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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • 81trekker81trekker Posts: 51
    I too have the NISMO Off Road and am quite happy with both it's on and off-road performance. It has been many miles in VA's GW National Forest through everything the NF has to offer. I too have nicks in my paint on the doors and rear fenders from rocks and gravel. I believe this is due to inadequate fender design and the lack of running boards.
    While I understand the reluctance to use running boards for off-road activity, I had them on my 98-4 Runner and never had this problem. I'm sure Nissan engineers knew they had a problem at some point during their tests, but the bosses made the decision that it was too far along to change the design. The only possible solution is generic fender extensions available from JC Whitney. Last time I looked there were none available specially for the Frontier. - 81 Trekker
  • Just bought a 2006 Nissan Frontier NISMO KC 4x4...So far, love the truck...I also bought a HIDDEN HITCH Class III Receiver. When I attempted to install the hitch, the instructions from HIDDEN HITCH mention a "vertical attachment plate" that I should be bolting the hitch to (parallel to the ground) in addition to the 6 bolts that go directly up into the nuts in the frame. The 6 bolts fit perfectly into the frame, but I don't appear to have this vertical attachment plate...Any ideas if this is necessary or was it removed by Nissan in the 2006 model?

    Also was looking to buy a folding tonneau cover, and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the fold-a-cover or the BAKflip covers...

  • hustoncshustoncs Posts: 21
    I bought the undercover it's not installed yet, but I'm sure it will be fine. You can check them out @ this is a single piece top unlike the split top offered by Nissan, but it's 300.00 dollars cheaper I hope this helps.


  • derail1derail1 Posts: 10
    Hi All,
    I have a boat and trailer combo which likely weighs around 4000 lbs. I am looking into buying a Truck/SUV that can tow this combo. I keep the boat in the water, so I wont be towing long distances often, maybe 4-6 times a year will I ever tow for hours on the highway.

    I have some friends who are all about MORE POWER and tell me that any midsize truck or SUV will not cut it. But the Frontier has a 6500 lb towing capacity and a pretty beefy 4.0L V6, so I think it will have more than enough power to handle my boat just a few times a year.

    Does anyone tow behind their Frontier frequently and can you please give me some insight as to how it does? Am I going to blow the tranny driving that boat up and down hills with this thing? Do I need to go Full Size truck like a Titan?

    Any real life experience would be a huge help.
  • I pull a 2000 Four Winns Horizon 170 with a 115 Johnson. It comes in at about 4000lbs with the trailer and a full load of fuel and the Frontier can pull this out of the water at any grade and ramp conditions. I hardly notice the load on the road. My trailer does not have brakes and I still have no problem coming to a full stop. I used to pull the boat with a 98 Ford Windstar (3.8 v6) and I was concerned whenever I had to to haul out on a steep grade. The Frontier has soooo much more torque and power. :)
  • derail1derail1 Posts: 10
    Thanks dacatzass!
    I have a 2005 Larson Senza 186 I/O. Has a 2700lb dry weight, and the trailer is a 900lb trailer. Add in the gas and all and throw some people in the truck towing it, and you can see why I am looking at a vehicle with at least a 5000lb capacity. I just really dont want a MONSTER Titan or F-150 or something like that. Too much truck for me for 98% of the year. Would only be worth it when I am hauling that sucker up the hills of the Catskills on my way to Lake George in NY!

    I need to get a vehicle before the end of May, as I am taking my first boating trip the first weekend in June. Im considering everything from a Frontier/Xterra/Pathfinder or the Tacoma/4runner. I just figure a truck is better suited for the towing...and with the CrewCab, I can still bring people along easily. Did you look at any of these other models before getting your Frontier?
    thanks again!
  • cougar06cougar06 Posts: 4
    Do any of you have experience ordering a vehicle from a dealer? Our local Nissan dealer has 1 frontier, a 2005 2wd CC, the next closest Nissan dealer, 50 miles away, has 5 or 6, mostly basic SE models. I'm interested in an LE 4wd CC gray/gray with possible fosgate/xm and one or two other options/accessories. Have used the search dealer inventory feature on Nissan website, but can't find any even if I search way outside my area. Anyway, do you know what most dealers attitudes are as far as ordering a specific vehicle? This would be my first new vehicle so I want it right!
  • hustoncshustoncs Posts: 21

    I don’t know what state you’re in, but the dealer should be able to search all local inventories for what you what. Also they can search for what’s going to be delivered in the next few weeks to the same dealers and mark one for you. There may be an additional delivery charge, but it depends on the dealer. If this is your first new car/truck congrats! You will find that most Nissan dealers have very good customer service.


  • Not sure about the hitch. But I bought an extang trifecta folding cover for my 05 Frontier (CC SE). It works great and takes about 15 minutes to install.

    Good luck
  • cosmo262cosmo262 Posts: 1

    On 02/28/06, I ordered an 06 Frontier LE Crewcab, with the RockFos Audio PKG. I was told anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks, but it could be as late as May.
  • hustoncshustoncs Posts: 21
    I have a 2005 CC Nismo 4x4 when I turn the wheels to say park in a spot or make a turn sometimes the tires rub against the inside mud flaps both on the left and right depending on which direction I’m turning. By looking at the flaps the passenger side has the tire rub on it more often. Everything is stock any ideals?

  • I have a 2005 CC Nismo 4x4 when I turn the wheels to say park in a spot or make a turn sometimes the tires rub against the inside mud flaps both on the left and right depending on which direction I’m turning. By looking at the flaps the passenger side has the tire rub on it more often. Everything is stock any ideals?

    Same problem here, caused by the flaps getting bent into the wheelwell when hard off-roading. Two fixes:

    1. Take them off and manually bend them back. Then reinstall them, pushing aft while tightening the screws. Holding them in the position you want while doing the final screw tightening will help hold them away from the tire. Sounds mickey-mouse, but this worked for me.

    2. Installed a lift (less than $300) from Greg at Now I don't hit the flaps when I off-road, so I haven't had to "deform" the flaps since.

    Personally, I think bendable rubber flaps like Tacoma uses would be better than the hard plastic ones on the Frontier.

    Worst problem I'm having with Frontier is the road rash on the front of the rear fender flares.
  • hustoncshustoncs Posts: 21

    This did occur after a hard off-road trip so that’s where I’ll look. About the lift was it a two or three inch lift? Also how has it been working out since I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing in addition did your Nissan dealer whine about it?


  • About the lift was it a two or three inch lift? Also how has it been working out since I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing in addition did your Nissan dealer whine about it?

    2.5" lift has been great; superb support from Greg. No gripes from the dealer, as all the stock suspension pieces are still there.
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    I recently changed my lift from 2.5 to the 2". I can't tell a difference in height, but I no longer have any problems with the A-arm. Very happy.
  • mir0mir0 Posts: 15
    Has anyone installed an electronic brake controller on one of these, and 7 pin wiring?
    How easy/hard, should I let the pros do it, or take on part of it myself?
    I have heard that the Frontiers have a wiring harness plug that you can just plug into, but I don't think that would include the 7 pin with electronic brakes.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    There is a 7 pin wiring harness available. Need an additional jumper harness and trailer brake controller (aftermarket only) to power and control trailer brakes.
  • I ordered mine at the end of January 2005 and was told it would take two to three months. It arrived in two months. The dealership was easy to work with and I got a good price.

    Most important, I got exactly what I wanted. Waiting two months was no big deal because it was a long-planned purchase rather than an emergency or impulse item.
  • Check your owner's manual. I think it said that trailer brakes are required for trailers/loads of 1,000 lbs and up. You are way over that with the 4000 lbs. You might also be out of compliance with your state laws.
  • svslarrysvslarry Posts: 12
    Just wondering what's the most weight anyone has put on their Frontier's tailgate. Looking to haul a large street bike-over 600 pounds, w/o me aboard-and wondering if the tailgate could handle that much weight. I saw a reference in a prior post that Nissan says to remove the tailgate to load something heavy & I may wind up doing that, I think the cycle's rear tire will be in the bed when the cycle is fully loaded. Of course the other option is to ride the cycle, even tho we're moving about six states away. TIA for any advice.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    During a fogy day for some extra safty I put the cab light on so that you can see my rear even better,I figure this might help a few of you during this spring fog,has anyone thought of this yet at all ?

    east coast,
    Go Yanks!
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    If you're referring to the white cargo light over the back window, that's actually illegal in many states, including NJ, to travel with a white rearward-facing light when not in reverse... the rationale being it would confuse drivers behind you. Rear fog lights are available in red, and several luxury/upper-price vehicles offer them as factory equipmnt.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • mcridermcrider Posts: 2
    I used a Prodigy controller with the cable available from them. Plugged into a connector under the dash and screwed to the bottom of the dash on the left side. That's all there was to it, 15 min tops.
  • He Canadianguy1,
    Wife said "hello" she is from Canada...NB.
    I'm planning on buying an Extang Trifecta for my 06 Frontier when it comes in June. Is it supposed to be water tight?
  • Someone at another website posted that he had placed six 80-lb sacks of concrete mix plus his 180-lb self on his Frontier's tailgate while loading the bed (with more concrete). Nothing happened, although that 660 lbs greatly exceeds the "about 200 lbs" that I've heard quoted as safe for most tailgates. I have never seen any actual tailgate load limits printed in any owner's manuals, Nissan or otherwise.

    Still, I wouldn't push it. The guy and the concrete was a static load on the tailgate. If you have a heavy item on the tailgate *while driving,* one good bounce over a pothole or bump could be bad news.

    You are asking about two things: loading and hauling. If the motorcycle stays securely in the bed (no weight on the tailgate) when it has been loaded, just remove the tailgate when loading, as the owner's manual says. If part of the weight must sit on the tailgate while driving, I would not do it.

    The most weight I've had on the tailgate was about 400 lbs (two friends sitting on it). Again, this was a static load; neither they nor the truck was moving.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    Using a sheet of 1/2" or 3/4" plywood in the bed then extending to cover the tailgate allows a greater amount of dynamic stress on the tailgate without damage.
  • svslarrysvslarry Posts: 12
    Thanks for the advice on the plywood. Now for something that really bugs me. My '05 has a manual transmission & when I depress or release the clutch there is a rubbery, squeak sound from the pedal area. My dealer has lubed it, I've sprayed silicone lube all over the area, and the squeak is still there. Can't hear it above the radio, but can hear it w/ the radio off & just talking to a passenger. Was there last fall, there all winter, still there now that the weather has warmed up. Anyone else have this squeak? TIA
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    maybe so ,but at a speed of 55mph In the slow lane I highly think it will confuse people when I'm going the same direction
    on that note...,yet it might be illegal it will save my bute from getting hit by somebody who is going to anybody who gets pulled over its a simple as saying thank you for telling me my light was on too the police man.
  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    "Can't hear it above the radio, but can hear it w/ the radio off & just talking to a passenger. "
    Forget about the squeak...just turn the radio up and then you don't have to listen to the squeak nor talk to your wife!! :D
  • mtnlovermtnlover Posts: 3
    Anyone have any experience with putting a pop-up slide-in truck camper on a Frontier? I have a 2005 crew cab NISMO 4x4 and want to use it for camping. Any experience or advice from anyone would be very much appreciated.

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