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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    I've noticed this also,I warmed it up for 10mins and still cold and the heated seats on low suck,I'm asking them when it go's back in if they can adjust it or something,it seems the hot works well but low should be at least you have the heated seats?>
  • I do not have the heated seats, have not felt a need w/ cloth interior.
  • I've got the opposite problem with mine. The temperature switch is really weird. Three clicks to the left of center (the blue/red line) and it's freezing. Move one click to the right from there (still two clicks into the blue) and it's blowing super hot air. I found comfort in a weird combination of turning the dial as far to the right as it goes, putting on the recirc. and setting the fan at "1." On a good eastern Ontario winter day when the temperature is -20C (-4F), I do appreciate the overporwered heater. It's just weird that one click on the cold side takes you from super-cold to super-hot, and yet the full-hot position is just warm. Hey, you know what, if you're cranking the heat to full in the morning, svslarry, maybe try setting it in the middle to see if you get more heat sooner that way. Just a thought. This is an example of how adding advanced technology makes things worse in some cases. My '03 Jetta's heat control was mechanical, i.e. it opened and closed the heat valve using linkage that was connected to the dial, which was evident in the effort required to turn it, and the sound under the dash. I could set the dial right where I was comfortable and it would keep the car at a constant temperature. In my Frontier, I'm pretty sure the dial is a pot switch that controls an electronic servo that opens/closes the heat valve, because it's really easy to turn the dial, and judging by the sound the valve doesn't move for a few seconds. When it does, it seems to move way out of proportion to the dial position. I've mentioned this to my dealer. I hope there's a recall on this, because when the temperature is around zero I have to keep hitting the recirc. button to keep my face from melting. Thirty seconds or so later I'm freezing again, etc. To be fair, this is the only problem I've had with my '05 Frontier, and otherwise it is an absolutely solid and impressive vehicle that I look forward to driving every day.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    You made some good points and I wil try putting my Dial in the middle and see what happend wtith the heat,I will let you know,How much snow is thier,and are lakes good for fishing yet??

    Love Canada and my Nissan, they both just Rock.. :)
  • Fantastic vehicle. Brought it home last night. The only thing that irritates me is the roof rack. It came with the LE, leather, sun roof, etc. It's a great vehicle otherwise. I'd rather have no rack at all. Perhaps I will pay a body shop to fill the holes left behind after I remove it. Is there an aftermarket rack (lower profile) that will utilize the same mounting holes?

    JJ in New Hampshire
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    That is why I am driving an LE KC instead of an LE CC. I wish they would not include something like that on a deluxe model truck.

    It ruins the lines of the Frontier to me. Not
    so bad on the off road vehicles, but looks out of place on the street versions to me.

    I wonder if we should run a poll to see how many like that look as opposed to those who do not?

  • eyelleyell Posts: 3
    do not like the roof rack
  • Based on my recent experience in looking and finding a new Frontier equipped the way I wanted at what I feel was an excellent price, I would suggest you go to the NissanUSA website and design your vehicle and then locate it by searching dealerships in surrounding states (and cities). This is how I found the exact model (black crew cab, 4X4, 6 speed w/power pkg, ABLS) in an '05 model which has the $1,500 rebate v. the $500 on the '06.

    On the Nissan website's "Locate this vehicle", use zipcodes for major cities in your surrounding states to locate a 2005 that fits your specs. I'm in California and ended up finding my Frontier in Colorado. I beat the price for a comparable '06 model by over $1,600 which includes the extra expense of having it transported to CA. I think you can save yourself some money if you focus first on the '05's that are left (and there are still a lot available out there). Once I located and got the best price on the '05, then I shopped local dealers and asked them to meet the pricing on the '05. Good Luck.
  • I have been torn between the Tacoma and Frontier.I wanted an LE CC,but after looking at the truck a few times,I really hated having to look at the roof rack.I want the advantages the LE offers,but really dislike the roof rack.You really cant' get the package with an SE CC.All those added things in the LE will bring the price too far in a SE.I was really thinking about buying one tom,the last day of the month,but not tottaly happy,so might just decide to wait for spring.
  • I unscrewed the roof rack to peak underneath. The screws appear to be a Truss Head (larger dia than a button head), #30 torx driver, M6x1 Thread, and there is a shoulder so the threads don't go all the way up. So you can't just put the screws back in without the rack (they would stick up).

    Each screw hole is really 0.540 dia hole in the body with a plate spot welded under it which provides the thread. So there ends up being a .540" dia x .050" deep c'bore. And two weld spots for each set of 4 holes. Bottom line, I put the rack back on. I hope somebody starts making a low profile rack that will use the same mounting holes. If they get enough grumbling perhaps Nissan will scale it down for the '07 model and they would still fit the '05 + '06

  • asaasa Posts: 359
    My beefs with the SE are that the seats are not available with lumbar adjustment nor front/rear elevation. And with all models, if you want side airbags, you have to order the sunroof. It's dumb of Nissan to shortchange SE buyers with low buck seats and irresponsible of Nissan to link a basic safety feature with an expensive luxury opton.
  • satiresatire Posts: 71
    Sorry for not responding sooner.

    1. No. Saw it and loved it.
    2. No. Considerable amount of water can get into the bed.
    3. Yes.
    4. I believe the factory drain holes were used for mine.
    5. Campway, Santa Rosa CA installed mine.
  • Back in Jan 05 it took my dealer 21/2 weeks to find the truck I wanted. Nismo CC Silver with NO racks. I'm glad I waited.image
  • Does your nismo have the sunroof?
    I am convinced that the rack comes with the trucks that have the sunroof in order to add reinforcement to the vehicle.
  • A lot people don't like roof rack, myself included. "In my view," cheapens look of Truck.

    I bought SE, CC for that reason. LE doesn't offer much anyway other than molding and painted bumper; compass; fog lights; power seats; stereo option and leather option.

    I acutally prefer chrome. Stereo and leather you can do after-market, if want them, for much cheaper pricer. Better, actually (again my view). I understand you can add fog lights (already wired) and compass, but have not tried.

    To me the one thing I lost was power seats. That was really it. But saved mutliple thousands that you can drop into after-market extras, still w/ savings. Original plan was to go w/ LE and remove roof rack but not very feasible plus killed me I was spending real $$$ on LE for features I did not want.

    Plus, don't have to look at that roof rack.
  • You can get SE, CC, w/ sunroof but w/o roof rack.
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    I'm test driving the Frontier this week. Yesterday I test drove the base model XE, with the 5 speed. For a 4 banger its got decent acceleration past 3000 rpms. But the ride quality was very choppy/jittery on the freeway, and the brakes felt mushy and hard to gauge.

    Today I'm going over to test drive the Nismo KC 4x2.

    Has anyone purchased this model?

    What are your pros and cons?

    The Nismo model has the right balance of options without going to the LE 4x4. And it fits my budget.

    Any comments appreciated!
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    Test drove a Nismo 4X2 but ended up with 4X4.

    One suggestion--make sure you check the tire pressure on your test vehicle. Dealers have a tendency to overinflate and my suspicion is that this adds to the "bounciness" some criticize on the Nismo with Bilsteins. I have no complaints about the ride and actually prefer the tightness to that available on the LE, which had a bit too much lean for my taste anyway.
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    I drove both the Nismo KC 4X2 and the LE KC 4X2. I was wanting the Nismo KC in Avalanche white with the blue interior. I was unable to
    get that color combination so I took the LE KC.

    I do not do any off road driving and so I pre-
    ferred the ride in the LE over the Nismo. At
    68 I like a little more creature comfort. I
    spent most of my life driving sportscars and
    motorcycles so a softer ride is welcome at this
    stage of my life.

    If I had found the Nismo with the blue interior that would have been my first choice.
    The blue interior was high on my list of preferences.

    I also liked the better gasoline mileage of the LE and with gasoline prices what they are
    that can be a factor in your decision.

    You just have to determine what is important to
    you and make your choice accordingly.

    Good luck.


    Good luck.

  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    Thanks for the replies.

    I'm not sure what you mean by the LE KC getting better MPG then the Nismo. If they are both 4x2, and have the same 4.0 engine, I wouldn't believe the milage would vary.

    Am I wrong?

    My test drive of the Nismo proved it to be a much better riding truck then the XE, which was bouncy. Tires looked to be inflated normally.

    Question - does the 05 have keyless entry? The Nismo I'm considering is an 05, not an 06. I notice no key fob on the key ring, just keys.

    Thanks and any comments appreciated.
  • jflashjflash Posts: 45
    If both models are 4X2, the LE will get better fuel economy because it has a higher (lower numeric) final drive ratio. The LE model has a final drive ratio of 2.937:1, while the Nismo uses a 3.133:1 ratio. The difference can be significant, 1-2 MPG.
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    So is the final drive ratio going to make the RPMs significantly higher at cruising speeds? Where is the benefit of the Nismo drive ratio at 3.133:1? Better low end grunt?

    Nice web site by the way jflash. Great mods page! Is the cone air filter the way to go over the factory air box? I've done that mode to my current ranger and my old G20. Great difference in performance over ~2500 rpm.

    I'm getting pricing for an 05 Nismo KC 4x2 of $21,426 after rebate, before fees. It has the audio package and the spray in bed liner, plus the hitch.

    Anyone care to comment on this offer?

    Thanks in advance.

  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    Yes it will make a difference. At 1900/2000
    rpm I am running 73/74 mph. Someone with a Nismo posted their rpm a while back, but I cannot remember what it was.

    I think it was 2300 rpm or more because I thought they were really flying when they stated their rpm. I made a comment about it and they posted back that they were driving about the same speed I was.

    Maybe a Nismo owner will put their truck up to 73/74 mph and then tell us what their rpm is.

  • Did a lot of research on buying my new truck and decided on an 05 KC NISMO 4X2. It has been one great truck so far. I bought it for the V6 and the 5sp Auto trans for towing my work trailer. It tows the trailer like it isn't even there,(3500 lb trailer loaded). Fantastic brakes-vented discs front and rear. Mileage is setteling-in at this time (with 5500 mi) at 17.2-18.0. I gained 110hp over my last truck and the mileage stayed the same, how's that for technology??
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230

    Thanks for the reply. Since you have the 05 KC NISMO 4X2, what are your RPMs at 70 mph? This news that the gearing is not meant to do much for gas milage has me concerned. Other then that, I'm sold on this truck.

    Also, what kind of a deal did you work out on your purchase?

    I've got a 99 3.0 liter V6 ranger, and its headed for the 4 sale section of the newspaper. Been OK, but have hated the pinging, weak, gas guzzling push rod V6. That 4.0 liter Frontier engine is a rocket! Its going to be hard to keep my foot off of the gas LOL!
  • waggwagg Posts: 5
    My 2005 also was excessively cold around the drivers feet and legs in cold weather, and I live where the temperature can be below freezing 6 months of the year. After no help from the dealer, I eventually found that the cold air was coming out from openings under the steering column (at the tilt adjustment). The steering column was acting like a funnel bringing the outside air from the engine compartment in. I contacted Nissan HQ about this flaw, and suggested that they consider redoing the design of the steering shaft rubber seal in the firewall, but they expressed no interest in correcting it. I tape over that area in winter, and do notice some improvement.

    Another area of concern, is that there is way TOO MUCH HEAT always coming out of the DEFROST, esp compared to the heat down below. That cannot be corrected regardless of heater control setting. I dont like all that heat in my face with too little down below. Nissan really should redesign their system so we can control the heat direction more efficiently.
  • I took a look at the hard bedcovers as well. Decided against that option as you are limited on cargo, and they're difficult to store when they're off. I had the Truxedo vinyl roll-back cover put on. It has velcro sides and does a pretty good job of keeping the bed dry...
  • waggwagg Posts: 5
    I purchased a "Torzatop" for my Kingcab. I wanted something that would be easy to remove when I haul my motorcycle, and this does the job for about 1/2 the price of a foldacover. It's completely self-contained (aluminum frame and leatherette), weathertight, lightweight, and mounts/clamps on in 1 minute, and off in even less. It also folds forward into 1/3 it's length, if need be. It also sits low on the box, so it enhances the trucks lines.
  • waggwagg Posts: 5
    My brakes squeak when first used from cold. I also notice that the brakes seemed real grabby the first few times used from cold as well. Both the squeaking and grabbiness go away within a few blocks though.
  • willsimwillsim Posts: 33
    I've had my truck since last June and am still not used to the initial soft feel and lack of response when applying the brakes. After two or three inches of travel I seem to get what I consider normal braking action. Is this normal or should I have it looked at? I don't want to be told by the dealer thats its normal if it isn't as we've all experienced that.
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