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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • I purchased my 05 Fronty LE CC in March and it came with the Sirius already installed. I fell deeply in love with it and after the free trial offer I subscribed. I liked it so much I purchased portable units to go into my 98 Accord and my 04 Lexus RX330.

    The problem I am having is the unit in the Fronty constantly reads NO SIGNAL or ACQUIRING. At times it will play perfectly, then I can go over a large bump or expansion joint and it will knock the signal out. My Best Buy purchased units never do this and they were less the $50 each. I noticed on the 06 Frontys equipped with Sirius that the antenna is mounted on the roof while mine is inside near the RV mirror (A stupid place in my opinion). I've spoken with the dealer and get the same old song and dance routine, "We haven't seen any other problems like this".

    Sorry for the length, but anyone experiencing this or know of a way I might add an exterior antenna to my existing system, as I feel this is most likely the problem.

    Many Thanks
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    I have the CC LE<4wd, getting 20mpgs 2in from work , but If take along trip I can get 25mpgs,want a cover for the bed thoe.
    great truck!
    1thing to to keep in mind,don't take jack rabbit starts or you will burn your gas real fast in city driving and break it in slow and it will take care of you later.

    Goodluck jflash
  • dnemodnemo Posts: 1
    I haven't noticed if this has been mentioned, but can someone please tell me if it is normal for the cargo bed light to come on for a few seconds every time the door is opened?
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    Picked up my Frontier Friday afternoon. Details:
    05 KC, Nismo 4x2
    Color; Avalanche, Dark Gray interior
    Got the Audio Package and spray in liner with cargo tied down tracks.

    Initial ownership impressions:
    Cons: A firm but sporty ride - hey its a truck, right.
    Low speed steering takes some getting used to. I'm getting the hang of the effort it takes during parking lot maneuvering. This truck does not have a tight turning radius. Climate control switch's feel cheap.

    Pros: Wonderful power, but even cruising leasurely this truck just gives you confidence, knowing it can just leap forward with a slight tip in on the right hand peddle. Massive brakes and sure stopping power. Handling; again, confidence inspiring, solid, feels like the wheels are planted five feet beyond the fenders. The seats; the best I have ever experience in ANY car. Tough, beautiful fabric, looks like it will last 100 years. Dash; fully functional, everything reads at a quick glance. Stereo controls on the steering wheel are NICE. Sitting height, perfect, commanding view of the road, yet its easy to enter and exit the cab. Solid grab handles on both sides of the cab. Doors close with a solid, yet cushioned thunk. Perfect lift over height for the side rails. Tail gate opens and closed easily, yet its heavy. Neat flare on the end of the exhaust pipe. BIG side view mirrors. Lots of storage spots, but surprisingly no ashtray - what to do with my gum wrappers? Three 12v charging ports. Cool dual level glove box. Neat bed light, goes off after about 3 minutes, illuminates things well. Gorgeous alloy wheels and big beefy tires on the Nismo. Like the Nismo badge. The Avalanche exterior, really brings out the chrome bumpers and neat pull door handles. The turn signal-headlights stalk is in the perfect location. When the engine starts up, you know this thing is fast. This truck is dimensioned perfectly.

    I don't know why I waited so long.

  • jflashjflash Posts: 45
    Yes, it is normal for the cargo light to come on for a brief period when the door is opened.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    don't know but I noticed this also,I assume it is?
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    ... I don't know why I waited so long ...

    I think that will be my line too. I'm negotiating on an '06 SE CC right now. My wife will clobber me if I don't buy the thing. :D
  • millarmillar Posts: 17
    Has anyone purchased an Access Lorado Performance Tonneau Cover? How do you like it? Easy to Install? Water tight?

    Same questions about the Lund Genesis Tri-Fold? Do they make them for Crew Cabs with the Utilitrak?
  • critter1critter1 Posts: 104
    You for real getting 25 on long trip? If so outstanding!
    I could handle that traveling to NC Beaches from MD. The King Nismo I would think would do as well once broke in and CC ON! What say badness.

    Critter in the Surf Fish'in :D
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    Yes,I'm for real, but I will tell you that I don't let do over 65on the Highway,then after you hit 2100 Rpms I noticed the mpgs stay around 20-21on a trip,I don't race it out of the tolls either or no Jack rabbit starts I baby it ,I just hit 7000mi on it Yesterday.but from time to time I do test out the Ponies don't, get me wrong its a fun truck to drive but it wil cost you at the pump when you do play,I like showing off to the TOy drivers,I have a few pals who drive Toys and they all put 93high test in the tank and I just laugh at them.
    I say anyone who gets better then 20 in our in Nissans is Great!!!Thoe it is a truck not a car that will get you 30mpgs or better..good luck Critter.
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    I've had my Nismo KC a week today. My gas guage is on 1/4 and I have driven about 240 miles. I'll look at the mpg at fill up and if I'm around 20 for a 80 city, 20 freeway mix, I'll be pleasently surprised.

    Have any of you seen an increase in mpg after the break in period?

    Also, I noticed that when I start up the truck, (foot off the gas) the RPM's hit about 2400, then drop back to about 1500, hot or cold. This seems pretty high. When the engine has sat overnight, there's no oil at the top of the cylinders and that cannot be good for the motor to rev that high - cold. Anyone else experience this? I may take it into the dealer for a look.

    Also, (sorry), have any of you been in for any technical recalls for your 05's? I read something about a wiring harness needing replacing back a few months ago in this forum.

  • Hey I purchased an extang trifecta for my 05 SE Frontier CC. It works great and is pretty water tight. It has a nice thick rubber gasket around the perimeter. Best thing there is no drilling at all just four clamps.
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    My'05 LE KC does the same thing. I asked the dealer about it and was told that is normal.

    I had the towing harness recall fixed this week and at the same time I had the hinges for the rear passenger side replaced per the TSB.

  • temo1temo1 Posts: 3
    Howdy fellas, I bought a new 05 nismo Frontier, with xm radio. Added Flowmasters and a Snug Top, looks and sounds perfect. I also installed an invisible plastic braw for the front for the highway pebbles, and it works. Bought it in August and I currently have 12,000 miles, and i'm happy to report- no problems. I have used my 4x4 and love its power. My friend bought one and my father; however, my dads is a regular 05 frontier and has a problem. He has load squeeky noises when he hits bumps. Twice the dealer has retorked the front sway bars, and it got worse. He will take it back on Monday. What to do?
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    From the TSB site: Hope this helps with your Dad's squeeking.

    IF YOU CONFIRM There is a squeak from the rear of the leaf spring wind-up clip when: going over bumps Or by compressing the rear suspension ACTION Inspect the inside of the rear leaf spring wind-up clip plastic cover for contact (rubbing)with the leaf spring. If signs of rubbing are present, apply MOLYKOTE 7 grease between the leaf spring and wind-up clip plastic cover. See this bulletin for further detail.
  • My QCLE has the same squeak. I ended up tearing the whole thing apart over the weekend trying to find it.
    It turns out that it is the fuel sending unit on the top of the fuel tank.
    Try crawling under and pushing up on the bottem of the tank and you will hear it.
    I am dropping mine off at the dealer today to see how they are going to fix it. I will let you know the outcome.
    Let me know if this is the same sound you hear?
    Mine started out as just happening going over bumps but has progressed to almost constant.
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    Good sluthing Earl! Keep us posted. What is the build month of your Frontier?
  • I think it was February but I need to check that
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    Cool,I'm getting the same brand,but I'm getting the TRI-Fold.
    witch one do you have,their are 6 of them
  • temo1temo1 Posts: 3
    Thanks Fellas,
    I took my dads to the dealer and they greased the springs, if it doesn't work, then I will return it for the gas tank. The dealer just tells me that this is new to them.
  • I have the TRI-Fecta (model #44985), I am very happy with. Good Luck with yours.
  • millarmillar Posts: 17
    Thanks for the recommendation. Does yours work with the utilitrack in place? If so, are there different models for use with/without the utilitrak?
  • OK I bit, after reading everything I could on the Frontier, I'm in.

    2006 KC, XE, Power, Red Brawn.

    I'm looking to spruce it up a little. Anyone installed any aftermarket CD changers? Can the stock OEM radio control a changer?


    Gayle Snedecor
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    Welcome aboard Gayle!

    This Frontier owner has a great web site. Click on the Blaupunkt Receiver/MP3 Player link under his "modifications" list and have a look a what he did.

    My Frontie came with the factory six CD changer unit, and I'm very happy with the sound and controls.

    Did you get the automatic or stick XE?
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    Just got it put on today,I love the way it looks and how it will save me gas+ it really dosen't interfer with the track system 2much either I notied ,witch is a good thing.
    So anyone thinking about this modle ,well its worth it,I will take a pic of my truck when it stops raining so you all can see it unless CanadianGuy beats me to it.Candian guy witch truck did you buy,and also are you lakes frozen up their by you,need to know since I want to come up chex out my cabin and my be fish I havent talked to any of my friends up in Canada latley so any info would be great.

    Brad NJ<USA :)
  • I must be a horses [non-permissible content removed]! I got my truck back from the dealer and they ended up adjusting the hood latch and my squeek is gone.
    They could hear the squeek in the tank but all the did was adjust the latch. Go figure!
    But my squeek is gone!
  • Yep in installs above the util-trak. Just four clamps. Not sure about other models.
  • Sorry I didn't see your post earlier. I had the same squeak back in Feb when I got my truck. Took it in and they put a dab of grease on the hood stops and the squeak was gone. Has not returned.
  • millarmillar Posts: 17
    Thanks for the response. I ordered my Trifecta yesterday. Looking forward to receiving it.
  • I was all set to buy a 2006 CC Frontier for a dirt bike hauler until the issue of tailgate strength came up. The bed is short enough that the rear tires would rest about 6 inches from the end of the tailgate. With two bikes that could be up to 300 lbs. I need to hear from anyone who had hauled motorcycles in the CC shortbed. Did the tailgate bend?

    I have stood on the tailgate at the dealers lot and I weigh 245 lbs and everything seemed ok. However I read a post on a toyota board describing how someone's brother's 05 CC tailgate bent from hauling just one bike. Supposedly the dealer replaced the tailgate under warranty.
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