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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • asaasa Posts: 359
    My '06 SE CC 6-Speed has the sqeaky clutch pedal too. It sounds like I'm wearing sneakers with wet soles. It's not loud, but it's there. It does NOT sound like a failing clutch master cylinder to my ears, as I've replaced two of them on two other very old vehicles and they sounded quite different.

    I've tried the silicone spray too to no avail. All-in-all, it doesn't bother me much, but it'd be nice if it were gone.
  • mir0mir0 Posts: 15
    And that provided electronic brakes via the 7 pin harness? I thought that there was a connector near the backend of the frontier that you can hook up a 7 pin connector to, so for your setup, you used the brake controller hooked up under the dash, and that provided electronic brakes via a 7 pin harness you could attach via a connector at the back end?
    Sorry if this seem like rookie stuff but I have never really done this.
  • Eeeek!!!!
    I hope I don't get that problem or they have a fix for it by the time mine comes in June.
    This happens on my '95 and nothing I've done so far fixes it.
  • rimcutrimcut Posts: 3
    I took delivery of an '06 Frontier NISMO recently. The truck is awesome and, in my opinion, a very good buy. That said, I changed the oil for the first time yesterday and I have a complaint. Evidently the factory employs a gorilla for installing oil filters. I ended up having to completely remove the bottom portion of the bumper and the front skid plate so that I could ultimately use channel locks to remove the filter. A forty five minute job turned into two hours of profanity filled frustration. It is an excellent truck, but this was ridiculous. Has anyone else suffered through this dilemma?
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    Try contacting 4 Wheel Campers. They make a very light-weight slide-in pop-up camper that will fit your truck nicely. They are very compact though ( 6 ft. of headroom ) but you don't have much room to work with. The Falcon model is the camper unit made to fit your truck.

  • I have owned this truck for less then 3 months, bought it brand new. The first week I had it I noticed during start up the engine would make a grinding sound. It doesn't do it every time, probably about 50% of the time. Has anyone else come across this problem? Also the breaks seem to grind (I can feel it and hear it in the pedal) It only does that after a cold start when the temperature is below 30 degrees. It does it once after start up then wont do it again until the next cold start....any ideas? TIA For any replies.
  • hustoncshustoncs Posts: 21

    The Nismo has disc brakes if the grind is constant than there may be a problem with a brake pad. If the problem occurs after the truck has sat let’s say overnight and it got cold outside its common for the rotors to accumulate moisture and along with the dirt in the moisture causing a grinding noise for the first few tines that you use the brakes afterwards the noise should go away. No ideals about the engine noise though although sometimes when I start my truck I hear like a running water sound from inside the dashboard for a few seconds. I hope this helps! You made a great choice in trucks enjoy.


  • skd808skd808 Posts: 1
    I am ordered a 06 kc nismo fronty 4x4 yesterday. I was told by a friend of mine that he had seen a new fronty stuck in the middle of the road and the driveshaft on the ground. Anyone heard of this problem or have any major problems? Need help on my decision between a fronty or taco.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    I'm told that the factory doesn't wipe the oil filter's rubber gasket with a thin film of motor oil and gives it a hard tightening, hence it fuses in place. Your second change should be easier.
  • hustoncshustoncs Posts: 21

    I’ve had my 05 KC 4x4 Nismo since October so far I’ve got about 10,000 miles on it and no problems included in this is about 600 miles of very hard four wheeling and this truck is simply awesome off road. I’ve taken it up stream beds, rocks, sand hills and flats. The only problem that I’ve had besides scratching up the dickens on its paint job is whacking the front mud flaps so I’m planning on a 3 inch lift to fix the mud flaps getting whacked. This was recommended by another member in this forum. I share my off road runs with a 05 Taco owner and this truck performs awesome as well. Together the Nissssan and Toyyyota really turn the Jeepers heads. Anyway you have made a very good choice with your truck and since it’s the Nismo do take the time to enjoy the back roads I hope this helps.


  • I have recently purchased a 2005 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab wiht the 4.0L V6 and let me tell you, it is AWESOME! I get good looks all the time, i get compliments from people who ride in it, including my GRANDMA! And yes, this is including people who rode in the back seats. So, for anyone out there who would like to know whether or not to go fronty or taco, i say go fronty! unless of course you want to spend about 4 grand more for the same stuff, just a different rep... oh yeah and it has over 11k miles on it, not a problem in sight! :shades:
  • You would think that such a simple idea could be implimented if this could be suggested some how. :confuse:
  • pickpickpickpick Posts: 2
    I just ordered my '06 SE 4x4 CC 6-speed man. Everybody told me I should have bought it automatic because they say manual pickups have hard clutch, rough shifting etc. I now own an Acura Integra 99. I know it's not the same driving at all but do you think I'm gonna like the 6speed man.
  • If you enjoy feeling "one with a vehicle" and enjoy the satisfaction of driving a vehicle rather than being driven then you'll love the 6spd.
    HP is addictive in the sense that any efforts you have to give to get a lot is soon forgotten as you row through the gears. :)
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 13,017
    But somebody asked many many months ago about fitting utility boxes / ATVs in the bed of a Frontier CC and the weight capacity of the tailgate. Here's a photo of how my father solved the problem on his '01:


    He has carried the ATV in the bed like that for years (and over some roads he probably should have been traversing with the ATV rather than the pickup!) and never had a problem with the gate.
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • I should be able to answer that for you. I recently sold a 99 Integra GS-R for a Subaru Wagon (baby on the way) and also own an 2005 Frontier with a 6Spd manual.
    Does the Frontier shift like an Integra? No. It is a totally different beast. It is a 4WD, torque-heavy 6 cyl pickup vs. a high-revving FWD 4-cyl. I think it shifts well for what it is, though, and have had no problems with any squeak from the clutch. The clutch is not tough to push in, and it shifts fine. My 120 lb. wife loves to drive it.
    We prefer the control of a manual, but that is purely a preference.
    I hope you enjoy your truck.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    You'll love the 6-Speed pickpick. Despite the slight squeak in my clutch pedal, it shifts beautifully. The clutch is light and I have *never* had trouble finding a gear. My wife was shifting like a pro the first time she drove it, so it's very user friendly. Also, the 4.0L pulls so well that you won't be rowing through gears with every speed change. No need to fret -- you'll love it ...... and the better gas mileage too.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    No, I've never heard of a driveshaft problem with any Frontier. Between Frontier and Tacoma, it all depends on your needs and your wealth. They're both great trucks. I chose Frontier because it fits in my garage better than Tacoma (Frontier is a few inches shorter and a few inches narrower), I wanted a 2WD CC 6-Speed stick, which Tacoma doesn't offer and my 6' body seems to sit better in Frontier.
  • tdog06tdog06 Posts: 1
    Hello all
    I picked up a new frontier about a year ago. It's a 2005 Frontier SE 4x4 with the 6 spd shift. I was talking to another frontier owner and he said he couldn't believe I found a stick. The place I bought it from (in June 05) had to do a search to find exactly what I wanted. Are the 6 speeds kinda rare? I often stop by different dealerships and not once have I seen a stick. I guess the demand isn't there. Well, all I know is I'm quite happy with mine. Let me know what you all think.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    I'd say the Frontier 6-Speeds are less common, but not uncommon at least in my area. I test drove two on different dealer lots, both Crew Cabs. I suppose they sell fewer of them in crowded metro areas where shifting might be a chore.

    I see where GM is quitting manual trannies on all versions of the '07 Colorado and Canyon when equipped with the I-5 engine; if Coly/Canyon buyers want a stick, they'll have to go with the 175 HP I-4 and only on the standard cab and extended cab versions.
  • got1bgot1b Posts: 48
    I understand I can't get one from Nissan. Has anyone had one put in after market?
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    Yes, I put a power rear slider in from AZ trucks (the actual window is from CR Laurence). I think there is another manufacturer on the market now. I love it. Open the sunroof and and the rear window and you get good airmovement (and is very quiet). I will drive on the freeways at over 75 mph like this. It is a little pricey, but worth the cost IMHO.
  • midnightsunmidnightsun Posts: 92
    Don't know if rare is the word; less common, definitely.

    The first Frontier I test-drove was an SE CC 4x4 6-spd, so obviously the dealer had one on the lot. But I think it was the ONLY 6-spd on the lot then. The sales rep apologized for not having a KC available but as they have the same wheelbase it was no big deal to me, for testing purposes. After driving it, I was floored by the truck enough to decide to myself (not out loud to the sales rep) that I would probably buy one. Went back for a second test drive because I wanted to check out a NISMO. They only had that one with an automatic transmission, but between the two test drives, plus another test drive of a Tacoma, I had enough info to decide.

    I had to special-order mine. It arrived 2 months later, just as Nissan had estimated.

    I love the 6-spd because it allows a lot of control in mountain driving both up and down, gives me a good low 1st gear AND an overdrive gear for interstate cruising,'s just a lot more fun than driving an automatic!

    The gas mileage is good, too.
  • smalltownsmalltown Posts: 75
    My wife is thinking about trading in her Honda CR-V for a truck that can pull a one-horse trailer. I am thinking about a kingcab SE, automatic transmission. Anyone with experience?

    Thanks for any comments.
  • I am attempting to buy my boyfriend a tow hitch for his 05 Frontier. It is a 4X2 and the towing capacity is 6,500 lb, but I can only find the Class IV receiver for it. I cannot find a ball/mount for Class this a dead end search?? Any suggestions? Thanks!! :confuse:
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 13,017
    Any 2" Class 3 or 4 receiver and ball will do the trick. This is not an F350 pulling 7 tons here, so you do not need anything specialty.

    For example, go to
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • midnightsunmidnightsun Posts: 92
    Hey, that's a nice gift!

    Anyway, as someone else noted, this is not a specialty item. Besides Hidden Hitch, look up Reese and Drawtite (not sure of this one's spelling). Nissan also sells Class III and IV hitches.

    Look up "Trailers" in your Yellow Pages for local vendors. You also need to figure in installation and wiring costs, if you or your boyfriend aren't going to DIY.

    For comparison, Nissan's price is $380 for the tow hitch, wiring, 7-wire plug package, etc. installed AT THE FACTORY.
  • 06nismo06nismo Posts: 3
    Just saying hello. I bought a 2006 Storm Gray Nismo this afternoon. I get to pick it up on Monday. I went to the dealership just to test drive it and my plan was to then go over and test drive a Tacoma. But I loved the way the truck handled and the power of the 4.0L was excelent. I told the sales rep. the only thing I did not like was the small bed (it's the double cab). He said what if I throw in the bed extender :blush: How could I say no. It already had the bed liner which I did not know it was going to have. Then you add the $1500 cash back...for the brainer. This is a great forum. Are there any other Frontier forums anyone can recommend?


  • hustoncshustoncs Posts: 21
    Congrats on the truck! Have fun and since it's the Nismo it needs to go off road every now and again!


  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    06 - congrats! I have a KC 05 Nismo and LOVE IT.

    This truck is the sports car of the truck world, and everything about the Frontier is NICE. Just a little thirsty for gas though - so be prepared to spend money on gas.
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