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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • Hmmm,

    "The Frontier won top prize in the Shootout on the strength of its ruggedness. But overall, we think the Tacoma is a stronger choice for most consumers. This is why it won the Midsize Truck Comparison, and why it was our pick for 2006 Editors' Most Wanted."

    They also said it was the best truck for the way home. What ever....

    I just picked up an '05 SE KC and I love it.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    I still don't understand why the Tacoma ( according to Warren Clarke ) gets the nod for being a "stronger" choice for the average consumer. Why is it a stronger choice???
    I have nothing against the Tacoma, but the non explanation makes no sense to me.
  • Hey Everyone,

    I'm new to this forum but have had my 05 Nissan Frontier Nismo 4x4 since August. I love this truck. I test drove the Tacomo before buying the Frontier and loved the Frontier more!!!

    I am trying to find the Intake Air Temperature sensor to install a performance module from The Juice Box Company. I can't find the IAT sensor. If you know where it is please take a good picture for me and email it to me! The picture below was taken by my phone and sent to my account.

    Also please give me your opinion on installing this module as well as where I can get a performance module specifically made for my awesome truck!
  • mir0mir0 Posts: 15
    Just wondering what peoples experiences have been with these folding hard covers.
    Specifically want to know if either of these needed holes drilled for installation, and if either can be installed while keeping the trac system.
    Any other suggestions would be welcome, but I would want to get a folding hard cover.

  • jflashjflash Posts: 45
    Please don't buy this piece of junk. Like most of the scam "performance modules" sold on eBay, it's essentially a $0.99 resistor that's placed inline with the IAT to fool your ecu into thinking that you're in cold-start mode and makes the fuel mixture richer--not a good long-term thing.
    Unlike some other manufacturers, Nissan hasn't given aftermarket tuners access to its ECU code so you won't find any performance chips or handheld tuners like the Hypertech available for the Frontier. Jet advertises that they will re-flash your ecu, but they're the only company I've seen that is doing so and I don't trust them until I've seen some dyno numbers. If you're going to do some performance work on your new Fronty you're pretty well limited to intake/exhaust tweaks; that's not all bad--with an exhaust and CAI my truck has dyno'd at over 235 rear wheel horsepower--almost 300 at the crank--on 87-octane fuel. Not bad for a normally aspirated V-6. For more info, see my Frontier web site.
    jack <><
  • I have a K-cover. I really like it. No drilling, trac system works fine. Very well done. I would definitely recommend to anyone. Takes about 1-2 hours initially to put on (I did it by myself), once you are done, takes loosening two bolts and it comes off/goes back on. I have found it too be very useful (plus it is locking and a hard cover). Fairly weather tight, I wouldn't put anything under it that couldn't possibly get wet, but pretty decent.
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    I have the Fold-A-Cover and you will have to drill 3 small holes on either side in the side
    rail to mount the rear latches. I am not sure
    how you would be able to lock a hard tonneau if
    you did not have latches in the rear.

    If the latches were not attached with screws
    I am not sure how secure it would be.

    I like my Fold-A-Cover very well and no prob-
    lems with it so far. it is not waterproof, but
    I do not get very much water in the bed when I wash it.

  • Thanks for the advice! I don't know too much about cheap modules or how module companies can fool you so I really appreciate it! It's too bad that I already did buy it but it is returnable and I'm gonna inquire of them about what its secrets are.

    I went to your site and found that you installed a Gibson Catback system! It sounds awesome! I just ordered a Banks Power Catback system for my truck and should be getting it in by the 20th of this month. God bless!
  • jflashjflash Posts: 45
    If you're looking for a high quality exhaust setup you've done well with the Banks system. They build a top-quality system. Have a blessed Christmas...
  • With the K-cover, you tighten the screws/clamps and an L shaped piece of metal to the edge of the box. You could drill it if you wanted to, but I haven't notice anything becoming loose and I have done some offroading. The latch goes under this L piece (both in the front and in the back). Has locks in front and back.
  • 2005lekc,

    Could you post a picture of your cover, by any chance...
    Also, did you install it yourself or had it installed?
    If you bought it on the web, would you be so kind to give the merchant address and cost...

    Thanks in advance!
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145

    The only picture I have of my Fold-A-Cover is at It is not a
    close up and does not show the interior nor at-
    taching points.

    I purchased it from a local dealer and they installed it. You might be able to get a bet-
    ter picture of the cover at

    Sorry I could not help you more. Maybe one of these days I'll learn how to use the internet.
    I do have a digital camera just not the smarts to get it on the internet.

    I think it is something about not being able to teach old dogs new tricks.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    If you're talking about crew cabs, the Tacoma has a more comfortable rear seat.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Does the new Frontier V6 require premium? I believe the Tacoma V6 requires premium.

  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    Nope it runs like a Champ on Regular 87 No Problem and I'm getting 25mpgs on long trips and around 20-21 city and Highway,I have the Le CC 4Wd. Kicks some A.. ,big time.great sounding muffler too. :)
  • "If you're talking about crew cabs, the Tacoma has a more comfortable rear seat.


    I'm 6-1. With the driver's seat set where I am comfortable, I don't fit in the rear seat of the Tacoma, but I do in the Frontier, though still not as comfortable as in a larger truck. The limiting factor was real-world leg room. Fortunately, most of the time I use the rear seat for storage. In that respect, the rear seat of the Frontier is easier to stow and has more folding options than the Tacoma, which requires a multi-step process and removing the headrests to stow.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788

    I've sat in both the rear seat of the new Tacoma and Frontier. I'm 5'9" and found the shape/angle of the Tacoma's rear seat to be the more comfortable of the two. It just fit me better. IIRC, the Frontier's rear seat backrest was a bit more upright. It felt more like a church pew.

  • eyelleyell Posts: 3
    has anyone had a problem with the front brakes squeaking?
  • Here is another Nissan Frontier only site:
  • jflash,

    Thanks a lot for sharing very useful information on the modifications you made with the rest of us here!
    I'm thinking about installing the aFe system (not sure about the Gibson exhaust yet) and I wonder in doing so would it effectively void the manufacter's warranty if something happens (God forbid) to the engine...?

    Happy Holidays!

  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    This new site is just starting, but I think it is going to be nice once it gets up and running.

  • jflashjflash Posts: 45
    Adding aftermarket performance goodies always raises the question about warranty coverage. The Magnusson-Moss Act prohibits a manufacturer from denying warranty coverage simply because aftermarket parts were used. If the manufacturer determines that the aftermarket part is in some way responsible for the mechanical problem, it absolutely CAN void the warranty. And many performance parts certainly could be blamed for future mechanical problems. If you installed the aFe intake and experienced problems afterward, your dealer could refuse warranty coverage if he believed that the new intake was the cause of the problem.I've never experienced any problems with relatively mild mods such as intakes and exhaust, but if you bolt on a supercharger you're more apt to have problems with the dealer.
    If you want to assure yourself of complete, no-questions-asked warranty coverage, keep your vehicle completely stock and use only OEM parts during the warranty period. I prefer to keep the mods simple and count on the goodwill of my dealer's service rep, who is a pretty good guy.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    It's hard enough getting a quality fix on warranty issues even on stock vehicles, so I figure why give the dealer or manufacturer an even easier way to deny a repair by adding mods? Plus, I'd rather verify that I bought a good vehicle that I want to own for many years before I start throwing money into mods. For me, I think it pays to leave things alone for a while and simply enjoy things as they are.
  • jflashjflash Posts: 45
    "For me, I think it pays to leave things alone for a while and simply enjoy things as they are."
    What you say makes good sense; unfortunately, I don't have good sense. At age 8 I helped my Dad make a go-cart with a lawnmower engine, and when he turned me loose with it I made my first mod--removing the throttle governor. Maybe it's just a sickness, but I just can't leave any motorized vehicle in its stock condition. I've bolted superchargers to two past vehicles and promptly fried the transmissions on both; not to worry--it just gave me an excuse to modify the trannies. Lord help me.
  • gwp3gwp3 Posts: 3
    I hate to post this message, but I'm fed up. Ijust picked my '05 Extended Cab 4wd from the dealer after getting warranty work done. The small stuff first--the gas door spring clip. This was the third time it has been "fixed"--2 times by the dealer and 1 time by me. They put a new one on this time-I got in and drove around the corner and the gas door swung open. The main reason I had the truck in was for brake work. It has 25,000 mostly highway miles. At around 18,000, the brakes were squealing so bad that I took it in to get it looked at. The dealer said that the pads had "broke up" and he replaced them and turned the rotor. At around the 24,000, the brakes were squealing incessantly again. Also, at low speeds, there is a constant squeak that sounds like something in the suspension. This time, they replaced the rotors and sanded the pads. They also ordered and replaced bushings for the front struts as they said that they had gone bad. The dealer said they drove it and everything was fixed, I even got a courtesy wash. I pick the truck up tonight and guess what--the brakes squeal going in reverse,(that's the way it always starts), the suspension squeak is as bad as ever, the gas door is broke again, and to add insult to injury, they knocked a chunk of paint out of the fender near the gas door. I didn't even complain about the constant rattling in the dash when the heater/ac fan is on......I have a combination of a pretty inept service department and (in my opinion) a pretty poor product from the factory. My Silverado 2500 had 190,000 miles on it and I never did anything other than routine maintenance and tires.....I am really disappointed because I still like the frontier---at least in the brochure.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    It makes you seriously think about the reliability of the reliability stats doesn't it? My Step-Dad has a late model pickup that is supposed to be notoriously troublesome and he assures me that it has been completely trouble free.
    Regardless, hang in there. New model years are known for having bugs and yours will work themselves out.
  • mir0mir0 Posts: 15
    Oki, your truck looks great in those pics.
    Would you mind letting me know the manufacturer of your nerf bars, and how you like them? I have looked around my area a bit, but the ones I have seem seem a little thin.
    Also, where did you get your exhaust?
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    Thank you for the kind words. I got the Manik
    polished stainless steel nerf bars. I got them
    from 4 Wheel Parts in Oklahoma City. you can
    go to to get more information.

    If you look at the exhaust pictures of my truck you can see the mounting brackets. The bracket that is welded to the tube was not polished from Manik. I had that done as well as buying ss bolts and nuts and having them polished too.

    I have had the Maniks for about 3 months and so far I really do like them, no problems.

    The exhaust was installed by Kinney's muffler Shop in Bedford, Texas. You can see more at: I have the 22" Flo-Pro dual in dual out muffler and had a pair of 12" resonators installed in front of the muffler. The resonators cut out the raspiness. It gives a nice mellow tone up to
    1900 rpm and then it starts getting a little loud, not as bad as the 40 series Flowmaster.

    I can cruise on the road up to 73/74 mph before
    you hear more than a nice soft almost V-8 sound. That is about as fast as I ever drive anyway.

  • Just wondering if anybody else that lives in the colder parts of the country is disappointed w/ the heater performance of their '05 Frontier. It seems to take a long time to warm up & even blows cold air for about 5 minutes after the temp gauge has stopped going up. Also seems to have very little air flow to my feet in the heater mode. My dealer tells me everything is ok, no problem found.
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