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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 12,994
    That is the case... there is air in the system. It may or may not cause problems, depending on how much is in there. Sometimes it does work its way out, but it can also cause local "hot spots" that cause uneven heating in the engine and excessive wear on head gaskets, etc.

    Try to get rid of the problem by doing this (or similar):

    First, make sure that there is sufficient fluid in the overflow tank. Next, drive the truck until it is fully warmed up, then park it on a slope (the steeper the slope -within reason- the better; at least the angle afforded by a set of ramps) and let it run for 30 seconds or so. Shut it off, let it cool, and then open both the bleeder valve on the top of the radiator (if it has one) and the radator cap. Top off the fluid in the radiator. Squeeze the upper radiator hose several times to help force out any pockets that are stubborn until you get no more air bubbling out of the cap opening - but be careful, as you do not want to eject a bunch of coolant by testing your forearm strength! Top it off again and shut it all back up with the radiator completely full. Finally, see how it worked! Alternatively, you could take it to a dealer, but it is not a warranty issue so you'd likely be paying for something that takes 10 minutes to perform.

    The trickling noise you hear is the coolant flowing into/through the heating coils, where the air tends to collect due to that typically being the highest point in the system.
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  • Thanks for the input!
    Drilling holes in the bed is not something that I'm looking forward to :( (kcover claims that their installation is completely drillless though)...
    As for removal of utily-track, foldacover's web site stated that the cover cannot be installed with the front portion of the system in place...
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    Must be an out of date website for Fold-A-Cov-
    er, I think the early version on the Titan had to have part of the Utili-Trac removed.

    I just had a Fold-A-Cover top put on my '05 Frontier and the Utili-Trac system is just as
    it came from the factory, no modification necessary.

    The only drilling necessary is 3 holes on either side at the back for the rear latches.

    I am very satisfied with mine so far and it has
    been about 6 months.

  • satiresatire Posts: 71 Costs a little more but worth every penny. Not weather proof but no holes are drilled in the bed. Very versatile, secure and I love it.
  • I have 8000 miles on mine...I think the off road performance is decent,but wet weather sux IMO.They become very unpredictable if they start to hydroplane.I have not been impressed,and I thought it was just me!
    I had two sets of BFG A/T Radials ,and will put them on when these wear out(which ,I'll bet, won't be long)
    I got 75,000 miles out of my last A/Ts...If I get 30,000 out of the Rugged Trail,I will be surprised.
    Can't beat BFG A/T for all around performance,but they are kinda expensive,though.I have tied to save $ before and it is not worth it. :sick:
  • millarmillar Posts: 17
    Satire- I've been in the market for a rollaway hard cover, and I have a few questions for you.

    1. Did you consider any of the other brands of rollaway covers out there? If so, why rollnlock?
    2. No cover is waterproof, but is rollnlock reasonably watertight?
    3. Is the cover reasonably secure when locked (e.g., if you had something valuable in there, would you trust the cover at a rest stop?)
    4. You mentioned that no holes were drilled (important to me as I don't want to drill holes that will rust eventually). The instructions indicate that drain hoses are put into the bed of the truck. Are the online instuctions inaccurate, or did you just not take that step?
    5. Are there rollnlock dealers out there that will install it?

    Many thanks.
  • My 05' CCLE 4x4 has a funky squeak to it. I have read other posts about an exhaust TSB that has to do with this squeak.
    Can any one point me to the TSB number or something that I can take to the dealer with me?
  • I know you want a hard rolling cover, but you should take a look at extang. I just installed a trifecta cover. It folds in three pieces, and uses only four clamps. No drilling at all. It can be removed completely by one person. I think its great, you can't get into the cover unless you first unlock the tailgate, or if you cut into the cover. I had a pace edwards "jack rabbit" (similar to the rollnlock) on my other truck, good cover, only thing you lose about 9" in front of bed, because cover rolls into a canister at the front. Also, in the winter, if water or snow freezes on the top it can be hard to open.. :)

    Good luck.
  • Hello All,

    Just went to the dealer to get the voluntary recall about electrical harness when towing a load and also mention about that "THUNK NOISE" when you drive off around 15 to 20 mph.I explain that it only happens as you speed off and would never hear it untill you turn the engine off. They have replace the faulty wiring harness and no remedial action taken on my THUNK noise.I was told that it was the transmission fluid actuator sensor that causes this THUNK noise as you drive off 15/20 mph. Huuuum is it really or they just dont know the fix, but anyway it smeels fishy to me. Let me know of anyone have a fix for this ugly THUNK.

    fogerf :confuse:
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    They said transmission fluid actuator? The most common explanation for this is the ABS doing a "self-check." That's not abnormal but whether or not you hear it seems to vary. I'm guessing that, after initial start up, if you slow down below that speed level and then accelerate again, you do not hear it. Sorry, but I can't tell you if the noise can be moderated.
  • Yap, thats right tranny fluid actuator. I also mention to the technician that others said it is the ABS actuator. However since they replace the electrical module harness, the THUNK is noticiably quiter and you can hardly noticed it, could it the faulty grounding on that bad harness that they have replace? I keep you guys posted.

    rogerf :surprise:
  • hi all. just bought my 05 SE CC 4x4. I couldn't be happier with it. It didn't come with a tow hitch. I saw I can get one on for $166. My question is about the wiring, I didn't see anything about it coming with it. I'm kinda clueless about it. Anyone know what connection it needs or even a part #? Thanks for any help.
  • Greetings Bazpro,

    I installed the hitch and wiring harness on my 05 LE CC. It's a breeze. If I remember correctly, there's a total of 6 bolts to attach the receiver (get your self a 6" socket extension to make things a little easier and some lock-tite). There's a pre-wired plug on the frame to connect the receiver harness to, and an extra bundle of wires to install up in the cab in the space behind the kick-plate on the passenger side. I forget the part number, but you can buy it from Lee Auto Parts ( I don't work for them or have any connection except as a satisfied customer, Do check everywhere for the best price.) There were directions in the box when I got mine. There's no soldering, taping, or wire-nuts to mess around with, just "plug and play."
  • Thanks sc_steve. That's what I wanted to hear.
  • Hey everyone, I know I'm probably obsessed with this clunk noise, but I had to find out what it was....It's probably my mistrust of dealerships...sorry anyone out there who works at a dealership.. Anyways, after reading some other forums I came across a post referring to the owners's manual..about the ABS clunk....

    "The anti-lock brake system does not operate at
    speeds below 3 - 6 MPH (5 - 10 km/h). (The
    speeds vary according to road conditions.) Self-test feature
    The anti-lock brake system consists of electronic
    sensors and hydraulic solenoids controlled by a
    computer. The computer has a built-in diagnostic
    feature that tests the system each time you start
    the engine and move the vehicle at a low speed in
    forward or reverse. When the self-test occurs,
    you may hear a ‘‘clunk’’ noise and/or feel a pulsation
    in the brake pedal. This is normal and is not
    an indication of any malfunction. If the computer
    senses any malfunction, it switches the anti-lock
    brake system off and turns on the ABS brake
    warning light on the instrument panel. The brake
    system then operates normally, but without antilock
    If the light comes on during the self-test or while
    driving, take the vehicle to a NISSAN dealer for
    repair. "
    Taken from Page 5-29 of the owner's manual.
  • Just wanted to throw this out about the tires(grabber aw)
    1 - I have had my truck in some serious mud in the past 2 weeks(WV hunting season)and this thing goes like a tank there is a very steep hill on our hunting club and it's mostly clay. and this truck and 1 jeep made it up every day. everyone else walked or road ATV's.I loved every minute of it.
    2 - you have to be very careful on wet roads. you do not want to go into or out of turns very hard or the rear wheels will break traction. my guess would be the HP causing this. i haven't had any other problems with the tires. This truck put's all other mid size trucks to shame. it's like having an ATV that is street legal. I now have 10,000 miles on mine and have no problems at all. Except a deer ran into the side of me at about 60 mph $1,400 worth of damage. Paint is really thin on this truck!!!!!!!
  • get the wiring kit from nissan. it's easy to install and when i did mine no one else had the wiring kits for the 05 nissan
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    If I buy a 2006 Frontier CC SE 6-Speed, Nissan doesn't provide the option of the nifty compass/temperature/autodim mirror. Does anyone know if existing power supply wiring is in place in the SE CC header panel? (Wiring for the fog lights is in place on the SE CC, even though ya can't get fog lights on it.) Thanks.
  • i have the local stereo shop installed a gentex genk50 autodimming, compass, temp, homelink mirror in my 05 cc 6sp for $65. everything works just fine. just follow the installation instructions.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Gee, at $65 it's hardly worth the aggravation of trying to do it myself. Thanks for the reply!
  • ABS may be great in concept, but I have yet to see any vehicle that it operates smoothly in. (no shake / rattle /noise)If you are like me, you hate ABS and wish you could buy a decent truck without it. I love my new 05 Nissan Frontier, except for one guessed it...the freaking ABS. When I had a Toyota, all you had to do was pull the ABS fuses, and the ABS would not function, but the brakes would operate fine. Does anyone know what you have to do on the '05 Frontier to get rid of the ABS safely, without disrupting other functions ? (I can pull the ABS dash lamp later...) Thanks in advance!
  • I have a 06 Frontier on order, saw your message on the gentex mirror and would like to clarify a point with you, did you buy and have this mirror installed for $65, or just installed for $65 ? Is there a BEST place to buy these things as the list prices are quite pricey...have seen them on eBay but always a question of what you might or might not correct mounting brackets, sensors, wiring, etc..would appreciate any help or suggestions you might offer, thank you...lance
  • Looking for input on purchasing steel wheels for snow tires for a 2006 2-wheel drive
    Frontier, current factory wheels are supposed to be 16" x 7" 5-spoke alloys, would like to use a taller, narrower (75 or 78 series tire) of the same circumference as the original 265/70-16 so as not to mess up the speedometer and computer (same revs/mile) but
    15 inch snows are a lot easier to find and less expensive than 16 or 17 inch stuff. Does anyone have any experience with finding what 15 inch steel wheels fit a 2 wheel drive 2006 frontier, clear the calipers and are 6-7 inchs wide, will consider alloys if I can find them priced right. Are wheels for 2005-6 Frontier the same for 2 wheel drive as 4 wheel drive or do they have different off-sets? Would also like to know specs on plain steel lug nuts for same..all valid comments appreciated
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    has anyone had trouble with the crappy tires Genral tiers on the Nissans yet,think they're crap!
  • Just bought my new nissan frontier. Drove a 97 nissan hardbody for 8 years. love the new design and power.
    I like the trip computer offered on the le. Does anyone know if you can get the trip computer installed on a se?
    Also where is a good place to shop for frontier accessories.
  • Greetings all,

    I've had my 05' 2WD CC LE for about a year now (love it!) but worry a little about traction in the coming bad weather. Is there any way to add the ABLS (active breaking limited slip) to the truck now? Any thoughts or insight would be appreciated.
  • jflashjflash Posts: 45
    If he got the mirror and installation for $65 it must have been stolen ;) My best guess is that he had the unit and paid $65 for the installation. If you want to see my review and article about installing this mirror, check out my site:
  • I bought my 05 Frontier Crew Cab in 1/2005. In the past week (22K+ miles later), I have started noticing a hesitation in the driver's side window going down when I press the button. Yesterday, I tried putting the driver's rear window down and up. It goes down, but does not always go up. I have to press the button several times. Sometimes it goes up only after pressing the window lock button on and off several times. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

  • I asked Edmunds why if the Frontier was rated as the winner of the "tough truck test", was the Takoma still their Most Wanted in the small/mid-size pickup class? When they did the initial test, the overall rating for the Tacoma was 8.3 while the Frontier got 8.2. Yet, the Frontier was the clear winner in the tough truck test. Here is their response.

    Thanks for your question. The Frontier beat the Tacoma to win our 2005 Tough Truck Shootout, but the Tacoma topped the Frontier to take the crown in our 2005 Midsize Truck Comparison Test.

    What's the difference between these two tests? Well, the Midsize Truck Comparison was designed to single out the pickups best suited for the average consumer. The Tough Truck Shootout was designed to select the truck best suited for a consumer with a more extreme set of needs. As we mentioned in its introduction, the Shootout wasn't concerned with "calculating price points and comparing features lists;" instead, the aim of this test was to "see how these trucks tow up hills, run on the sand and race over washboard fire roads."

    The Frontier won top prize in the Shootout on the strength of its ruggedness. But overall, we think the Tacoma is a stronger choice for most consumers. This is why it won the Midsize Truck Comparison, and why it was our pick for 2006 Editors' Most Wanted.

    Warren Clarke
    Content Editor

    Still quite glad I got the Frontier. I do push the limits off-road and it's done well so far.
    Snow will be its next test and we may get enough to test it this coming weekend.

    81 Trekker
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