05066
    Date of Bulletin: JUL 20, 2005 View Document

    Component: ENGINE
  • Took it for another long weekend in the GW National Forest. One trip included a road I only take once or twice a year as it's a long drive (30 miles off-road) and a rough one. The latter part is especially rough and involves some minor rock climbing. (My GSD usually keeps his head out the window so he can bite the leaves off the trees, but he kept his head inside so it would not hit the window frame.) Went up a few hills that were steep and covered with rocks and lose gravel as well as embedded rocks too. My old 4Runner could barely make it up these hills. The NISMO had no trouble at all. I didn't need the locking differential but did use the hill descent a couple times. Had to trim the bushes and briars a few times so I wouldn't get scratches on the sides of the truck. Other than that, no delays due to the truck.

    I continue to enjoy it on a daily basis as it handles easily in traffic and passes slower moving vehicles with ease. The Rockford-Fosgate with Sirius adds to the driving experience. It gets its first service at the dealer next week and I don't expect it to have any problems. If I'd tried to take a Honda Ridgeline into the GW National Forest, I'd have to stay on the maintained gravel roads. (See Edmunds long-term test on the Ridgeline).

    81 Trekker
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    Hey thanks this helps alot!
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    well just went to nissanUSA and noticed you can bulid 2006.
    If anyone wanted to know.
  • I just installed the XM receiver in my 05' CC LE w/ Rockford radio. It took about 1 hr. to do, start to finish. I was quoted prices by the dealership ranging from $800 to $400 to do the job....and now that I'm done with it, I'm really pissed at how much they would have tried to screw me. It was really easy. Some tips:

    1. I found a set of instructions on-line at Lee Auto parts, and they had the best price for the receivers too, $327 delivered for tuner, antenna, and bracket. Here's a link:

    2. When you activate the account (on-line at XM site), go for a drive to give the activation time to work. I went to bed and then in the morning had to go to the WWW-site to "refresh" the link. Since then, no troubles at all.

    3. If you do the installyourself, I would recommend a rubber spatular from the kitchen to push the antenna wire up under the headliner. It worked great for me.

    4. Don't forget to disconect the battery before plugging things in. Apparently, it can screw up the computer on-board if it's "on" when you plug in the radio. I don't know for sure how crucial this is, but it seemed like good advice to me! I read it on-line somewhere.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    WOW,thanks alot, this is big!
    this will help me bigtime!!!

    Thanks again
    SC Steve
  • mir0mir0 Posts: 15
    I just went through the same thing with my frontier. I finally managed to get the dealership to cough up one key fob, but the programming procedure, and the fcc id on the fob were different then what I have heard and seen on the internet.
    I am waiting on a couple of fobs that I bought on e-bay that have the fcc id kbrastu15 (this is the fcc id that has been suggested in this forum, and is the fcc id listed on e bay for 2005 frontiers), but the fcc id on the fob the nissan dealer provided is different. That fcc id is cwtwb1u415.
    When the dealership programmed the new fob, they actually used some kind of scanner to get the job done.
    I will post my results when the e-bay fobs show up.
  • I learned about Greg at from a post on this forum, and am happy to pass along my endorsement as well. Excellent lift kit that maintained my stock ride and handling while giving 2.5 inches of lift. Highly recommend!link title I'll try to attach an image but not sure if I can.
  • Hey, let me know if the images I'm trying to attach are coming thru. They work on my computer, but that just might be because that's the source. I don't know if the image is actually making it thru to the net. Thanks.

  • badnessbadness Posts: 242

    So whats everyone getting far as MPG lately,I'm getting between 20*21
    is anyone getting better,I just put 1thousnd Mi. on it today,rides like a champ.
  • wrs209wrs209 Posts: 4
    Took delivery on Aug 11 of my Frontier. I love this truck. I came out of a 2000 4Runner limited that I really liked, but found myself in need of a truck as we just purchased an older home as a fixer upper. I have used the utilitrack quite a bit and I think its great,very useful. 2600 miles so far and have averaged 20.2 Mpg. Not bad. The truck is an great hwy cruiser at 80 mph, not much wind noise. There is a little more engine noise under hard acceleration than I'd like, but the power and overall refinement of the engine more than make up for this. I highly recommend this truck to anyone shopping the Taco, Colorado/Canyon, Dakota. The Ridgeline is butt ugly and in my mind is not even a real truck, just a Pilot/Odyessy with and open "bed". I'm coming up on my first service and hope the dealer service will be painless, the sales part was great, dealer was very easy to work with on price, financing, etc. One question I have is has anyone noticed knocking noise and very high idle upon start up? I know this is somewhat normal due to lack of lubrication on start up, but it seems a bet excessive on my truck. Maybe just paranoia.
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    I have not noticed any knocking noise in my LE KC, but it does have a fairly high idle speed upon start up. I plan to talk to the dealer when I take it in for an oil change next week to see if they can tone it down a little.

  • Mine has a rattle on cold start up also.
  • If I understand your question correctly, yes mine makes that "dry start" sound, but it is VERY brief. My idle is not high, though.
  • rogerfrogerf Posts: 8
    Hello Forum,

    I also heard that clink just recently @ about 7200 miles log in. You could hear just as you accelerate forward coming off the reverse position roughly 5 mph, very noticiable. Please let me know of any remidies.

    rgferolino :confuse:
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    knock on wood .... No Noise ,like I said , I drive it like a baby,no noise when backing up or anything, slow take offs of even at 5mphs,I been listing very close even when cruise is set at all speed even the lowest , witch is about 25mph.
    keep you guy posted.
  • I finally made the plunge and started looking for my Frontier. But I need your advice. I just received a quote for a 2005 CC LE 4x4 with Leather, Traction, Side Airbags, Sunroof, Hitch, Fosgate, Mats, and Microfilter for Invoice ($28,252) minus rebate ($1,250) plus Tax, Tags and Registration.

    Does this sound like a good deal? There only other CC 4x4 with the same options, except the airbags, in my area was quoted at $27,485.

    The difference is only $767. The first dealer is closer to my house and since I will be transporting my children in this truck I like the idea of side airbags.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    That would be 28252 including the rebate, not minus the rebate if the deal is at invoice. ???

    IMO, at this stage of the game, the deal is pretty decent but not great. Odds are that, in Oct 05 and with the 06's out, if you don't buy it, a loaded vehicle like that may not go anywhere, so it depends on how motivated the dealer is. My guess is at the end of the month, he might be able to "find" a couple of hundred $$$ more, but do you care that much?

    Given that the 06's are out, have some different colors, already have a $500 rebate, and will give you an extra year on depreciation, I'd probably try to negotiate more on the '05, but then I'm kind of a grinder and you may not want to. Also, invoice on the air bags is about $475, so I'm not really sure why there's a difference of $767.

    Should this be on "Prices Paid"?
  • I got my CC LE for $400.00 under invoice and, at the time, a $1000.00 rebate, back in July....I'd think they would be even better now with the 06's on the way.
  • Sorry, meant including the rebate. You're right, I probably should'a posted this prices paid. If I post again I will do it there.

    I am also going to trade in my '97 Nissan Pick-Up. I plan on getting a good price for it or walking away from the deal so I think I can still make it better.

    Thanks for your input.
  • wrs209wrs209 Posts: 4
    My truck only makes the "dry start" sound very briefly also, but its just that I've owned 10 vehicles , 2 toyotas, 4 mazdas,2 vw's etc and have never heard this before. (maybe after changing the oil) I guess its ok but I'll mention it at the first oil change. On another subject, I have noticed that at night the instrument panel lighting on the temp gauge and tach are a little dimmer than the speedo and fuel gauge. Anyone else have this in your truck?
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    sell your truck out right unless you don't think you can get any money, this my EX. I bought my ccLE with all the bells and wistles allso,but they only wanted to give 2200.00 for it,it had a hundred grand on it, 2001chhevy loaded,4*4 side dr. etc.
    so you better think twice about trading it in unless they're giving you more then you hope.
  • richbf2richbf2 Posts: 73
    Hi all! i have just bought a LE CC fresh out of the dealer. It was after the Rita hurricane. So there was no one in service to do an overall checkup such as checking fluids, tire pressure & balancing. The sales manager promised if i bring it back next week he would ask the service to perform all those tasks. So far i have not noticed anything wrong; odometer has 300 mi. Of course, i have done a self -checkup and everything. It looks like all fluids are filled, but i am kind of worried. Is this going to be a problem? Do they have to put in a computer...for a general checkup? Please advise. thank you all.
  • wrs209wrs209 Posts: 4
    Hello, I work at a dealership and wonder who did your PDI, (Pre-delivery inspection). This would include all inspections of all your vehicles systems and installing any fuses and or relays not done prior to delivery, tire inflation adjustments, fluid checks, road test, and signing off by a technician. If I were you I'd get your truck back to your dealer or another nissan dealer asap just to make sure that everything is O.K. Not trying to worry you, but your truck is a major purchase and I would want to make sure that everything is operating normally. Hope this helps......
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    Like wrs209 said, I would take it back as soon as possible. It might be an issue on warranty work if you do not bring it back as they asked you to.

  • Hi, I am thinking about getting a 05/06 Frontier Crew Cab. There are a couple of options I am wondering about.

    1) Sunroof - Is it power or manual? Do think its worth the money?

    2) Manual vs. Automatic - Is the towing capacity the same with the 6speed as it is with the automatic? How about the gas mileage?

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